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Betting on the Heart by MiaMarauder
Chapter 9 : Back to Old Ways
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Disclaimer: I donít own anything! This is all J.K.Rowling my hero!

"What time is?" Lily asked jumping into the pool again.

"It's nearing two!" Johanna yelled from her seat. Lily and I were both enjoying the pool. While Johanna didn't want to mess up her hair, she preferred to tan.

"I think we should change before we meet the boys," I said treading the water to Lily.

"I know what you mean. If James sees me in this two piece. He might... well-" Lily said trailing off.

"Get alittle to excited?" I said ducking underwater. But just as I expected when I came up for air, I got water splashed into my face.

Lily blushed and swam back over to the side.

"So when do you guys want to get dressed?" Johanna said lazily. The boys come at three thirty.

"Soon. One more lap!" Lily yelled going back under the water.

Lily swam farther to the deep end. I floated on my back, looking up at the sky.

The marauders are coming today. Is it just me that thinks this is going to be a disaster? Who knows they might actually surprise me. We have become closer. Kinda? Well Lily doesn't hate James any more and THAT is a HUGE accomplishment. At least Peter won't stay the night. He gives me the creeps. Just something about him just gives me chills. I still don't get why he is even a marauder. But at least Remus will be coming. Maybe I can get him to spill about what's happening with him and Jo. Jo is flirty? Yes. But Remus Lupin and Johanna Nil-

"Oi! You coming?" I looked up to Lily on the pool steps. She had her hands on her hips. I really need to stop day dreaming.

I quickly swam to her. Johanna was already heading into the house. We grabbed our towels on the seats and started to dry ourselves off.

"We need to talk," I whispered, looking at Johanna as she walked away.

"About what?" Lily whispered back.

"You know what," I snapped. "Something happened... with Chris..."

"What?" Lily hissed.

"Are you guys coming?" Johanna yelled from inside the house.

"Yeah!" We both yelled.

"We'll talk later," Lily whispered with a smile on her face. It looked like her lips barley moved.

"Fine," I said running to catch up with Johanna.

After a 20 minute shower: in one of the boys room across the hall. I finally was done. I wrapped the towel around myself and turned off the facet. I stepped out of the tub and picked up my clothes off the floor. But there was a knock at the door.

"Yes?" Like seriously who the hell can this be.

"It's Lily. Are you decent?"

"Enough I guess?" Since I do only have a towel around me.

She opened the door and turned the shower back on. I gave her a questionable look.

"Hey, you wanted to talk," Lily snapped. "So just in case she hears us, she can't."

"Lily. You do realize you are a wizard right?" I asked he looking dumbfounded.

"Oh, shut up. I just thought since were under age and all. But I forgot this was a wizard home," she put the muffliato spell on the door. "Happy? Now spill."

I told her the whole story with Chris. Even how I felt and how I was thinking about Sirius and Johanna.

"SO what do YOU think this means?" Lily asked slowly.

"I.... Don't know. What do you think it means?" I asked starting to get panicked.

"I think..." Lily said with a slow smile coming on her face. "That you might...might have aliltte crush on Sirius."

My mouth dropped. ME? LIKE SIRIUS? WHAAA?! I laughed and played it off cool though. "No way," I said coolly.

Lily smiled an' all knowing smile, "Think about it Layla. Is he in your mind now?" I thought about for a minute and well he was. "And have you been thinking about how he fancys you?" Well of course I am. "And this all started right after he said "he fancied you"?" I thought about it and she was right. I did start thinking of Sirius more after he did say he fancyed me. Lily smiled, "SO you're are starting to think of him in a new way."

"What do you mean?" IM SO CONFUSED.

"Well come on Layla. We're girls. Of course when a guy is interested in us, we start to see them in a different way. Like how cute there are, or like the colour of there eyes or something. We just start thinking of them in a new way. That's what's happening hunny. You have a crush on Sirius Black. If you want to admit or not. It will stay between us," she smirked. LILY EVANS ACTUALLY SMIRKED AT ME! She turned off the facet and took the spell off. She slipped passed me and out the door.

It annoys me sometimes how smart Lily is.

