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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 31 : Chapter Thirty-one my future
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Chapter Thirty-one my future 

As the curse hit the tree Lily watched is fascination as the tree reared to life, red vines snaked out and snatched at the nearest Death Eaters, Voldermort turned his wand on the tree and started firing curses at it. 

“Come on” Scorpius yelled gripping Lily’s hand. 

As the wind blow back Lily’s hair she realised she was going through time, fighting down the queasy feeling in her stomach Lily closed her eyes until her feet touched the ground. 

Opening her eyes Lily frowned as she took in the massive stone wall in front of her. “Scor where are we?” 

“The important question you should ask is when are you?” 

Lily gave a squeal of fright, clutching Scorpius’ hand Lily turned to see a blonde man standing in the entrance to the gate, his eyes sparkling with mirth us he looked at them “you always liked to make an entrance grandmother” 

Lily paled as she took in the man’s words “grandmother?” Lily whispered 

The man rose an eyebrow “have you not explained where we are?” 

Scorpius cleared his throat “we had only just got here” 

“Late as always I see” another man wheezed as he slowly walked around the edge of the fence. 

Lily took in his old wrinkled face, the grey mop of hair on his head and the small grey beard around his mouth and on his chin, the man looking like an older version of Scorpius. 

“Scor” Lily whispered clutching his hand 

Scorpius squeezed her hand “you know how were not meant to see our own future that if we did we could change it if we wished” 

Lily nodded numbly 

“Well” Scorpius cleared his throat “this is our future” 

Lily took in the huge wall, the sky dark and forbidden above it, bare twigs of trees branching out above the wall, the wall itself looked cracked and peeling “we live here” 

“You did once” The old man said his face showing a pain that was older then them.
Lily frowned 

“Maybe we should sit down” the young man said “I don’t think grandma will take this to well standing in the driveway” 

Scorpius gripped Lily’s elbow and pulled her gently towards the small mansion, as lily took it in she noticed that it looked as if it hadn’t been cared for in years, stepping over the cracked step lily followed her grandson and the old man into the house, noticing the spider webs and dust that covered the surface she asked “do you not live here?” 

A fire roaring alerted Lily to someone else entering the house. 

“Lukius are you and grandfather here?” 

The young mans eyes widened as he called “don’t come in” 

Lily heard a huff before the door was pushed open and a slender hand grabbed the frame “seriously Lukius father told you to stop bringing grandfather here, it isn’t making him any better by dragging him through this place” a slender neck and a huge round belly entered the hallway followed by a young face with bright red hair. The woman’s brown eyes widened as she said “damn” 

The old man hit her on the arm with his Cain “do not say such words” 

The young woman rubbed her arm “sorry grandfather” turning her face her eyes narrowed on her brother “father told you to stay out of Lucius Malfoy’s lab, and here you go bringing her back from the past” 

Lukius glared back “I didn’t do this” 

The young woman huffed placing her hand on her stomach “I beg to differ” she snapped “you were told to leave the past in the past” smiling slightly at Lily she said “even if we all miss her” 

“What the hell is going on” Lily shouted as she gripped Scorpius arm “Scor tell me right now where the hell are we? And what’s going on?” 

The old man cleared his throat “you’ve been brought into the future” 

Lily turned to look at the old man “Scor” she whispered 

The younger Scorpius Malfoy cleared his throat “Lily I would like you to meet me” chuckling slightly he said “a lot older version of me” 

Lily frowned slightly “how old are you?” 

The old man cleared his throat “79” 

Seating on the dust covered couch she asked “how old am I?” Eyes widening lily 
asked “wait, didn’t you say I’m died” looking at the red headed girl she asked “how did I die? And who are you?” 

“I’m Lilian Jane Longbottom” the girl said as she sat next to Lily on the couch “I’m 18 years old and live with my brother” she pointed to Lukius “and my father who is your son-in-law” sighing she looked at the men in the room “since they wont tell you anything I will” squaring her shoulders Lilian jumped into an explanation “you married Scorpius Malfoy when you were 20 years old, after a lot of arguments from Lucius Malfoy, but because our great grand father Draco Malfoy stepped up and saved Scorpius from an arranged mar-” 

“Wait a second” lily said “I marry Scorpius when I’m 20?” 

The old man chuckled “Lilian, go put on a spot of tea would you dear” whacking Lukius with his cain he asked “could you go get the family book for me and bring it to the sitting room” 

Lily frowned at the older version of Scorpius “you shouldn’t hit people with your cain, its not very nice” 

The old man smirked the Malfoy smirk “indeed it isn’t is it, if youll follow me to the sitting room, we’ll have some tea and see what we can do to explain our future to you” 

Lily gripped the younger Scorpius’ arm as they followed the older man into the sitting room “Scor is this really happening?” 

