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Welcome to the Chase by dream_BIG
Chapter 3 : chapter.three - Mistake.
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hi, all!
okay, i sort of just banged this out, because, unfortunately, i don't have a supply of chapters all ready to go like i do for my other stories.
so this one might take a bit longer to update! i apologize in advance :) maybe i'll sit down and just finish another chapter now or something...
i dont know. i'm so busy.
BUT, i finished this chapter today, so i thought i might as well post it!

read and let me know what you think? thanks :)

chapter image by meeee :D

Holy mother of god, I am just about ready to piss myself out of pure, unadulterated fear. What the bloody hell was I thinking ‘oh, okay, let’s go and try out for Seeker, a-doi!’?

I must have been on crack. Or high off of like, Rose’s perfume. It is rather intoxicating. I need to tell her to stop wearing the delusion-scent, because, clearly, it has addled my brains beyond repair.

Because, instead of screwing it all and going back into the safety of the Gryffindor common room (and, more importantly, solid ground), I am still standing out here, clutching Rose’s broomstick and doing my very best not to start hyperventilating.

He expects us to go into the air. Like, fly. Which I’ve only done once. And even then, I crashed landed oh-so-gracefully in the middle of a large tract of mud.

And not only am I actually supposed to fly, I also have to be looking for some bloody ball with wings stuck onto it! The thing is titchy, okay? It’s so small, I probably wouldn’t have been able to find it even if it didn’t have the ability to fly around like some mutated butterfly.

How is that bloody possible? I’m just a freaking sixteen year old girl, not some human GPS!

Whoever invented this sport needs to be tortured to death. Sadistic freak.

“Alright,” Al Potter called in his (manly, melodic, velvety, beautiful) voice. “Everyone trying out for Seeker, please line up here.”

A bunch of pathetic-looking people shuffled over to where he was pointing, and I hastily followed, trying to look calm and confident.

I failed. Miserably.

Though, granted, I’m in better condition than some of the other people trying out – one boy is literally shaking in his shoes. And – oh, gross. Someone just wet their pants! Merlin, didn’t your mother teach you to use the potty when you were, oh, I don’t know, maybe about three? What is wrong with people?

This is rather upsetting, but I think I might be the best Quidditch player here. How completely pathetic.

“Okay.” Al said uncertainly, looking slightly discouraged as he looked us over. He winced slightly as he saw the pant-wetter, and with a swish of his wand and a smile/grimace, he cleaned it up.

Sigh. He’s so nice. He’ll be the perfect father, I can just tell. He’ll come back from work, all ‘Honey! I’m ho-ome!’, and then all three of our children will come running out of the house, and he’ll chuckle and ruffle hair and hug them and pick one of them up as he walks through the front door to receive my greeting kiss. Then he’ll send the little children off to play and sexily bother me while I’m trying to cook. I will eventually give up on cooking and instead snog his face off, and we’ll all go out to dinner.

…Ah, what a wonderful life we’ll have together…

I’m just waiting for reality to bitch-slap me back to the present. Any time now…

A shrill whistle sounded (ah, there we go. How are you, reality?), and the motley bunch around me all took off, albeit a bit shakily.

And I stood there stupidly, looking lost as I blinked and realized that I was standing on a Quidditch pitch, not eating in a restaurant with my husband and three kids, who – OKAY, FOCUS.

“Ack!” I yelped, quickly throwing my leg over the handle of the broom and (slowly) taking off. To my immense surprise and relief, I managed to float up into the air instead of smashing my face into the mud.

Which is, you know, always a good thing.

I rose shakily into the air, concentrating solely on staying up there. Taking a deep breath, I tilted slightly to my right, and turned a bit. I tried the same with the left side, with similar results, so then I went ahead and proved my idiot-ness by tilting forward. And, subsequently, shooting forward at ungodly speeds.

