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Co-Captains by evanlyn
Chapter 3 : Gossip
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Sophie, Amy and Rose always sat together at breakfast, and the morning after the Quidditch trials was no exception. The three Gryffindors sat at an empty space on the Ravenclaw table (the system of only sitting at your own houses table had ended long ago) and began to eat. Once the blurriness had left their eyes, they began to talk.


“Have you heard what people are saying about you?” Amy asked Rose in a rush.


“No,” Rose answered, raising her eyebrows in surprise. “Are people talking about me?”


“Oh, yeah,” Amy said, nodding.


“I haven’t heard anything! What are they saying?” Sophie was always the first to want to gossip.


“Well, this morning someone came up to me and asked-”


“Who?” Interrupted Sophie.


“Does it matter?” Amy wondered out loud. “Anna May.”




Amy ignored Sophie.


“She asked me if it was true that Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy are dating.”


“What?!” Rose screeched.


“I know, what a load of bollocks, right?” Amy said, shaking her head. “As if. I told her it was rubbish.”


“Thanks,” Rose said softly, cringing at the idea of the rumour.


“There’s more,” Amy said in a tone that implied she didn’t want to tell what ‘more’ there was.


“What do you mean, ‘there’s more’?” Sophie asked excitedly. “Another rumour?”

“Not really. Kind of. Well, Anna said that it had to be true because ‘everyone knows’ that Rose and Malfoy hooked up at the start of the summer and have been together ever since,” Amy said, shaking her head in disbelief. “And that you two are desperately in love.”


“They probably think that the tension of the Quidditch competition last year somehow turned into sexual tension.” Sophie stated in a matter of fact manner.


“Probably,” Amy agreed.


“And they probably think that Rosie and Malfoy are having sex,” Sophie said in a sing song voice.


“Well, goes without saying,” Amy laughed.


Rose was getting a sore neck from looking alternatively at Sophie and Amy.


“Stop it! Shut up!” She cried out. “That’s sounds exactly like the first rumour anyways. I thought you said there was more?”


“There is,” Amy said.


“Well...?” Rose asked as though speaking to a young child. “Tell me what it is...”


“You don’t want to hear it,” Amy said, shrugging.


“Tell me!” Sophie said excitedly, but Amy shook her head.


“No, you would tell her.”


“Oh, for Merlins sake just tell me,” Rose said, exasperated with the tip toeing around the subject.


“They said Scorpius got Captain but he insisted you be made his Co=Captain so he wouldn’t have to go to France without you.” Amy said all in one breath. Rose slapped her hand down on the table, hard, making a goblet fall over and spill pumpkin juice all over the floor.


“Why does everyone seem to assume Scorpius is the ‘real’ Captain and I’m just a hanger-on?” She asked angrily. “Maybe I was the first choice, maybe he was the afterthought.”


“I think you’re both equal, hon,” Amy said, rubbing Rose’s back trying to calm her down.


“I guess because Slytherin won last year most people assumed Scorpius would be given the Captain position,” Sophie said, unthinkingly.


“Oh, gee, thanks for that,” Rose retorted sarcastically.


“Hey, you asked, I answered,” Sophie shrugged.


The rumour seemed to gain strength as the day went on, the members of the Quidditch team were announced by a list being put up on the general school noticeboard in the Entrance Hall. The members were dogged with questions about Rose and Scorpius, as Rose found out when her cousin Lily came to talk to her.


“It’s so annoying,” the doe-eyed Lily began. “I mean, no offence, but I got into the team and I want people to respect me for that. But everyone is just asking about you!! It’s like they’ve skipped over us all together.”


“I’m so sorry Lily. Just tell it’s not true and they’ll forget it eventually.”


“I want to celebrate the fact I got on the team!” Lily said, jumping up and down on the spot. Rose noticed that Lily always seemed to have way too much energy. “We need to party, Captain.”


“I think that’s more Scorpius’ area of expertise,” Rose said. “I’ll mention it to him, okay? I agree, we do need to do something to mark the moment. It’s going to be way exciting this year, but also hard work.”


Lily nodded and bounced away, as Rose started out towards the grounds. She didn’t have anything to do and wandering around to no where in particular was one of her favourite things to do. Out by the lake she saw Scorpius sitting at the base of a tree, reading a letter. He looked a bit stressed but Rose figured she may as well talk to him about the party idea now.


“Hey, Scorpius, can I talk to you for a minute?” She said, walking over to him and standing awkwardly near him. He gestured to the ground next to him.


“Pull up a pew,” he said, smiling and casually folding the letter and putting it in his pocket. “What’s up?”


“Is that important?” Rose asked, pointing to where the letter was.


“Nope. Don’t worry about that,” he said, with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. Rose decided not to push it.


“Lily mentioned that we might want to celebrate the team getting together,” Rose said.


“Sure,” Scorpius replied, shrugging. “Sounds like a good idea.”


“Well...I thought you might want to organise it,” Rose mentioned, trying to sound as though she was doing him a favour.


He shook his head and leaned back against the tree, the bright morning sunlight reflecting like diamonds in his almost-white blonde hair.


“Not that I can’t throw and awesome party, Rose, but it seems like you’re making me do all the work.”


“I thought this was your sort of thing,” she shrugged, genuinely apologetic. “You know, you’re the fun-loving Captain and I’m the slave-driving bitch.”


Scorpius groaned.


“I’m sorry I said that, okay? I’m sure you can understand how it feels to find out you’re only a Co-Captain. I was frustrated.”


Rose just looked out across the lake.


“What about this party then?” She asked.


“Tomorrow night, Hufflepuff common room.”


Rose was going to protest, but then simply nodded. Scorpius knew more about this kind of thing, and she had never been to the Hufflepuff house common room. Maybe it was a nightclub or something.


“Told you it was true,” a deep voice stated. Rose and Scorpius looked up to see two lanky boys walking by, watching them.


“Why don’t you snog her, Malfoy?” One of them jeered. They both laughed and walked on.


“Uh...what was that?” Scorpius said dumbly.


“Oh, haven’t you heard?” Rose said angrily, standing up and preparing to walk off. “You are madly in love with me and that’s why you begged Longbottom to make me your Co-Captain. Because, you know, there is no other explanation as to why I could get such a position!”


She walked off, leaving Scorpius in a bemused state. He was grateful she had taken his mind of the letter in his pocket, but he returned to it now he was alone again.



We are trying to reason with Longbottom on this matter but he seems to be unwavering. Try to convince Miss Weasley to leave. You must get a place on an International Quidditch team, or all the money we’ve spent on your training will have been for nothing. If the Scouts at the final of the Schools Quidditch Cup hear you are just a Co-Captain, you’ll be a laughing stock. You must do something about this situation immediately!


Mum and Dad.


Scorpius scrunched the letter into a crumpled ball and threw it into the lake. He resented the idea of his parents meddling in his affairs and even more that nothing he ever did was good enough for them. Why couldn’t they see he was just as frustrated as he was? Why didn’t they realise thet there really was nothing he could do about the situation?


Why couldn’t they ever just be proud of him?

Authors Note: I know it's short but I felt it was the right length. Please also read my one-shot "What Lily Loves" which I wrote for a challenge. Have a nice day!!

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Co-Captains: Gossip


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