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Just Another Bird. by ItsUnconditional
Chapter 3 : "Omf oo mophens!"
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Disclaimer: I own nothing.

'He said what?'

'He compared love to peeing himself-' Emma burst out laughing as I told her about it again.

'Thats .. the most .. idiotic thing .. ever' She managed to spit out.

'-So I walked away'

'I don't blame you' She commented when she had finally finished laughing.

I pulled my quitar out from under my bed as I spoke, 'And people wonder why I try to avoid boys at all costs' Shaking my head, I pulled it into my lap and checked it over for scratches. A regular routine for me.

Emma's face dropped slightly as I looked over at her sitting on her own bed next to mine. 'What's up?'

'Nothing' She admitted as she shook her head, 'I'm just.. well, over that bloke that you thought that I liked'

A smile smile spread over my lips. 'Does that mean that I don't have to pretend to like to talk about boys and-'

'Yes, Niss.' My smile grew wider. 'You don't have to have anything to do with them. Once again.'

Carefully, I placed my quitar down on my bed so that I was able to safely jump up and hug her. Emma squealed as I tackled her on her bed with a massive hug.

As I pulled away from the hug, Emma sat up and I returned to my quitar while she pulled out a magazine.

Strumming a few cords on it, I began to sing quietly to myself. 'The little things you do to me are taking over, I wanna show you.' I hummed the next few lines and when I picked up the lyrics again, Emma joined in. 'I feel stuck here against the pavement, I wanna break free, I wanna make it-' 

We were cut off by Olivia's grand entrance into our dorm room - consisting of her storming into the room looking as if someone had just killed her grandad and she was planning revenge - and flinging herself dramatically onto her bed face first while burrying her head in her pillow.Evie stumbled in behind her holding a small scrap of parchment in one hand and her bag in the other. 'This is for you' She handed me the piece of paper as I put my guitar beside me - once again - on the bed.

As I stared down at the paper, I heard Emma mutter 'What's got her panties in a twist?'

'More like who' Emma snickered at my comment as I flashed her a smirk before staring back down at the piece of folded parchment.

'Who's that from?' She asked me at noticing me having a staring contest with a piece of paper.

I was about to reply with a simple "No idea" but before I could, Evie answered. 'James asked me to give it to you, Nissa' and when me and Emma both shot Olly a sideways glance, she explained. 'She thought that the paper was for her and that he was finally asking her out'

I chucked the piece of paper across the room like it had just burned me and then looked at Emma as she gave me a what-the-hell look and went to fetch it.

'Don't' I demanded before turning to speak to Evie, 'Is that what it is? Is he asking me out?'

She shrugged, 'I don't read other peoples things. It's private and I respect people's privacy'

'I sure as hell don't' Emma muttered as she picked up the parchment and unfolded it.

I closed my eyes and covered my ears willing the parchment away. When I opened my eyes and saw that it was still in Emma's hand I sighed and took my hands away from my ears.

I really, really, really don't want this to be a letter asking me out. Really, I don't.

Asking me out in person - I can handle that. All that involves is walking away from him and avoiding him for a few days and eventually he'd get the hint. But a letter? I couldn't walk away from that. I could avoid him as much as possible. Burn it. Lock myself in the bathroom. Geez, I could probably die and he'd still find a way to track me down. My only place of sanity - my room - and he's found a way to get past all my defences and is now everywhere in my freaking life.

Merlin, I bet if I went home then he'd be there too!

'Uh, Nissa?' I looked at Emma as she waved a hand infront of my face.

'Sorry, what did you say?'

'You're free' She said it simply as she handed me the parchment.

For years i've been after you, wanting to be everything to you. And for years now, you've rejected me and everything that I could offer. So here it is in writing - you've won. That's right Nissa. The eldest son of  Harry Potter has actually surrendered to you. You no longer need to worry about bumping into me in the corridors or anywhere else. You're free now, Nissa.

Re-reading the letter, I realised that it was actually real and that I wasn't imagining it. Although, I didn't feel like I had aways thought I would feel like when this day came. I didn't know whether to be happy or sad, laugh or cry, hug someone or be hugged. All my emotions contridicted each other in a way that didn't even make the slightest ounce of sense.

'I'm free' I repeated quietly. It sounded strange coming from my own mouth and I honestly had no idea why.

Emma cocked her head sideways at me as if examining my features and trying to identify what I was feeling. 'Why aren't you planning a party?'

This time it was me to cock my head to the side and stare at her with a confused expression. 'I'm sorry, what?'