I walked out of the bathroom into the red room. The red room is right across from my room so. When the boys come I will be sharing with Lily but for now I can use the empty one.

I walked into my room and to the closet. Oh wow I didn't really think what I'd be wearing today. I picked up my light blue skirt and a white tank top. I also grabbed a grey cardigan. I walked to the mirror and started to do my make-up.

I hope it won't be to awkward with the boys. Like who knows how Sirius will act since the last time he looked like a wounded puppy dog.

I put mascara and eye liner on and put on some lip gloss. I smiled and started to put my hair up. But my hair did not want to go into a semi- messy, semi- neat bun. So it lay there pin straight. I walked up to Johanna's room expecting Lily to be there already.

"I think I'm going to leave my hair up," Johanna said to Lily playing with her hair in the mirror. Johanna was wearing a flowery dress with white go-go boots. Lily wore jeans and a nice blue tank top. With a flowery design on it.

"Oh, wow Layla... you look-" Lily started.

"Who are you trying to impress?" Johanna smirked.

I laughed "No one," I looked in the mirror. "I don't look to impressy."

"Um hunny. Hate to break it to you but you might kill Sirius," Johanna said lightly. I laughed and Lily shook her head.

"Well, Layla you look really lovely," Lily smiled and went back to braiding her hair, to the side.

Ten minutes later, we all went outside to wait for the boys.

"Do you think it will be awkward?" I asked Lily.

"No, not if you don't make it awkward," Lily said.

"Look here they come," Johanna pointed down the street, into the sky.

They were riding Broom Sticks. Typical. But Peter wasn't really flying good and he didn't land good too. They all landed down the block for some reason. And there was five boys, instead of four. Sirius started to walk with Peter while the others, were still getting settled. He started running to us, when he saw we were waiting. Sirius had a small duffel bag with him.

"Sirius!" We all bellowed in sync. Sirius gave an ear to ear grin. It seems that Sirius gained some muscles over the break. His hair also got a bit longer. I looked passed Sirius and down the street to where Peter was a little ahead of Remus. Remus was walking with a boy to appear to look like James. And someone else. I saw Lily do this too but she had a confused look on.

"Sirius, who's that boy?" She said confused. Sirius turned around with confusion on his face.

"Lily this is Peter," Sirius obvious said. Peter looked a little disappointed and blushed.

"No! No, not Peter," she said with a smile to him. She looked over Sirius again. To Remus, James and the mystery boy behind him. They were pretty far. The boy had black straight hair and was very defined with muscles and not like hulk muscles, but you can tell he worked out. He also wasn't wearing glasses like James was. But now that I look James looks smaller? And does he have brown hair? "The one walking next to Remus, the hot one," she said turning back to him.

Sirius tuned around confused. He started laughing. He turned back to us with a ear to ear smile on. "Lily," he said trying to get it out. "That's James!" He blurted through his laughter. Johanna and I joined him with a fit of giggles. Lily tried going back into the house with a red face. But Johanna grabbed her arm.

"Oh, no ya don't," Johanna beamed pulling Lily to her side.

"James! JAMES!" Sirius ran down the street to Remus, the new now mystery fellow and James. "LILY THINKS YOU'RE HOT!" Lily blushed even more. When they finally made it over, I can see why Lily didn't recognize him. James wasn't wearing his glasses. His hair was actually tidy and didn't look like he just came off a broomstick. And boy did James Potter work out over summer.

The mystery boy looked to be in about third year. He had messy hair like James but had lighter hair. He wore glasses but took them off as he got closer. It was James' glasses. He was a cutie and kinda looked like, a better version of Peter, when he was that age.

James had the faintest blush on his cheeks. Remus was smiling like his job was successful done well. But Remus also looked alittle sick and weak. He had a a few scratches on his arm as well. Sirius was smiling like a fool. While Peter just stood there. And the 'mystery boy' was smiling.

"This," Sirius said clasping his hand on the boy. "Is Peter's cousin Dylan. Dylan is going to his friends house down the street somewhere here. Right Dylan?" Sirius looked down at him.

"Yeah yeah," he said smiling. He gave James back his glasses. James put them back on quickly. "Well, better be going then. It was nice meeting you." Dylan took the broomstick and got on it, "Bye," he said and was off. We all waved after him.

