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My Life as James Potter's Step Sister by MiaMarauder
Chapter 1 : How I Loathe thee...
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A/n- Hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything! This is all J.K.Rowling my hero!


Hi I wrote this back a while ago. I want to start writing again so expect updates on all my stories. I hope you enjoy

Thanks to lollipop.@TDA for a beautiful, wonderful banner!


Let's take a minute and pause. To justify me for being a complete cow, of a step sister.

Let's start from saying, HI! My name is Sapphire Yucca. I know. Horrible name. It sounds like Yuck-ya too. I guess I should say some facts about myself. I live with my mother in a aprtatment by the train station. We live together every since my father left when I was very young. He, like me is Metamorphmagus. He left my mum when I was born and I haven't seen him since. And to tell you the truth, GOOD RIDDANCE! I could really care less about my father. You never miss what you never knew.

But forget about my father, I have an awesome mother! She is funny and is just a great person. I tell her everything and when I say everything, I mean it. When mum told me she was going to start dating in third year, I told her good luck. I wanted hr to be happy. I really did.

James mother passed away; of a heart disease, when he was very young. So he was alright when his father started dating too.

So it kind of came to a shock to both of us when we saw our parents standing together(alittle to close for me.) I was just expecting to come home and relax after fifth year. Not to move into a new home, to a new dad, and to a new brother. It was apparently "love at first sight". 

They were just standing together at 9 ¾ coming to pick us up. Together. To move into the Potter's new renovated new home. My mother became Miss. Auburn Potter. With Mr. Harry Potter. I can tell you I was shocked! I had to move in with James Wanker Potter!

Now I'm not saying I hate James. I guess you can say he was pretty alright, for a arrogant, opposed Quidditch, loser. But non the less he is alright. The thing is... I get enough of him at school, with his "group" the Marauders.

The Marauders are James Potter who is kind of the leader. Remus Lupin who is probably the brains of the group. Peter Pettigrew and to tell you the truth... I have no idea what he brings to the table. And Sirius Black. Who is a complete man-whore, a arrogant, jerk, butt-hole, loser, typical stupid boy... I'm getting out of hand. I despise him though. You proabably can tell. I get into why I hate him later.

The Marauders practical stalked us. "Us" meaning my little group.

Lily Evans (Lil)- School addict. The brains of the group. A fiery temper, to match her fiery hair. Green eyes. Very modest. Despises Potter as much as I hate Black. Is a trusting lovely friend. The mother of the group.

Capella Little(Ella)- A complete nutter. The free spirit of the group. Believes in none violence. Loves potions and experiments. She has long flowy blond hair and blue eyes. Vegetarian. Beautiful. People think she's a freak, but I love her.

Alice Toper(Ally)- Love sick puppy dog. The romantic gushy one of the group. She has been dating Frank Longbottom; who is going into seventh year Gryffindor. She has been dating him since third year. The nicest girl you will ever meet. Hates gossip. A short girl to match her short hair and her brown eyes. Beautiful. Never has a frown on.

Houston Hughes(Hou)- Doesn't believe in relationships. The hoe-... Frendly one of the group. Hou just thinks why spend your life with one guy? Thinks everything is clothes optional and will make any sexual reference if she gets a chance. The funniest girl you will every meet. Loves Quidditch; plays beater. American. Long brown hair and hazel eyes. Beautiful. Her three things in life are Friends, Boys, and Quidditch. Maybe in that order too...

AND ME! Sapphire Yucca(Saph)- I guess you can say I bring the butt-kicking to group. I play Quiddtich; Keeper. Is supposed keep me in shape, but loves food. If you are in my way of food... be warned. Since I'm a Metamorphmagus I rarely ever change my appearance. I keep my hair a basic dark blue and my eyes a dark orange. I like to stand out. If you get me mad my hair and eye colour will change. If anyone messed with one of my friends, I would mess them up. Go kung-fu auror on their ass. Go all nutty professor on them..... I think you get it.

BUT back to the point, I guess you can say that James and I were both just really hurt, that our parents didn't tell us before. We are both really close with our parents. And for my cool, down to earth, wonderful mother to do this, is just... well random.

Okay continue back to the present.

"I'll be out in a minute! Keep your knickers on!" James shouted over the water, in the locked bathroom.

