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Welcome to the Chase by dream_BIG
Chapter 1 : - Flight.
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hi, everyone! so, here i am. again. with another story. again.
let me know what you think!

I am the largest fuckup on the face of the planet. It’s official.

So here I am, standing in the middle of the freaking freezing cold Quidditch pitch, praying to Merlin that the broomstick won’t kill me before I get to reach the age of seventeen.

I think I’d like to be an adult. A lot.

“Ree, just remember, take a deep breath and kick off slowly.” Rose instructed from somewhere on my right.

I snorted. Slowly. Yeah, right. More like, my foot would have a freakish spasm and despite my mental screams of protest, propel me up into the air…and then right back at the ground again.

Look on the bright side – at least I won’t have to get a mud facial again for as long as I live!

Oh yes, that’s me, Ariadne Chase, optimist extraordinaire.


“I know you can do this.” Rose said patiently.

“That makes one of us.” I muttered, shifting nervously.

“Just calm down. It’s not going to kill you.” Rose went on.

“That’s what the bloody thing wants me to think.”

“It’s really quite an amazing feeling. You feel absolutely free.”

“…and then your face gets reacquainted with the ground again.”

“No, only your face does that.” Rose smirked, and I scowled.

“Thanks, Rosie.”

“Anytime, Ree.”

I sighed and adjusted my weight again. “Alright, might as well get this over with. Er…broomstick? Please be nice?”

The broomstick didn’t respond.

Damn you, broomstick. Damn you to hell and back.

I took a deep breath, then kicked off slowly with my feet – yes…yes! I’m flying! I’m flying! I’M – bloody ow! I’m crash landing. On my face.


Yay for me.

“Stupid piece of useless shit.” I muttered angrily, spitting out a clump of mud.

“See, that’s the thing, Ree.” Rose said as she helped me up. Her lip twitched at the sight of me, but she managed to control herself. Good thing, too, otherwise I might have just taken out all of my pent-up anger on her.

I’m sure the result would not have been pretty.

“You’ve got to trust the broomstick.” Rose went on earnestly.

I guffawed loudly. “Trust it? Are you bloody mental? After the thing’s been throwing me off all day?”

“It’s because you don’t trust the broom, Ariadne.”

I stared at her.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me. It’s a cleaning implement with a charm on it, Rose!”

She looked affronted. “It is not!”

“Yes, it is!” I shot back.

“It’s a finely crafted racing broom!”


Rose took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Tell me again, Ree, as you clearly hate the sport, why in the name of Merlin you are even out here?”

I blinked innocently at her. “Well, I want to learn how to play Quidditch!”

“Ree, you can’t even fly!”

“Well, you can teach me!” I said enthusiastically, hoping she wouldn’t be able to read through my fake-ness.

“Yes, and we both know just exactly how well that’s working out, right?” Rose shot back sarcastically. “I don’t get it, Ree! You’ve been perfectly fine with not knowing how to ride a broom for years. You’ve hated Quidditch since the day you were born. Why do you suddenly care so much?”

“Well, er…Al is the Quidditch Captain. That might have something to do with it…” I muttered, looking down and wiping some mud off my cheek.

“Ree…” I looked up and saw that Rose’s face was almost tender. “You want to try out for the Quidditch team?”

“Yeah?” I tried hopefully. “Maybe then he would, you know, notice me.”

“He does notice you!” Rose said, nodding earnestly. “You’ve been over my house every Christmas, Easter and Summer break. Of course he notices you!”

“Rose, he thinks my name is Reagan.”

“Well, Ariadne isn’t exactly common, Ree.” Rose shrugged abashedly. “And we all call you ‘Ree’, so he probably just assumed that your name was Reagan.”

“Reagan is a boy’s name.” I continued. “In case you’ve forgotten, I am a girl.”

“Well, Ariadne could be a boy’s name.” Rose said reasonably.

“My name is a girl’s name.” I snapped.

“Are you sure?” Rose asked. “I mean, I don’t really get all these Greek names, so I wouldn’t –”

Yes, it is a girl’s name!” I cried, affronted. “My namesake was married to Dionysus.”

Rose looked at me for a moment. “Er…who’s that?”

