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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 10 : Chapter 9: The Past
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Over the next few days the Potter household had a strained atmosphere. Harry and Hermione were trying to get James settled back into a routine, the twins were due to come home and Ginny was constantly at the house, irritating Harry.

"Harry are you ready to go" Hermione called to her husband. Sirius was looking after James and James, Lily and Izzy were preparing a party for the twin’s arrival.

"Yes" he said walking out to the hall.

"Harry are you going already" Ginny asked as she appeared from the living room.

"Ginny what are you doing here?" Hermione sighed.

"I wanted to see the babies" she replied coolly. Both Harry and Hermione rolled their eyes at her, and left hand in hand without saying another word to her. Shrugging she strolled into the kitchen. "Hey" she greeted everyone.

"What are you doing here?" Isobella snapped.

"Izzy be nice" James warned. Whilst looking at Ginny for an explanation.

"I wanted to be here for Harry and Hermione, bringing home a baby is tough never mind bringing two at once. So what are we doing?"

"Firstly" Lily said "Harry and Hermione have me, James, Izzy and Sirius helping. So they don't need another person bugging them. Secondly you aren't doing anything, me Izzy and James are preparing a special family lunch for the babies homecoming, which you are not invited to. Thirdly I think you've out stayed your welcome. Harry seems to be sick of you hanging around, so you’d be better leaving"

"Harry is going to be told about this..." Ginny said tears welling in her eyes ..." And he won't be happy. He'll probably kick you out" she said confidentially.

"We'll see...but I don't think he'd be that bothered" James replied coolly. "Shut the door on your way out". Ginny could do nothing except bow out quietly, whilst she still had a bit of dignity left.

Harry and Hermione arrived at the hospital twenty minutes later. Walking into the room in which their kids were staying, upon spotting their parents, huge smiles lit upon the kids’ faces. Each baby had grown somewhat, but were still the size of new born’s. Riley was the bigger one at seven pounds, he had brown spikey hair, brown eyes and his mother's features and personality. Celeste was, like James, a loud bubbly baby girl. She weighed a little less that Riley, at a reasonable 6lb 10oz, she has dark, almost black, curly hair, and green eyes.

"Hey babies are you ready to go home" Hermione cooed, picking up Riley. He giggled at his mum.

“Oh you’re here” A healer said, as she entered the room. “The babies are all ready to go; everything is packed up for them she added. Harry and Hermione said thanks to all the Healers involved, and gave a generous donation to the hospital and also a large basket of Honeydukes candy selection.

A short while later they arrived home to a joyful atmosphere, everyone cooed over the babies, and each had their turn in holding them, bar Ginny of course who was left sitting on her own in the corner of the kitchen. Soon enough it was time for the kids’ bedtime and for everyone to leave. Once everyone was settled the conversation came around to the obvious hatred Harry had for Ginny.

“We want to ask you about something but it’s a sensitive topic” Lily said cautiously.

“Ask away, but I have a feeling I know what this is about” He sighed.

“What happened between you and Ginny?” She asked

“I can’t say” He answered “I don’t want to relive it, but I can show you” He added. He stood up and went into his study, coming back five minutes later with a pensive floating behind him, and a vile of cloudy coloured liquid. He set the pensive on the coffee table and poured the liquid into it.

“Go on” He said to his parents, they gave him a weird look before dunking their heads into the pensive.



March 1997

Harry was walking through the hall ways, heading back to Gryffindor tower. He had just been to Hogsmede and made a life changing decision, now he needed to talk to Hermione. Ten minutes later he found Hermione and took her to a privet room down the corridor.

“What’s up Harry, you look nervous, are you Ok?” She asked concerned.

“I bought Ginny an engagement ring, I’m going to ask her to marry me” He blurted out.

“You’re what?” Hermione asked shocked. “Harry you’ve only been seeing Ginny for six months, don’t you think it’s a bit soon to be proposing?” She added.

“I know it’s only been six months, but this feels so right. I love her so much. I’m sure she’s going to say yes.” He reasoned.

“Ok” Hermione said sighing in defeat. “How are you going to do this?” She asked

“That’s what I needed you for” He said cheekily she smiled and rolled her eyes. For the next hour they sat talking about the perfect way for him to propose to Ginny, the decided that Harry would take Ginny to the room of requirement tonight, where there will be a candle light dinner, with a starry sky. It was the perfect setting, and a very little chance of her saying no.

Harry gave his friend a big hug and left to find his wonderful girlfriend Ginny, but after half an hour the search was fruitless, he was on his way back to Gryffindor tower, when he heard giggling coming from a closet, being a prefect he had the right to tell them of, so he walked over to the closet and casually opened the door.

Harry wasn’t prepared for what was on the other side. Ginny, his Ginny was in a steamy clinch with Dean Thomas. Harry felt as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest and stomped on, he felt violently sick.

“Harry, what you saw it meant nothing” Ginny pleaded as he backed away. She tried to come closer, but Harry pushed her away like he had been scalded.

“Never ever touch me again, you disgust me” He spat at her.

“Harry no please, don’t leave me. I love you” She cried.

“I love you too, but I can’t ever be with someone who betrayed me like this, you destroyed what we had.” Harry yelled back. “ You know, I wanted to tell you that I had a romantic dinner planned for tonight, and I was actually going to propose, but you can forget about that” He said, he lifted out a red box with a gold bow on it and threw it at her. It missed her head by millimeters. He gave her one last gutted look and walked away.

He walked the hallways in a blur, not really knowing where he was going; just letting his feet take him anywhere. He soon found himself in front of the Gryffindor common room portrait, he glumly said the password, and walked in. He was very grateful for the fact that it was empty bar Ron and Hermione.

“Harry, what’s wrong?” Hermione asked concerned, she had heard the portrait door open, but wasn’t expecting to see Harry in this state.

“I found Ginny, in a steamy clinch with Dean, in a closet” He said solemnly. Ron and Hermione’s faces fell, and Hermione hugged Harry close, gently soothing him, and stroking his hair. Ginny came in moments later, and found them like that.

“What are you doing” She yelled. She made a move toward Harry and Hermione, but they never moved, instead Ron blocked her.

“Ginny you have no right to accuse Harry and Hermione of anything; you’re the one in the wrong. You’re nothing but a disgrace. Now get out before I throw you out.” He yelled, all Ginny could do was run out crying.




Twenty minutes later James and Lily, came out of the pensive, and Lily immediately hugged Harry.

“Harry, were sorry. That must have been so hard for you” James said, when Lily had let him go.

“It was, but Hermione got me through it.” He said, giving his wife a tender kiss.

“Well to me, you married the better woman” James said.

“I know” Harry replied.

"I wish Harry didn’t hate me” Ginny whined to her mum.

“Well after what you done, can you really blame him?” Her mum asked.

“He should have moved on from that by now, I mean he did marry Hermione” She huffed.

“Ginny my dear. As much as I love having you hear, why are you here and why are you staying so long?” Molly tensely asked.

“I want to” Ginny lied.

“Ginevra Weasley, do not lie to your mother” Molly warned.

“Alright I’ll tell you, but you can’t freak” She said, at this point Molly became suspicious.

“I’m three months pregnant” She blurted.

A.N. Haha a cliffy, I’m sorry it took so long to update this I hope you all like it please review.

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Living a Lie.: Chapter 9: The Past


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