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Love comes by meganussnape
Chapter 10 : The Night
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Love comes: Chapter one (The Night)
A/N: I’ve lost all my documents so this is probably not going to fit too well… This will be the last chapter I think, so I’ll try to make it good! After this I’ll be starting a new fic, but I won’t put any chapters up until it’s completely finished. Thank you for reading!
Disclaimer: all characters were created by J.K Rowling. I am merely a fan.

The halls and corridors of the school were empty as Hermione and Draco made their way to the Great Hall, the former was secretly glad that they didn’t see anyone, she became extremely conscious of her looks especially since she was going to the ball with someone as gorgeous as Draco Malfoy. Little did she know, but Draco was also having these thoughts, he was equally as nervous as her, if not more, he had been waiting for this moment for quite some time and he was afraid he was going to blow it.

As they neared the Great Hall they began to hear the low mumble of chatter coming from their fellow students, it got louder and louder until they were at the top of the Grand Staircase. Hermione stopped and Draco turned around.

“Everything alright Hermione?” he looked confused.
“Yes, um sorry, I’m just a bit nervous.” She answered.
“Oh yeah, me too, come here..” he stepped a little closer and held his arms out.
“Oh, o.k.” and she stepped into his embrace and hugged him tight, after a few seconds she spoke, “Um Draco, I think you can let go now.”
“Oh right, sorry,” he pulled back blushing, “you’ve got a piece of hair, let me.” He reached and tucked her hair back behind her ear, then leaned in and kissed her cheek. “Come on then, don’t want to be late for our own ball!” He grabbed her hand and turned around smirking at his cheek.

Hermione was shocked, but pleased none the less. She let him take her hand and blushing, she emerged from around the corner just like she had in fourth year. Her eyes scanned the Entrance Hall, and they soon found Ginny, Harry and Ron in a corner and pointed them out to Draco with their linked hand.

“Come on you, they’re over there.” She urged him to hurry.
“Alright love, keep your hair on!” he yelled as she began to hurry down the steps towards her friends. “I’m sure they don’t want me there in a hurry!” He was answered with a muffled reply as they reached the bottom of the stairs, Ginny was already there with her arms around Hermione before Draco had the chance to let go of her hand and he was now left standing in front of Harry and Ron, the latter was still unsure around him.

“What’re you supposed to be Malfoy?” the redhead looked him up and down.
“I’m Mr Darcy, well, I’m meant to be. Why isn’t it obvious?” he looked a tad confused.
“Who’s Mr Darcy?” Both Ron and Harry asked.

“Oh really Draco, do you think they’d know?” Ginny burst in, “you and Hermione look very good by the way!” The small redheaded girl grinned, and Draco observed her dress, it was pale blue with small beads around the neck line, and a small pair of wings tucked down her back.
“You’re a fairy.” He stated, and then added sheepishly, “it’s a nice dress.”
Now Hermione spoke, “Harry, Ron, what are you meant to be?” Noting what they were wearing.
“Well, we were going to be-“ Ron started.
“Quidditch players,” Harry finished, “we’re Quidditch players, the robes kind of give it away.”
“Yes,” Hermione smiled, “but you do know that this is a fancy dress ball?”
“Hence the Quidditch costumes...”
“You are Quidditch players,” she stated, “It defeats the point.”
“Whatever, what are you meant to be then?” Ron answered, a little angrily.
I, Ron, am Elizabeth Bennet. But I wouldn’t expect you to know who that is.” Hermione was slightly pink around the cheeks. Ron was about to speak again when Professor McGonagall’s voice rang through the Entrance Hall.

“Would everyone but the prefects and the heads enter the Great Hall please, no running!” She yelled, “Prefects and Heads to me, chop chop!”

“I suppose we better get in there then,” said Ron, “C’mon Gin, Harry. We need to find Lav anyway.” He threw a scornful look at Hermione and Draco as they walked away, leaving the pair in silence.

“Are you alright Hermione?” Draco asked quietly as they moved towards their headmistress.

“I’m fine.” She said pointedly, “I would have been upset by that once. But not now…” She smiled and hurried along.

“Ah finally, the heads are here. Now, you know what to do, prefects in first, heads in last. O.k? I’m glad to see that at least one of the pairings is matching,” she nodded towards Draco and Hermione, “and I must say, you two make a very good pair. Good choice.” She smiled and gestured for the prefects to form a line. She now spoke directly to Draco and Hermione, “Now you two, I’m counting on you; you’re starting off the dancing. I know we haven’t practised but I know Draco can dance very well and I’m sure you can follow his lead Hermione, hmm?”

