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DARE OR DARE by numberonedracolover
Chapter 2 : An unwanted kiss
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story only the initial plot
Just so you know when the person who is doing the dare it will change to their point of view, than change back when they return to the group. this chapter contains scenes of a mild sexual nature

“I guess Malfoy chickened out. I knew he was all talk, and that he would never actually play with us, he would rather be a snitch."

Ron, Hermione and Harry were all sitting in a circle in front of the fire, each of them had the same thought running through their mind. What would be the worst dare possible to give to Draco?

"Ron this is all your fault. If you would have just kept your mouth shut, Malfoy would not have known about this game in the first place, therefore would not be telling on us now. "

"Hermione if Malfoy and his two followers play, than it would make the game more interesting, because if you think about it six is way better than three.”

Harry looked at Hermione who seemed to look like she sort of agreed with him, about the three being better than six comment, but it didn't mean that she liked that fact.

"Besides Malfoy will have to show up sooner or later, after all this is his room too." Hermione was looking at the entrance to the dorm, praying that Draco had decided to stay in Pansy’s room tonight.

"Well well, I am surprised that any of you showed up to play". Draco was standing in the middle of Blaise and Pansy as he always did; the three Slytherins were slowly walking up to the three friends that were sat on the floor next to the fire place.

The six students were sat in the circle for about ten minutes, until the silence got the better off Draco and he decided to take control of the situation.

"This is ridiculous, Pansy go and get me that empty bottle on the side, so that we can get this game started."

Pansy of course did as she was told, and went to collect the bottle. The only reason Pansy put up with all of Draco’s crap was because she loved him, but of course Draco did not return those feelings.

"Hold on one God dam minute, who made you the leader? This was my idea so I will take charge." Ron stood up and ran to the bottle before Pansy could reach it than he hurried back to his space between Hermione and Harry.

"What’s his problem has he got his second hand knickers in a twist". The three Slytherins all burst into laughter, even Hermione and Harry gave out a very silent giggle but of course Ron did not find it funny.

"Right if we are done with our childish games, lets spin the bottle ill spin first."

Ron span the bottle around, the whole group waited in anticipation of who would be first one to do a dare.

"The first one to do a dare is Pansy. And the person who gives her a dare is Hermione."

Hermione began to think of every dare she could think of, after about five or six ideas she settled on her first one.

"I've got one. You have to go into the Gryffindor common room find Neville longbottom, bring him here to the heads dorm and kiss him in front of us all for one whole minute and you have to use tongues."

The circle was genuinely shocked that Hermione could come up with a dare like that, never mind one that involved a fellow Gryffindor.

"I am not doing that, what kind of sick person are you I would never kiss him it is vile."

"You have to otherwise you have to suffer the electric shock for ten mins." Draco, who was trying to push Pansy out of the door with a little help from Blaise, was happy that he would be free from her even if it was just for 2 minutes.

"Fine, Fine I’m going, I won’t be long Drakie don't worry."



Gryffindor common room

Pansy’s POV.

This is going to be disgusting; I cannot believe that I am actually going to go through with this dare. I mean I'm going to cheating on Draco and with a fat dumb bastard like Neville. I hope that he brushes his teeth before he goes to bed, otherwise I am going to be stuck with the taste of garlic in my mouth. How the hell am I supposed to find my way through this shit hole? Have they never heard of the word hygiene?

The boys are so messy; I mean have they never heard of a washing machine or a bin?

"Neville, Neville, NEVILLE WAKE UP" For god sake is he dead or something, At least I can say that I tried to wake him up nicely at first.

I lifted the glass of water that was on the table near Nevile's bed, and was holding it over Nevile's head. Should I? Yes I think I should. If he doesn't have the brains to wake up when someone is calling his name than why the hell should I have the decency to wake him up politely?

I tipped the glass of water onto Nevile's face. It was cold enough to wake Neville up and with a little scream; which made me smile.

"Right listen here fat boy, I’m playing a game of Dare and Dare, and unfortunately my dare is to take you to the heads dorm and kiss you in front of the others, so come on get up".

Neville took one look at me and turned over so that he was facing the wall, that’s it I’m dragging his covers of him and took out and just for fun ill use my wand.

"You will get up now, and you will come with me to the heads dorm one way or another. And for your sake I would do it the way that`s safe because I’m not in the mood to play nice."

Neville rose from the bed and placed his chicken shaped slippers on his feet and began to walk out the door towards the heads common room.

I cannot believe I am actually going through with this, just wait till it’s that filthy little mudbloods turn, and it's me that picks what dare she does, she is so going to regret this my dare will have her begging for the electric shock spell. And I will be happy to give it to her.

"Pansy can I ask you a question"? Neville had stepped in front of me and began looking at the floor.

"What ever it had better be quick, because the sooner we get the sooner we can get this over with."

For god sake what does he want to ask me, oh God please tell me that he has kissed a girl before because I do not want to be Nevile’s first kiss, that would be a nightmare he would be obsessed with me.

"It’s just that well I have never kissed a girl before." Neville had a tear falling from his eye, and was now looking directly at me.

"OH GOD. This cannot be happening to me, why do you have to be such a freak you're in your last year and you haven't kissed a girl before."

Neville had wiped the tear that had fallen from his eye and straightened his back.

"Well not all of us can be a complete slag like you, although it must run in your family from what I have heard about your mum."

"Why you cheeky little..."

"Come on, were here now." Neville had already spoken the password and had entered the room.

That little git I swear he is so going to get a slap, if he says one more thing.


"We were starting to think that you had chickened out on us Pansy."

Draco was looking at Neville who was surprised to see the group of people that were playing together, and was shocked that they all actually seemed to be civilized with one another.

"Oh so it’s all you that are playing, cool can I play?" Neville looked at the group with pleading eyes, but before anyone could say anything Draco answered for them all.

"No. The reasons why is, one I hate you, Two you're boring and three I really hate you." Draco’s trademark smirk had crept into his pale complexion that was looking directly at Neville.

"OK OK, stop stalling. Pansy you know what to do so go on hurry it up." Ron looked very impatient as did the rest of the group; Hermione pulled out her video camera and started to record.

"Ok why are you recording this? This was not part of the plan" Pansy had moved away from Neville who already had his eyes closed and his lips ready to be kissed.

"Well I thought that once we have finished the game we could look back at the dares that we all did, or maybe the really funny ones we could show to the whole school. Hermione had already begun recording, as no objections were made to the filming of the dares.

"Here goes nothing it. Eww eww eww eww."

Pansy had leaned into Neville and had began kissing him, although as both were so caught up in the moment than had been expected, the strangest thing happened, for some strange reason Pansy grabbed Nevile’s head closer to hers and began kissing him more intensely. After three whole minutes Pansy released her grip from the love struck Neville and took her place back in the circle.

"What the hell, you looked like you actually enjoyed that kiss Pansy." Blaise was eyeing up Pansy who didn’t look fazed by her friends questioning.

"Well I thought that I might as well put on a good show, if this clip is going to get shown to the whole school I don't want people to think that I am a bad kisser." Pansy spun the bottle again before anyone else could say anything.

Neville left the room and the rest of the students carried on with their game.

"Ok the next person is Harry." and the person that will dare him is Blaise"

A/N again please review I hope that you enjoyed the chapter, again plz review and any dares are welcome.

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DARE OR DARE: An unwanted kiss


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