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The Real Thing by pirette08
Chapter 13 : The End Where I begin
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A/N: This is getting heated!! I will warn you that you will be very very frustrated with Harry and Hermione and the decisions they make, bu please have faith, I'm not putting you through all this torture for nothing =) as always, make your opinions heard! review!

Chapter 13

The End Where I Begin

Sometimes we don’t learn from our mistakes

And sometimes we’ve no choice but to walk away


Trying to break my heart when it’s broke

Trying to hang me high when I’m choked

Wanna rain on me when I’m soaked, soaked to the skin


The End Where I Begin” The Script


       The next morning, Harry got up and walked towards the breakfast table. He had a free day, something that was as rare as invisibility cloaks. He spotted Hermione at the end of the table, eating a slice of toast accompanied by a glass of orange juice. There was a massive stack of newspapers in the seat next to hers.


“Good morning.” said Harry flatly.


He wasn’t angry at her, but he was frustrated with the whole situation.


“Morning.” Hermione responded curtly.


Harry sat down and Kreacher brought in his breakfast.


“Thanks” Harry muttered to Kreacher.


“What’s with all the newspapers?” Harry asked, taking a bite off his toast.


“I’m just looking the ads for any good flats.” said Hermione.


Harry choked on his toast.

“What?” he sputtered. “but you’re living here.”


“I know.” said Hermione simply. “But I am making more money now as a Junior in the department, so I thought I should find a place of my own.”


“Because living here is so unbearable?” Harry asked hotly.


“Harry, there’s no need to take it personally.” said Hermione seriously. “There comes a time where everyone wants to have their own place.”


“Ginny put you up to this didn’t she?” Harry asked.


“No.” Hermione replied.


“Don’t lie Hermione, because it doesn’t work with you.” said Harry irritably. “I know Ginny had something to do with this.”


“And what if she did?” said Hermione. “You don’t think it’s best for everyone if I just find my own place?”


“Only better for you. That way you won’t have to choose between me or Ron and you can keep up your lovely little charade.” said Harry crossly.


Hermione felt hot tears brimming her eyes.


“This is exactly why I am doing this.” said Hermione, her voice shaking slightly. “It is pointless to carry on with something that no one is happy with.”


“Only because you want to make harder than it already is.” said Harry.


       There was an eerie silence looming in the air as Harry and Hermione stared at each other intensively. There was too much tension in the room.


“I think I made a mistake.” said Hermione tearfully.


Harry kept staring at her.


“I should’ve never told you what I felt.” she said shakily. “because it’s not going to change anything. It’s never going to be us.”


“Why can’t it be us?” Harry asked as he stepped up in front of her, forcing her to look at him.


“Because Ginny’s my friend and she loves you. Ron is my boyfriend and he loves me.” said Hermione her face streaked with tears. “We’re going against the current. And if we keep doing this, we won’t even have our friendship in the end.”

Harry let Hermione go.


“Our friendship is already dead.’ said Harry coldly. “You took care of that by not putting an end to this.”


Hermione looked wretchedly at Harry.


“I’m really sorry that you can’t understand why it must be this way.” she said sadly. “I just hope one day you can, and that everything can go back to the way it was.”


           Hermione grabbed her stack of newspapers and walked away to her room. She didn’t know how the Weasley’s would receiver her at the burrow, but she knew she could not stay in Grimmauld Place a second longer. She gathered only her essentials, she would ask Ron to get her stuff later. She grabbed her wand, twisted in mid-air and vanished.

*          *          *          *          *          *
             Harry did not know why he was pressing the issue, but he felt guilty at making Hermione cry. It was not something he was used to and it was definitely not something he liked. He walked towards her room. The door had been left ajar, and the room had scattered clothes everywhere. He immediately knew what it all meant. She had really moved out. He wished he had a time turner to take back what he had said. He knew that that horrible phrase he had said : ‘Our friendship is already dead.’ was what upset Hermione the most.


             He sat on her bed and looked around. The room he had spent so much effort in making perfect for Hermione, would now be empty. He looked around and spotted a picture propped on Hermione’s bedside table. It was a wizard photograph of Hermione and himself, taken when they had spent long periods of time cooped up together in Grimmauld Place. It really wasn’t that long ago, yet it felt like a decade had passed since then. Things weren’t supposed to be harder when your bestfriends were in your life. They were supposed to be happy and approving of them being together. He hated that things had gotten this complicated. What he hated even more was how everyone in the world seemed to want to make them feel like their love was wrong. It was as if it was wrong to love someone no one else expected you to fall for. He honestly felt like he had unwillingly and unwittingly gotten himself into an arranged marriage. Everyone just expected him to marry his best mate’s sister when all he really wanted was to be with the one person who had truly stuck by him through thick and thin.


               It was painful to think he had placed himself in a dead end. Finally realizing his feelings for the girl, he had always loved, way too late. It seemed like fate was punishing him for being so slow.


           He smiled as he watched Hermione and his photo self laugh at an unknown joke. Hermione was too important to him to not have her in his life. He had also once told her that he appreciated her more than she’d ever know and he knew it was not just lip service. He knew it might be hard to be the friends they had been before all the drama had occurred, but it was all better than to not have her in his life at all.

       He grabbed his cloak and thought of the first place he knew he would go to if the roles had been reversed.


A/n: the fight was kind of weak, but I hope the next chapter will pull at your heart strings. They are not going to be together in the next one but don’t fret. It’s all part of the plan.

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The Real Thing: The End Where I begin


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