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Let the Flames Begin by moonbaby11
Chapter 1 : And the Champions Are....
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Disclaimer: Sadly enough, I'm not JKR (tragic, isn't it?) so I don't own the Potter World or any canon characters such as Lucy or Roxanne. I also don't own the idea of a House Cup Tournament, which belongs to the geniouses over at StarKidPotter! I do, however own all Original Characters such as Rae and Skip. Chapter image is by: HarryandGinnyPotter @ TDA




Lucy Weasley took a seat at the Ravenclaw table, trying to keep far away from her over-achieving older sister, who had been appointed Head Girl that year. She could never quite figure out how she and Molly were related. Lucy twirled a strand of red hair around her index finger, daydreaming.


“Hey, Luce!” a voice called out.

Lucy turned around to see her best friend Rae. “Oh, hello,” she said. Rae sat down beside her.


“Are you nervous for tomorrow?” asked Rae.


“Yeah, you?”


Rae shrugged. “I’m not sure if I should enter or not.”


Lucy sighed. “Come on. You should! Who knows, maybe you’ll even become champion!”


Her face lit up at Lucy’s words. “Mean it?” she asked, looking expectantly at her best friend.


“Of course I do!” Lucy grinned. She reached over into her bag and pulled out a piece of parchment, a quill and an inkwell. She handed it all to Rae, and watched as she wrote on the parchment.


Rae Carlyle




The two girls walked towards the goblet. Rae reached out, her hand directly above the flames.


“I’m not so sure, Luce….” she said. “I don’t think my parents would like it if I entered the House Cup Tournament.”


Lucy shrugged. “I know my dad wouldn’t like me entering. Heck neither would Molly, but I did it anyway. C’mon, just drop it in.”


Rae nodded, and released the parchment. Lucy watched as it fell into the flames. Rae was in. She smiled brightly.


“So, Carlyle, I see you entered,” Scorpius Malfoy said, coming up behind Lucy and Rae.


“What’s it to you, Malfoy?” she sneered.


“Nothing but, if the goblet picks you, you might want to pick out a coffin," Scorpius said, laughing.


“You take that back!” Lucy shouted, pointing her wand at Scorpius.


“Lucy, it’s okay.” Rae said. “I don’t care what he says about me.”


“Yeah, Weasley. You should listen to you friends, and put your wand down… or do you want me to tell Rose?”


Lucy winced at his words. They stung. Before Hogwarts, Lucy and Rose had been the best of friends. Then Rose went off alone to ‘look around’ the Hogwarts Express, and met Malfoy. They had both been sorted into Slytherin, and had become best friends. Rose and Lucy hardly ever spoke again.Lucy lowered her wand, and Scorpius smirked, before walking off.


“I hate him.” Lucy muttered.


“Yeah, I’m sure he hates you too.” Rae retorted.


“Well, I didn’t steal his best friend.”


“Luce, relax!” Rae said, putting a hand on Lucy’s shoulder. “You still have me… and Roxy!”


As if on cue, Roxanne Weasley, the youngest child of George and Angelina, came up behind them. Her long, stick-straight red hair swayed behind her. “Rae,” she began. “How many times do I have to tell you to not call me Roxy?” Rae shrugged and Lucy giggled. “I see you entered,” Roxanne said to Rae. “What about you, Luce? Want to bring the Weasley’s eternal glory?”


“Yeah I do!” she replied, high-fiving her cousin.


Rae grinned. “With all of you entering, at least one of you is bound to get in!”


“You mean me? Roxanne Lee Weasley, Gryffindor Champion," she said, smiling. She seemed to be imagining herself holding the House Cup.


Lucy cleared her throat. “Hello? You mean Lucy Ann Weasley, Ravenclaw Champion.”


Rae rolled her eyes. “You guys can both be champions, remember? You are in two different houses.”


“Oh yeah,” Roxanne nodded.


Lucy grinned. “Guess we’ll just have to wait for tomorrow.”

