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Montana Summer by YoungMage
Chapter 2 : Two Families, One Sunny Day
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A/N: Okay, so this is my first Next Generation fanfic. And in this chapter, I had to come up with a way for Danica and James to meet up again. I'd just like to add that the HP world belongs to J.K. Rowling and the Lindle-Cook world belongs to me. Just great that the two could collide and meet! Okay, please Read and Review! And, it may seem slow, but then again, beginnings most often than not are. Alright! Enjoy! ~ YM

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~  

    Fred was grinning, Rose and Lily were buzzing as they ate their ice cream cones, Albus was rolling his eyes as James was smiling as he strode down the lane confidently. He smirked as he saw the brightly painted orange and yellow door.

    "Hey mate! Where exactly are we going, again?" Fred came up and threw an arm over James' shoulders, smiling at his cousin.

    James just shrugged, "Walking down the lane and visiting a friend."

    Albus arched a brow as he looked at his brother and cousin.

    "Who do we know that lives down here?" Albus stared at James.

    Rose and Lily quieted down as they watched the boys.

    Right when James was about to answer, the orange and yellow door flew open as a dirty blonde haired girl was screaming over her shoulder at someone in the house, "IT'S NOT FAIR!! DANI HAS A PLACE AND SAID I COULD COME VISIT!"

    Inside, something that sounded an awful like 'get back here, young lady!' wsa shouted, but the firey blonde was already off and running towards the back of the house. A few moments later, Danica came out with her hair in braids, wearing a button up blue plaid wrangler t-shirt and a pair of cut off jeans with cowboy boots.

    "TRINITY! Don't worry daddy, she just needs to run it off... I'll go get her." Dani grabbed a white cowboy hat as she exited the house and closed the door behind her. She placed it on her head as she looked towards the sun and the way to the backyard. Sighing, she shoved her hands in her pockets and ducked her head as she started walking towards the back of the house.

    "Danica?!" James called out as he spotted her.

    Fred arched a brow while Albus was intrigued by the blonde that had taken off towards the back. Lily and Rose looked at each other before giggling.

    Before Danica could say anything, the front door opened again. A dark brown haired boy stepped out wearing nothing but shorts with a towel thrown over his shoulder as another girl stepped out wearing shorts and a grey tank carrying three folded towels. She looked almost like Danica, only a bit taller while her eyes were hazle rather than dark brown.
    Lily seemed to perk up when she saw the boy.

    "Hey, Dani. If you're after Trinity, maybe she could cool off by the pond in the neighbors field? Mrs. Smith said we could always swim there if we wanted to. That and it's Trinity's favorite spot to go to when she's upset." The boy smiled at Danica.

    "Yeah Dan's! Besides, Trinity'll relax and calm down when Mrs. Smith's grandson joins us. I just phoned him and he's already on his way there." The brown haired girl smiled brightly as she chewed on her gum.

    "I... Well... Hang on you two, and Jim! Don't go pushin' Trinity's buttons." Danica glared at her younger step-brother with a small smirk.

    "Me! Push Trin's buttons?! Why, Miss Danica Lindle, I haven't pushed her buttons for three years now." Jim smiled proudly.

    "Mmh, nor have you been bucking hay, either. Starting to show there, Jimbo." Danica smiled sweetly at him.
    Jim glared at his older step sister, muttering something under his breath.

    "Hey! Looks like we've got company!" The girl smiled and chewed her gum as she looked over at James, Fred, Albus, Lily, and Rose; who were now standing by the front gate.

    "Howdy!" The girl greeted them with a bob of her head and a big toothy smile.

    Fred smiled at the girl and nodded back while Albus shifted his weight from foot to foot. James smiled at her briefly before looking to Danica. Lily and Rose both smiled and were the only two to say "hello".

    "Yeah... Fancy that Amanda." Danica looked at her sister with a smile and a small roll of her eyes before looking at James and his little group.

    "Howdy, James." Danica greeted James with a tip of her hat and a small nod.

    James smiled and nodded his head in return.

    "Hello, Miss Lindle."
    "Who have you brought with you?" Danica asked as she smiled at the group.

    "Right. Introductions." James smiled before looking over his shoulder about to start introducing his family.

    "Dans, how do you know this guy? You two go to college together or something?" Amanada interrupted as she looked at her sister curiously.

    Danica smiled and shook her head, "No, Amanda. We don't go to college together. He's just a nice guy who helped me up when I crshed the bike the other day."

    Amanda blinked as she looked from her sister back to James and back again.

    "I know you didn't want a guy from the UK, but man oh man, Dans! He's hot!" Amanada boldly stated.

    Danica just closed her eyes with a small smile and a soft sigh, shaking her head.

    "James and company, I'm pleased to introduce you to Amanda, my outspoken sister. She's the kinda gal that speaks her mind. At least you know what you're getting when you meet her. And this young man is my step brother, James, but he prefers Jim, Jimmy or Jimbo. And if you saw that blonde earlier, that would be my youngest sister and the little firecracker of the family, Trinity. And I'm Danica." She smiled at Fred, Albus, Lily and Rose while her brother and sister waved or nodded.