Awkward silence for a minute.

"So! Boys welcome to my home!" Johanna said opening her doors making them follow us in. I think I just heard someone gasp. Her house was huge I wasn't surprised on the look on all of there faces. Sirius stood in the middle of the foyer and looked around.

"Am I in heaven?" Sirius asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Typical," I muttered.

Remus nudged me and smiled. "Be nice," he whispered to me. Then he ran to catch up with Peter, Johanna and Lily. Johanna was giving a tour.

I grabbed James' arm and pulled him to the side. Sirius gave him a questionable look but went to catch up with the gang.

"So James Potter, tell me..." I said pulling him into Johanna's den they didn't use.

He gave me a raised eyebrow. CAN EVERYONE DO THAT, EXCEPT ME?

"How'd you do it?" I asked giving him a deviously smile.

"Lalya. C'mon tell me what you're talking about. I get this from Sirius enough," James said getting alittle restless.

"Wait, what with Sirius enough?"

"I have no idea what he talks about most of the time," James laughed. "He always just expects me to read his mind. So can you fill me in, of "how I did it?" James said.

"How'd you get Lily Evans to fall for you?" I said giving him a wink.

He opened his mouth slightly and just stared. After a minute of me waiting for him to speak. I snapped my finger in front of his face. "IS this a trick?" He finally asked blinking.

I laughed, "James Potter! Would I lie to you?"

"No seriously is this a trick?" He said looking around the room. I slapped him on the arm.

He smiled and laughed. "Just kidding of course I trust you. So has she fallen for me?" He asked getting really serious.

"Well little. Give it more time and she soon will," I said starting to catch up with the group.

I felt his arm around my shoulder. "Thanks Lay you're the best!" He hugged me from behind too picking me up alittle. While still walking. As I was screaming for him to put me down, while laughing.

"You're like the sister I never had Layla," he said keeping me still off the ground.

We walked into the dinning room getting glare from Johanna.

"Put her down. And stop acting like two year olds," Johanna sneered.

"Yeah Aleverez! Atleast act like you're five!" Sirius said sarcastic.

Johanna gave him a glare. "Potter just keep up. You too Layla," Johanna said going out the room with Remus, Peter, Lily and James following her. Sirius just stayed in the back with me.

"So what were you talking to Prongs about?" Sirius whispered to me.

"About how Lily is starting to fancy him," I whispered back.

"Oh well. That's obvious," Sirius said. "So did you miss me Lay?" Sirius asked grinning.

"To tell you the truth I did," I said grinning back. We were walking up the stars to the second floor now. "I'll give you your presents, when you guys get settle," I smiled to him.

"Good. I have something to-"

"And Sirius the red one will be yours." Johanna finished.

"Wait. What?" Sirius asked.

"Room! Sirius room! You'll have the red room across from Layla. Remus is in the blue room across from Lily. And James is in the pink room across from the empty room," Johanna said annoyed.

James had a sour look while he went into his room, throwing his bag on the bed. Peter followed him in. Johanna offered Remus help with unloading his bag. And Lily went into her room while closing the door.

"So this means you'll be across from me. Hall buddy," I said nudging him.

"Oh merlin," Sirius grinned. "Do you want to help me un-pack?"

"Uh... yeah. Sure. Why not?" I said going into his room.

"So what have you girls been up to?" He said placing his bag on the bed.

"Swimming, relaxing, nails, ya know. Girl things," I said sitting on his bed.

"That's really awesome Layla," he said sarcastic and rolling his eyes.

"Well what you do Mr. Awesome?" I threw a pillow at him.

He walked over to the draws. "Well since I am awesome. We just helped James with Lily, Quidditch, and well stuff."

"Oh wow, Sirius "stuff" sounds so interesting," I smiled.

"Har, har," he said sarcastically. And threw a red shirt at me.

"Aw thanks. I'm going to keep this," I said getting up and throwing the shirt into my room. I went back and sat on the bed.

"I can't believe you just stole my shirt!" Sirius yelled, but was keeping trying to keep a smile off his face.

