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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 7 : With Every Sad Event, A Happy One Awaits
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Author's Note: Sorry it took so long, I had test week. The all night studying doesn't help much either. So thank you for waiting and I can't wait for you to read it! Thank you so much! Luv ya!
HarryandGinnyForEver <3

Chapter 7

        Just one week had passed before Harry had his first official test. The people that get a D or lower get kicked out of training and the rest move on. Harry had been studying all day for a week and he hoped he was going to make it. Ron was sitting on the bench, sweating.

            “Hey, mate, it’s all gonna be okay,” Harry said, “It’s just a stupid test, you studied harder than anytime you have in your life, trust me.” Harry said. 

            “Ronald Weasley.” Dawlish called out.

            “Wish me luck.” He said, getting up and walking into the room. Harry sat there next to David, one of the older trainees. Harry sat there for ten minutes, thirty minutes, before he knew it, an hour had passed. Dawlish walked out at about the hour and a half mark.

            “Harry Potter.” Dawlish called out. Harry stood up and walked into a little room, about the size of a cubicle. “Today, you will be taking a written test about everything you have learned. Not just in the past month but your entire life. You can take as long as two hours, you may begin.” A test and a self inking quill appeared in front of him. 

            “Here we go…” Harry whispered and flipped open the test booklet. 

            October 12th


            Ron & I both passed the test. Ron was mental until we got the results, rather annoying actually. I’ve been looking for flat listings and your mum doesn’t seem to like that. Ron’s doing the same thing and she is going insane. I’ve never seen her this paranoid before, it sort of scary. Auror training’s been great. I just sent a letter to Hermione telling her to lay off the studying, since you told me that she’s been bothersome. Thought I would give you some time without potions and charms. I miss you more than anything right now. I know it sounds sappy I just couldn’t find another way to say it. I have to make this one short because it’s late and I am exhausted. Love you.


            Ginny sat in the common room reading the letter. Hermione sitting in the arm chair, looking over the charms homework for the twentieth time.  

            “Hermione. It’s fine, why don’t you go to bed?” Ginny said, somewhat sternly.  Hermione got up and started packing up her book bag. “You never got a letter from Harry did you?” the red head asked. 

            “He told you huh?” She asked, laughing. “He told me to lay off the studying, as you probably know.” Hermione said, slipping her bag over her shoulder.

            “Yeah,” Ginny said, holding up the letter. “Ron written to you?” 

            “We said we wouldn’t write each other,” She said. “We thought it would be easier.” She said, quietly.

            “Oh.” Ginny said. She was thinking how it would be easier. When reading Harry’s letters, she would feel as if he was sitting next to her, reading them to her. 

            “We thought wrong, but it’s better now.” She said, walking towards the stairs. 

            “Hey,” Ginny said, making Hermione turn around. “He loves you. Don’t you forget it.”  Ginny could tell she was smiling while she walked up the stairs. Ginny walked over to the seat near the window and sat down. She drew her knees up to her chest and looked up at the sparkling sky.  A tear rolled down her cheek like a raindrop on the side of a window.  She sat there looking at the sky for the rest of the night until she fell into a deep sleep.

            “Harry, wake up mate.” Ron said, shaking Harry. “Mate, we have to get up.” Ron said waking him up. 

            “I’m up.” Harry said, surrendering. “Why are we getting up exactly?” He asked. Ron stood up and walked over to the dresser. 

            “Our essays are due today, and we haven’t even started ours.” Ron said throwing Harry a piece of parchment. He walked over with a quill and gave it to him. “What are you writing about?” Ron asked, dipping his quill in some ink. 

            “The subject the teacher assigned us.” Harry said.

            “And what exactly was that?” Ron asked. Harry just laughed under his breath and put his quill to the parchment. 

October 21st


            I’m sorry that it took me so long to write back. I’ve been busy with all this work that everyone is assigning. I am so frustrated right now. I’ve gone to the hospital wing for a headache potion almost every day of the week. Hopefully you’re doing better than I am heck anyone is doing better than I am. Hermione has dialed down the studying but that’s when the teachers decide to load us up on homework. We’ve won every game since the beginning to term which is a plus to being here. We have two more months…. I can’t believe it’s only been a month and twenty days. It feels like a lifetime away. 

                 Of course everything feels like a lifetime away here now. Not that many people returned here this year. Almost half of my year did and the rest were smaller than half. There were barely any first years to be sorted. It seemed as if the sorting ceremony never existed actually. I saw cute little faces running around but I never saw that those faces I saw were fake. I remember walking down into the common room one night to find one little girl crying. Her name was Savannah and she was a first year. She was shy at first but in a matter of minutes, she was pouring her heart out to me.

