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The Price We Pay by sammm
Chapter 5 : Unknowledgeable
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The Price We Pay


“I should get going, but I will keep you both updated. Oh and by the way, if you intend to shag out right in public, don’t let me see it.” Draco apparated back to his lonely home, only to discover something, he hoped he wished he hadn’t seen.

Chapter V: Unknowledgeable

Innocent papers that held so much information; he didn’t want to see them, nor reply. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. This wasn’t the way he pictured this, receiving this. It was like a low blow to his heart breaking it into tiny little pieces. How could his wife do this to him? He wouldn’t sign it; never in a million years did he think his wife would send these papers. These insufferable papers that would end the marriage they had built for 12 years.

He deserved an explanation and he was damned to let his wife destroy his life. What made his wife hate him so much? What had he done to deserve this? Was he such a horrible husband that she couldn’t wait to get rid of him? He couldn’t recall a time during their marriage where they argued so much that the possibility of divorce would even come up in conversation. This wasn’t like her, this wasn’t the Hermione Granger-Malfoy he knew.

In two days time, he would get his answers. He didn’t care anymore, he was angry. She didn’t have any right to do this to him. He hadn’t done anything wrong and yet after all these years everything he’d built for their relationship it was finally crumbling down. After all these years, he felt betrayed. He deserved much better. He didn’t want anger to get the best of him when had a full ten hours of work to complete. He was dead set on finishing off these Death Eaters that still followed the Dark Lord even if he’d been dead for almost 15 years.


“You silly mudblood, when is it going to get through your head that you’re not getting out of here?”

“I will.”

“And how do you plan on doing that? No one knows you’re here, you have no wand. You are completely and utterly defenseless. Yeck, if I wanted too I could just kill you now.”

“Then why haven’t you? Are you that cruel that you could keep me here for seven years? My son isn’t going to survive unless you give him food and water. I don’t care if I survive, but my son will stay safe and alive.” The young mother replied.

“Don’t worry, I have plans for him, he’ll definitely be needed in the near future.”

“Don’t you dare touch him!”

“What are you going to do about it mudblood?” She paused for a moment, and smiled. “Since I’m feeling a bit generous tonight, I’ll let you see your son, it just may be your last night with him.”

The women laughed as she excited the room. The young mother wanted to cry, she wanted to be brave for her family but she didn’t know if she could do it anymore. She had no more strength. With all the blood loss, she was hardly conscious; it was hard to keep her eyes open. She thought of her son, wanting him to become a young accomplished successful young man, just as her husband had become.

Her son walked into the room moments later. His dirty blonde hair was set in all directions, bruises were scattered everywhere on his body. “Mummy!” He ran once he saw her sitting there and into her arms, holding her closely.

“Aiden, will you promise me something?”

“Of course Mummy.” The little boy nodded.

“If you get out of here, please try to find your sister and your father, please.”

“Don’t you mean us?”

“No Aiden, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to join you.” She could see the tears on his face, she wiped his tears silently. She could feel her own tears on her own face but didn’t wipe them away. She had to be brave for him.

“Why Mummy?”

“Remember how I told you that the mean lady was a bad person and that she wanted to hurt us?”


“Well she plans to keep you, she wants you to join her side and against me. If I can prevent that from happening then you need to be brave for me, you need to find them. I’m afraid I don’t have the strength anymore.”

“You mean I won’t see you anymore?”

“No Aiden, we’ll see each other soon. If you find them, I want you to make sure you remember where we are, so that way your father can find me. Do you understand Aiden?”

“Yes Mummy.”


The young mother then devised her plan. Her son would climb the window which was perched up high, but with her help she knew she’d be able to get him up there. The only problem was getting the bars loose enough for him to escape. She knew she was risking her child’s safety but if there was a chance he could escape then she was going to risk it.

