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True Love, Yeah Right by ginny_weasley_54
Chapter 10 : Crazy Girls
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“I’m going to miss you sweetie,” my mom was hugging me so tightly I was sure my ribs were going to break.

I patted my mom’s back awkwardly. I’ve never been good with this emotional stuff. She finally released her deadly grip on me and I stumbled backwards. Sirius caught my arm and steadied me. My dad bent down and kissed my forehead gently.

“Have fun, princess,” he told me.

I nodded tensely. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. In just a few moments I would be free from them at last. Sirius grabbed my trunk and I clung tightly to his arm. I hated apparating. I hate the suffocating feeling that goes with it. I squeezed my eyes shut and a moment later I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was being squeezed into a straw. Just as fast as it started, it ended. I stumbled and lost my balance.

“What a graceful entrance.” I heard a sarcastic voice comment.

Sirius laughed when I glared up at James. I crossed my arms. “Meanypants,” I muttered under my breath.

Sirius laughed at me again and offered me his hand. I smiled happily and let him pull me to my feet. My jaw dropped as I looked around. It was the biggest house I’d ever seen. Just this one room was bigger than my entire house.

Sirius pulled on my hand. “I’ll show you your room.” I let him pull me out of the room. We walked up three gigantic staircases to get to the fourth floor. This is ridiculous. Nobody needs a house this big. What do they use all the space for? They can’t possibly have enough stuff to fill this enormous house.

“This is your room,” Sirius gestured to a door halfway down a huge hallway. I’m going to get lost. This place was like a maze. I’d never be able to find my way around. I’ll wander around until I starve to death and nobody will ever find me because this house is so enormous. “That’s Lily’s room.” He pointed to the room across from mine. “My room is the last door on the right,” he pointed down the never-ending hallway. I would never be able to remember all of this. He laughed at me and tugged my ponytail. “Don’t worry; you’ll learn your way around quick. It’s a lot less complicated than it looks.” He must have seen my disbelieving face; he can read me like a book.

I snorted in a very unladylike manner and opened the door. Everything was blue. The entire room was blue; it gave me a headache just looking at all the shades of blue. I didn’t know there was that many different blues. Why does it have to be blue? Why couldn’t it be purple? Purple is a much better color. Sirius pulled my trunk inside and set it at the end of the biggest bed I’ve ever seen. Why does everything in this house have to be so big?

I sat down cautiously on the edge of the bed; it looked like it was going to swallow me whole. Sirius watched me in amusement. I stuck my tongue out at him. He smirked back at me.

“Lily’s waiting for you,” he pointed to her room, “I told her you needed a dress. She’s been organizing them all morning.”

I groaned and flopped back on the bed with my arms crossed over my face. “Oh joy, just what I wanted to do,” I mumbled to myself.

Sirius laughed and ruffled my hair playfully. I swatted his hands away with a smile.

“Have fun,” he waved back at me as he walked away.

I scowled at his back and took a deep breath. Maybe I should just ignore her. I could lock myself in my room for the rest of the night and skip the party. I sighed. Sirius really wanted me to go and he rescued me from my prison so it’s the least I can do. I reluctantly stood up and walked over to Lily’s door. I thought for a moment about running away but quickly knocked on the door instead before I could change my mind.

Almost immediately the door was opened by an overly happy Lily Evans. She smiled brightly at me and grabbed my hand to pull me inside her room.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she told me. “Sirius told me you needed a dress and I’m happy to let you borrow one of mine.” She reminded me of a less hyper version of Gaby.

She walked in a circle around me, examining me. Her eyebrows furrowed together in concentration. “Definitely not anything pink, it would clash with your hair. I don’t own anything pink anyway.” She flicked a piece of her dark red hair. “Green would look nice,” she continued. “Or blue to match your eyes.”

She spun on her heel and stalked to her bed where a pile of dresses were neatly stacked. She gestured for me to stand beside her. She held a long green dress with way too many sparkles up to me and to my relief shook her head in disapproval. “No, that’s not the one.” She then held up a blue one and smiled brightly. “This one would look nice.” She set it aside for me to try on later. I stood there for an hour as she held up all her dresses. It was torture, it should be illegal. Nobody in their right mind would own that many dresses.

“Try these on,” she commanded me as she threw the pile of dresses she thought would look good at me and pointed to her bathroom door.

I did as I was told silently; I had learned from experience that it will be over faster if I don’t argue. Arguing just drags out the torture but I don’t know how much longer I can take this. I am going to go insane. I thought I was leaving the torture but instead I stuck with a different kind of torture. Why does life hate me so much?

After every dress I tried on I walked out of the bathroom to show Lily. She would consider it for a moment and shake her head before sending me back to the bathroom to try on another one. The pile was slowly shrinking. After what seemed like an eternity there was only one left. I quickly pulled it on and went to show Lily. She scrutinized me from her spot on her bed. I glared at her but she ignored me. I swear if she says no to this one too I’m going to strangle her. If she makes me try on one more dress I’m going to cut her into tiny pieces and feed her to Gaby’s dog.

Suddenly her serious face broke into a smile. “It’s perfect.” She jumped up and grabbed my shoulders. She steered me over to stand in front of a mirror.

The dress was a royal purple color; if it had been blue Lily would be dead. It was really simple and didn’t have any glitter or ribbons which I was extremely relieved about. It wasn’t fancy or incredibly uncomfortable. It was just a plain purple dress that barely brushed my knees. It wasn’t awful compared to some of the other dresses Lily used to torture me.

