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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 5 : Queen of the Bones
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  “Pass!” Lily hollered to me. I threw the Quaffle to her and she aimed to shoot. October had just begun and brought the beginning of winter cold with it. The lake was freezing over early this year, and we’ve even had the first snow. Halloween was in a week and our first match was on Saturday. People who said seventh year flew by weren’t joking. Of course Potter has us out at six in the morning before classes start to train. He was driving us all mad with his practices so far. 

      “I caught it!” Benny called to get Potter’s attention, wiping sleep out of his eyes with one hand and the snitch in the other. 

      “Excellent!” Potter said checking his wristwatch. “Let it go one more time, and then we’ll stop for this morning.” I moaned and flew past him. “What McCabe? Do you not want to win tomorrow?” 

      “It’s only Hufflepuff James.” Caitlin said, throwing the Quaffle back to him. “And half of their team is too scared to come near you and McCabe anyways.” 

      “Why?” Lily asked as I snorted at the old joke. 

      “Well Lil’s, Hufflepuffs don't exactly like how—aggressive we are?” Potter looked to me to see if it was the right word. 


      “They’re all in third and fourth year and a lot smaller than us.” I stated as we started to pass the Quaffle around slowly. Johnny sent a bludger at me and I flew sideways to avoid it. 

      “And there’s the fact that James hit their captain last year when he said the match was rigged.” Johnny offered swinging his club with one hand. 

      “Oh yes, that too.” Cait laughed, blocking the Quaffle that I had sent zooming at her. “But Matthew Goldstrom is a complete arse. He deserved it.” 

      “Well said.” I agreed remembering the black eye he had.

      “What does he play?” Evan Cole asked.

      “He’s a beater.” Potter said.

      “A bad beater.” I added on looking at Evan. This would be his first ever game. He swung his bad at air and flew to the other side of the field nearer to Johnny who was chasing a bludger. 

      “I got it.” Benny said holding onto the snitch again by just one wing. 

      “Great, can we bloody go in now? I’m freezing.” I said pulling my cloak tighter around me. 

      “We still have thirty minutes before we really have to go in…lets do laps.” He said as if it laps were a brilliant idea, clapping his hands together. Everyone groaned this time, not just me. “Go! Do you really want to lose to Hufflepuff? C’mon get to the ground and run!” 

      I flew down the slowest and took my time starting to run. I hated the mornings. I loved to run, but I preferred to run at night if I could. I didn’t run as much at Hogwarts as at home. At home it was my escape from day to day boring life. Speaking of home…I never did find out what Dad thought of the letter, or if he even read it. He was always late with bills and such. When I was home I’d deal with all of that so I really didn't know how he managed without me.  Potter got a letter back full of the usual threats of his mother coming to the school and killing him and that his father was very disappointed. He always said that his father secretly thought all of his pranks were brilliant, he was just too scared of his mum to say so in letter form. Dom’s mum just told her not to do it again. Looking back I realized that good things had come of that little adventure in the lake, I had an excuse to prank Rose Weasley.

           Dom and I had been formulating this plan since the middle of September, and I had to say, this was one of our more incredibly brilliant ideas. At first Dominique offered up some pretty weird ones, like turning Scorpius into a pidgeon and then multiplying him so no one would know which the real Scorpius was, but eventually I got her off of that plan and onto a different one. We planned to do it on Halloween. We’d been working with one of Dom’s cousins, Molly, to get this one to carry out. 

          Molly was one of the more annoying Weasley’s I’d had the pleasure of knowing. By now I knew them all, maybe her better than I’d like to. Sure, she was a Gryffindor, but all she did was complain and talk about herself. She was one of Percy Weasley’s children. The other, Lucy, was a fourth year in Ravenclaw. They both had curly red hair and freckles, making them the typical Weasley clan kids.


      “I want to stop!” I shouted up to Potter who was at the head of the pack. 

      “Shut up.” He replied, not looking back. He was running with Cait, Evan, and Benny. Lily and Johnny were right ahead of me. I mumbled a few words under my breath before running faster up to Lily and Johnny.