She didn’t know when that woman was to return but she didn’t trust her, to be alone with her son for long. That woman wasn’t stupid. She brought Aiden up on her shoulders, she couldn’t very well move much with the chains attached to her feet, at least without it cutting into her skin, painfully. She was thankful that Aiden was a tall child, even at seven. He had inherited his father’s height after all. “Come on Aiden, a little further.”

“I got it Mummy.” Aiden replied, holding onto the bar for dear life since he knew his mother was about to let go.

“Can you get up on the lift?”

“Yes,” Aiden crawled, pushing his knees on top of the ledge with full force, almost toppling over. Soon their escape was rushed as the young mother heard footsteps coming closer. Aiden had managed to loosen one of the bars and slide through easily enough. “Bye Mommy.” He whispered.

“I love you.”

“Love you too.” Aiden soon disappeared from view and the young woman let her tears fall. She just hoped Aiden would find her family and get her home soon. She made a pile of blankets bunched up to make it look like Aiden was sleeping as she sat in the corner as she had before when the women returned.

“I have some papers for you to sign Mudblood.”

“And what papers would those be?”

“Why your divorce papers of course, to one Draco Lucius Malfoy.”


Maddie had heard from her father, notifying her that he would be joining her at Hogwarts on Friday. He wanted to confirm for himself that his wife, her mother was at Hogwarts. That day had finally come. Despite that both of her parents would be at school with her, she felt comforted by the fact that she had missed them both.

Riley and Logan had been annoying her since she’d first got up this morning with their constant nagging, but she just continued to ignore them. Professor Dumbledore had asked to speak with her at seven tonight, with both of her parents present. She was nervous; she didn’t know what was going to happen. Her parents hadn’t spoken in seven years. Her mother had said they had argued and weren’t getting along, her father had told her differently.

She didn’t know who to believe. She knew she should believe her father, as he was the one to raise her; he was the one that had been there for her. Something about her mother was different; it was like she didn’t want to show emotion, as if she didn’t feel guilty for leaving. She knew she might have been reading way too much into it, but it was just a gut feeling that something wasn’t right.

“Maddie, what’s the answer to question four?”

“Logan, you know I’m not going to give you the answer, look in your textbook.” Maddie replied, annoyed. She didn’t take after her mother for nothing. She had finished her homework two nights ago, unlike some of her friends.

“Come on Maddie, what’s one answer going to do?”

“Just because I finished my homework two days ago doesn’t give you the right to copy it off of me. Just read your textbook, the answers are in there, or better yet maybe you should start paying attention in class.” Maddie replied.

“Well maybe if Binns made the class a little less dull, I wouldn’t be half asleep most of the time. I don’t understand how you can stay awake in that class.” Logan said.

“Where’s Riley anyways?” Maddie asked unexpectedly, wondering where their other best friend had gone off to.

“Well it’s a guess that she either has a detention or she’s off flirting with another bloke.”

“Again? That’s the third bloke this week.”

“Well, her parents are Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini, what did you expect?”

“True.” Maddie checked her muggle watch and realized it was ten minutes till seven in which she was expected to be in Dumbledore’s office. “Sorry Logan, I’ve got to go. I’ll let you know what happens later tonight.”

“Alright, see you.”

Maddie, rushed to put her books and parchment back into her bag before she ran for Dumbledore’s office. She was lucky she’d been sent the password two nights ago. “Swedish berries.”

She entered the office, Dumbledore was seated at his desk, her parents on the other hand were sitting on opposite ends of the room, glaring at each other.

“Ah Miss Malfoy, right on time as per usual,” Dumbledore said. “Please take a seat.” He said, gesturing the seat in between her parents. Maddie didn’t know what to make of this situation; both parents were quiet and weren’t looking at each other. She figured she would have to break the silence. “What’s going on?”

“Well I received some interesting papers two days ago, and maybe your mother would like to explain it to me because I surely don’t understand.” Her father said. He was upset from what she could tell but there was no way she could reassure him that everything would be fine. She didn’t know how to feel about her parents being in the room again, after all these years this wasn’t the reunion she had hoped.