"JAMES! I NEED A SHOWER! YOU BETTER BE OUT OF THERE IN TEN MINUTES!" I shouted, banging on the door one more time. I skipped down the hall, to my new room.

If this was an ugly house, I would have been 100x more upset. But it's not, the Potter's house was huge and I get a pretty, big, wonderful new room. I have now a king sized bed, desk, a vanity table, a big closet, and a nice balcony.

I grabbed my sweat pants and put them over my boxer shorts. I grabbed one of James sweatshirt that was in my room and put it on. I jogged all the way down to the kitchen.

"Hello darling," Mum said when I came in.

"Hello wonderful-mother-that-made-me-chocolate-chip-pancakes," I smiled and sat down. I've been trying to avoid mum this whole summer but it never seems to work out. She just knows all my weaknesses. To tell you the truth, I can put up with James. If Harry makes my mum happy, then I'm happy.

She put a full plate of pancakes in front of me. "Eat up before the bo- James comes down. He is planning of doing alot of Quidditch today."

"Nooooo! Does he expect me to join him?" I asked cutting up my pancakes. And putting them quickly in my mouth. Oh how I love this taste.

"I think he's covered wit- I think your safe love," Mum said sitting down across from me.
"Gawd, cause I vanna just relax tofay," I said chewing my pancakes.

She muttered something. "What mum?"

"Oh nothing," she sighed with a very thoughtful look on her face. I put my fork and knife down immediately.

"What's wrong?" I asked quick.

"Well... hunny. Last night when you were sleeping. Um well someone... came by," she said slowly. Knowing me I got alittle freaked out.

"What do you mean? Who?" I asked nervous.

"Now hunny, calm down. I just don't want you to be mad about this. Something happened and he came here. He probably will be staying with us for now on. I just- when he comes down... please try to refrain yourself. I don't-"

"Morning new family!" I whirled around to the voice, I knew and despised.


"I see Mrs. Potter you haven't got the chance to tell her yet," Sirius smirked his famous smirk. The smirked I learned to despise, the five years I've known him. James came in right behind Sirius, with a wet head and a grin on his face. Sirius put his hands through his dark hair and pushed it out of his eye. He had that cocky look, on his stupid face.

"Boys come sit. I've made pancakes," Mum said getting up. While she got them pancakes, I was trying to find my jaw, that happened to be on the floor somewhere. I can't believe Black is here!

Of course just in the middle of summer, when I'm finally getting used to this arrangement, James boyfriend shows up.

I guess I should explain now, why I hate Sirius Black. It all started in first year. When I was a small innocent girl. I was alittle nervous about being a Metamorphmagus my first year. So I kept my appearance simple. I made my eyes a nice dark colour and I kept my hair dark brown. The first week, (that's right I started hating him the first week!)

I was hanging out with Houston by the school lake. Well you can probably guess what happened to me. James and Sirius were "just playing keep away from Peter." Well, some how I just happened to fall into the lake. Thank merlin it was shallow. When I came back to shore. Apparently my hair was fiery red and my eyes deep red eyes. Houston still tells me that I looked like the devil. So that's how it all started. We just never got along still and he lives to make my life miserable.

"What is he doing here?" I yelled again after a few minutes passed. They were all happily eating their pancakes.

Sirius finished chewing, "If you must know. I ran away from home and since Mr.Potter has always been so nice to me, I came here. And your mother being a sweetheart, is letting me stay here. With you. Forever," he made the last part dramatic on purpose.

Of course I knew that Sirius had problems with his family. Everyone knew that. But everyone also knew it was a sore spot for Sirius. He went back to eating his pancakes.

So what do you say to a runaway? "I- but... Why- Can- Me... always me," well you defiantly don't say that.

"Wow she's speechless. This is a first," James said shocked.

"Let's hope it stays this way," Sirius smirked.

"Oh no. Her hair is starting to turn purple. OH NO IT'S GOING RED!" James and Sirius both started scrambling under the table.

"I BLOODY FUCKING REFUSE TO LIVE WITH TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM! HE CAN LIVE IN A BOX FOR ALL I CARE! IF HE STAYS, MAKE HIM STAY AWAY FROM ME!" I shouted and stood up. Making my chair fall to the ground. I ran all the way upstairs. Stupid boys. I hate them. First they make me move in with James, who I can stand. But put him with his boyfriend, you have a disaster.

