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The Real Thing by pirette08
Chapter 16 : There For You
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A/N: Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I think you allcould already smell one brewing couldnt you. Though this chapter may hint something with Ron and Hermione, trust me i'm not starting another torture cycle, it's all in the plan. with the next chapter, I think all your minds will be eased. this story is nearing it's end so enjoy it! thanks so much to those who have reviewed and favorited this story =) keep up the good work!

Chapter 16    

     There For You     


I wanna be there for you

Someone you can count on

Runs deeper than my bones

I wanna be there for you


 “There For You”- Flyleaf


        Harry and Hermione sprinted down the white marble hallway of St Mungos. They had apparated to the hospital as soon as George delivered his urgent message. They made their way down the hallway where they had been directed. Sure enough, they soon spotted George pacing nervously up and down a small waiting room.


“George what happened?” Hermione asked.


“He inhaled some very harsh untested chemicals.” said George. “That’s all I know.”


“What? How-”


“I told him there was a new skiving collection I wanted to try; I showed him the chemicals and told him not to do anything with them yet.”  said George nervously. “But he said he wanted to try it, he wanted to be busy, and so I just…let him to it.”


“I left to go help a costumer and then I heard a loud explosion. When I went back in I saw Ron sprawled on the floor.”


“On no.” said Hermione. “Have the healers told you anything?”




Hermione sat down in one of the stiff waiting room chairs.


“This is all my fault.” Hermione whispered to Harry.


“No Hermione it’s not” said Harry consolingly.


“Yes it is!” Hermione argued. “If I hadn’t broken his heart this wouldn’t have happened.”


“It was going to happen sooner or later Hermione.” said Harry. “There’s only so much you can take.”


Hermione looked at him, her eyes swimming in tears.


“Do Mr. and Mrs. Weasley know we broke up?” she asked nervously.


“I honestly don’t know.” said Harry. “I don’t think they know though, after he left your place he came to trash his room and then went over to George’s”


        Hermione buried her face in her hands. She didn’t want to imagine what Mrs.Weasley would say to her if she knew she was the reason her son was in the hospital.


“I’m going to go floo my parents, I contacted you first because I wanted someone to be here in case a Healer came out with any news.” George said.


Hermione nodded in acknowledgement of what he said, she was too flustered to speak.


“I don’t know what I’ll do if he doesn’t make it.” said Hermione grievingly.


Harry put an arm around her and rubbed her back gently.


      Hermione was absently staring at the shiny white floor when she saw a pair of even whiter shoes step in front of her.


“Are you Hermione?” asked a tall blonde woman in white Healer robes.


“Yes” said Hermione standing up anxiously.


“Come with me, Mr. Weasley has been asking for you.”


            Hermione followed the healer down a narrow hallway, feeling sicker as she stepped nearer to Ron’s room. She still had not been told exactly what had happened to Ron and what state he was in.


“Is he awake then?” Hermione asked.

“Not exactly, he’s not fully conscious but he has been mentioning your name.” said the Healer.


“What happened to him?” Hermione asked as she followed her into the dark room. The windows had been drawn to block out the light.


“Well we checked his lungs and they had inhaled a considerable amount of dangerous fumes from highly toxic potions. He also bashed his head against a corner pretty bad.” said the healer as she pulled back the curtains that blocked Ron from view.


         Ron's head was bandaged from the eyebrows up. He looked a sickly green, no doubt from the toxic fumes he had inhaled. He looked so vulnerable, like a little boy who had cried himself to sleep.


“Oh Ron” said Hermione sadly as she caressed his face gently.


“He’s still in observation, the head injury was mended, but the fumes from the potions he mixed are still being investigated. He’s critical but I’m sure he’ll make it.”


“That’s good to hear.” Hermione said as a tear slipped down her face. She sat down in a sturdy chair beside his bed.


“I’ll leave you alone.” said the Healer from the doorway.


