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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 14 : Does punching a Slytherin relieve stress?
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The rest of the afternoon Harry and Hermione had found Ron in a foul mood, and they didn’t know why. Added to that the confusion they felt at how exactly Ron had managed to avoid Lucida for most of the day, they were a bit worried about their friends behaviour.


“She’ll be making us have blood tests soon…” Ron said bitterly thinking back to Umbridge’s rant earlier on that morning making Harry and Hermione look up at him


“Why?” Hermione asked quickly hoping that he’s mood had improved somewhat.


“Well to see if we’re up to her standards” Ron pointed out rubbing a hand over his eyes.


“You tired mate?” Harry asked, pulling at the grass in front of him.


“Yeah…yeah…I didn’t get much sleep” Ron muttered waving his hand at Harry as though he wasn’t going to get any more information out of him about it.


“Oh right ok then….” Harry said raising his eyebrows


“Oh…um….sorry….I….” but Ron trailed off, suspecting another Lucida related conversation, Hermione quickly stepped in


“I’m sure she won’t put up anymore of those silly decrees anyway” Harry suddenly laughed as did Ron as they looked behind Hermione


“What?” Hermione turned round to see Filch carrying 3 more decrees with Mrs Norris obediently following him


“Oh” she said quietly


“Don’t worry she can’t have much of an imagination “Ron told them matter of factly


“She can’t think up many more”


“Oh I wouldn’t put it past her “ Harry said with a laugh, he stopped laughing when he noticed Lucida walk passed them, Hermione had also noticed


“Lucida!” Ron looked up quickly to see that she had stopped and looked at Hermione with a look of surprise


“Lucida are you alright?” Hermione asked, getting up from the grass and walking towards her. Lucida shook her head


“Severus  was right” she explained to them, her hands shaking. Whether with anger or fear they didn’t know  “I shouldn’t trust her at all, she’s been harassing me everywhere I go, she’s trying to stop me from seeing him …but if I don’t see him…” Lucida shook her head and raised her arms in a defeated shrug


“Well you’ve got…supplies...haven’t you” by now Harry had joined them, leaving Ron on the ground, where he waited stubbornly.


“ Yes ..Well…not many” Lucida still looked rather distressed


“Don’t you worry” Harry said “even if we have to get them for you “ Lucida nodded her thanks but Harry could see her eyes wander to Ron. Who sat alone on the grass


“Isn’t that right Ron” he said. Ron looked up and saw Lucida and Harry looking at him . He took a deep breath and nodded, giving them a small smile. “See” Harry said turning to Lucida who was still looking at Ron.


“Yes…yeah…” she said, then she smiled


“Thank you” Lucida looked at Ron for a few moments more before she bid them goodbye

Ron watched her leave before he too stood up


"Where are you going Ron?" Harry asked looking up at his friend


"He’s going after Lucida" Hermione stated as though it were obvious "aren't you?"


"Yeah ...sure" Ron said before striding off in the direction Lucida went


"I hope you two make up!" Harry called after his friend who waved his hand to say he heard him


"I don't know what's got into them two" Hermione admitted as they watched Ron's receding back


"I don't know either, yesterday they were fine... maybe they had an argument"




Walking with his hands in his pockets Ron kicked at a few stones on the pavement, he had lost sight of Lucida while he was walking and now he was just walking aimlessly. 

Moving towards the castle he saw Draco walking with Crabbe and Goyle, all of them laughing loudly at something Draco had told them. Ron growled angrily as he clenched his fists, ready for Draco to start on him he raised his head high, hoping for a chance to punch him. 

But Draco hadn't seen him, instead he was walking to the side of the castle, Ron's eyes followed him as he walked forwards towards the castle entrance, and it was there that he saw it. 

Lucida was standing talking to Draco, who was making her laugh. He felt his lip curl in anger as he witnessed the scene before him, Lucida was oblivious to Ron’s presence.


"What are you doing here Weasley?"


Ron whirled around to find Blaise walking towards him Pansy a few steps behind, he was smirking down at him.


"What do you want Zabini?" Ron spat


"I was just wondering if you knew where Draco was?"


Ron felt his eyes narrow, as the smirk on Blaise's face widened. Ron knew that he knew about Lucida and Draco and he was rubbing it into Ron's face. The anger built inside of him and before he knew what was happening Ron's fist had connected with Zabini's jaw, a loud crack filled the air as Zabini fell to the floor.






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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale: Does punching a Slytherin relieve stress?


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