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My dirty little secret by Seriously_Sirius_Luver
Chapter 4 : And we shall name him Carlos
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A/N: I am so sorry this is such a short chapter! I have been having so much trouble updating and such latley because I moved completley across the countrey and things got complicated. But i assure you i will frequently update starting NOW!Have I ever mentioned how bloody annoying my dreams are. Well I am telling you now, they are bloody annoying. It seems so wrong that I can see things about people that they haven't willingly shown me.

I don't plan on telling anyone anything soon, I am just not that kind of person, I suffer in silence and I don't share. Its just the way I was born.

Jimmy, on the other hand, likes to share things that quite frankly, I never needed nor wanted to know.

“So I am thinking of getting some boxers with pictures of Lily on them, what do you think?”

“I think I'm going to be sick,” I replied.

“I can't believe she is sitting net to Snivulus! I mean, its bad enough we have potions with Slytherins but why him?” James exclaimed, glaring in Sev's direction.

“Oh it isn't that bad, they're only making a slumber solution for heaven sakes!”

“Speaking of which, we should probably get started on that...” he said looking down in purple goo in our cauldron.

Out of no where, two giant eyes popped right out of the goo and looked at us in shock. Then a mouth opened up revealing a sharp toothed grin.

I shrieked and the goo shrieked and I shrieked again and the goo shrieked again and I said “I think I am going to name you Carlos,”

The goo leaped out of the cauldron and jumped onto the floor, then it ate a chair. When it ate the chair it became two times bigger. Then it ate a text book and became two times bigger again.

“Its going to eat me!” yelled Sirius as the goo slid towards him at a rapid pace. He jumped onto the desk. Carlos started devouring the desk that Sirius was standing on so he leaped onto mine and grabbed me for balance.

“Sirius!” I screamed.

After eating Remus's shoe and a girl named Alisha's Lizard, Carlos devoured every desk in the room but Slughorn's. Therefor he was about the size or a large elephant. He took a massive bite from the desk right beside me, I screamed and leaped into Sirius's arms.

“I knew you'd warm up to me eventually, love,” he grinned. I stuck my tongue out at him because I really did not know how to respond to that comment.

The purple blob was about to snack on Peter when I decided to try a new approach. “Carlos! Stop this nonsense right now!”

“You gave that thing a name?” gaped Remus. I ignored him and continued keeping direct eye contact with Carlos.

I felt heat in my eyes which only happened when they flashed red. I inherited that from my father I guess. I hated when it happened but sometimes it did work to my advantage.

Carlos squealed and slowly began evaporating into purple steam.

“Well I'm out of here!” I said skipping out the door. I felt everyones eyes on my back and turned long enough to flash them a wink.

Well, it would be fun explaining this own.....

A/N: So please review because no one has reviewed in a long time and it is hurting my feelings. I apologize for the short chapter but half of it got erased and i just decided to make it it's own short chapter. 

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