      “You like Puddlemere United?” Johnny asked her as if it was too good to be true. 

      “Yeah, I’ve liked them since I was four.” Lily said. I noticed how she smiled at him, different than other people. He looked at her the same way. I laughed causing them to both look at me. “What?” 

      “Oh nothing.” I shook my head. I ran with them for the rest of the time until Potter told us to go and change. I went to the girls side with Lily and turned on the shower hot. Steam rose instantly and I got in.

      “So…Johnny’s nice huh?” I asked, knowing she was probably blushing on in the other shower.

      “Oh yeah-he’s nice.” She muttered quickly.

      “He’s good looking too, you guys would maybe look good together?”  I offered smiling. 

      “How do you know?” She asked me in a whisper peeking her head out from the other side. 

      “It’s kind of obvious.” I said smiling again. “But in a good way!” I added quickly not wanting her to get the wrong idea.

      “Shit! Don't tell James!” She said anxiously. 

      “Why would I tell Potter?” I asked looking at her as if she was crazy. 

      “I dunno, just please don't, don't tell Dom either. She’ll give me a real hard time.” 

      “Your secrets safe with me.” I said getting out of the shower. 

      “How about you? Who do you fancy?” She asked me pulling on her school skirt. 

      “I don't know, nobody I guess. Not since Jarred last year. He turned out to be a jerk anyways.” I said getting my wand and partially drying my hair. 

      “You went out with him for most of the year didn’t you?” She asked suddenly interested. I didn’t like talking about him very much. I thought I really liked him. I didn't know if I even believed in love, so I wouldn’t say that I loved him. This was before he stopped talking to me and just wanted to snog with me. 

      “Yeah, eight months.” I said leaving my hair partially damp. “He’s an arse, though.”


      “More than my brother?” She asked amusedly.

      “Different than your brother, he hated Jarred more than I think I’d ever seen him hate anyone.” I remembered.

      “Imagine that…” She said, almost as if she was talking to herself. 

      “What?” I asked leaving the changing room with her. 

      “Nothing, nothing.” She said shaking her head as if it was an inside joke. 






      “Today, we will be discussing Olocmency, who can tell me what it is?” Professor Goode asked, pacing in between the tables. “Mr. Zabini?” 

      “The invasion of the mind.” He said dully from his Slytherin infested table. 

      “Correct, five points to Slytherin.” Goode stopped in front of Drew. “And how is this done Mr. Finnegan?” Drew bolted upright.

      “What?” He said. “Can you repeat the question?” A few people sniggered at Goode’s exasperated look and Drew’s dumb one.  

      “How does one get into another’s mind.” He said again, slower this time. 

      “Oh, they cast a spell don't they?” He sounded hesitant, looking at Fred who nodded.

      “Correct, is it blockable Miss. Bones?” He asked Jenny who was writing furiously on her parchment. 

      “Yes, the person must build up the strength to throw the curse off of themselves and get full control over their minds.” She gave an answer that was probably directly from the book. 

      “Correct, five points to Ravenclaw.” He said now stopping in front of Dom. “Miss. Weasley, what gives someone the ability to block this curse?” 

      “I don't know, you never taught us this stuff.” She replied bluntly, tapping her foot against the stone floor. 

      “This is directly from the reading that you were supposed to do for homework.” He shook his head a little and looking to me. “McCabe?” 

      “Practice.” I said as Dom shot me a glare. 

      “Correct, five points to Gryffindor.” He now walked back up to the front of the room. “Now, I want each of you to pick someone that you hate in this classroom, this shouldn't be hard. I’ve had all of you for seven years now and I know who hates who.” I thought for a second of Potter but quickly put that thought out of my head. No matter how much I hated him I’d always hate Vivacia Parkinson more. “Now I want to get in a pair with that partner and sit down.” I was surprised when three Slytherins came up to me. Dom had already gone to the other side and sat down disgruntled with Alyssa Avery. I looked at the three in front of me. Zachary Knott, Geoffrey Carrow, and Vivacia. As much as I hate all three I hate her the most. 

