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Harry Potter and The Dragon of Dawn by Argetlam22
Chapter 27 : Dragon Rage
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                                                            Chapter 27

                                                           Dragon Rage




Hannah gaped at him. “What is this?” she gasped.


I'm guessing you haven't mastered your Animagus forms yet, he said smugly. She blinked, and shook her head.


“I hadn't believed you would be that far yet,” she said. “But it seems I was mistaken.”


Harry grinned inwardly. He pushed the rage down, calming himself, and suddenly, he was human again. He looked at himself, then back up at Hannah, who was still gawking at him. He smiled and focused. With a flash of light, the sword of Gryffindor appeared in his hand.


“Try fighting the elements, and my sword,” said Harry, and he jumped at her. She stepped sideways, and when he landed, she pointed her wand at him. But a gust of wind pushed her arm away, and she was forced to duck as he swung the blade at her head. Hannah spun aside to dodge a blast of flame, then countered the next blast with a jet of water.


Harry caused the ground beneath her to buckle, and she floated away in a swirling cyclone of air. Raising her hands, she sent several large chunks of rock bursting from the ground at him. With flicks of his wrist, Harry made pillars of stone emerge before him, blocking the rocks. With another wave of his arm, he conjured water above her, forming a blanket which he dropped on her.


She shrieked and fell, but with a sharp motion of her arms, she parted the layer of liquid, so that it would pass around her. Harry transformed the water into ice, making a pair of icy bloacks which he proceeded to force on her. Scowling, Hannah blasted the ice with air, but it reformed and sqeezed against her. With a howl, she fired a curse at Hermione, who stood with Narcissa watching the battle in fear.


Harry whirled and gestured, and a wall of stone erupted before the spell, shattering beneath its force. Harry quickly seized the shards with his powers, and redirected them toward Hannah. They shot toward his sister like a swarm of unusually large insects, ready to pummel her to death.


She frowned, then smiled. A wave of her arm caused a massive wave of air to sweep the rock away, tumbling to the ground. Another sharp gesture caused the earth to shake. Harry heard a cry of surprise and turned to see a huge crack opening beneath Hermione and Narcissa. They staggered, trying to run, but slipped and fell, sliding into the crevice.


Harry stared in horror as they gripped the lip of the yawning crack. He turned back to Hannah, who was beaming wickedly. “Let them go,” he said slowly, thinking hard. “Let them go, and you can have me.”


She laughed. “You really think you can bargain with me right now?” she asked scornfully. “After I have finished with you, I can finish them. But go and try to save them...if you can reach them safely.” She cackled.


Harry turned and looked at his friends. They were shaking their heads furiously at him, having apparently heard Hannah's words. “Harry, don't risk your life to save us!” cried Hermione. “We can hold on, just go and stop her!” Even as she spoke, the earth shook more, and Hermione slipped a little.


“Go,” Narcissa yelled. “If you break her concentration, you can stop this! There's a chance!”


Harry's eyes widened, and he turned to find a jet of green light speeding at him. He raised the sword, and the curse struck the blade, resulting in an explosion. He stumbled back, stunned. Another curse struck the blade and bounced off, burning the ground nearby. He looked up at Hannah, who was advancing upon him, wand extended.


“You can't hide behind that sword forever, dear brother,” said Hannah, watching him closely. “Sooner or later, you'll waver. And'll die.” She cast another spell. “Suppresso!”


The spell struck the blade, and he was abruptly pushed backward by an incredible force. He struggled, but couldn't fight back against it. He was being forced back toward the chasm...The ground's trembling was becoming stronger. He had to act, had to break her focus.


He twisted the blade around, and the force vanished as the spell pushed past him. He spun and without hesitation, he lifted his arm and hurled the sword, straight at Hannah. Her mouth opened in shock, and she raised her hand in a vain attempt to stop it. The sword flew at her...and veered away. She smirked. “Don't attack me with a weapon that was once Gryffindor's,” she admonished. “We share ancestors, remember.”


Harry stared at her, nonplussed. There seemed to be no way out. No way out... She raised the wand. “Goodbye, brother,” she said. “In your next life, perhaps you shouldn't rescue every maiden in distress.”


