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Love, Life and Lists by dream_BIG
Chapter 5 : ...Part Two
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hey, everyone! 
okay, i have some really bad news for you - you'll probably hate me for it.
i'm going to abondon this fanfic. i'm really sorry, i know you'll be understandably upset, but....i just dont know what to do with this anymore, you know? like, it was one of those things that i started such a long time ago, and i just..lost interest. 
i think i'm going to focus on deja vu and breathless right now, so...really sorry!
luckily, i have about...maybe six or so chapters already written out for this, so i'll post them up one by one and then just let this go.
once again, really sorry!

Part Two:

“BLACK!” I stormed into the common room right at the perfect moment: Black and Derek were standing chest to chest, glaring at each other.

“Aria!” They both said at the same time, beaming at me. Then they turned around and started glaring at each other again. I could sense a fight coming up.

“What the hell is going on here?” I demanded, standing in front of them with my hands on my hips.

“Nothing,” Black said to me. Then he turned to Derek again. “You stay away from her.”

“Don’t you tell me what to do!”

“Fine, then, I’ll make you!”

“If I want to be with Aria, then I will! So fuck off!” Derek yelled in his face. Black growled and drew back a fist.

“ENOUGH!” I shouted, launching myself between them.

“Aria, get out of the way.” Black snarled.

“Call me Monroe. Only friends call me by my first name.” I shot back coldly. Pain shot through his eyes for a brief second before he controlled himself.

“Aria, you’re going to get hurt.” Derek said, wrapping his arms around my waist. Black growled.

“No, Derek, I won’t. Let me deal with this.”


“Please. I need to have a word with dear Black here.” I shot him a glower.

“Fine.” Derek’s eyebrows pulled up at the middle a little. “But I’m standing here.” He gave me a quick peck on the lips, gave Black the finger, and stood off to the side with his arms folded like a bodyguard. He was so adorable.

“Right.” I said, flipping my hair back behind my shoulder and turning around to face Black again. “What the fuck is fucking wrong with you?!” I demanded.

“I don’t like him.” He said in a dangerous voice.

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU LIKE AND DON’T LIKE, BLACK! Everything you say doesn’t become the law! So get the stick out of your arse, stop gazing at your own reflection, and LOOK AROUND! You aren’t the only one here! The world doesn’t revolve around the place where you freaking stand!” I ranted.

“I KNOW THAT! He’s just not right for you!” He looked sad, defiant, and angry all at the same time.

“Oh, and you know what’s right for me?” I asked coldly. “Just stay out of my life, Black. I don’t want you in it.”

“But I want to be in it.” He said fiercely. Then, he stepped forward, grabbed my face, and crushed his lips against mine. I let out a muffled scream and pushed against his chest with all my might, but his mouth stayed firmly glued to mine, kissing me gently, but with a ferocious determination.

Stupid bloody Quidditch player.

I fought harder and harder to push him off, but he didn’t move. Finally, someone had the sense to snap out of the shock and pull the wanker off of me. Making sure that he was looking, I wiped my mouth disgustedly on my sleeve. Before I knew it, the bloke that had pulled him off of me came around, wrapped a protective arm around my waist, and started yelling in Black’s face.

“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER AGAIN! Otherwise, next time, I’ll do way more than just pull you off of her. Stay away from my girl. You’re a-“

I stepped forward, cocked my arm, and punched Black’s nose. The room was silent for a few seconds as Black clutched his precious face and yelled in pain.

“Don’t. EVER. Come. Near. Me. Again.” I said quietly in a deadly voice.

Black let go of his face and wiped some blood off from underneath his nose. “I can’t do it, Aria. I can’t stay away from you. I’ve already tried, trust me.” He looked so pitiful and miserable saying that, with the blood still spurting from his nose, I almost felt bad for him. Almost.

“Try harder.” I said through gritted teeth.

“I told you, I can’t do it. I…I bloody love you, alright?” He yelled.

Well, that was unexpected.

The room was silent as everyone absorbed that.

“You what?” I asked blankly.

“I love you.” He said the words firmly, like the concept was as simple as those three words.

Reality check: It’s not.

I snapped out of my shock.

He did not just say that. He did not just fuck over my life again. 

“What is your freaking problem, huh, Black?! Do you have an issue with me being happy? Is that it? Why are you trying to ruin my life? Do you take pleasure in making my days living hell? Do you find some morbid enjoyment in making my life MISERABLE?! Is that what you’re trying to do here?! BECAUSE GUESS WHAT?! I ALREADY FELL FOR THAT ONCE, AND I’M NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO DO THAT AGAIN!” I screamed.

“No, Aria, I really do love y-“ He started earnestly.

“SHUT UP!” I shrieked, looking very deranged. “JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME!”

“No.” He had grabbed my arm and was holding on resolutely.

“Let go of me right now.” I said slowly, dangerously.

“No. I’m never letting go. Ever. I’m not losing you again, Aria. I was stupid. I did stupid things, and I didn’t realize that the perfect girl for me was right in front of my eyes. I was looking for something, and I didn’t even notice that I already had it. Because for me, it’s never going to be anyone else, it’s only going to be you, Aria Rose Monroe. I love you.” He said, still looking all earnest. Die, Black, die.

“NO!” I shrilled. “YOU. DO. NOT. LOVE. ME! I swear, Black, let go of me now otherwise I’ll curse you into oblivion.”

