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Haunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black by Jenna822
Chapter 5 : Ravenclaw in the Library
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Ravenclaw in the Library

Regulus and Topher decided to wait until Saturday to get the Potions book from the library. They wanted plenty of time to devote to it and their classwork seemed to be piling up fairly quickly. After having breakfast and failing at many attempts to get Will to go along, the two boys made their way to the library and up to the desk.

The stern woman looked between Regulus and Topher several times, her eyes darting to the note over and over, trying to detect any hint of it being fake. Finally, with nothing to refuse over, the woman retreated into the back and fetched the book.

Regulus gave the woman his best attempt at a smile and took the book from the desk. “Thank you,” he said quickly, trying to hold the hostility out of his voice.

“Back to the commons?” Topher asked, starting towards the door.

“Nah, Snape could overhear us there. And...I'm avoiding Elizabeth,” Regulus admitted, redirecting his friend towards the back of the library. He looked over the two overstuffed couches in the corner and decided on one of the near-by tables instead. “Let's just sit here.”

“What about him?” Topher asked, pointing towards the only person sitting in the vicinity. It was a boy, sitting on one of the couches, his nose down in a book.

“Who cares? He isn't even in our House. Who's he gonna tell if he overhears?”

Topher shrugged and slid into one of the chairs along side Regulus. The shorter boy began flipping through pages while the other stared off into nothing.

“I can see why the old bat didn't wanna hand this over,” Regulus scoffed as he turned the book towards Topher. “There's some nasty potions in here. This one actually turns you inside out.”

Topher looked over at the page and grimaced at the depiction of the potion's effects. “That's disgusting,” he said with a shudder, pushing the book away from himself.

Regulus snorted a laugh and pulled the book back in front of him, then resumed flipping through the pages. “Here it is,” he announced quietly. He scanned over the page a moment, then frowned. “This looks a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

“Good luck then, I'm rubbish at Potions; you know that.” the boy leaned over to see the page better, making sure not to get uncomfortably close to Regulus. “Yeah, there's no way I can do that.”

“Me either. I manage alright...but this is...I don't know. We might have to scrap this plan, none of us are really up to it.” Regulus drummed his fingers on the table and looked back up at Topher. “Are you even listening to me?”

Topher was not, in fact, listening to Regulus. His eyes were on a leggy brunette perusing one of the nearest shelves. “I'll be right back,” he said distantly, not even looking at Regulus. He got up and walked over to the girl, smiling brightly. The brunette gave him the once over before turning her back on him. Topher frowned and tapped her lightly on the shoulder, resulting in her scoffing and storming away. The boy made a baffled face and slumped back over to the table with Regulus.

“Hey, what's Isanthus braciatus?” Regulus asked as the other boy headed back over.

“How the hell should I know? I sleep in Herbology,” Topher muttered, falling into his chair heavily. “Honestly, when are we ever gonna need to know that stuff?”

“We need to know it now,” Regulus answered with a frown.

Topher rolled his eyes and rested his head on his hand. “Just ask someone, shorty. I'm sure one of these nerds in the library on a Saturday can tell you what isany braccy or whatever is.”

Regulus narrowed his eyes at being called shorty. “In case you haven't noticed, we are in the library on a Saturday,” he pointed out. “And it's Isanthus braciatus, jerk.”

“Fluxweed,” a voice from behind the boys called out.

Regulus and Topher both slowly turned around to see the boy who was sitting on the corner couch. “What?” Topher asked, cutting his eyes over towards Regulus.

The boy closed his book and looked up at the others. “Isanthus braciatus is often called fluxweed. It's a member of the mint family. Native to the Eastern United States,” he went on, sounding much like he was reading straight from text.

“See,” Topher said, nudging Regulus with his elbow. “Told you one of these nerds could tell you.”

The boy raised his eyebrows at Topher and gave him an annoyed scowl. Regulus let out a nervous laugh and held up his hand. “He's kidding,” he said quickly. He scooped the book up, marking the page with his finger, and walked over to the couch. He took a seat a ways down the couch from the other boy turned towards him. “Fluxweed, huh? I don't suppose you know if there's any of that in the greenhouses do you?”

The boy reached up and slid his glasses back into place. “Yeah...there should be some in greenhouse five.”

“Great,” Topher said, clapping his hands together. “Let's go get it.”

“What are you making?” the boy asked before either could move. “I'm not trying to be nosy, it's just that with fluxweed, it changes. Thus the flux part. You have to pick it at different times for different potions, otherwise it won't work right.”

Regulus and Topher exchanged glances, silently nodding in agreement to let the boy assist. “Polyjuice Potion,” Regulus answered.

