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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 8 : Absense Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
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Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this took so long. It might not have been long to you but to me I feel pressure and all that so it makes me feel like it’s really long! Right now, I am terribly sick with everything, so everything feels like a lifetime. My throat kills, my nose is running like crazy, I’m sneezing 24/7, and much more but I wouldn’t want to bore you with my sickness information. Enjoy (Smiley Face, whenever I put it, the HPFF says ‘J’ so if you see that, just insert the smiley face)


Chapter 8


        On the morning of December 20th, Harry awoke to the scratching and clanging of the metal cage that enclosed Pidwidgeon. He took a glance at the clock and it read that it was 9:56. The Hogwarts express was set to arrive at eleven, so he had to wake Ron. He walked over to find the red-head tangled up in his sheets, one arm flung over the side of the bed, the other, Harry couldn’t tell. He shook Ron trying to wake him from his deep slumber but nothing seemed to wake him. He tried saying that spiders were going to take over the earth, but that still didn’t work. All he got was a slight turn of the head, and little movement of the mouth; that was about it. 

            Harry soon gave up, got dressed, and walked downstairs. Mrs. Weasley was in the lounge knitting her yearly Christmas presents, the radio playing soothing music. Harry walked in and said, “Good Morning Mrs. Weasley.” 

            “Oh Harry dear, we have gone over this many times, you may call me Molly.” She said. “And why are you up so late? You are usually up by seven thirty.” She asked. Harry sat in the armrest in the corner. 

            “Ron and I had a long day yesterday. We had the mid-terms for both school and training, so it took us until around one to finish it all.” Harry explained. He could the heavy footsteps of the zombie-looking Ron, waddling down the stairs. 

            “Morning Mum. Where’s breakfast?” Ron asked, sleepily.

            “In the pantry.” She replied. Ron snapped out of his mood and shook his head. Mrs.Weasley hadn’t made breakfast? Harry couldn’t remember a day where Mrs. Weasley hadn’t made breakfast.

            “What? I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” Ron said. 

            “Ronald, you have been considering finding a new home so you have to learn to cook for yourself.” She replied back, never taking her focus away from her knitting. 

            “I won’t have to cook though. Hermione would do that.” Ron whined back. 

            “But Ronald, Hermione is at school right now dear. She won’t be there to cook for you. And when she is living with you, there may be times you should cook for her.” Mrs. Weasley said back. From Harry’s point of view, it looked like Mrs. Weasley was going to win the argument. 

            “Like….” Ron trailed on. 

            “Like her birthday, when she has fallen ill, and to make her happy.” She said. “Sometimes us girls like when men make us meals. Even if they burn everything, it’s the thought that matters.” Harry hadn’t said anything in this conversation. He was just watching it like an intriguing tennis match. 

            “I knew that.” Ron said, awkwardly moving his head. Harry laughed quietly at this and Ron never seemed to notice Harry was even there. 

            “Come on Ron.” Harry said, getting out of his seat. “I’ll help you make breakfast.” He said, walked towards him. The both walked into the kitchen, and Ron opened the pantry. He stood there, his face scrunched up as if he had no idea what to do. “What do you want for breakfast?” Harry asked, reaching around Ron and grabbing the bread. 

            “Uhhh yeah. Toast is fine.” Ron said. 

            “How many pieces?” Harry asked, twisting open the bread. Ron thought a minute and replied.

            “Two.” He said, getting out the orange juice and two glasses. Harry took out four pieces of bread, two for Ron and two for himself, and toasted them with his wand. He suddenly wished he could’ve done that when he had to serve breakfast when he lived at the Dursley’s. They both sat down with their food, and began to eat. 

            “So Harry,” Ron said, swallowing his toast. “I need to talk to you about my sister.” He said seriously.

            “What is there to talk about?” Harry asked. “I love your sister. And there is nothing more to it.” Harry said.

            “You really love her don’t you?” Ron said, taking a sip of his orange juice. Harry finished up eating his last bite and said;

            “Yeah, I really do.” He said. “So I need to talk to you about my sister.” Harry said, trying to mock Ron. 

            “What sister? You don’t have a…. oh.” He said, finally catching on the Hermione was like Harry’s sister. “I love her.” Ron said. “You know I do, you knew before I knew!” He said. “Well, I always knew, but I didn’t…. does this make any sense?” He asked.

            “Weirdly…yes it does.” Harry said. “So you two wrote each other?” He asked, taking a sip of his juice.

            “No, we didn’t actually.” He said. “We thought that the moment we saw each other would be greater. I guess we’ll find out today then.” Ron said.

            “Yeah, I guess.” Harry said and proceeded to finish his breakfast. Harry walked over to put his dish in the sink when Mrs. Weasley walked in.

            “If you don’t mind, I’m going to stay home. I don’t feel very well.” Mrs. Weasley said, talking to both Ron and Harry. “You two can go get your girls and bring them back can’t you?” 

            “Yeah mum. We’ll bring them back in one piece.” Ron said. Mrs.Weasley opened the medicine cabinet and took out the headache potion.

            “You two should get going. The train is scheduled to arrive soon.” She said. Ron finished his food and put the dishes into the sink. 