“You look beautiful,” she told me with a dreamy expression on her face. “Now,” she suddenly jumped and spun around. “For the shoes,”

I ran. I forgot about my clothes lying on Lily’s bathroom floor and ran. When a girl mentions shoes you know it’s time to run away as fast as you can. Dresses are bad enough but shoes of death are just evil. I will never again wear those evil contraptions. They were designed to cause girls like me unimaginable pain.

I slammed my door shut as hard as I could and locked it. My heart was racing and I could barely breathe.

“How’d it go?”

I screamed and jumped before glaring daggers at Sirius. He lay sprawled out on my bed with an amused grin on his face. I scowled at him.

“That girl is insane,” I growled and knelt down beside my trunk. Sirius laughed his bark like laugh and I glared up at him.

“That bad?” he asked with a smile.

I scowled and again glared at him. “Worse,” I violently threw aside some books in my trunk trying to find my favorite jeans and sweatshirt. “Almost as crazy as Stephanie, Gaby, and Marissa that girl is. Pure torture. I will never wear a dress again. The dresses were torture enough but when she tried to get me to wear the shoes of death I couldn’t do it anymore. Stupid, evil shoes.” I slammed my trunk shut after finding my clothes and stomped to my bathroom muttering curses under my breath.

I slammed the bathroom door shut behind me and quickly threw off the dress. I pulled on the most ripped up, worn out jeans I had and a sweatshirt that used to be my dad’s; it was at least two sizes too big for me.

“Feel better?” Sirius asked as soon as I came back out.

I smiled brightly. “Much,” I flung the dress in a pile on the floor that Stephanie would have yelled at me for and jumped on my bed to sit next to Sirius. “Do I really have to go to this party?” I whined.

“Yes,” Sirius answered imitating my whiny voice.

I pouted and crossed my arms. “I hate parties.” I complained.

“Suck it up,” Sirius commanded.

I smacked the back of his head as hard as I could and smirked.

He yelped in pain and rubbed his head. “What was that for?” he yelled.

“For being mean to me,” I smirked smugly at him and stuck out my tongue.

He sulked for a moment before matching my smirk and pushing me off the bed. A loud thud echoed around the room and all was silent.

“What was that for?” I screeched at him as loudly as I could.

Sirius jumped at my sudden outburst. After he got over his shock he stared at me for a moment before bursting into laughter. I crossed my arms and blew my hair out of my eyes.

“For being mean to me,” he repeated my words.

I glared at him and mumbled curses making Sirius laugh even harder. The world hated me; this just confirmed it.

“I. Am. Going. To kill you.” I breathed out dangerously. Sirius’s eyes widened and just like I had done earlier, he ran.

I chased after him easily able to keep up with him. I chased him down a flight of stairs. He zigzagged between hallways but he couldn’t lose me. He was going to die; he was going to die a slow and painful death. Suddenly I ran into something hard and crashed to the floor. Of course, it was a miracle I went that long without tripping over my own feet or running into a wall.

“Cinderella, what are you wearing?”

My head snapped up and my jaw dropped. Sirius tugged my ponytail and laughed making me snap out of my daze.

Stephanie was here. Why was Stephanie here?

“Have you even brushed your hair since we left school?” she rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Do I have to do everything for you?”

I smiled brightly up at her. I hadn’t realized how much I missed her constant nagging. As soon as Stephanie helped pull me to my feet again I was attacked by a ball full of energy and way too much hair.

“I missed you so much.” Gaby squealed in a pitch too high for human ears.

“Gaby,” I gasped out, “Gaby, it’s only been a few days.” I pulled on her arms trying to loosen her deadly grip around my neck. If she didn’t let go soon I was going to suffocate.

She reluctantly let go and instead bounced on the balls of her feet.

“Do you have a dress for the party tonight?” Stephanie asked suspiciously with on eyebrow raised.

I scowled at her. “Unfortunately.”

“She’s not wearing any of my shoes,” I spun around to see Marissa with her hands on her hips glaring at me.”

“Oh come on.” I shouted at her. “They were just shoes. Get over it. You can buy another pair of your precious shoes.”

Sirius watched us in amusement. Stephanie suddenly spun on him.

“What time does this party start?” she asked with a crazed look in her eyes that I didn’t like at all. She did scary things when she got that look in her eyes. I slowly inched away from her and towards the nearest escape route which happened to be a halfway opened door.

“7:00,” Sirius answered confused.

My eyes widened the same time as Stephanie’s, Gaby’s, and Marissa’s did but for a completely different reason. I ran straight for the door and of course Sirius was standing right in front of it and I didn’t see him until it was too late.

“Three hours,” Gaby exclaimed. “That’s barely enough time to get ready. We have so much to do. We have hair, and makeup, and dresses, and shoes, and jewelry and-”

Stephanie and Marissa each grabbed one of my arms to stop me from escaping and they began dragging me to my doom. Gaby continued to ramble about all the stuff we had to do to get ready.

“No,” I screamed and tried to fight my way out of their grasp. “Who needs three hours to get dressed? All three of you are insane. Why am I friends with you? You’ll be the death of me. You’re crazy. I hate all of you.”

They ignored me as usual. Sirius just watched with his annoying, arrogant smirk plastered on his face as he let them drag me to my death.

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