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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 33 : Thirty-three Home
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Thirty-three Home 

Lily dropped Caitlyn’s and Scorpius’ hands to brush sand out of her eyes, taking in her surroundings she felt a sense of déjà vu as she looked up at the high bricked wall. 

“Malfoy Manor” Lily said as she looked around her at her friends 

Albus sat up with a start, looking around him he asked “how did I get outside?” 

Lily laughed “we’ve just been travelling through time and you of all people slept right through it” 

Albus frowned “oh, awesome” standing up he dusted himself down “so were home then” 

Scorpius nodded “we should be at my family Manor” 

Lily swallowed “well then I really hope, we are in our time” 

All four of them slowly walked up the long winding drive way of Malfoy Manor, as soon as they reached the front door it was thrown open by a woman with long blonde hair, a jacket slung over her arm as she clapped her hands together and yelled back into the house “Draco, oh Draco, come quickly” 

As Astoria throw herself in Scorpius’ arms Lily smiled slightly at there display of affection. 

“OH Scor” Astoria cooed “Oh my poor baby, I was so worried about you” she said as she ran her hands through Scorpius’ hair “you really need to cut your hair my darling”
Scorpius laughed stepping out of his mother’s arms “mother I’m perfectly fine” flicking his hair out of his face he added “and my hair is fine the way it is” 

Releasing her son Astoria scooped Lily into a hug “you must be Lily” 

Lily gasped for hair but hugged the woman back “yes Mrs. Malfoy” 

Astoria shook her head leading Lily into the house “you all must be freezing get in the house this instant, and call me mum” 

Lily nodded, stepping into the entrance hallway. 

Draco Malfoy walked out of the living room taking one look at Lily he asked “they have returned then?” 

Astoria pinched his arm “Draco Malfoy if you don’t get over there and tell your son how you really felt or I’ll cut off your bollocks” 

Draco’s eyes widened before he gripped Scorpius hand and pulled him in for a hug “I’ve missed you son” 

Scorpius hugged his father back “thanks dad” 

Clearing his throat Draco stepped back and shook hands with Albus and Lily “your mother has been driving me insane, so I’m glad you two are back” 

Albus snorted “you haven’t seen her at Christmas” 

Lily hit him over the back of the head “Albus, don’t be an idiot” 

Rubbing the back of his head Albus glared at his sister “In not being an idiot I was-” 

“And who might you be?” Astoria asked as she grabbed Caitlyn’s hand pulling her up the stairs “the guest rooms are to the left you’ll find a hot bath and a change of clothes in there, though you don’t look filthy like my son and future daughter-in-law” 

Caitlyn smiled slightly “I would rather love a bath, and my names Caitlyn by the way” 

Astoria nodded as she closed Caitlyn’s door, walking back down the stairs she said 

“Draco call the Potters, tell them that there children are back” Smirking she added 
“And Albus has a lot to tell his mother” 

Albus paled slightly “what do you mean?” 

Astoria rolled her eyes “Albus I am a woman, and I know things” patting the boy on the arm she continued “I’m sure after your mother gets over the fact that Caitlyn is pregnant you may be able to sit down again” 

Albus chuckled nervously “Lils’ she wont really belt me up will she” 

Lily raised her eyebrow “which Ginny Weasley do you know? She’ll hex you for sure” 

A whoosh of a fire alerted them to someone entering the house through the floo network. 

“Lily” Ginny Weasley cried as she hugged Lily to her breast, cutting off Lily’s air supply, grabbing Albus she hugged him even tighter “even though I’m really angry at the pair of you” Ginny sniffled “I’ve missed you both so much” 

Escaping out of her mother’s arms Lily walked over and stood next to Scorpius “where’s dad?” 

Ginny wiped her eyes on her apron “He was sent away to Azkaban, there was a break out today and he and James are helping out” 

Lily nodded 

“Wait til I get you both home, it looks like you haven’t eaten in a week” Ginny said as she flitted between Lily an Albus “And Albus we are cutting your unruly hair as well” 

Albus gripped the hair that was hanging in front of his eyes “mum my hair is fine” 

Ginny snorted, turning to Astoria she said “thank you for telling me straight away that you found them” hugging Scorpius she added “you are welcome anytime you want at Potter Manor” 

Scorpius blushed slightly “thank you Mrs. Potter” 

“When you two are ready, I’d like to get you all home and feed” 

Albus cleared his throat “mum, I have something that I need to tell you” 

Ginny nodded “Yes?” 

Rubbing at the back of his neck Albus muttered “I sort of got my girlfriend from the past pregnant but I’ve brought her to the future so nothing really has changed in the past, because Caitlyn died i-” 

“Albus I know about Caitlyn” Ginny said “where is she?” 

Astoria smiled slightly as she pointed towards the landing “she’s having a shower, she should be finished by now” 

Caitlyn walked out of the door closing it with a soft click as if she had heard Astoria talk about her, as she took in Ginny her eyes widened, and then she blushed slightly.
Albus cleared his throat, walking up the stairs he wrapped an arm around Caitlyn “mum this is my wife Caitlyn Smith” kissing Caitlyn on the forehead “I mean Caitlyn Potter because she took my-” 

“Albus, mate shut up” Scorpius stated 

Albus smiled slightly at Scorpius leading Caitlyn down the stairs. 

Ginny wrapped Caitlyn in a hug as soon as she stepped on to the bottom step “welcome to the family, though you’ll probably wish you weren’t once you meet the other bit of the family” 

Caitlyn smiled “aren’t all families insane” 

Ginny smiled, turning to Astoria she kissed the other woman on the cheek “thank you again, Astoria for telling me they were here” 

Lily kissed Scorpius lightly on the lips “tomorrow we’ll start working on the future” she whispered as she followed her family through the floo network and into Potter Manor.
Smiling Scorpius kissed his mother on the cheek and when up to his room to get his broom stick. 

He was going to visit one Lily Luna Potter.

And this finishes my lovely little story…. Please read and review, and tell me if you wish for me to write a sequel, thank you all who have stuck with my story through out the last two years and a big thank you to my beta and every one who left a review for me to read.
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