“What papers Draco?” Professor Dumbledore asked gently, he knew of the young man’s temper so he chose to keep both his ex-students calm through their discussion.

“Divorce papers,” he answered.

Maddie sat there shocked, she couldn’t believe it. After all this time, after they hadn’t seen each in seven years, her mother had given him the worst news possible. Why was this happening to her family? Did her mother hate her father that much?

“Are you ever going to say anything Hermione, because I am sick of this, your silence, your absence in your own daughter’s life? How could you?”

“I did what I had to do.” She finally spoke.

“And what exactly did you do?” He asked. “You abandoned her, you abandoned me. What was going through your head when you decided that your family wasn’t good enough for you?”

“You know it wasn’t going to last. I had figured I should leave before things got complicated. Maddie was better off without me, and it seems I was right, you raised her amazingly.”

“Yes, without your help. Do you not understand how much I went through, raising Maddie on my own? How could you abandon a five year old child, you gave birth to her Hermione, how could you forget her?”

Maddie really wanted to know the answers to these questions. Her mother had told her the reasons but she wanted to know if she would say the same. She wondered whether or not she’d been lying.

“I didn’t forget her, I thought about her everyday but its better this way. Maddison was raised wonderfully and now that she’s at Hogwarts I’ll spend plenty of time with her now.”

“You shouldn’t have the right to spend any time with her. Just because you’re a Professor doesn’t mean anything. In fact, I forbid you, you don’t deserve it. You’re a heartless bitch and I’m sorry I ever loved you. The fact that you did this to me, let alone our daughter hurts more than you’ll ever know.” Her father said angrily. Maddie could tell he didn’t want to be here any longer. He was getting ready to leave the room when Professor Dumbledore stopped him.

“Now Draco, I’ll remind you while you’re in the presence of a student, let alone your own daughter, I’d reframe from using foul language. Now, Ms. Granger, you must understand the consequences you have put her husband and daughter in when you left. Maybe if you explained it to them, they would understand better?”

“My reasons for leaving will never be okay with you Draco but trust me it’s better this way. There’s no way to explain this, I was tired of our life together. I wanted more, more excitement, just something. I did love you but it just wasn’t enough to make me stay. The way I left, it was cruel but I figured if you thought I was dead it’d be easier for you to move on. I love our daughter and despite what you might think about me abandoning her, on her birthday I would buy her presents and send them anonymously.”

“If you weren’t happy with me, why didn’t you just tell me? Why wait seven years later to give me divorce papers?”

“I thought about it but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to Maddison, being so young and having divorced parents, it didn’t seem fair to her.” Her mother said. “Maddison, I know this doesn’t seem fair and that you think your father and I should be together but sometimes it doesn’t work out and I know it will be hard but you’re just going to have to accept it.”

Maddison knew she was talking to her, but she didn’t look at her. Throughout the conversation she’d kept her eyes on her father. She wondered how he was coping with everything. She could tell he was upset, angry, disappointed and she didn’t know who it was pointed at. She felt ashamed that her mother had done this, to her, to her father. It didn’t seem fair.

“I think you’ve made your point clear Hermione, I’ll sign those bloody divorce papers but just so you know, that I will never talk to you again, I hate you for what you’ve done. You don’t deserve my forgiveness after the way you’ve treated me and you sure as hell don’t deserve my daughters. As far as I’m concerned Maddison was never your daughter and she never will be.” He said with a final word. He took the papers from his pocket, signed them quickly and placed them on Dumbledore’s desk. “I’m sorry for my behavior Headmaster but I think I’ll take my leave now. Good day.”

Her left the room without saying goodbye to her. She knew that he was upset, but it hurt that he left without saying a word to her, without reassuring her that everything would be okay. Cause as far as she was concerned, nothing would ever be the same again.

Author’s Notes: Okay so after a long absence from this story, I finally have some inspiration for this story so I hope I’ll get back on track. Hope you like the chapter and will hopefully have the next chapter written soon.


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