'This is what you've always wanted, isn't it?' She paused for a moment to examine me again, 'You look like you're considering flinging yourself off the astronomy tower'

I sighed, 'Definatly not considering the flinging of myself to my sudden death over a piece of paper, let alone Potter. But, then again, I'm not in the mood to throw a party or jump about and squeal happily either like I had always thought I would'

'Maybe you like him' She murmured as I slid from my bed onto the floor.

'I highly doubt that' I told her while she came to sit next to me.

'Then why do you feel like this?'

'Like what?' I was pretending to be stupid. I knew that she knew though. Really, I was confused beyond belief. I can't like Potter like that, can I? No, I can't. I don't like boys.

'Like you're so confused you don't know what to think' She gave me a one armed hug, 'We've all felt that way at one point'

At least, I hadn't thought I liked boys.

'You're just new to the whole dating idea'

Untill now.

I smiled shyly at her. 'I don't think I do like boys yet though' I disagreed, 'I think.. I think that i'm just unwilling to have a change in my life'

'Hmm' She appeared lost in thought as she nodded slowly, 'Yes, that makes sense' She confirmed with another nod of the head, 'Potter has been after you for an awful long time'

'Do you think- do you think that I should be friends with him?' I paused, 'Now that he's not chasing after me anymore?'

She considered that for a moment, 'Yeah' she nodded, 'I think you should'

Smiling, I reminded myself how annoying it was when she nodded and stood up.

'I think that i'm going to talk to him tomorrow' I murmured, 'but for now.. I'm gonna take a nap'

'You do that and if you need me, i'll be raiding the kitchen'

'Don't cook a house elf' I called after her as I climbed under my sheets and soon fell into a peaceful sleep.

'Good morning everyone' Emma said as she sat down for breakfast the next day.

I sat down beside her, opposite Fred and James. Fred smiled warmly at us both before digging into his cereal whilst James continued to stare down at his toast.

'It's going to win, James' I told him sarcastically, 'The toast won't blink'

He looked up from his toast, eyes wide with shock at the fact that I was actually choosing to speak to him. Mumbling something incoherant, he buttered the toast and then shoved it into his gob.

I took a piece of toast for myself and began to nibble of the edge, not really feeling that hungry. Unlike Emma who was cramming almost everything she could find into her mouth.

For a moment there, I was a little afraid that she was going to take a bite out of me. But then I realised that she was just eyeing my half eaten toast.

'Want it?' I offered it to her and she took it without hesitation before stuffing it into her mouth and searching for something else to eat. 'Geez Em,' I said, a little suprised, 'Slow down a little, okay?'

'I'm hungry' she shrugged as she sipped her pumpkin juice.

'You're worse than the boys' I joked, 'They actually appear to have table manners compared to you'

'Gee, thanks' she replied sarcastically whilst Fred smiled at my comment, probably considering it a compliment.

'When's your free period today, Nissa?' Fred asked after swallowing another mouthful of cereal.

'3rd,' I replied automatically, 'why?'

I knew every one of my daily lessons off by heart for when I had needed it to get away from Potter.

But, it's not like i'll be using it for the same reason anymore.

I supposed I didn't need to learn Emma's and James's lessons either, now that I think about it.

Fred shrugged, 'Just wondering. James has a free period then too'

I had to refrain from replying "I know", just incase it seemed stalker-ish.

'I mean,' Fred continued over the silence, 'Maybe you and James could hang out together-'

James elbowed him in the side and hissed quietly, 'I've given up on that-'

'I'd like that,' I startled both me and everyone within hearing distance into a stunned silence.

'Well,' Emma laughed nervously to fill the awkward silence, 'Isn't that just peachy?' She grinned at us and directed a hard kick at James' shin who then snapped out of his daze.

'You want to spend time with me?'

I nodded, 'Sure. I mean, if you want to that is'

He smiled at me and replied a little more dignified now that I had confirmed that he wasn't going crazy, 'I want to'

'Good,' Emma chimed in happily, 'Now, with that sorted,' she added as she crammed one more piece of toast into her mouth and stood up, 'Omf oo mophens!'

'What did she say?' Fred asked me curiously as he sent a questioning glance over at Emma who was strutting out of the hall oblivious to that fact that we weren't yet following her.

I sighed and rolled my eyes as I stood up. 'She said "Off to Potions!"'

'Oh,' Fred and James stood up too.

'Well then,' James grinned at his friend and me, 'Off to Potions we go!'

Author's Note: I know that it's been.. well, forever.. since I last updated this story and I don't really have any good excuses BUT I promise to try to get the next chapter out sooner next time :)

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