            “Let’s go.” Harry said, holding out his arm. Ron took it and they were squeezed into the horrible feeling of apparition. They arrived in the deserted room where Sirius presented Harry with the picture of the original Order of the Phoenix. They walked out to find a very busy platform. Mothers and fathers bustling through the passage to see their child. Ron and Harry ran through the gateway to find the steaming train coming towards the station at a rapid rate. Harry’s heart began to beat faster and his patience grew thin. He hadn’t kissed her in four months, let alone seen her. 

            As the train grew closer and closer, both men rocked back and forth, eager to see their girlfriends. When the train came to a full stop at the station, Harry stood there, waiting for her. Ron licked his lips and stood there. The first to come out was Hermione, running full on towards Ron. He picked her up, swung her around, and then kissed her. 

            “I missed you.” Ron whispered against her lips. She responded by kissing him again. That’s when Harry saw her, she stepped off the train and came running towards him. She jumped at him and wrapped her legs around his waist. He stumbled back a little but stood firm. 

            “Hi.” She said, kissing him quickly on the lips. He laughed and kissed her again. This time longer and with more feeling. He had missed her so much, too much to describe in words. They broke apart and Harry let her down.

            “That was a cheerful greeting.” Harry said, wrapping his arm around her waist. 

            “I missed you.” She said, looking up into his emerald green death traps. Ron and Hermione came up next to them, Hermione next to Ginny. 

            “Hey Hermione. How was school?” Harry asked. 

            “Stressing, But still fun.” Hermione said. 

            “How was it fun?” Ginny asked, her voice high. “All we did was study and do homework.” Ginny said. They all walked into the wall and they were off the platform. Their trunks got sent to their houses. 

            “Yeah but still.” Hermione said. They all made their way to the little white room and apparated back to the Burrow. Ron and Hermione landed right on the doorstep, but Harry and Ginny landed in their place. Harry had told Ron that he was going to take Ginny somewhere, but he didn’t tell him where. When their feet touched the ground, they both feel backwards. They laughed it off and laid there, talking about the four months they hadn’t seen each other. 


            Ron and Hermione were lying in their bed talking two days later, when Ron brought up something that snagged Hermione’s attention. “Hermione, I need your help. I’ve been looking for a flat, and I found one. It’s just I need someone to keep me company.” He said. Hermione thought about it and then said;

            “Cheesy line, but okay.” A smile broke out across his face, as did Hermione’s. “So is Harry looking for one too?” She asked.

            “Yeah, we kinda wanted to get away from mum for a while. We would still come back for some days and dinner but we wanted our own place. There are too many distractions here.” Ron said.

            “So when you get the radio and the pinball machine and the bar, that won’t be much of a distraction?” Hermione asked.

            “Who do you think I am?” Ron asked. “Well, the radio you got right but the rest, I’d have to think about.” Ron said. Hermione hit him in the arm, playfully but still hard.

            “What was that for? I was only telling the truth!” Ron said. Hermione laughed and cuddled up against his chest.


            “So, Hermione told me that Ron found their flat.” Ginny said while her and Harry were swimming in the pond. She swam over to him and stood up.

            “Yeah, I found ours.” He said, pulling her closer. She looked up at him.

            “Ours?” She asked, looking up into his gorgeous eyes.

            “Ours. You and me in our own flat. Are you okay with that?” He asked. She looked at him, and stared into his eyes. She thought about it for a minute, then responded.

            “Yeah I’d like that.” She said, kissing him. “But, when do we move in?” She asked, turning to his side and taking his hand. They started to walk out of the water, and the wave held them back. 

            “Whenever you want. I already have the keys.” He said, getting out and helping her out. “You just need to pick out the furniture, guys don’t do that.” 

            “And what makes you think I can? Have you seen my room?” She asked, drying her hair with her towel. She wrapped her towel around herself and looked at Harry. 

            “Yeah, I like it.” He said, looking away. “It’s just too….pink.” He said, shivering at the word ‘pink’. Ginny’s room was, in fact, very pink. Mrs. Weasley had designed it and Ginny had to be okay with it. Ginny was Mrs. Weasley’s only girl, so Mr. Weasley told Ginny she would have to live with it to make Mrs. Weasley happy. 

            “Of course it’s pink you idiot! I’m a girl.” She replied. She wasn’t mad or anything, she was just saying it.

            “Yeah, but you’re not like any other girl.” He said, staring into her eyes this time. “You’re smart, beautiful, caring, loving, and did I mention your skills to throw a punch?” He said. She smiled smugly at that and then replied.

            “Yeah, I guess I am. But have I ever told you what type of man you are?” She said, kissing his cheek. He didn’t say anything so she went on. “You’re an intelligent, loyal, trusting, loving, gorgeous man and I am very lucky to have you as my boyfriend.” She said, kissing him quickly.

            “And I am the luckiest man in the world to have you as my girlfriend.” He said, kissing her forehead. “I think we should head back, I need your help on something.” He said, holding out his hand. She took it and he grabbed the broom. They rode off together, not knowing what was up ahead, but they moved forward, fearless.


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