    "Hey there ya'll!" Amanda beamed.

    "Howdy." Jim nodded.

    "Right then. This tall guy behind me is my cousin Fred Weasley. The brooding young chap beside me is my younger brother, Albus, the little red head is my sister, Lily and the taller kinda red, kinda brunette is my other cousin, Rose. Rose's little brother, Hugo didn't want to come for a walk with us, so he's back home. And Fred's sister, Roxanne is keeping him company." James smiled and nodded as he pointed his siblings and cousins out.

    Danica smiled and nodded to each of them.

    "So. You guys wanna come swimming too? Or what?" Amanda smiled at Fred.

    Lily and Rose looked at the boys and smiled.

    "It is hot out here and we've got nothing planned." Rose stated rather matter-of-factly.

    "Mhm, and Gran did say 'you kids have fun today' before we left, as long as we're back by dinner." Lily smiled shyly over Danica's brother Jimmy before looking to James and Fred.

    "Well, I'm game." Fred smirked as he looked at Amanda.

    James sighed, "I don't know gang..."

    Danica looked at Amanda and arched a brow as her sister was flirting subtly with Fred with her eyes.

    "Amanda... they may have other plans. And Trinity isn't in the best of moods, right now...." Danica rested her right hand on her right hip as she nodded at Amanda.

    "Oh, but she'll be better once Robert shows up." Jim threw out there.

    "Albus? You're the only one who hasn't said anything." Fred and James both looked at him.

    Albus shifted uncomfortably under Fred, James, Lily, Amanada's and Jim's eyes.

    "Well... okay, okay... I'm up for it, I suppose." Albus agreed after Lily shot him a warning glare.

    She had a temper that rivaled their mothers when she didn't get her way. Albus had been on the short end of that stick once or twice and he really didn't feel like starting off Summer Holiday on that end now. Lily beamed at her older brother and looked back to Jim, blushing a little.

    "Well then. It's settled. We'll join you lot swimming." James smiled at Danica.

    Danica arched a brow before sighing, heading for the front door.

    "I'll get some more towels then..." She strated before Jim laughed, cutting her off.

    "Who needs towels? Lily and Rose can use the one for you and Trinity. We all know Trin wants to be just like you and we all know that you don't use a towel after swimming."

    Danica arched a brow as she looked at her little brother.

    "Oh?" She sighs, shaking her head.

    "Okay then, lead the way, Captain Jim." Amanda smirked, breaking the stare down between Danica and Jim before they could start.

    Those two loved each other, but Jim felt like he had to be 'the man' of the family whenever his step dad wasn't around while Danica was the oldest of the family and felt reasponsible for her siblings. And when they tried to prove their dominance, usually Jim lost miserably due to the age and maturity gap.

    Jim blinked before turning away from Danica with a smile, "Alright. Keep up Dans!"

    Danica just rolled her eyes and shook her head with a small smile.

    "Say that now, James Matthew Cook, but just you wait until you guys come back home and you seat yourself on a horse." Danica smirked challengingly at him.

    Jim's nostril flared at he shot her a glare.

    "Mhm. That's what I thought. Hmhmhm. You guys are coming back in August for Rodeo." Danica smirked.

    "But... then why did Trin just freak out and run off?" Amanda tilted her head as she looked over her shoulder at Danica.

    Dani shrugged, "Guess she wanted to come back in July. You know how she loved the 4th of July Carnival. That and watching some of the sneak peaks of the talent that'll be at Rodeo."

    James, Albus, Fred, Lily and Rose looked between the three as they talked.

    "Err... Rodeo?" Fred piped up.

    Amanda all of a sudden stopped and stared at Fred as if he had grown a second head before laughing.
    "Right! Forgot where we were for a moment. Heh, it's been too long since we've seen Dans this early in the summer, and never here. We always have to go back to the states to see her." Amanada flashed him a winsome smile before blowing a small bubble with her gum and popping it.

    "Rodeo is a bunch of events, you see. That have to do with riding, roping, horses, steers, calves, goats and sheep." Amanada nodded very sage like, thinking that that explained it all.

    "Roping? Riding? Steers? Um... what?" Albus now looked very confused at Amanda.

    "Yeah huh! And Danica here, is one of the few 'Buckin' Bells'! That and she's also got an amazing cutting horse and Barrel horse." Amanda nodded.

    "Yeah, too bad I trained her cutting horse." Jim grumbled.

    "Oh really?" Danica gave her little brother a pointed look.

    Before he could respond, James cut in.

    "Bucking Bell? Cutting horse? Barrel horse? What?" He looked at Danica for an explination.

    Danica just sighed and shook her head as she said, "Google it. Or look it up on youtube. That'll explain it better than I can describe it. One of those things you just have to see." With that, Danica headed down the trail, passing by her step brother.

    "What's youtube?" Fred whispered to James.

    James shrugged, watching Danica walk further ahead.

    "Not a clue."

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

A/N: Chapter Playlist:
         Lady Antebellum - American Honey
        Owl City - On the Wing
        Alan Jackson - Contry Boy





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