"Hey finders keeper!" Sirius started to go into my room. I started to follow him. "What are you doing?"

"I get to take something of yours!" Sirius yelled going to the draws.

"Sirius Black! Back up!" I said going in front of him.

"Um Layla... Do you really think I can't move you?" He said crossing his arms, over his chest.

"I'm willing to bet on it," I smirked.

"Woah, woah. Are we back to our old ways?" Sirius raised one eyebrow, with a smile.

"Lets hope not for you... cause you're going to loss," I smirked.

"Oi! We're going outside! You guys coming?" James asked. He was only in swim trunks. Oh. My. Merlin. I can see why Lily would fancy him now.

"Oh yeah! Let me change. We'll finish this later Alverez," Sirius darted his eyes at me. He walked pass James getting a high five.

"James no! You can't mess up your hair!" I yelled going over to him.

"It actually took a really long time, to get it to stay down like this..."

"I was kidding..." I said slowly. "Don't be such a girl," I teased. I stood on my tipy toes and messed up his hair. "Cheers!" I yelled running down the hall.

"Oh you will pay Alverez!" James yelled chasing after me.

I ran all the way downstairs hoping James would get lost. I walked into the backward. Lily, Johanna, Remus and Peter were already outside. Remus and Peter had there shirts off and was about to jump into the water. Lily and Johanna were on the patio sitting and watching the boys. I walked over and took a seat. James and Sirius followed me coming out. James went to the pool. While Sirius went over by the chairs and took his shirt off. And let me just say... WOW. It's like you can bake cookies on that six pack... alright I'm done.

James went to the edge of the pool and turned around. "Ladies," James said bowing to us. Sirius came charging at him and tackled him into the water.

We all laughed. "Lovely site," I slyly said.

"Yeah, except for Peter... Can someone tell him to put a shirt on," Johanna sneered.

"Johanna! It's not even that bad... he's just... chubby," Lily said searching for words.

"And it's pretty hard to look normal to those Greek god," I added.

"Yeah, whatever. Doesn't mean he still can't wear a shirt..." she finished.

The boys were drowning each other and splashing and being quite loud.

"They act like two year olds," Johanna laughed.

"Yeah but we're friends with them," I added.

"We're more like force friends," Lily added.

"How so?" I asked.

"Canon ball!" Sirius yelled jumping into the pool. Lucky it didn't splash us. Johanna would have murdered.

"Well, there in our year... and house... and well very attractive," Lily blushed.

"And practically stalked us. Like seriously," Johanna added.

"Someone call me?" Sirius asked coming out of the water. Showing off his beautiful, good like, gorgeous, sex god.... sorry got carried away... showing his body again.

"No one called you! Sod off!" I yelled. Sirius put on his puppy dog eyes still walking over to us.

"No. Stop! Don't do that look!" I whined. Aw, he looked so sad. He grinned though when he was closer to us.

"So why aren't you ladies in the water?" Sirius asked. Silly boy it takes time to look this good.

"Duh. Were all dressed up already," Johanna said.

"I wouldn't mind if you went in your knickers," Sirius winked.

"No, bad Sirius! Down boy down!" I yelled pointing my finger at him, like he was a dog.

"Oh Come'on! I was kidding! I know Lay Lay Lay wants a hug to make up!" He said coming closer to me.

"No. Sirius stop!" I said getting up from my seat and started to back up.

"Didn't we make a bet before... If I can pick you up?" He said almost daring and coming closer to me.

"Sirius! No! Stop! I'm serious!" I said trying to run for it.

"No! I am!" Sirius yelled charging for me. And picking me up. Giving me the biggest, wettest hug in the world. Atleast it was a hug from the back. Or my white shirt would have been ruined.

"Sirius Black! I hate you! I can't believe you!" I yelled hitting him. He put me down and smirked running back into the pool.

"Why!? Like really why?" I yelled going over to the pool.

He popped his head under water and came back up. He did a hair flip. Did time just slow down for that? "I needed to get you back! For pushing me in the Lake two months ago! And you betted that I couldn't move you!" Sirius grinned.

"What!? Two months! I pushed you into the Lake, not hug you?" I yelled confused.

