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DARE OR DARE by numberonedracolover
Chapter 1 : Rons ego
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters just the story line .

"PSSSST Harry."

"What is it Ron."

"I need to ask you something."


Snape, who had noticed the two friends talking in his class, was now slowly making his way over to them. Neither Harry nor Ron saw professor Snape coming to them but as soon as he taped them on the shoulder, they knew.

"Ow! What the hell did you do that for? Seriously do you know what you are Professor?" Ron turned around to face Snape, who by the look on his face he did not really care. 

"Mr Weasley, it was a simple tap on the shoulder I hardly touched you."

"You are a child abuser! Did your parents not love you when you were a child? So now as you have gotten older, you now feel the need to take it out on us poor helpless children."

The whole class burst into laughter including the Slytherins, as no one had expected anything like that to even enter Ron’s brain, never mind it coming out of his mouth.

"Mr Weasley my childhood has gotten nothing to do with you, and besides the are many reasons why I chose to tap you, first of all I hate your face so much that it makes me sick, Secondly I was trying to get you focused on the lesson and last but certainly not least, I am the teacher you are the student, therefore I can do whatever pleases me. And it just so happens that making your life hell pleases me."

"You can not do anything that you want! Don't you have to follow what your great Lord tells you to do?" Snape who at first was taken back by Ron’s statement was now contemplating either to A. kill Ron or B. play along with his game.

"Is that so, Mr. Weasley? Because if my memory is correct doesn't the great lord want you dead? So wouldn't I have already killed you by now if did I answered to him."

The whole room was silent; they were all just sat there staring at Snape. Snape who had not changed his facial expression was slowly walking back to the front of the class.

"And do you wanna know why the Dark Lord wants you dead Mr Weasley? It's because along with everyone else in this sad little world, the dark lord also hates your stupid face."

"HA HA, not funny." Ron was trying to hold back the tears that were now forming in hid eyes, so he turned his focus to the potions book that he was supposed to be reading at the start of the lesson.

"Well I thought it was to Mr Weasley." Snape returned to teaching his class, reassured that there would be no more distractions.

"We seem to have finished class ten mins early today, so you may all go and talk to your friends, while I go speak to professor McGonagall about an important matter."

As soon as Snape left the room Hermione rushed over to were Ron and Harry were sitting.

"Ron what the HELL is wrong with you? Do you have a death wish? Seriously you know how dangerous Snape can be."

"Hermione will you just shut it for one minute, I need to ask you something that is really important." Ron looked around the room to see if anyone was looking, than decided that it was safe enough to say what he had wanted to say for the whole hour.

"Go on than Ron tell us." Hermione and Harry had both leaned closer to Ron, so that they could hear this supposedly important thing that he had to tell them both.

"OK, how about we play Truth or dare tonight in the common room?" Ron looked at both his friends who looked very puzzled.

"Let me get this straight Ron, you nearly got detention, looked around the room to see if anyone could hear, just to ask us to play a game of truth or dare?"

Hermione and Harry looked at their friend who at the moment did not have any idea why Hermione was in such a bad mood over his idea.

"Yes, so what do you say? Do you wanna play truth or dare tonight?" Ron had not noticed that his voice had risen, and that it had caught the interest of someone of the Slytherins table.

"So the golden trio is planning on playing a banned game." Draco was giving the golden trio his trademark smirk, his two followers Blaise and Pansy, had now taken their place at the side of Draco.

"And why is that any business of yours Malfoy?" Harry had got up from his seat, and was now only a few inches away from Draco.

"Its just that I like a game of truth or dare as much as the next person, and wondered if we could join you tonight."

"Piss off you stupid git, what makes you think that we would want any of you playing with us." Ron also rose from his chair and took his place next to Harry, but with Ron being a coward had taken the place in front of Pansy.

"Its either we all play together, or Dumbledore finds out and you all get punished, and I stand around laughing at you."

"You’re such a snitch Malfoy. But fine whatever, it's not like you would do any of the dares anyway, you're to much of a coward." Ron turned to return to his seat but was intercepted by Draco.

"OH Weasley by the way, I do not play truth or dare that game is for two year olds. I play a much more adult version of it, I like to call it dare or dare." Draco smirked at Ron, who was pissed of with the fact that Draco always had to do one better than everyone else.

"Why cant you tell the truth Malfoy?"

"Obviously I can, for example you are a ugly ginger. Its just that I personally think that only cowards pick the option of truth, and since well most of us here are not cowards, why would we need the option of truth." Hermione was giving Ron the pleading eye to not give into his ego, but of course she knew that he would take no notice of her.

"Tonight seven pm, heads dorm."

"See you in my room than." Draco turned gracefully away and walked out of the room with his two followers.

"Payback time Malfoy” The golden trio smiled at one another and collected their books and walked out of the room to the great hall.

Sorry for this chapter being up one minute than down the next, it was because it got devalidated it. sorry:). I will fix the other chapters as soon as possible I promise. :)

A/N please review and if you have any dares feel free to ask me to put them in, as if they are good I will make sure they go in. :)

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DARE OR DARE: Rons ego


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