      “Oh, I get a selection don't I!” I said with mock sarcasm. “Well…if I have to pick…I don't know, your all horrible to me--”

      “Shut the fuck up.” Vivacia said, sitting down and pulling me down with her. The other two went off to the other side of the room. 

      “I didn’t know Carrow hated me that much. I mean, he’s tried to kill me quite a few times, but hate me? I thought it was all for fun.” I continued, amused as she rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically. 

      “Alright, quiet!” Goode said. “Excellent, now, what we will be doing today is trying this curse out on each other. I figured that you’d all have more motivation if you were with someone you hate, but if you plan on blowing up my classroom…” He looked to Potter and I for a moment before continuing. “Than by all means, get with another person,” When no one moved he continued on to explain what we would have to do. It seemed easy enough, all we had to do was concentrate and say the incantation. The other person imagines some sort of blockage and tries to keep them out. 

      “I’ll go first.” We both said at the same time. I rolled my eyes and put down my wand.

      “Fine.” I said going a little farther away from her. Having to speak with her was bad enough, I really didn’t want to be arguing more than I already had. I stood there silently while she read the spell saying it over and over, but nothing happened. Once or twice I felt a little push in my head, but nothing big. “How about I try?” 

      “You won’t get it either Kiersten, so don't get your hopes up.” She snapped, switching places with me. I grabbed my wand and said the spell, nothing happened. I tried again, this time concentrating more on the words being spoken but still nothing happened. Goode came over and watched for a minute. 

      “Why are you having us do this?” I asked him a little bit turned off. “You know that nobody will actually get it. You’d have to teach us first.” 

      “Because I am the teacher Miss. McCabe and I teach what I want to teach, is that a good answer to you?” He asked me starting to walk farther away from us and over to where Laurel Davidson was quietly dueling against Seth Chantey from Ravenclaw. The bell rang abruptly and everyone went running for their bags. I purposely bumped shoulders with Rosier on the way back. He glared at me and I smiled at him sarcastically. 

      “One and a half foot essay due to me next class on the intrusion of the mind, chapter four!” Goode yelled over all of us. I grabbed my bag with Dom and left the class going onto Transfiguration. 

      “What the hell was the point of me waking up for that class?” Dom asked me shaking her head. 

      “You say that every day we have that class.” I told her turning right.


      “Oh, do I? Well, that just means that every day is practically pointless then!” She said in a frustrated voice. “And now we have to go to Steuber’s class…” She went on and on and I tuned out. It had turned into a cloudy morning. It looked as if it might rain and we had Herbology after lunch. I groaned a little as we entered Steuber’s room. Dom and I took our usual seats in the back of the class with Cait and Halley. I loved transfiguration, they all hated it because of our teacher. 

      “Good morning everyone.” Professor Steuber said coming into the room smiling happily at all of us. She was one teacher that made it hard to really annoy. She was always smiling in the same, annoying fashion. “Today we will be talking about the transformation of humans into animals. Can anyone tell me what this is called? Miss. Stoner?” 

      “An animagus.” Halley said.

      “Well done, five points to Gryffindor.” She started to pace the room as most teachers did. “An animagus is when a human is converted into an animal of some sort. It can be any animal of choice and it can be turned on and off by the persons will power, yes Mr. Potter?” 

      “Is there any way to tell if someone’s an animagus just by looking at them?” He asked shooting Fred a smile. 

      “No, I’m afraid not.” She said eyeing him carefully. “One sign is a missing body part. In order to become an animagus you must first give a bit of a body part.” Some people grimaced. “The process of becoming an animagus is very long and drawn out. First you must get legal permission from the ministry of magic, and then you must go through a long list of qualifications that the ministry has set up before you are able to become one. Does anyone know how long? Miss. Bones?” 

      “It could be anywhere from a year to five years.” Jenny said.