“Yes Professor.” They both smiled at her.

“Right then, I better go and introduce you all. Places people!” She ran inside the Hall and the prefects could hear her voice booming gently through the room.

“Nervous?” Draco asked his partner quietly.
“Yes, yes of course, aren’t you?” she replied in a whisper.
“Not really, I’ve got you.” He smiled to himself, thinking he was charming.
“You smooth talker!” she grinned, “come on, get in the line!”
“Yes mother!” he was answered with a small slap on the arm.

The doors of the Great Hall suddenly opened and the first of the prefects entered, within two minutes, it was the Heads turn to enter the Great Hall. Hermione took a deep breath, grabbed Draco’s hand and walked forward, when they entered the Hall they were met with the familiar site of their decorations, along with the faces of their peers smiling at them and clapping with the occasional wolf-whistle. The two heads took in their surroundings and smiled, their hard work had paid off. They soon reached the centre of the Hall and took up their positions to start the dance. Surrounded by the familiar faces of the prefects, Draco took Hermione’s hand in his and placed his other hand on her slender waist, she shivered and placed her spare hand on his shoulder.

The music started from the corner of the Hall, it was a soft, gentle melody, Hermione found it strangely memorable though she couldn’t quite place it, instead of pondering it, she began to dance. Led by Draco, Hermione floated around the dance floor like a feather on the air, Draco is such a good dancer, it must come with being a Pureblood. He looks so handsome tonight, I mean, more than usual. She was blushing now at her thoughts and Draco had noticed.
“What are you thinking about Hermione?” he asked softly, clearly concentrating on dancing.
“Oh, nothing important.” She wasn’t brave enough to tell him what she was really thinking.
“Right,” he said, he was much more confident than her so he told her, “I was just thinking about how gorgeous you look tonight, I mean really.” He blushed and Hermione turned a darker shade of pink. “Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.”
“No it’s fine,” she whispered, “I was thinking the same.” He was surprised at her nerve, and looking at her, she even looked surprised. They settled into a comfortable silence and continued dancing.

Everyone had been dancing for hours and Hermione finally managed to drag Draco to a small table near the door. She was looking a little flustered and tired from all the dancing.

“Do you mind? I’m a little hot, I’m going for a walk in the grounds. Care to join me?” she asked.
“Of course, c’mon lets go.”

The pair walked slowly out of the Great Hall, noticed by none. It took all but two seconds to reach the grounds of Hogwarts from the Entrance Hall, and Hermione led Draco along a small path which finished on a small hill over looking the great lake.
“Wow,” breathed Hermione as she plopped down on the soft grass, “it’s beautiful.”

“Hmm,” Draco answered absent-mindedly, staring at her small form, “it is.”

Hermione turned and smiled, patting the ground she invited Draco to join her. To her delight he sat down immediately, and in very close proximity to her. Butterflies raced in her stomach as his arm grazed hers, she didn’t show it but merely stared out over the black abyss that was the lake below. Draco however was not so cool, he had erupted in goose-bumps all over and began fumbling to rub them away. Well done you dolt! He scolded himself, you’re too close, and she hasn’t even noticed. Damn it. His mental telling off was interrupted when Hermione turned properly to face him. She was sitting with her legs crossed innocently under her long skirt, with which she was fiddling. Draco noticed that she did that a lot. He turned to face her. Even in the moonlight she looked gorgeous, bathed in a silvery yellow glow her face looked as angelic as it had on the first day back in September. Draco recalled how he had silently watched her on the slow boat trip from the trains with the first years.

Little did the boy know, but Hermione was also recalling that evening, she remembered his silver-blond hair in the moonlight and how it glistened like the water. She also remembered the dream she had had that very same day. How odd it was for her to have dreamt such a thing, never would she have thought Draco Malfoy could appear in her dreams and it not be a nightmare. As she recalled, it was further from a nightmare than she could possibly imagine, he soft lips coming down on her, his hair rippling in the wind. She longed so much right now that her dream would come true. But it wasn’t daytime, and she wasn’t under the tree she loved so.

“What are you thinking about?” The mysterious boy spoke and her reverie was broken.

“A dream,” she answered quietly, “it was just a dream.”