         Hermione faintly heard the door close. She was much too occupied with Ron to hear anything else. She grasped his clammy hand firmly.


“Ron, if you can hear me,” Hermione whispered. “I never wanted any of this to happen. The last thing I wanted was to anyone to get hurt.”


“Er-My-Knee” Ron moaned.


“I’m here.” said Hermione consolingly. “I’m always here.”

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         

“Hermione!” said Mrs. Weasley frantically as Hermione came out of Ron’s room. “How is he?”


“He’s still not in the clear, but the Healer assured me he’ll make it.” said Hermione.


“Oh my poor Ronnie!” said Mrs. Weasley aguishly while Mr. Weasley consoled her.


“Are you okay?” Harry asked Hermione quietly.


Hermione shook her head.


“I need to go rest.” said Hermione.

        Harry agreed. The poor girl had been through an emotional rollercoaster since the day she moved into her new flat.


“I’ll take you home.” Harry told her.


“George, I’m going to take Hermione home.” said Harry. “Tell us if there are any changes.”


Harry took Hermione’s hand and together they vanished on the spot.


            They arrived at Hermione’s flat, a place Hermione had yet not been able to enjoy.


“Go to your bed, I’ll make you some tea.” said Harry.


              Hermione went to her room and changed into more comfortable clothing. Laboriously, she went to her bed and covered herself with her duvet. Her eyes felt heavy but she was reluctant to fall asleep, she wanted to be aware if any news came her way about Ron. Ron. He was going to be the death of her if all this kept on any longer.


“Here’s you tea” said Harry placing the dup on the night table beside her. “I guess I’ll leave you alone to have some rest.”


Just as he was turning away, Hermione grabbed his arm.


“Can you stay with me?” she asked.


“Sure.” said Harry smiling warmly at her.


           She slid to the left side of her bed to let Harry in. Harry got in and they both faced each other, their foreheads pressing against each other’s. It was the closest they had ever been.


“I don’t know what to do anymore,” she said softly. “No matter what I do, everyone gets hurt.”


“Just do what your heart wants Hermione.” said Harry. “For once listen to your heart instead of your stubborn brain.”


“I can’t” said Hermione opening her eyes to look into Harry’s.


“Why not?” Harry asked.


“Because if I listen to what my heart has been telling me all along, then I’d have to do this.”


             Hermione grabbed Harry’s chin and pulled his lips upon hers. Kissing him softly. They were kissing sweetly at first, and then passionately as they made up for all the time they had been apart. Hermione pulled Harry on top of her and pressed into him, wanting to feel his warmth. Harry was aware on the direction they were going, but he was not sure if Hermione was.


“Hermione are you sure?” he asked.


Hermione simply smiled up at him and nodded.


“For once, I’m letting my heart to all the thinking. Just this once.”


Harry grinned at her.


“That’s probably the smartest choice you could make as of yet.”


              Harry leaned in and kissed her again. He untied her hair from the messy ponytail it had been pulled into. He let her hair once bushy, now soft tendrils fall around her, framing her porcelain like face. He was in awe of her natural beauty. He could not understand how he had been oblivious to it for years.


“You’re beautiful.” said Harry breathlessly.


         Hermione felt herself blush. She had not cared for that word in her entire life. However, when it came from Harry’s mouth, it was the highest compliment to be had.


“I love you.” said Hermione tearfully.


Harry wiped her tear away.


“I love you too. Let me show you just how much.”

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         


              Hermione smiled to herself as she woke up from her blissful nap. She felt Harry’s arm draped around her as he slept soundlessly beside her. She carefully turned around, wanting to watch Harry as he slept. He a faint smile planted on his face. There was no doubt in her mind that he was in such bliss as she was. She loved him dearly and was so happy to have had shared something so intimate and so beautiful with him. For the first time in a long, she felt like everyone else had vanished from the world. It was just him and her. Harry and Hermione. Nobody else existed. Just this once

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The Real Thing: There For You


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