      “Correct, five points to Ravenclaw. Does anyone know of any legalized registered animagi alive today? Mr. Doyle.” 

      “Headmistress McGonagall is isn’t she?” He asked. 

      “Yes, she is. She can transform into a cat.” She said. “Yes Mr. Finnegan?” 

      “What about all of the animagus out there who are unregistered?” He asked her.


      “Then they are breaking the law and would be given a fine and maybe get some jail time. Becoming an animagus is closely watched by the Ministry. They do not let anyone who they think may go down the wrong path become an animagus. It is too dangerous that way.” 

      “So basically, there could be unregistered animagus in this room and you’d have no idea?” Fred called out.

      “Yes, unfortunately you wouldn’t have any idea. But I highly doubt that there is one Mr. Weasley. It is an extremely high branch of magic that would be impossible for any person of your age to fulfill.” 

      “What’s with all of the questions from them?’ Caitlin whispered to me quizzically. “Normally they’re sleeping by this point in the class.” 

      “I dunno,” I said shaking my head. “They’re probably just trying to set her off so the rest of us are tortured with homework.” 

      “Would you all open to page one hundred and forty three in your text books and copy down the rules on becoming an animagus.” She said going up to her desk and sitting down. 

      “I hate this class…I hate this class…I hate this class.” Dom was singing over and over again. 

      “Why?” I asked exasperatingly. “She can actually teach!” 

      “I just don't like her Keri, you know that.” Dom said writing down the rules in her chicken scratch handwriting. 

      “But you don't have a reason!” I shut the book and finished writing the rules. 

      “So! You don't have a reason for hating my cousin but you still do!” She said as if I was being the difficult one. 

      “I do too! Potter is horrible to me all the time! He’s a stuck up good for nothing-”

      “Here we go again…” She resumed her singing her song, this time to tune me out. I didn’t say anything and instead just shook my head. 

      “Alright, I want you to all count off in numbers of six.” She said getting up from the desk and starting with Drew.







      It went around the room three times. I was number three, same as Potter, joy. “What is this? Second year?” Dom said to me. “I don't want to get into a flipping group!” 

      “Oh shut up.” I ignored her retort and got up to go over to where Jenny and Potter had met in one corner of the room. “Hi Jenny.” I said to her making myself smile. 

      “Hello Kiersten.” She said acting the same way. I know that Jenny just tolerates me, and I just tolerate her. I’m not a fan of suck ups and she’s not a fan of troublemakers. 

      “I love how no one says hello to me.” Potter had sat down first. We both followed him and started to do the assignment. We had to do law number three and explain why it was a law and give examples of it. Jenny wound up doing most of the work but I helped a little. Potter just sat there flinging paper at me. 

      “Stop!” I said to him after the thirtieth hit my head. “God!” 

      “God!” He mimicked me getting ready to throw another one. 

      “I hate you!” I said scooting farther away from him in my chair. He sighed and stopped throwing the paper at me. Instead he made a paper airplane and made that fly around the room with his wand. “Idiot.” 

      “Bitch.” He said.

      “You said you wouldn’t call me that anymore.” I said rolling my eyes. 

      “Oh, I’m so sorry!” He said with feign sincerity, placing his hand over his heart. “Do forgive me Miss. McCabe!” 

      “Would you two stop arguing and start working?” Jenny said abruptly. She mumbled a few words under her breath and shook her head a good number of times. I bit my lip to not laugh but eventually Potter started to and I snorted. I covered it with a cough but I think that Jenny heard. “Why was I put in a group with slackers?” I stopped trying to not laugh and looked at her. Jenny thought she was a queen or something, that was what Dominique always said. She was calling me stupid? I got all outstandings and one exceeds expectations on my OWL’s. I don't know how Potter did but…but that didn’t matter. He looked to me and I nodded. Time to work together in order to annoy her.

      “Gee Jenny, it must be awesome to be smarter than everyone else in the class.” Potter said sarcastically.

