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Harry Potter and The Dragon of Dawn by Argetlam22
Chapter 29 : Lingering Evil
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                                                           Chapter 29

                                                          Lingering Evil







A pair of eyes regarded the boy and the dragon warily as they flew over, then watched as they disappeared. With a relieved sigh, the scorched body rolled over. She had been sure he had seen her, but he probably hadn't recognized her. She sighed, then chuckled.


Stabbed in the chest, then burnt by a dragon, and she had survived. She had survived! Not many could claim that. Not that she would be going around bragging about it. She looked in the direction Harry had gone. That filthy little brat had actually beat her. She had been a fool not to expect those Animagus abilities to pop up, The problem was, her transformations were erratic, and tended to revert at the worst of times. She didn't trust those abilities of hers like she did her other powers.


She frowned. He had gone far in his training. But he still had far to go. She could only hope that next time, he wouldn't be quite finished with the training. For if he mastered his powers, she wasn't sure she could defeat him.


She clenched her fists, then winced at something dug into her charred palm. Her form had changed back to regular Hannah, which made her scowl. She hated this body, this look. It reminded her of the man and his Mudblood mate...That's the shred of soul in me speaking, she thought suddenly, and shook her head slightly to banish the thought, wincing as her head pounded from the small movement. Turning her hand a little, she looked down at the marble she still held, and smirked. The foolish child hadn't thought to check her for teleportation devices. Too bad for him. Now he would have to deal with her again. And the next time they met...


She snarled viciously. “The next time we meet, that boy is mine!” a cold, high note crept into her voice, and her eyes flashed scarlet. “One way or another, I will have his blood on my hands!”


She shivered, closing her eyes, and when she opened them again, they were her normal, brown eyes. “It wouldn't do to be overly hasty about this,” she muttered. “Haste brings about mistakes, and that we can't have.”


She glanced up at the sky. “I know where you're going, my brother,” she said softly. “You want to bring down the great Dragon of Dusk. Hehe...hopefully, that beast won't do you too much damage. Just incapacitate with you. I would've liked to play with you, but I paid for that before. Now, I'll just kill you.”


She struggled to her feet, then fell back with a cry of pain. She glared at the sky. “First,” she whispered, “I'll heal myself. Then, I shall make preparations for you, brother. For when you reach your final destination, I'll be waiting. I'll be waiting, and when we meet again, it'll end. It'll all end...and you'll die.” A high, cold tone entered her voice again, and her eyes gleamed scarlet once more. She began to laugh, then coughed as her chest burned.


She lay back, contemplating her revenge, her eyes filled with stars. “You'll die,” she whispered again.


And smiled.




************************     ******************************

And thus ends Dragon of Dawn. Keep an eye out for Harry Potter and The Dragon of Dusk. As I promised, I'm going to explain what this book was all about...its purpose. Well, first Harry had to make the effort to deliver the egg. But I had the idea of bringing the Lord Voldemort into it, and thought of blood...sibling! If there was a blood connection (and with magic, there's all sorts of ways to cover up such a connection) then the soul would be forced out of Harry by the curse, and the soul would travel into the next person. This adds a little more mystery and drama, and with the sister being defeated, the dragon of dawn is brought into his next stage of development in becoming a well-built, powerful dragon worthy of being Harry's partner in war-fighting. So, basically, the whole Voldemort-in-Harry's-sister thing was to put more into the story, and also to develop Dominion, one of many such steps. And in the next story, Dragon of Dusk, htye will both be training, and it will be a slightly different style than these past two stories, I think. So, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the third and final part of the Dragonlore Trilogy!

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