            She told me she was terrified about the situation. I told her that no bad guys were left but she said she knew that. I didn’t know what the problem was until she told me. She said that she had nightmares, just like you. She had nightmares that you died and didn’t save the world and we all were doomed. I looked at her and saw a little me. She had brownish-reddish hair and brown eyes. She told me she has no friends because all of the other girls thought she was weird. Now, I sit with her at breakfast and dinner. Hermione grew fond of Savannah the second she met her. Savannah apparently is a bookworm, just like lil’ ol’ Hermy. 

            Please write back, I need to talk to you and do something other than study. Love you. 





            Harry was stunned at three things. One: How Ginny’s letter was so long Two: How Hermione had actually backed off of studying and Three: Savannah. He had never imagined that anyone else would have his nightmares but then he saw how he had been. He had been worried so much about his nightmares he hadn’t taken the time to look at the little girls and boys who have them too. And not just little kids. Older people who had lost their relatives and friends. People who lost the love of their life, or died with them. Reality had finally hit him and his heart felt as if a big piece of it was taken away. That’s when Harry realized he needed to host a proper funeral for all that had died or suffered. 

            He took out a piece of parchment and began to write to ask permission from Kingsley. 

            On the day of November 2nd, the sixth month anniversary of the final battle, a massive funeral was held. It was in the stadium where the Quidditch world cup was held in Harry’s fourth year. Nearly 300,000 people were attending from all around the world, and three million over radio. Harry stood in the entrance to the field and he could see a wave of black cloaks. Mothers crying, Children having no idea what’s going on. The whole Weasley family was there with the exception on Ginny. She said that it would just kill her to see the people. 

            Hermione came, because she felt she needed to be there. The “Golden Trio” needed to make an appearance according to Kingsley. When it was time for Harry to walk out, the crowd started to cheer. A sad cheer, but a happy one as well. Harry walked out into the middle of the field and cast the sorunorus spell.

            “Good evening to all of you. We are here to honor the lives of all that fought for our freedom and safety. Voldemort was the darkest wizard of our time, or maybe the darkest wizard of all time.” He said. He talked for the next hour, listening names of the people and how much they meant to him. “As a tribute to the ones who have passed, we have the Weird Sisters here to sing a song for us.” The weird sisters came out and played a slow, somber song. Harry picked up his wand and murmured a spell. The names and faces of all that died spread across the field. 

            Mrs.Weasley was sitting in the front row with red eyes and a wet handkerchief. When Fred’s name and face spread across the pitch, the Weasley family started clapping louder than anyone else. Lupin and Tonks were up next, and others that made Harry’s heart ache. Granted every single one made his heart ache, but the ones he was close to just shot him right in the heart. 

            The funeral ended three hours later, including guest speakers and other people speaking to the audience. Harry could see little children in the audience, sleeping against their parent’s shoulder. Harry spent an hour getting thanked for his heroic actions. They arrived at the burrow around 1 A.M and everybody was basically already asleep.

While Harry was fast asleep, Ginny was studying for one of the many big tests the following week. The teachers had assigned so much homework; she didn’t have time to practice Quidditch. She was cramming so much in so little time; she barely got enough sleep to stay awake throughout the day. Books were spread out across the table, as were the variety of notes she took during class. She prayed that Hermione would be back tonight, but nobody seemed to answer her prayer. Hermione had stayed at the burrow, leaving Ginny alone with a massive headache. Her hand hurting her from writing so many sentences and little side notes. That’s when Harry’s letter reached the window. Normally owls don’t come to the common room window, but apparently this one did. She opened it and began to read

November 2nd



            Today was a very sad day. I understand why you didn’t want to go now, it was rather depressing. Hermione is sleeping soundly, she was dead tired. Heck, I’m dead tired but you’re probably still up studying or doing homework. Hermione finished hers the first day she got here. While she was doing that, I went to our special place for the first time. You know what I’m talking about. I sat there and I felt like you were sitting by me the entire time. That’s when I saw a little mound of dirt over in the corner. It looked like it hadn’t been touched in years. I went over and dug it up to find a box. 

            A box full of everything about your childhood. I’m sorry if it was too personal but I was just too curious. I found a galleon labeled ‘my first galleon’ and the valentine you gave my in my second year. It still sang to me when I opened it. ‘You’re eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad’ that’s my favorite line! You’re probably going to beat me up the first time you see me but hey, it’s so worth it. Well, I am literally falling asleep over this letter. I wish I could write more but I also wish to write it inside my head. Good night, Love you.



            She smiled, and set down the letter. Her mind kept telling her to study, but her heart told her to write back. She picked up a piece of parchment and began to write.

November 2nd, Well Technically November 3rd 


            I have to make this short and sweet. You were so right about the studying and homework! I’ve been so tired for I don’t know like forever. Homework has doubled since the beginning of the year, so I’ve been packed. I can’t even practice Quidditch! It’s brutal. Oh my gosh! I forgot I put that box there. I’ve been thinking about that box lately and yes it’s fine you looked through it. I’m not going to kill you, but I might kill you for staying home this year. I want you to suffer with me. I know that sounds mean but I do! Well, potions await me so write me back! I love you.


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