      “Oh yeah.” I nodded enthusiastically to her. She looked up to the both of us and then shook her head again. “We all wish we could be you, I mean, who wouldn’t want to study all night and lead the charms club for fun.” I laughed at my own joke with Potter. If she was embarrassed she didn’t show it. She looked up to us pushing her brown hair out of her face and smiled.

      “People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world.” She said gesturing to Potter and me. I let out a wimpy noise and looked to Potter who winked before putting on a face of sadness. 

      “Jenny,” He said solemnly, “Are you calling McCabe and I stupid?” 

      “McCabe and me, and yes!” She said as if we’d finally got the point. “I am! You both are so immature that it’s an embarrassment to say that we’re in the same year. Just because your great Quiddich stars and all that doesn’t mean that everyone should treat you like gods! You’re the same as everyone else.” She burst out letting ink go through the page where she was writing another reason.

      “Is this jealousy I am hearing?” Potter said putting his hand to his ear. I nodded in agreement. “God Jenny, how long have you kept that cooped up, as long as you’ve held your “I hate Rose Weasley” club in secret?” At this her cheeks flamed up and she got ugly. 

      “You think you’re so great don't you? The both of you think that you’re amazing! Well, when you finally decide to grow up and start living real life come and talk to me. All you do is mess around and get in detention. You both don't know what real life is at all. You’re too busy in your own little worlds just barely getting by.” She was attracting some attention now from the groups that are near us. I stopped smiling to her. “Potter, you and your perfect little ‘I saved the world’ family make you think that your so great! I bet that your father didn’t do anything to defeat you know who! And Kiersten! You talk to people like you’re so much better than them! Just because you’re an only child who probably gets whatever she—” I stopped her short when I pulled out my wand. 

      “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” I felt my voice shake. She looked a little scared now. Potter looked between us a little shocked at my behavior, but I didn’t care. “How dare you assume that, how dare you! You have absolutely no idea what my life is like, none!” 

      “McCabe” Potter was to grab my wand from me. “Stop.” I shrugged him off and put my wand down on the table. I stood up and left the classroom without my stuff. I didn’t want anyone to see me cry. If they only knew…I heard Steuber calling after me so I started to run. I didn’t know exactly where I was going, but when I ended up in the Owlrey I wasn’t surprised. I usually came here when I had to think. No one would be up here during class hours. Once I stopped running I began to cry, and once I started to cry I couldn’t ever stop. I went to the corner near the school owls and sat there with my head in my hands. Why did her words get to me like that? Was it because I didn’t have parents or because I wanted them? Was it just the plain fact that my life kind of sucks? Yeah, I think it was that. I was too busy crying and asking myself why to hear someone come in or notice that they were watching me until I looked up. 

      “Go—away.” I said blushing a little and turning around. Dom was standing there in front of me with her hands together. Of course she didn’t listen to my want for her to go away. Dominique Weasley had always had trouble with listening. Instead she came over to me and hugged me. Today she was wearing heals that made her only about three inches shorter than me, probably the only girl in the school to have the nerve to wear heels. Her hair was up in some strange twisty thing that made it look good. I was wearing my regular school shoes and my hair in a messy bun. The little makeup that I had on was probably all over my face now. 

      In our relationship Dom has always been the stronger one. She’s always said to me that if there was something to see what our emotions really looked like mine would be all messed up. The fact that I didn’t tell her who I liked until third year made her think that I liked girls the whole time. To put it nicely, she was brutally honest. The funny thing was that Dom thought that she had me all figured out. What she didn’t realize was that no matter how long she hugged me, she still wouldn’t. No one would.





   I know that this one was a little bit of a filler inner, but i had to show that they still were in school and went to classes. I also know that the ending was a little bit rushed but I wanted to show that Dom and Kiersten's relationship exist beyond the realm of Dom's problems.  I should update within the next week! Please Review!!!

        Ps...Please tell me if you'd perfer longer or shorter chapters because I dont know what I'm going to do about that yet...




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