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Bells are Ringing by fridabidabirda
Chapter 1 : Today is the day
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I do not own Harry or Ginny. They belong to the brilliant mind of Jk Rowling
It was a beautiful day.
The sun glittered in a clear blue sky. Big Fluffy white clouds drifted across. It couldn't have been a better day for Harry and Ginny's wedding.

Harry was getting ready in Rons attic room.He fussed with his messy black hair. He tried to plaster it down with water. Failure. He tried with spit. Failure. He even tried using Quintons Smooth Hair Serum. Failure as well. He gave up after that.

"Harry !" Ron said as he ascended the stairs. " Looking Good!"

"Piss off Ron ." Harry said jokingly over his shoulder.

Ron just made a noise and set to getting himself ready.

The two of them looked rather dashing after it was all said and done. Ron in new midnight blue dress robes . His red hair was brushed and tidy. Harry was in deep green dress robes. He insisted on wearing the same glasses he'd worn most of his life. Even though Ginny had complained that they had tape on them.

Ron put his hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Hey , I'm glad if anyone is getting married to my little sis its you. At least you have pride." Ron said.

"Erm, Thanks Ron." Harry said confused . He didnt know if he was being poked fun at or complimented. It could be either one in Rons case.

Down stairs in Ginny's Room the bride was getting ready. Her two brides maids , dressed in a light blue dress robes with gold trim, buzzed around her . Luna had her hair up with a rather large white feather in it . Hermonie's hair was smoothed and plaited with gold ribbon.

Ginny stood by her window. Staring out. She could see the white tent being set up by George on the lawn.She could see her mum putting up tinsel and gold up with her wand.
She gulped .
Today she would be getting married. Eep

Ginny looked very beautiful . Her long red hair was down but for a simple crown of daisies on her head. Her dress had a very low neckline and tiny poofed sleeves.

"You look very beautiful Ginny." said Hermonie.

"Yes," said Luna dreamily. " Quite Lovely."

Hermonie then put her hand on Ginnys shoulder .

"Ginny, I'm glad for you and Harry. I always knew you were meant to be." She sniffed large tears growing in her brown eyes.

Ginny gulped again.


Harry stood at the altar. Ron by his side. Ron was staring at Hermonie was big oooey-gooey eyes. But for once Harry didn't mind.He was in a loving mood on this fine afternoon. Harry watched as one of the Weasleys many red haired cousins skipped down the aisle as the flower girl.

He waited.

Where was Ginny...?

Wasn't she supposed to come after the flower girl? He looked around confused .

Whispering began to move through the guests. Harry heard Aunt Muriel go " She's always been trouble...."

Then he heard Molly Weasley say something about her still being in the loo.

The whispering grew louder as time went one

Harry wondered where she could be. He suddenly knew!

He began to run out of the tent. The whispering got louder behind him.
He turned sharply and ran straight into the thick of the Wealsey garden. He ran. His face got scratched by a few branches and such but that was alright. He had to go to where she was.

He then saw her. Crumpled on the ground beneath a large apple tree.
It had been the place where they had said "I love you."

"Ginny!" Harry exclaimed.

Ginny looked up. Her face was streaked with tears. Her warm brown eyes were watery and rimmed with red from crying.

"I'm so so sorry Harry. I couldn't ... I just couldn't" She choked out. She collapsed onto the ground again sobbing.

Harry ran over to her . He gathered her in his arms. He loved her so bloody much.

She looked at him with teary eyes.

"I love you Harry. But ..But there were so many people there . And I ...I " She whispered .

Harry toke her face in his hands .

"Ginny. I'll love you today . I'll love you tomorrow . It doesn't matter if we get married today or when we're 85. I'll love you then too!" He exclaimed.

Her eyes grew wide. A smile sneaked onto her face. She then pressed her lips to Harrys.

"I love you Harry .Lets get married ." She smiled

They then ran off , hand in hand, back toward the tent.

They did get married that beautiful day.

As the danced that night under an inky dark sky, Harry held Ginny close.

She looked at him at whispered " I'll love you today , I'll love you tomorrow. I'll love you till forever. "

Harry stared down at Ginnys glowing happy face. He then leaned slowly in and kissed her.

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