“Want a cauldron cake?” Rae asked, passing the platter to Lucy. She grabbed one, and placed it on her plate, then reached for the pumpkin pasties.


“You guys are such pigs!” their other good friend, Skip, said. His curly red hair was messy, as usual, and his chocolate brown eyes stared at Lucy and Rae’s plates.


“Girls like their chocolate,” Rae giggled.


“Yeah, and you should speak for yourself, Skip!” Lucy replied, stuffing a liquorice wand in her mouth. She eyed up Skip's large plate of Halloween treats. “Besides, I eat when I’m nervous.”


“Well stop or you’re going to explode!” retorted Skip.


Lucy rolled her eyes, but stopped eating. Instead she began to avidly chew her dark nails.


Rae sighed, slapping the hand that was in Lucy’s mouth. “Bad habit!” she said.


Lucy grumbled, but kept her hands out of her mouth. “How much longer, do you think?”


Skip shrugged. “Soon, I guess.” Lucy sighed. She just couldn’t wait any longer. She turned around to glance at Roxanne. She was tapping her fingers on the table in an annoyed manner. Lucy gave her cousin a small smile, which appeared more as a grimace. Roxanne returned the smile/grimace.


Suddenly, Professor McGonagall stood up, and clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention. “It is time,” she said. “I believe the Goblet is about to make its first decision.”


Lucy craned her neck, as did the rest of the school. She noticed that the normally red flames had turned bright blue. Suddenly, a piece of parchment shot out, and landed in front of Professor McGonagall. She picked it up, and read it over.


“The Slytherin Champion,” she announced. “Is Rose Weasley.” Rose jumped up, a rather smug look on her face. Scorpius stood up with her, and cheered. The only other student, who was not a Slytherin, that was cheering happened to be Hugo, Rose’s little brother.


“I would ask that when each champions name is called, they come toward the staff table,” the headmistress said. Rose nodded, said something to Scorpius, and walked towards the front of the Great Hall. The second she got to the staff table, the flames turned blue once again, and shot out the next Champion.


“The Gryffindor Champion is Roxanne Weasley!”


Lucy, Rae and Skip, along with most of the other Weasley’s and Gryffindors cheered. Roxanne ran to the front, apparently very excited. Lucy flashed her a thumbs-up.


Lucy gazed at the goblet, whose flames were red once more. It seemed to be taking longer to decide than with the other two houses. Lucy was now bouncing in her seat. Finally, a third piece of parchment was launched into the air. Professor McGonagall caught it, and un-folded it.


“The Hufflepuff Champion is Louis Weasley!” she announced. The table right beside Lucy burst into cheers, and many people began to pat Louis on the back. The loudest, though, had to be Dominique. Lucy guessed he was just proud that his little brother had made it in.


“Not Louis,” Lucy groaned. “He’s such a know-it-all. How did he become Champion?”


“Who cares?” Rae asked. Lucy looked at her friend, oddly.


“Finally, the Ravenclaw champion,” the Headmistress said, as the last piece of parchment landed before her. “Lucy Weasley!”


Lucy had a blank look on her face, not quite comprehending. She stared at the headmistress. What had she just said?


“Lucy!” Skip cried. “Get up there! That’s you!” He pushed his friend, trying to make her get to her feet.


Lucy stood up. She was greeted by some cheers, but mostly grumbling.


“That’s not fair!” a first year called out. “They’re all Weasley’s!”


“Yeah!” someone else shouted. “This contest is rigged!”


A chorus of boos sounded from the various tables.


“Quiet!” McGonagall shouted. “It is not up to I, or any of the professors here, to decide who is suited to be Champion. It is the Goblet’s choice. And the goblet chose these four.”


A few more people still booed. Lucy ignored them, and began walking towards her rivals. Her competitors. Her family. 

A/N: Okay, I had to get this up so I could pick up an Up For Grabs banner for this. There may not be another chapter in a while, but nonetheless, how did you like it? Love it? Hate it? Please leave me a review! :)


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Let the Flames Begin: And the Champions Are....


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