“FUCK!” I screamed as the wind whipped around me. I squeezed my eyes shut against the onslaught of air and blurs of shapes that sped by me, but then realized that, with my eyes closed, I wouldn’t be able to see where I was going.

Yes, I know, I’m a smart one.

So I peeled them open, and sat back a little bit – AHA! I’ve slowed down!

I am a freaking genius!

Giving myself a short celebratory grin, I flew around some more (yes, without crashing into someone! MIRACLE!), and decided that it was high time I started actually paying attention to what was going on around me. All the other Seeker hopefuls, it seemed, were also flying for the first or second time, as many of them were screaming as they jerked around like possessed overgrown birds.

I bet that’s how I looked. How attractive.

A couple of them seemed as though they were actually capable of flying, and one boy had progressed as to start looking for the snitch. His eyes squinted and narrowed as he gazed around the pitch, occasionally, twirling around a bit as if to prove just exactly how skilled he was at this whole ‘flying’ thing.

Clearly, he’s not skilled enough, since he hasn’t even noticed that the glimmering golden ball is actually hovering by the Slytherin – GALLOPING GARGOYLES, I’VE FOUND THE SNITCH!

Merlin, why don’t I realize these things?! I must have hovered there for ages, gaping like an imbecile at the snitch before I finally went ahead and realized that, hello, I’m supposed to be catching it.

I think I must have some brain damage. My mother was a suckish parental figure anyway – it’s probably her fault I turned out like this. I bet she dropped me on my head all the time.

My mother has turned me into a freak. I give myself +200 Karma points.

Speeding up slightly, I wobbled my way over to the Slytherin Quidditch posts, leaned out, and just grabbed the snitch.

Really. It was that simple. It was just there. It didn’t even move. It just stayed there, and I reached out and took it. Just like taking candy from a baby.

Though, of course, I wouldn’t actually take candy from a baby! That’s just horrible. Only a real sick person would do that.

I bet Voldemort did that. Delusional psycho-wad.

I wobbled my way to the ground, looking interestedly at the little golden ball as I flipped over and landed on the Quidditch pitch, back first. I got up, nonchalantly brushed my hair off as if that’s what I intended to do (well, it is the best way to land), and sauntered over, handed the snitch to a thoroughly flabbergasted Al Potter, gave him a vague smile, and started trekking back to the school.

That’s when it hit me.

I just caught the snitch. At try-outs. Which means…

Oh, Merlin. What have I done?

I’m Gryffindor’s new Seeker.

As this trivial piece of information dawned on me at last, I promptly tripped over my own foot and landed on my face in the middle of the Quidditch pitch.

Great. Just great.

Current Score:

Fates: 13

Ariadne Chase: 0



“You what?!” Rose shrieked, eyes wide as I gave her the news.

I was wearing a grim expression, doing my best not to break down crying as I explained the horrible situation that I’d gotten myself into.

“I’m Gryffindor’s new Seeker.” I moaned, banging my head against the bed post as if that would somehow make the past few events just not happen.

The only think I achieved was a headache.

This day just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

“But you can’t even fly!” Rose continued.

I looked at her. “How very astute of you, Rose.”

“What have you gotten yourself into?” Rose asked, raking her hands through her hair and throwing her head back.

“I don’t know.” I groaned and sat down on my bed. “That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.”

“Well, you’ve got to go and tell him that you don’t know how to fly.” Rose decided, sitting up. “There’s no way that you’re going to keep this up.”

I gaped at her. “But – but –” I spluttered. “But Rose, this is the only way he can notice me!”

Her jaw locked. “No way. You’re going to get yourself killed or something. Come on, we’re going to go and tell him right now.”

She got up and straightened out her skirt, looking at me with an eyebrow raised as I continued to gaze hopelessly at her.

“I don’t want to.” I mumbled pitifully. “He’s going to be so disappointed, Rose.”

“Too bad.” With that, Rose grabbed my arm and towed me out of the room.

Moral of this story: Never befriend Rose Weasley. She will take over your life.