Sirius grinned and came out of the water "Your right. I'm sorry I was wrong," he held out his hand, doing a puppy dog face.

I took it but he held my hand tighter. And pulled me in closer, while he smirked, "I was wrong about hugging you, I should have brought you in," and with that he titled back into the pool, taking me with him.

I. Hate. Sirius. Black.


After another 20 minute shower. Getting dressed and doing make-up an hour later. I was finally ready. Again. Lily let me use her shower and borrow one of her sun dresses. It was a nice light blue colour. Tight at the top and all flowy; when i spun, at the bottom.

When Sirius pulled me in, I nearly drowned him. Nearly being the key word. Stupid James and Remus pulled me off him.I was holding his head under water... I would have let him up... eventually. After that I yelled "I was going to take a shower and cool off."

He better say sorry... or I'm going to kill him.

I skipped downstairs passing a clock on the way by it read 5:36.

"Hello!" I yelled coming off the stairs.

"In the living room!" Johanna yelled from the back. I walked into the living room and everyone got really quite. All eyes were on me or Sirius.

I sat down on the couch next to Remus who was next to Lily. Johanna sat on a love seat with Peter(ahahha). And James and Sirius had there backs to the fire place. One big circle. I kept my face rigid not letting anyone know how I feel.

"Layla..." Sirius said slowly. "I'd just like to say I'm sorry and It was totally un-called for. And that if you totally want to get me back... you can," he said fast trying to get it all out, afraid I would yell or something.

"Sirius..." I said slowly getting up and walking over to him. He squirmed alittle back. I pulled my hand back. And just as Sirius thought I would hit him.

I jumped in his lap. "It's totally fine Sirius. No harm, no foul," I smiled and he looked back alittle surprised. Everyone let out the breathe, they were all holding in. "But you do owe me a new skirt, if that one is ruined," I said seriously. He nodded his head and hugged me. And I might have to add that he was still shirtless...

Remus and Peter had politeness to put there shirts back on. I got up and sat down next to him. Getting a suspicious look from Lily.

"Anyway boys... when shall we start this party," Johanna said.

"I think we should take a shower," Remus suggested.

"Speak for your self Moony," Sirius said putting his arm around my shoulders.

"No I think you need one Sirius," I said wiggling out of his arm and holding my nose. He smelt actually pretty good. Everyone laughed.

"Hey! I don't smell that bad," Sirius said sniffing his armpits.

"Well I think we all need one. To be clean for our ladies," James said winking at Lily. Lily blushed and giggled.

"Wait what am I going to do," Peter said looking alittle sad.

"Well Wormtail I refuse for us to go into together," Sirius teased. Peter blushed while James burst out laughing.

"You'll be fine with the girls Peter," Remus said looking for Lily to support.

"Yeah don't worry Peter we'll take care of you," Lily said comforting.

"We can go to the game room Pete. It's really fun in there," I suggested.

"Alright..." Peter said looking alittle happier.

"Alright so see you guys in twenty," Johanna said getting up.

"You know I can just wait with Worm-Peter," Sirius said in a low voice, looking at me.

"No, no it's fine Sirius," I said smiling at him. Thats so cute.

"He's just alittle awkward with girls," Sirius said standing up. I gave him my hands and he helped me up.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, it's no problem. I take five minute showers anyway. You just have to promise to play me at a game of Exploding Snaps though," Sirius smiled.

"You're on," I said running upstairs. Getting a look from Lily as we passed. Stop giving me looks Lily... I'm not doing anything...


An hour later and all those boys were done getting ready. Well Peter changed into one of James shirt. And they wet his hair.

The boys set all the drinks they had in the dinning room. We were all just sitting around with butterbeers to start off. Cause well butterbeers really don't do anything. I was sitting between James and Remus. While across from us was Lily and Sirius and Peter in the middle. Johanna was at the head of the table.

"Alright, mates. It's time to break out the Firewhiskey," Sirius said grabbing the bottles, handing all to us.

"Alright, the name of the game is. Never. Have. I. Ever." James dramatically said.

"We all know the game James," Johanna sneered.

"Then you can go first! Miss. Snippy!" Sirius shouted.