“No!” yelled Harry. He reached with his heart for his last hope. “Dominion! Help!” There was an answering roar, and Dominion appeared. Diving from the sky, the dragon slammed onto the ground, turning to regard Hannah coldly. Jaws gaping, it let loose a river of flame on Hannah. Harry fully expected her to be finished, but she whipped her arm around and the fire circled her. It swooped straight into Dominion's chest, causing him to roar in pain. He slumped, and his eyes closed.


Harry, observing, felt a surge of apprehension wash through him. No, he thought. Don't let him die. Don't let him fail. His thoughts froze when a strange pink-white glow shone beneath the dragon's eyelids. Dominion opened his eyes, and his jaws. But this time, instead of fire, radiance poured from the maw, a dazzling pink white light that blinded Harry. It rushed down and piled onto a surprised Hannah, who screamed in pain, falling to her knees. Her wand dropped from her shaking fingers and rolled away.


“What is that?” asked Harry in puzzlement. “A Beacon of Hope,” called Hermione, still struggling to maintain a hold on the edge of the crack. The ground shuddered again, and she slipped. She cried out, then added, “It hurts those who serve the Dark. I'm surprised Dominion can use it.”


Harry only half-heard this, as he ran to help his friend. Dropping onto his hands and knees in front of her, he grabbed her amrs and pulled. “Come on,” he grunted, and slowly, she rose, scrambling up beside him at last.


“Let's get Narcissa now,” she said hurriedly, and ran over to Narcissa, who was pale and trembling. “About time,” she gasped as Harry and Hermione took hold of her. “I'm not sure I could have held on much longer.” She glanced past Harry and commented lightly, “She has her wand again. Be on guard, Potter.”


Harr turned to see Hannah gripping her wand. His sister looked at him, and snarled, “Resisto Positivus!” The light shifted from her, and she stood, wobbling. “Enough of this!” she snapped, and held out her hand. The sword darted into it, and she ran at Harry, screaming, raising the sword high above her head.


Harry allowed his rage to fill him again, and he was suddenly looking down on her. She glared, and stabbed at him fiercely. The blade blounced off, as he had known it would. He lashed out, knocking her to the ground with a blow from his clawed forelimb. She sprawled, snarling, and tried to raise her wand, but he pinned her arm down with a talon.


My turn, he said, and let loose a small barrage of flame on her. She howled in agony, and he let go of her before becoming human again. She doused the flames with her wand, then turned it on him. But he had the sword in his hand now, and deflected the spell with a flick of the blade. With a lightning swipe, he lopped her hand off, rendering her wandless. Then, he stood there, regarding her.


“Sorry, Hannah,” he said, “but I can't let this go on. I have to stop it.” He raised the sword. “Goodbye.” And he brought it down into Hannah's chest, ignoring her scream of hatred and pain. He pulled it out quickly, and Dominion breathed a flood of fire on her, causing her to flail. There was an explosion of white light, and she lay still.


Harry breathed hard. He regretted having to kill her, but there was no other option. She had been insane, and he was forced to end her. He sighed, then turned away from the ruined corpse. Hermione stood there, watching him sadly.


“Let's go,” she said softly. “There's nothing left here.”


“I'll take Ronald's body,” said Narcissa, and she carefully lifted him using a wave of air.


“You go on,” ordered Harry. “I need to be alone for a bit.” They looked at him, then nodded.


“Head to the Ministry,”commanded Dominion. “We will be needed there.”


Narcissa raised her eyebrows, but made no comment. “Don't take too long, Harry,” Hermione said to him. Harry nodded, and watched as they left. He turned back to the flaming body, and put out the flames with a gesture. Forcing himself to look upon her face, he couldn't recognize any of her features. He felt a strong sorrow grip him, but he resisted it.


“I had no choice,” he told himself firmly. “I had to kill her.”


Indeed you did, Harry Potter, said Eve's voice from the air. And now, it's time.


“Time for what?” asked Harry in confusion.


Time, answered Eve, to finish Dominion.


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in the next chapter...

“And if you happen to be in a dark room with no light?” inquired Eve gently. “Your eyes are useless in blackness.”

“I can use fire to help me,” declared Harry. “I have the elements, remember.”


Eve's voice sighed gently. “Harry Potter, trust my words,” she said. “He will need his eyes. Vision is a crucial tool to have during the upcoming struggles you both will face.”

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A couple more chapters to go...

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