Thankfully, the gods seemed to be on my side for once, and so Al was nowhere to be found. And that’s really saying something, since me and Rose looked everywhere – and I mean everywhere. Rose even went as far as to bribe Lily Potter to get her some sort of Marauder’s Map.

But Albus Potter seemed to have disappeared off the face of the planet. I’ll be honest here – I’m sort of worried about him. I mean, where could he have gone? Did he leave? Did he transfer schools? What if I never see him again? What if he killed himself because he didn’t want to deal with me as his Seeker? What if he moved? What if I never see him again?! OH MY GOD, I NEED TO SEE HIM AGAIN, OTHERWISE I MIGHT JUST DIE.

Did I say sort of worried? I meant extremely.

Actually, I might be (read: definitely) hyperventilating. Just a little.

“Ariadne, calm down.” Rose soothed, patting me on the back as she conjured up a paper bag. I seized it out of the air and puffed crazily into it, watching as the bag swelled and shrunk with each of my breaths.

“Whad if I nevah –” Puff, puff. “See him agai?” I cried desolately into the bag between frenzied breaths. “Imma die, Roh!” Puff, puff.

“Take a deep breath, Ree.” Rose instructed, looking alarmed.

I shot her a dirty look. What does it look like I’m doing, woman? Baking a bloody cake?!

“Um, what’re you doing?” I heard the gorgeous, musical, absolutely perfect voice of Albus Potter behind me, and I whirled around, the bag convulsing even more intensely as I looked at him.

“Oh, there you are!” Rose said cheerfully, attempting to hide me in my pitiful state.

Actually, I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I haven’t been in a pitiful state.

How pathetic.

“OHMIGAWD, you’re okay!” I cried, flinging myself into his arms as I realized that he was absolutely unscathed. He caught me, looking extremely fearful for my sanity, which, sadly, has never really been that healthy.

I wish someone would stop me before I do these things.

“Erm, of course I’m okay.” He said unsurely, patting me gingerly on the head as I continued to hyperventilate into the bag whilst still slung over his shoulder.

“I thought I was never gonna see you again!” I continued.

Maybe I’ll wake up from this terrible nightmare and laugh at myself later on. Merlin, I really wish I wasn’t being such an idiot.

But my body seemed to have a brain of its own, as it was currently being a complete fool, despite my mental screams of protest.

“Where would I go?” He asked, amusement creeping into his still alarmed tone.

“I thought you might kill yourself because I’m your Seeker!” I said, finally able to breathe properly.

“I wouldn’t kill myself over that.” He said, more amusement creeping into his voice. “Merlin, Chase, I didn’t know you cared so much.”

I froze.

Within the next instant, I had untangled myself from him, blushing profusely.

“I was just worried, since you’re my captain and all. You know, there wouldn’t even be a Quidditch team without its captain! I was worried about the team, of course.” I rambled, nodding eagerly. “Definitely worried about the team. Er…which I don’t know, since I’ve never seen them before, but I still had their best interests at heart.”

He nodded. “Sure.”

“I mean, why would I be so worried about whether or not you were here?” I let out a loud, false laugh. “I barely know you! Even though you’re my captain…and my best friend’s favorite cousin – WAIT, WHO SAID FAVORITE COUSIN? Did I just say favorite cousin? I meant…er…muffin! Hold on, that doesn’t rhyme. What rhymes with cousin? Oh, forget it, I don’t know. I promised Rose that I wouldn’t ever tell anyone that you were her favorite cousin – which you’re not, obviously – but, er…”

Both Al and Rose were staring at me as though I was a card-carrying member of the local loony center.


“Erm.” I continued feebly. “Well…either way, I’m not worried, since I’m dating Scorpius and all…”

Shoot me. Shoot me.

“WAIT, NO!” I yelled. “Wait, that was –”

“Okay, you’re done talking before you say something else really stupid.” Rose declared, clapping her hand over my mouth. I sent her a thankful look.

