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Not So Obvious by elveriamoir
Chapter 6 : thoughts
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AN: Wish I did but i own nothing, Harry Potter universe is the baby of JK Rowling

Chapter Six Thoughts.

While the three Gryffindors were sorting things out between themselves, two very worried Slytherins were sitting on an outcrop of rock overlooking the lake. Neither boy was talking to the other, far too wrapped up in their own thoughts to converse for the present.

Severus was pondering the past couple of days and how everything could go so wrong and so right at the same time. He did not believe Remus would cause problems for Luc, but that parting comment had him worried. I mean dammit he thought what am I going to do about what? About the fact he knows? About Luc and James… I mean he does not know t’was me who told Luc to …. Actually no I did not I told Luc to talk to him not dive on the boy. Severus sighed, not noticing Lucius look at him speculatively, and leant back against a large boulder, soaking up as much sun as he could get, his thoughts unusually disordered continued meandering. Lucius got a letter off James I know that, and it must have been a good letter because he’s chilled out somewhat since yesterday, got a strange look in his eye though, had better keep an eye on him. I wonder if Remus was just trying to get a rise out of me by that little display earlier? Maybe he wants me to act on it so he can kill me. I did not realise he was that strong I mean he cracked that rock face yesterday, I did not realise he was that fast neither, must admit was rather scary although I have the hots for him even more now. Sirius was looking at me funny this morning, not hostile as normal just funny. I cannot place that look and it has me worried because I know I have seen him wear it before. Wait Luc is looking shifty again what’s he up to?

Lucius was sitting gazing out across the lake his shirt folded behind him to cushion him from the rock, thinking about the decision he’d come to yesterday, all other problems having being resolved for the present by James’ letter, the only thing worrying him was Lupin’s response that morning. It was a strange thing to do if he disapproved of James and I, he could have threatened us but he just hinted and taunted Sev. Maybe it is a lead up to blackmail or maybe he is seeing if I am worthy of his friend. Must admit way he wound Sev up was mean though showed me why Sev has the hots for him. Black was definitely being protective of him this morning, wonder if Lupin has told them anything? Lucius glances sideways and sees Severus leaning back against a rock, his skin gilded by the sun and he starts to think how he could get Severus to have a makeover. Well first thing is I cannot call it a makeover, that would be far too girly for Sev, cannot go about it slyly either he can see right through me. Hmmmm wonder if I can swap his shampoo and soap tell him his others are awful… No that is too mean… I could say my mothers sent me some stuff but the silly woman’s sent me stuff for dark hair rather than blondes, that might do it……here Lucius’ thoughts trail off as he hears shouts of laughter coming from below him in the lake.

Curious he leans forward to look over the edge, oblivious to the suspicious look he was receiving from Severus. When he sees James’s tousled head break the surface he draws a quick breath that sets him to choking. This snaps Severus to the present who reaches out to pat his friend on the back, at a shake of the head from Lucius, he follows the indication he should look over the edge. As he peers over he notices a pile of clothes on the bank further down the bank, puzzled he scans the surface of the lake and finding no sign of anyone looks at Lucius in puzzlement. When he gets no reply from his friend he growls slightly to himself, and pokes Luc in the ribs.

“What have I done?” asks a surprised Lucius, “can you not see them?”

“Can I not see who?” Sev grinds out, his brain too excited to think straight.

“Well James, Lupin and Black you silly, I think they’re talking again.” Luc looks at his friend and chuckles as he notices something. “Erm Sev, don’t eat me but you do know you’ve got a tan?”

“What?!” yelps Severus in disgust jumping up, and looking at his hands, “awww dammit,” he grinds out, “if I’ve caught the sun we better head back to the castle before you burn.”

Lucius winces as he stands up, “too late.”

An evil grin flickers across Severus’ features, and he starts jogging away from Lucius, he calls back over his shoulder “well you can always get James to rub some after sun on for you.”

He catches sight of Lucius' face and sprints back to the castle, Lucius chasing after him promising revenge. Sev races into the hall and runs smack into James who is standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up them with distaste. James turns slowly looking to see who’s ran into him, and catches sight of Lucius running into the entrance hall shirtless. His mouth drops open and he stares at the sight before him. Lucius has a six-pack he thinks to himself, before taking in the rest of the other boy’s appearance, while automatically reaching out a hand to help Severus up. Lucius’ hair was mused, lightened to almost white where it had caught the sun, there was laughter in his eyes, a smile on his face, and his cheeks were faintly pink where he had caught the sun.

This blush deepened even more as he catches James staring at him. He notices that on of James’ hands is still clasping Sev’s wrist and he appears completely oblivious to the fact. The moment is broken by Sirius and Remus barrelling down the stairs and Remus launching himself at James, stopping just before he knocks Severus to the floor again. “Sorry” he grunts hoarsely and noticing Lucius and James blush deeply bursts out laughing before he and Sirius run into the Great Hall. Snapped out of his trance James motions for the two Slytherin boys to go ahead of him, then giving himself a shake follows them. All five boys hungrily enter the hall oblivious to the other students staring open mouthed at the spectacle.


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Not So Obvious: thoughts


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