I slammed my door short and punched the door. OW! Ow! OW! My hand! I think I broke it! Ughh How I hate Sirius Black! I held my hand and walked back and forth.

I need someone who always calms me down. I just need peace. I just need to get the hell out of this place. I grabbed my broom from under my bed. And walked to the balcony. I jumped on my broom and flew off.

I just needed space. I needed to cool off. And I needed my friends. Since Lily and Alice are muggleborn I can't fly to their house. And since Houston is a American, she's not really in close range. So I flew to the one person that lived close and can calm me down.

I flew fast and quick. I just loved the feeling of flying. The wind in your hair and the feeling like you can do anything. I slowed down once I came down to the ground.

I walked right up to the yellow door and knocked. I had to knock a couple of times, before someone finally came to the door. Her house was completely weird just like her family. There was a bunch of flowers everywhere on her house. It's a pretty big house too. But her family doesn't believe in couches or anything like that... I rarely come here.

"Hello?" Capella answered the door. She was wearing a yellow tank top and white pyjama pants. Her hair was a complete birds nest and she looked like she just woke up.

"Ella!" I yelled hugging one of my best friends.

"Saph? What are you doing here?" She asked yawning.

"I have tons to tell you! Stupid Sirius Black! Stupid house! Stupi-"

"Saph find your center. Now breath, in and out," this is what I meant by her calming me down. She's the only one, that can make me do this stupid thing.

I did the breathing a couple of times, "Alright better. Can we please go to your room now?"

She ushered me to follow her upstairs. "Keep quiet though, parents are still sleeping," she whispered.

We were in her bright room. Her room was painted with a bunch of flowers on the wall, all different colours. I sat on her "bed"(A mattress on the floor)

"Now tell me what's wrong," she said in her dreamy normal voice.

"Well you got my last letter. Everything is starting to get better with the Potter's. But this morning, I find out that Sirius Black is moving in. I'm going into sixth next year. That means I still have to deal with him for awhile," I whined.

"Well you are the toughest girl I know. I know you can get through this. When every he starts with you just count to ten and find your center. Also what works great is give yourself five compliments," she said smiling.

"You know that you girls can only hold me back. I can't restrain myself from killing him!" I shouted into her pillows.

"Darling I know, but you have to try. I promise everything will be okay," she stroked my hair. "If you ever feel like killing him, owl me. Just remember its almost school," she said comforting.

"Okay, thanks Ella. You really did help me," I hugged her.

"I just think you needed air. You can come back any time," I don't think I will though. I prefer furniture.

She walked me out and waved until I was out of sight. I flew home fast and quick not really enjoying the ride, as much as I would of liked to.

I put my broom back under my bed and opened my door. I went downstairs to find mum in the kitchen. She was was pointing her wand at the dishes. Thank goodness the boys weren't sitting at the table.

"Mum?" I went and sat on the counter.

"Yes darling," she answered turning to me.

"I'm sorry I acted like a brat," I said shyly.

"Oh it's okay hunny," Mum hugged me. "I know how you feel about him. But you'll see everything will be fine. He's just going through a rough time. It's best that we all just help him out," she said holding me.

"Alright if you say so," I said sliding off the counter. I picked up an apple walking outside.

Since James Potter is a Quidditch obsesser it didn't surprise me, he had a Quidditch Pitch in his backyard.

Sirius and James were just flying around the hoops. I sat down on the grass hoping to get some colour. I looked down at my clothes and laughed. I was still wearing sweats. With a flick of my wand I was in a bathing suit.

I laid down looking at the blue sky. At Hogwarts if the weather was this nice we would go into the lake. We keep it shallow though so the octopus didn't get us.

"Hey Fire!" Sirius called down at me. "Fire" was his nickname for me. For several reasons. First it actually is my name Sapphire. And when ever I get mad a him my eyes turn into fire. He's quite a clever one.

"What ugly," my nickname for him of course.

"Do you wanna join? You can wear that if you want!" I can just hear the smirk on his face.

"I opened my eyes and laid up. "I'm trying to relax here! Do you mind?" I yelled up to him. He came swooping down from his broom.

"I actually do mind," he said coming down to sit next to me.