Scorpius nodded, wrapping his arm around Lily “yes lily it really is” 

Taking a deep breath Lily sat on the edge of a sheet covered chair, looking around the room she noticed this room was treated like the same as the other rooms in the house, paint piling down the walls, a window was broken in this room, letting a chilly wind in that made Lily shiver slightly. 

“why is this house like this?” Lily asked 

The old man cleared his throat “it was our house before you were murdered here, afterwards I couldn’t bear to raise our children in a house that was showered in your blood” 

“oh” Lily said as she gripped Scorpius’ hand in her own “you said I was murdered?” 

The old man nodded “Yes, you were murdered along with two of our children” the old man gripped his chest as tears filled his eyes. 

“Who?” Lily asked as she bit into her lip “weren’t we safe? What about the wards on the house?” 

The old man shook his head “we were unaware of who it was, as for the wards” he shook his head “by the time I returned home, there was nothing left of them, you managed to get four of our children out, but the person who took your life cut the floo network so you could not escape” 

Lily felt her own tears fall down her cheeks as she asked “we had six children?” 

Lukius placed a brown leather book on Lily’s lap opening up to the family tree. 

Lily traced the line that joined her and Scorpius together, following it down she ran her finger over the first name Jasmine Lily Malfoy, smiling Lily said “our first born is a girl?” 

The old man cleared his throat “was” 

Lily frowned looking back down at the book “oh” she said as she read deceased underneath her name, noticing the line running off Jasmine Lily Malfoy, connecting her to a Frank Longbottom. “She married” lily whispered following the joint line down she read Lukius Scorpionius Longbottom, Lilian Jane Longbottom and third child the words deceased under the word third child. 

Lily looked up at the old man “Jasmine was one of our children that died with me”
The old man nodded “she was pregnant at the time, she died after being married for two years” 

Lily frowned “she had Lukius and Lilian out of wedlock” 

The old man laughed “no they were the first set of twins born in the Malfoy bloodline” his face turned to stone as he whispered “Jasmine was only 17 she married Frank when they were 15 by a magical accident” 

Lily smiled slightly as she said “accident?” 

Scorpius nodded “oh yeah, lils’ apparently they hated each other, worse then dad and Harry did” 

Lily smiled slightly, looking back at the book reading Damien Luke Malfoy following the line to find he married Daphne Ophalia Glasshouse and had three boys and one girl, she sighed in relief as she didn’t notice a deceased under any of them. “our boy Damien’s still alive” 

The old man nodded “yes, his head of the Department for transport, and his lovely wife nothing like her great aunt is a magnificent girl, she teaches charms at Drumstrung and there youngest child Clare is in her final year at Hogwarts” 

Lily nodded as she found there third childs line “another boy” she said as she traced her finger over the words Blake Allen Malfoy finding no wife next to him but two children under his name “Thomas Allen and Regulus Johnathen Malfoy” lily read frowning she asked “why does Blake not have a wife?” 

The old man sighed softly “There mother wasn’t known to us, Blake and me never had a strong relationship like I did with our other children, but he turned up on the door step with twins, one look at them and I could tell they most defiantly were his sons” 

Lily frowned but looked back at the book smiling as she read “Rosalian Ginervan Malfoy” her eyes laughed as she looked at the name of the man she married Jonathan Daniel Nott. “She married a Nott” lily said with a laugh 

The old man smiled at her “you weren’t around for there wedding, when you were murdered our children were still in school our youngest at the time only being ten” 

Lily reached across and gripped the old man’s hand as she looked to see that there fifth child Tobias Malfoy had married a Janet Riddle and had one girl and three boys. “is this Riddle any relation to Tom Riddle” 

The old man sighed “I can not tell you everything of the future but I will ask of you that you do not judge what you do not know, Janet is a very lovely woman who is very charming and understanding” 

Lily nodded as she reached there sixth child “Maybell Lucy Malfoy” lily whispered as she closed her eyes willing herself not to see the word deceased under there youngest child’s name 

“she married Zacius Demon Zabini” Scorpius said beside her 

Lily opened her eyes to see what Scorpius said was indeed the truth the words first child made Lily smile as she looked to see if they have any children, but her smile dropped as her eyes travelled to the words seventh child deceased under her and Scorpius’ name “I was pregnant at the time?” 

The old man nodded “we didn’t even know at the time, you use to always say we were to old to have anymore children that use to make me laugh” 

Lily gently ran her fingers over the seventh child mark on the paper “Scorpius we have to get to our time to stop this from happening” wiping at her eyes she said “I want to see my grand children and children grow up” 

Scorpius pulled Lily into his arms “first we have to go back to go forward” 

sorry for the long wait i finished year 12  and started my courses at uni, so it wont happen again i promise.
                Lily Times

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Time travel: Chapter Thirty-one my future


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