“Mind if I look?” the boy asked, pointing towards the book. Regulus opened it up and handed it over to him, then waited in silence as he stared down at the page. He looked around mindlessly, twisting his hands in front of him as he waited while Topher watched the leggy brunette exit the library.

“Hey, Regulus, I'm gonna take off,” Topher mumbled as he headed towards the door after the girl.

“Like hell you are!” Regulus called out, but it was too late; Topher was gone.

“Regulus huh?” the boy asked, shifting the book in his lap. “Like the star?”

“Yeah,” he answered with a grin, leaning back against the couch. “My family has this thing about stars. It's kinda weird.”

“What's your surname?”

“Black,” he answered, his voice proud and strong.

“Well,” the boy said as he turned towards Regulus and offered his hand, “Regulus Black, I'm Anthony Bonham.”

Regulus looked down at the boy's hand and shook it quickly, removing his hand as fast as he could manage. He smiled at the other boy in an effort to show that he meant no offense by the speedy release. Anthony Bonham had soft, deep blue eyes that were covered by thin, rectangle, silver framed glasses and his dirty blonde hair hung straight, just above his eyes.

“Bonham...Bonham....” Regulus repeated quietly. “That name sounds really familiar; can't place it though. What House are you in?”

Anthony handed the book back to Regulus and gave him a crooked smile that showed off his white, but slightly out of line teeth. “Ravenclaw.”

“Shoulda known,” Regulus laughed. “Why does that sound so familiar though? Bonham.”

“No idea,” the other boy answered with a shrug. “I can help you with that. If you and your mate are as rubbish as you say, you'll mess it up.” He tapped his finger on the book to indicate what he meant. “If you want, I mean. I'm really good at Potions. Got top marks on my O.W.L. last year.”

“You would do that? That's great!”

“ condition.”

“Name it.” Regulus was positively beaming at the prospect of not having to brew the potion alone.

“My condition is that whatever trouble you guys are planning with it, I don't wanna get blamed. You get caught and my name has to stay out of it.” Anthony's voice was stern, but his eyes flashed with eagerness over the potion.

Regulus put on an innocent face. “What makes you think we're gonna cause tro- Yeah, never mind. We are gonna cause trouble, but you have a deal. We get busted and we've never heard of you.” He repositioned the book in his lap to be more comfortable and stared back down at it.

“Full moon,” Anthony said, picking his book back up.

“Huh?” Regulus looked up and raised a single eyebrow at the other boy.

“You need to pick the fluxweed on a full moon,” Anthony elaborated, grinning at Regulus before averting his eyes down to his own book.

“Damn; that's weeks away. How long is this thing gonna take?” Regulus whined.

“From today...I'd say about a month and a half.” Anthony shifted back to where he had been sitting before the interruption and pulled open his book.

“Will's not gonna like that,” Regulus sighed.


“Topher's brother. He's the one that wants this in the first place.”


“Topher would be my supposed best mate that just ditched me in the library with a stranger to go chase a bint that isn't interested in him.”

Anthony laughed quietly and nodded in understanding. The two sat in silence for a while, both attending to their own books.

After a long ten minutes, Regulus slammed his book closed and sat up. “I'm not wasting my entire Saturday in the damn library. Wanna come hang out in the dungeon? See how we live down out of that big ole tower.”

The blonde smirked and tilted his head in compliance. “Sure, sounds interesting. I've never seen another common room before.” He marked his page, closed his book over and reached up to remove his glasses. He folded them up carefully and slid them inside the inner pocket of his robes.

“I saw the Gryffindor common room once, back in my first year,” Regulus mused as he stood up and straightened out his clothes. “Lots of red and gold. Fluffy chairs, everything was so bright and...cheery. A bit gross, really.”

When Anthony stood up, he reach a good half of a foot over the other boy and his build reflected that of a Beater. He stretched out and started for the door. “Let me guess, you and your buddies were causing a bit of trouble for some Gryffindors?” he asked with a smile as he led the way out of the library.

“No,” Regulus snapped, slightly offended. “I was...well I was invited by someone I used to know.”

“Someone you used to know? You don't know that someone anymore?” Anthony looked over at Regulus with a quizzical expression.

“No, I don't; not really,” Regulus answered bitterly. “Sometimes I wonder if I ever really did,” he added, biting down hard on his bottom lip; instantly, he felt relief at the familiar taste of blood.

A Note From the Author: We meet Anthony. What do you guys see in the future for our helpful Ravenclaw? Leave me some thoughts. Good or Bad. --Jenna
Now Beta'd by magic139 – Thank you!

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