“Erm, well, I was just looking for you. The team wants to meet you.” He smiled – SMILED! OH MERLIN, I CAN’T BREATHE! THE BAG, WHERE’S THE BAG?!? Rose, give me the bloody bag! – and I immediately perked up.

“Really?” I said eagerly. Though, since Rose’s hand was still clamped firmly over my piehole, it came out more like, “Nmmphly?”

He nodded, looking slightly unsure. “Yeah, let’s go.”

“Actually, Al, there’s something that Ar –” Rose began, but I quickly pulled her hand off my face.

“I WOULD LOVE TO COME MEET THE TEAM!” I said excitedly, before Rose could get her sentence out. “Come on, let’s go, bye, Rose.” I said, grabbing his arm and marching hastily away before Rose could protest any more.

I feel like there are two holes getting burned into the back of my head.


“After you.” Al smiled again and held open the door for me. After a smile (er…it may have been a tad overenthusiastic…and you know, he may have looked slightly creeped out afterwards), I stepped through, my eyes immediately drawn to the numerous posters, charts, pictures and pie charts on the walls.

“Wow, this place is incredible,” I breathed, walking up and examining one of the posters. It was a diagram of…wow, some of the signature Slytherin moves. Look at that! I giggled as the tiny dot labeled ‘SM’ dived and rolled up, swerving crazily.

Scorpius had always been so unpredictable. That’s what makes him such a good chaser.

“He’s a bloody good Quidditch player, I’ll give him that.” Al said reluctantly as he came up behind me to look at the dot as well.

“Must run in the family.” I shrugged and moved away before Al’s presence made me do another stupid thing.

I don’t know why, but just something about him makes me turn into the largest dumbarse on the face of the world.

I’m doing so well, too. I must seem so normal right now! This is so exciting! It might be the best day of my life.

“Alright, Chase, how about we introduce you to the team, yeah?” Al said in an amused voice, and I turned around. My eyes widened as I took in the team.

Oh gods, why do you enjoy making my life miserable?

“Guys, this is Reagan Chase, our Seeker.” He introduced, laying his hand on my shoulder. I was so shocked that I didn’t even bother to correct him when he said my name wrong.

Or, you know, completely freak out because ohmigawd, Albus Potter is touching me!

“Reagan, meet Lysander, Hugo, Scott, Nick, and Russell.” He motioned towards a boy with bright blonde hair and a dreamy grin, Rose’s younger brother (who looked extremely confused), a large (and by that I mean muscular, not fat.) boy with short, dark, bristly hair and a cocky grin, another burly kid with long blonde hair and a devious smirk, and a tall kid with brown hair and extremely bright blue eyes, respectively.

Oh, god. OH, GOD.

You know why I completely froze up? Well, I’ll give you a clue: there are no females on this team.

Except for, oh yeah! ME.

Did you know the Quidditch team showers in the same place? And basically spends their whole time together?

See, most girls would be thrilled about this. But think back – hasn’t my personality indicated anything? Any contact with the opposite sex makes me:

a)      nervous

b)      clumsy(er than usual), and

c)       generally imbecilic.

Guess what being in total contact with a whole bunch of fit boys is going to make me do?

Oh, boy, I can hardly wait.

I’m fucked.


Fates: 14

Blithering Idiot (aka moi): 1 (I’m being generous)

favorite quotes? comments? is ariadne too stupid to be believable? lemme know in a review! btw, a lot of people have asked me how to say her name: it's air-ree-ADD-nee.
repeat after me: air- ree-ADD-nee.
see? not so hard! it's actually quite a gorgeous name, even if i do say so myself :)
oh, wow, i just noticed something! all of my female oc's names' start with the letter 'A'! aria, adele, artemis, ariadne.
how bizzare. it shall now be my new signature thing. 

okay, wow. i'm done ranting, sorry. leave me a review, loves! 

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