“Oh,” Draco said, lamely in his opinion, “Um, you like astronomy?” He asked, again he thought he sounded pathetic.

“Oh yes, I do Draco, how did you know?” she grinned.

“Just a guess,” he grinned back sheepishly, “wanna watch the stars?” Hermione answered the question as awkwardly as it was asked, with a shy nod. “O.k. then” he smiled and began to lie down. Hermione did the same feeling a little silly, she put one hand behind her head and the other limply by her side, it did not go unnoticed that Draco had done the same but the other way around.

For what seemed like hours they lay under the stars, talking in hushed tones in case anyone were to hear. Hermione thought that by now the rest of the students would either be in their dormitories or dancing with the opposite sex. Frankly she thought she was in the best place. After a while the conversation lulled, and in a moment of sheer impulse, Draco reached across the small gulf that separated his hand from Hermione’s and grasped it gently. Hermione went from shock to complete happiness in that one small moment, she rolled her head to the side and saw that Draco had already done the same.

“Is this o.k.?” He whispered, unsure of himself.

“It’s perfect.” Hermione blushed in response.

“Good.” Draco said breathlessly, too overwhelmed in her beauty and the feel of her soft skin to produce a full sentence. They lay for some time staring at each other with their hands linked; Hermione’s small slightly tanned one, covered by Draco’s bigger, paler one. Their eyes bored into each other, Hermione was mesmerised by the cool grey that was once so harsh and cruel, they were now soft and enticing, she wanted nothing more than to fall into those grey pools.

Opposite her, Draco too was lost in her. Her hair, the hair he had once taunted her for, spread lightly over the green carpet beneath them, her mouth, the mouth he had once taunted her for, was slightly parted and he could see small clouds of her breath on the air, her eyes, the eyes he had, on many occasions, stared right into, they were the most pleasing shade of honey he could imagine, they used to be full of pain but all he could see was contentedness with a hint of pleasure, her hands, he was holding the hand that had once had him running to the hospital wing, her hand that was now tracing circles on the back of his, that had been linked with his many times before. But not like this. All his past memories of holding her hand seemed small and insignificant; this feeling was greater than anything he had ever felt. He thought he was going to explode. Draco drank in her beauty and could barely stand the silence. He was looking her small frame up and down subtly, she barely noticed.

She was looking his muscled body up and down, she took in his broad shoulders and his taught chest, she looked at his strong legs, his small hips and wondered what it would be like to be pressed against them. She thought of her own body, and how in comparison to him, she was in fact a troll. She imagined her small breasts pressed against his perfect chest, imagined his strong hands holding her back, his warm breath tickling her nose, she was desperate for him.

He was equally as desperate. Watching her in deep thought lick her lips slowly. I wonder what she’s thinking about. He thought. He wished so hard that she would lean in and kiss him, even if it was just on the cheek like last time. He practically ached for the burning sensation she had left on his cheek, he absent-mindedly rubbed his cheek and in doing so he startled Hermione, but when she saw where his hand was, she relaxed. He checked the time. One minute to midnight. He counted down the seconds and whispered to Hermione.

“Close your eyes and make a wish.”

She obeyed immediately, she felt silly, but out in the cool with Draco next to her she felt strangely comfortable. She knew exactly what to wish for, and she did, several times to make it work. She was sure that wishes never came true.

“Open.” His voice was much closer and she felt his breath on her cheeks. She opened her eyes and as she did Draco moved closer and closer until his pale lips brushed against her pink ones. His kiss was soft and gentle, Hermione had to check he was actually there, to her pleasure, he was. She took her hand from behind her head and placed it gently on his face. Stroking his cheek, she pulled back.

“How did you know?” she whispered onto his lips.

“I wished for it too.” He smiled into her face and kissed her again, bringing his one hand to her face, the other still wrapped around hers. Their kiss wasn’t about passion or feelings. It was about them, all they wanted and all they could give. Hermione’s stomach was ready to explode with butterflies when Draco pulled away. He stared at her, his soft grey eyes penetrating her honey ones.

“I- I think I love you.” Hermione whispered as her eyes raked his face and found his.

“I know.” He kissed her and they fell into the night. Together at last.

Eeeep! I think that’s the end of this, I’m sorry if it’s not up to scratch but I hope it is! I have ideas for more fanfics so I’m not going anywhere! I hope you enjoyed it 

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