I groaned, throwing my head back. “The Greek God of wine, Rose! How many times do I have to tell you this?”

“Well, I’m not Greek! How am I supposed to know?” She cried indignantly.

“It’s common knowledge!”

“To you, maybe.”

I sighed. “Okay. Fine. Let’s just get me in the air for more than three seconds and keep me there, okay?”

“Yeah. I saw what you were doing wrong – you’re leaning forward too much.” Rose instructed, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me back a bit. “Lean forward when you’re in the air to go faster.”

“Okay.” I said. “How do I stop?”

“You pull the broomstick handle up really quick.” Rose demonstrated. “Like this.”

“Alright. Alright.” I rotated my head and couple of times and adjusted my grip. “I’m going to do this now.”

“Go right ahead.” Rose said, stepping back. “Just don’t think. Let the broomstick think for you.”

I shot her a look of disbelief, but then sat straight up, kicked off slowly (HA!) and managed to rise in the air. I wobbled there for about three seconds, but stayed upright.

“Yes!” I said elatedly. “Good Broomy. Good broomstick!”

Shut up. No, don’t say a word. I don’t want to hear it.

Tentatively, I leaned forward, and the broomstick started to move.

“You’re doing it!” Rose said encouragingly. “Now see if you can go higher.”

I shot her another look that clearly said, ‘No way in freaking hell’.

“Just try it, Ree.” She sighed. “I’ll be down here to catch you if you fall.”

“Oh, that’s reassuring.” I snapped. “Last time you were too busy talking to Scorpius.”

“He’s your cousin.” Rose said, amused by the scathing way I uttered his name.


“Nothing.” She sighed again, tired of arguing with my twisted sense of logic. “Just slowly pull the handle up and lean forward just a bit.”

“If I die, it’s on your karma record.” With that, I pulled the handle up and leaned forward. I immediately shot upwards.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!” I screamed as I hurtled across the pitch. I squeezed my eyes shut against the nauseating view of the ground from up here. “ROSE! HOW DO I STOP?!”

“COME DOWN!” Rose screeched at me. “ARIADNE, COME DOWN!”

“ARE YOU CRAZY?!” I bellowed back. “I’LL CRASH!”


Panting with the effort of screaming and flying at the same time (whilst trying not to hyperventilate out of pure fear), I tentatively pulled the broomstick over to my right side, and to my immense surprise, the broomstick glided that way. I slowly opened my eye. Fuck, I’m going fast, but, Merlin, I’m actually going the way I want to!

“Haha!” I laughed, steering it the other way. I flew in a circle around the pitch, though still at my freakishly fast speed. The breeze was actually not that bad. Sure, my hair was going to be a tangled mess when I got down, but this sort of feels…nice.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s actually fun. I actually got it.


Granted, it’s a bit wobbly, but I’m FLYING!

This is a miracle. Someone, write this date down!

“Point the broomstick down!” Rose called up to me, cupping her hands around her mouth. I did, and immediately started plunging at the ground.

Bad idea. Bad fucking idea.

“I’M GOING TO DIE!” I screeched as my broomstick continued to fly straight at the ground. The air whipped past me, whistling through my hair and into my ears. The world was a blur of blue and white around me, with the glistening emerald of the grass as my final destination.

Holy Merlin, I am going to bloody die.

“Pull on the handle!” Rose seemed to be yelling frantically. “Pull on it, Ree! BLOODY PULL ON THE HANDLE OF THE FUCKING BROOMSTICK, YOU PSYCHOTIC BINT!”

What an affectionate person my best friend is, don’t you agree?

I jerked on the handle with a little too much force, then promptly fell off my broomstick with an elaborate roll-flippy thing. I slid to the mud on my back with my broomstick clutched next to me with a groan.

“Ariadne, open your eyes.” Rose’s frantic voice was saying. “Open your eyes, Ree. OPEN THEM. Oh dear Merlin, please don’t be dead!”

“Calm down, Rosie.” I muttered, opening my eyes and blinking a couple of times. The world swirled crazily around me for a minute, a whirlwind of sky and grass and Quidditch pitch and frenzied best friend.

“That. Was. Fucking. Incredible.”

