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The Real Thing by pirette08
Chapter 17 : Loose Ends
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A/N: There are only three more chapters left so everything is tying up nicely. startig with this chapter. we FINALLy get some resolution happening, along with some unexpected twists in the end. enjoy! and as always, review =)

Chapter 17

Loose Ends


Its complicated

This time I think it could be


This could be just what we need

So what you say

We give it up and walk away

We’re overrated anyway


 -“Loose Ends”- Imogen Heap





            Hermione sat outside of Ron’s hospital room. The visiting hours were about to start and she was anxious to see him. He had awakened just three days prior and she had only been able to visit him once since his family was keen on spending every waking moment with him. Harry had strayed from St Mungos because he partly felt guilty for what had happened with Ron.


“Oh, good morning Hermione.” said Mrs. Weasley, sounding oddly dry.


“Good morning Mrs. Weasely.” Hermione retorted.


Mrs. Weasley gave her a small, unbelievable smile and looked towards George.


“Your turn George.”


“Actually mum, I think Hermione should go in, she’s only seen him once and I’m sure she’ll cheer him up.” said George smiling at Hermione kindly.


“I guess so.”  Said Mrs. Weasley deprecatingly.


            Hermione walked by her feeling slightly ashamed. She could tell by her sudden behavior towards her that Ron had told her that they had broken up. When Hermione walked in, she noticed the curtains were drawn open and sunlight was flooding the room. There were posters and candies strewn around the place. Ron was propped up against two pillows. He was still slightly pale but looked better than he had done when she first saw him in the Hospital.


“Good morning.” said Hermione attentively.


“I’m glad you came. I was starting to think my mum was guarding the door to not let anybody in.” said Ron jokingly.


Hermione forced a chuckle.


“Well almost. From the way she was looking at me I’d say she just found out about our break up?” Hermione asked sitting in the chair right beside Ron’s bed.


“Yeah, she finally got it out of me. I didn’t really want to tell her about it…but you know

my mum.”


“Yeah.” Hermione nodded.


“Hermione.” said Ron seriously.


         Hermione looked up at him. He looked tired and distraught. She could tell by just looking at him that he had sleepless nights since he regained consciousness. She also knew that it all had nothing to do with his accidents.


“I just want to make sure that you know that this wasn’t intentional. You know I’m not like that.”


“Of course not Ron!” said Hermione. “I know you can be a little reckless but you would never hurt yourself purposely. I know that.”


“Good.” said Ron. “But I do want to talk about what happened.”


Hermione tried to swallow the large lump that had developed in her throat.


“Before I left, I said something’s that I didn’t mean.” said Ron earnestly. “While I was out cold I was dreaming that you weren’t in my life. At all. And as much as it hurts not to have you as I’ve had you, I couldn’t bare a life with you completely absent from it.”


         Hermione felt tears form in her eyes as she saw how honest Ron was being and at the same time, she admired the way he could hold composure. She knew deep inside how each word was killing him.


“It’s just when you said it was over, it voiced what I had seen coming all along. And what hurt the most is that of all people it was Harry you fell in love with.” said Ron gravely.


“Now don’t get me wrong” said Ron interrupting as he saw the effect the mention of Harry had on her. “despite all of this I love Harry, he’s like another brother to me but, try to understand what it feels like to have always been in his shadow.”


“Ron you know that ---”


“I know he never asked for the attention. But what about you? Of all the girls he could’ve gotten. He chose you.”


“Ron, just like you can’t chose to love anybody but me at the moment, I can’t help that I fell for him.” said Hermione.


“Yes I know. It’s just that…I’m always second best. I’m the footnote in your love story.”


“I wish there was a way that nobody got hurt.” said Hermione desolately.


“Well there isn’t. That’s life.” said Ron.


“Times up Hermione” said Mrs. Weasley icily from the doorway.


Hermione dried her eyes as Mrs. Weasley closed the door.


Ron put his hand on top of hers.


“Don’t take my mum’s attitude to heart. I really don’t resent you for anything.” said Ron.


“Ron, would you really mind Harry visiting you?” Hermione asked anxiously. “He was very worried when you inhaled those fumes. He came you know.”


“Yes I know…but I can’t see him. Not yet.”


Hermione nodded.


“I’ll come by tomorrow. Take care.”

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         

“Ms. Granger?” asked Mr. Doniphan.


          Mr. Doniphan was the Magical lawyer Hermione was an intern for. He was a very successful lawyer who was responsible for filling up Azkaban with Death Eaters who had tried to use the Imperius curse as an excuse for the atrocious actions. He was also deep into the movement of equal treatment of Magical creatures. He was everything Hermione was aspiring to be and as a result, she was his favorite intern.


“Yes Mr. Doniphan?” Hermione replied.


“I need to have a word with you.”




“There’s an interesting case on convicted Death Eaters and I was assigned to prove that they were not under the Imperius curse.” explained Mr. Doniphan. “It all should be rather easy but I decided I wanted you to tag along. It’s a case as big as the ones held after the war here. I think it would be excellent experience for an intern.”


“I’m flattered Mr. Doniphan.” said Hermione brightly. “I’d love to come along.”

“However before you get all excited I must warn you it’s going to be a long case. A month at the most because we are talking about a large group of Death Eaters.”


“No problem sir.”


“And…it’s in Australia.” Mr. Doniphan added.


“Au…Australia?” Hermione repeated.


“Yes, I’m sure you know the Death Eaters did not just exist in England and they had a large group in Australia that did a great number of atrocities in the name of Voldemort.” explained Mr. Doniphan. “I hope that hearing that the case is in Australia won’t change your mind?”


“Oh no…of course not. As you said it would be an incredible experience for me.” Hermione smiled.


“I know I could count on you Granger.” said Mr. Doniphan vibrantly. “We depart in two days.”


“Great. I’ll be looking forward to it till then.”


       Hermione watched as Mr. Doniphan retreated, leaving her to take in all that had just happened. It was a great thing to happen to her so early in her career, yet it could not have happened at such a bad time. Nothing was completely well. Her friendship with Ron was in serious need of a mend as was Ron’s friendship with Harry. There was also what had occurred between her and Harry, something they had not had the time to discuss. The night they had spent together was splendid, but they had had no chance to even talk about it or what it meant. Two days was all she had left to somewhat tie the loose ends she was about to leave behind for a month.


        That afternoon, Hermione paced back and forth in her flat. She had flooed Grimmauld Place three times and thrice Kreacher told her that Harry was still at the ministry. She had even resorted to apparating to the Auror department but was told he was in training and could not be interrupted. Time was running out and she had to see him before she left. The question that was tauntingly lingering in her head was, did he want to see her?

*          *          *          *          *          *         

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