“Never. I lov-“

“STOP IT!” I bellowed, tears now streaming down my face. “Just…stop it. Please, Sirius.” The name burned a little as it got out of my mouth, and Black froze, shocked. “Just let go of me. Please, please stay away from me. I’m tired of this. I don’t want to deal with you anymore.”I begged, sobbing. I could feel my heart shattering into a million pieces again. This time, I didn’t know how I would be able to pick up the pieces and mend them.

He looked shocked, hurt, miserable, bloody, and depressed all at once, but let go of my arm. Still crying, I ran out of the portrait hole, as far away from him as I could get.


“Aria, love, are you okay?” I heard James’ voice, laced with concern. I looked up to see that he was standing over me.

“Who, me? Oh, I’m just peachy!” I choked out sarcastically.

He chuckled and slid to the ground next to me. “Right.”

I tried to stop crying, but I really wasn’t making much progress. James wrapped his arm around me and I curled up on his lap and cuddled into his chest (which I really don’t recommend. Rock hard chests are no fun to cuddle with. Luckily, he was nice and warm.) I cried into his shoulder while he rubbed soothing circles on my back, trying to get me to stop.

“I h-hate h-him.” I sobbed.

“Shh. Stop crying, love. Shh.”

“W-why does he h-have to m-make my life so miserable?” I blubbered.

“Trust me, he’s not trying to.”

“I h-hate him! H-he’s ruining m-my l-life, w-why can’t he just leave m-me alone?” I hiccupped and sniffed.

“Like he said, Aria, he can’t. He really does love you.” James said softly. STOP BLOODY SAYING THAT!

I mentally reviewed the possible retorts I could give:

1) Sarcastic “Riiight.”

2) Sardonic laughter (always effective)

3) Snort and roll of eyes, along with a scornful “Not.”

4) Gangsta “Syyke!” (note: works best when wearing a hoodie)

I decided to go with option two. It came out sounding a bit hysterical. “I highly doubt that.”

“It’s true, Aria, he does.”

“NO HE DOESN’T!” I whisper-screamed, not wanting to draw attention to us with a real scream. Really, it was nothing short of a miracle that Filch hadn’t come wheezing over and given us a detention.

“Yes, he does love you.” James stated, a bit smugly.

“Stop saying that!” I started crying again.

“Aria?” Lily’s voice came out of nowhere and she sat down next to James, who looked absolutely thrilled. She looked at my tearstained face. “You know, most people are ecstatic to hear that someone loves them.”

“You really shouldn’t be talking, Lily.” I said, wiping my tears.

She shrugged in the darkness. “Touché.”

“Although maybe she’s changed.” James said thoughtfully. “Let’s test it, shall we?”

“Okay.” I cut in quickly before James could say something stupid. I pinched his arm to signal for him to shut up, now. “I love you, Lily.”

“I love you too, Aria.” She giggled. She hugged me, which was a tad uncomfortable, since I was still seated on James. She ended up putting one arm around me and one arm around James and hugging both of us. I could only imagine the elated look on James’ face.

“Feeling better?” James asked once Lily pulled away. I was immensely proud that he decided, against his better judgment I’m sure, not to say something stupid.

“Much.” I wiped my damp face once again. “Thanks. You guys are the bestest best friends ever.”

“We know.” Lily said cockily.

“Oh, and you call me arrogant?” James teased.

“Shut up, Potter.”

“Anything for you, Lily flower.”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Whatever you say, love.”

“I’m not your love!”

“Sure, Lils.”

“Don’t call me that either!”

“Fine, how about Lilykins?”


“Okay, that’s enough!” I cut in. “You two sound like a pair of five-year-olds, and that’s coming from the girl who acts like one on a daily basis.” I hoped I looked severe enough so that they wouldn’t start laughing.

“Sorry, love.” James said, kissing my forehead and chuckling. I glanced over at her and saw that instead of looking homicidal like she usually did when she had to talk to James, Lily was smiling slightly. I raised my eyebrows at her and she blushed.

“So, who’s up for some chocolate in the kitchens?” James asked, completely oblivious to our little exchange.

“Ooh, me, me!” I said excitedly, raising my hand in the air and waving it wildly. I absolutely adore chocolate.

“Potter you are Head Boy!” Lily hissed.

“It’ll make Aria feel better, I know it.”

“It will.” I added. Lily looked doubtful.

“Look, I promise we won’t get caught.” He said.

“Oh really, and how do you know?”Lily snapped.

“That’s for Marauders to worry about, and for you to never find out.” James said, winking at me.

“She knows?” Lily asked, looking at me.

“Yep.” I said. Yes, I was totally aware of the fact that they had made a secret (and amazing) map of Hogwarts. It was some really, really impressive magic. They were always doing crazy things. And dangerous, but hey, who doesn’t want to live life on the wild side? We have cookies.

“Tell me!” Lily rounded on me.

“No can do, Lils. That’s not my secret to tell.” I said, smirking at her when she glared.

“Fine.” She huffed. “Potter?” She wheedled, making her eyes large.

“You’ll have to be more persuasive than that.” James laughed.

She smiled wickedly. “Oh, I can be.” She breathed seductively, leaning closer. James’ eyes widened a bit.

“Okay, I’m still here you know!” I said frantically, before Lily went all sexy-redhead-goddess on us.

“Fine, then, go. The coast is all clear.” James barely glanced at me.

“Nah, I’ll find out later. I want some chocolate.” Lily said, shrugging. James sighed. Lily hooked her arm through mine and we both followed James to the kitchens.

I love my friends.

Even though they drive me absolutely bonkers half the time.

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