Rose whipped around at the voice, and I rubbed the back of my head as I slowly sat up, wincing.

“Al!” Rose said in a rather high voice. “What are you doing here?”

I suppressed a couple of choice swear words. Just my bloody luck, really. I’ve been in love with the child since Merlin-knows-when, and he chooses now to appear and realize my existence. When I’m covered in dirt and worms (I swear there’s something alive in my hair) with tangled hair, lying in a puddle of mud.

I bet it’s a real turn on. He must be using all of his self-restraint not to jump me and my sexy mud-covered self.

“How did you do that?” Al asked me excitedly, completely ignoring Rose. I suppressed a squeal of excitement. He’s actually talking to me!

“What, fall?” I pressed my fingers onto the large, attractive bump that had formed at the back of my head. “It’s easy, really.”

“No, that dive.” He shook his head. “That dive was amazing.”

“Um.” I looked to Rose, but she just shrugged. “I wasn’t really trying to dive, I just sort of fell.”

“It was a dive.” Al said stubbornly. Ha. He’s stubborn. Just like his stubbornly messy black hair, with the glinting strands glistening like a halo of ebony around his beautiful face, and his gorgeous dark green emeralds for eyes…oh, those emeralds. I could spend days just staring into their mossy green de – SNAP OUT OF IT, GIRL.

Sorry. I’m not usually like this.

Fact: Albus Potter does funky things to my brain. I suspect it may come with the whole ‘hopelessly in love’ package I have going on for me.

I sighed and brushed some mud off my arms. “What are you doing here, anyway?” I asked him, squinting against the light as I looked up at him.

He shrugged. “I was in the library when I saw someone flying out in the pitch. You were going so fast; I just had to come out and see.”

“It’s because she didn’t know how to go any slower.” Rose put in, helping me to my feet and pulling a random worm out of my hair. She made a face at it and dropped it on the ground.


“You have to try out for the team.” Al said, completely ignoring Rose.

“I don’t know…” I said slowly. “I almost died on that broomstick.”

He waved it off. “That dive was brilliance. I’m signing you up for try-outs.”

“Okay.” I agreed instantly. I would jump off the Astronomy Tower for this kid if he asked me to.

“Let’s see…” He walked around me, looking me up and down, a thoughtful look on his face. I fidgeted nervously under his gaze.

I would say that he’s checking me out, but this isn’t in the least bit romantic. And he wouldn’t check me out anyway. He usually goes for the tall-blonde-and-gorgeous type. I’m tall, dark-haired and far from gorgeous. I’m on the other side of the bloody universe from gorgeous, actually.

 “You’re slim, with a light build and not really that much muscle. You’re tall, which helps, and lean…you’re a Seeker.” He decided, looking at me. “Definitely a Seeker.”

Should I tell him that I spent three hours looking for my glasses when they were actually sitting on the top of my head?


He doesn’t need to know that I wear glasses. I usually wear contact lenses, anyway. Don’t want him to think I’m a nerd.

Or, you know, incapable of Seeking.

“Sure.” I nodded.

“Great. Try-outs are on Saturday at eleven sharp. I’ll see you there, yeah?” His green eyes seemed to literally sparkle at me.


“Definitely.” I grinned at him, hoping that I didn’t look like a complete creeper.  

“You’ll be there, too, right Rosie?” Al asked her. She rolled her eyes.

“No, Al, for the last time, I don’t want to be on the Quidditch Team.”

“Oh, come on, Rose!” Al pleaded. “You’re bloody brilliant –”

“No. It cuts into my schoolwork.” She said firmly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my best friend and the largest nerd our school has to offer, Rose Weasley!

“Well, at least I tried.” He laughed and gave her a quick hug (I don’t even want to go into just exactly how jealous I am right now). “I’ve got to finish that killer Transfiguration essay –” He should ask me for help! I love Transfiguration. It could be like a study date! And then he’ll fall in love with me and my mad Transfiguration-ing skills, and then we can get married and have three children and – okay, stopping, sorry. “– so I’ll see you soon, Reagan.”

He smiled at me once and left.

Did he just – he bloody just called me Reagan.


imperio. i command you to review ;P
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