"Why don't you go try and be a Quidditch player," I smirked lying back down. Sirius wasn't on the team. I know! Shocking right. He was actual a quite good beater. But he says "that I like flying just not playing competitive." You'd think he would want to show off.

"I bet that I can catch everyone of James throws," he said cocky.

I looked up at him. This was just way to easy to pass up, "You're on loser boy." I got up and conjured my jeans shorts.

"Five throws. Can't miss one. When I win, I get your bed," he said with a smirk. The guest room bed wasn't very comfy.

"Deal. But when I win and I will win. You have to carry my Quidditch stuff down to practice and games," I said smiling. That Quidditch stuff wasn't light.

"Wait. No I want to change mine," Sirius said.

"Fine. Just because I feel generous today."

"When I win I want a kiss. And not like a two second one. A real kiss," he smirked.

I almost threw up on his words, "Ew! Gag me with a wand. But deal. You'll loss anyway," I called over my shoulder. I ran up to my room and got my broom. I just can't wait to see the look on his face, when he losses. I ran quickly back down.

"Alright ready to lose?" I came on to the field. James had his serious game face on.

"Good, I'm glad you are. You can go first," Sirius grinned.

I flew up in the air, getting into my position. James flew on the other side of the field. "Ready Saph?" James yelled.

"Been ready!" I yelled back. This will be a piece of cake. I practice with James all the time.

He flew flew slow at the begging and went faster when he came closer. He switched the ball into his left arm. That means he's coming on my left. He made a fake move to go the right and tried to score on my top hoop. I saved it and threw it back. One out five.

"Prongs try harder!" Sirius cheered on his boyfriend. Aw Sirius would make a cute cheerleader. Ew, cute and Sirius should not be in the same sentence.

James came faster this time. He came on my right side, switching to my left at the last moment. He threw at my bottom left hoop. I caught on the edges of my fingertips. James is going alittle to serious for this. Like maybe he actual thinks this is a real game. Hah! If this was real he would of done his over head shot. He knows I can't catch those.

I threw it back to him. He came fast this time and low. It seemed like he was going for the right hoop. I we his eye level. He threw it. Over my head. I missed! It went into the goal!

I heard Sirius cheering from the ground. Did I just miss? James got the ball back and went back down the field. What if he was going hard for a reason? What if James is not going to go so hard on Sirius? Oh merlin! What did I get myself into?

I didn't even see James coming. I wasn't ready when he threw it. It went in the middle goal. This all could be a trick. A set-up.

James went back on the other side. Why even bother if Sirius is just going to catch them all?

James threw the Quaffle and I caught with no problem. Maybe he felt sorry for me. I flew down and hit the floor.

"Sirius Black this was a set up!" I screeched going over to him.

"Now, now you don't know that," Sirius smirked. He got up and grabbed his broom. He flew up into air. Ugh what did I get myself into!?

I sat down on the grass. Why did I think I could trust stupid Sirius fucking Black? I watched as Sirius caught two easily. The third one Sirius nearly missed them.

Please! If their is a god out there! Help me! Please don't let him catch this on! James started of slow going really then shooting up. AND GOAL!

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I shouted running in a circle.

"Keep your knickers on Fire!" Sirius yelled getting annoyed.

I sat down with a smile. He just has to miss the next two, and I win.
James went back to the other side and started of fast. I barely even saw him switch sides. James threw it... and NO SIRIUS CAUGHT IT!

UGH! Breathe...In...Out... In.... Out... In... Out. Find your center. Find your center. Five complemnts.

One I have pretty eyes, that I can make any colour. James went back to the other side. Carring the Quaffle with him. Two, I have four great best friends. He started off slow and zig-zaged for alittle. Three, you will always be better then Sirius Black. James threw the Quaffle. Four, you will never, ever kiss Sirius-

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Sirius caught it! He fucking caught the Quaffle. I fell back on the grass. Oh how I hate my life. Why me? Why me? I heard Sirius cheering up in the air.

How I loathe Sirius Black and my life as James Potter's step sister.

A/n- HELLO! I had this brain blast of a story! And I needed to write it. I hoped you like it! Next chapter I promise there will be more like lots more! I just wanted to get this chapter up with this great validation is going! I hoped you liked it and I hope you write a review!

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