"Alright fine. Never have I ever... made out with someone in the library," Johanna darted her eyes at me. And no she didn't find out about me and Chirs. My ex- boyfriend and I used to meet there. Sebastian. I havent really talked about him. But well... another time.

I took a swig and Remus, James, and Sirius did too. "You made out everywhere else though," I muttered. James chuckled while Remus nudged me.

"Alright I'll go. Never have I ever gone all the way," James muttered. Sirius was the only one that took a sip. But thankfully none of the boys saw me take a sip. Alright so I guess I should talk about Sebastian now. He was a Fifth year Ravenclaw.(Year older then me) Quidditch player, very popular, smart, and hot. He gave the marauders a run for their money. He actual tutored me. We started to go out that year and he was my first love. But at the beginning of fifth year. He cheated on me. That whole summer I spent crying. I was heart broken. But he is graduated now. Stupid wanker.

"It was only one time..." Sirius said defending himself.

"And quick," James chuckled. Sirius glared at him.

"Alright my turn. Ummm never have I ever liked anyone more then a year," I said. Trying to help out James.

James was the only one that took a sip. Thankfully he took the bait. While he did he winked at Lily. Lily just shook her head while blushing.

"Never have I ever failed a test," Remus said smiling. Peter, James, Johanna, Sirius, and Me all took a sip. Lily air high fived Remus.

"Never have I ever jumped into the school lake naked," Sirius grinned and winked at me. I glared at him and took a swig.

"Very clever Sirius," I sarcastically said. He just flashed his teeth.

Sirius whispered something in Peters ear. "Never have I ever streaked and that includes underwear," Peter piped up.

I glared at Sirius and took another sip. What is he up to?

"Never have I ever played Quidditch," Lily proudly said. All the boys moaned and took a swig. We all high fived each other.

"Never have I ever... been a bookie," Johanna squinted at Sirius. Sirius grinned and took a sip.

"Never have I ever denied a boy more then a million times," James whined looking at Lily. Lily made a sad face and took a sip.

"Sorry James," Lily sadly said.

"It only made me stronger Lilyflower," James happily said.

"Never have I ever been a called a marauder," I laughed. All the boys rolled their eyes, taking a sip.

"Never have I ever been a girl," Remus slyly said. All the girls took a sip. Sirius tried making Peter take one tough.

"Never have I ever stayed in Hogmeade for a summer," Sirius grinned. I took a sip and rolled my eyes. Black is out to get me.

Sirius whispered something into Peters ear. "Never have I ever kissed someone younger than me," Peter repeated. Sirius, James, Johanna, Lily and I all took a sip.

"Never have I ever stalked a girl," Lily laughed. James happily took a sip. Peter took a sip quickly trying to make no one notice.

"Never have I ever read 2 books in a week," Johanna said. Remus and Lily both took a sip. And surprisingly Sirius did too.

"Prongs I didn't know you liked books?" James laughed.

"I didn't know he could read," I chuckled. James gave me a high five, while Sirius rolled his eyes.

"Never have I ever been named after a flower," James slyly said. Lily rolled her eyes but drank anyway.

"Alright last round because I'm getting dizzy. Since people are out to get me me," I said. Squinting my eyes at Sirius. Never have I ever lost a bet, against a girl," I said smiling. Sirius rolled his eyes as he took a sip.

"Never have I ever not finish a book," everyone except Lily and Remus took a sip. Nerds.

"Never have I ever not gotten my underwear back," Sirius said winking to me. I opened my mouth about to say something but I shut it quick and took a sip.

"Never have I ever... been a ginger," Peter said smiling to Lily. Lily smiled and took a sip.

"Never have I been to James house," Johanna laughed. All the marauders took a sip.

"Alright last one. Never have I ever... been a Perfect," James slurred proudly. Remus and Lily both took a sip.

"What now?" Johanna said standing up swaying alittle.

"I don't know but lets make it fun," Lily said kicking off her shoes and going up on the dinning room table. And started dancing! Aahahahah Lily EVANS dancing on a table right now.

"Turn on some tunes!" I yelled going on the table, throwing my shoes at Sirius.

"Accio radio," Johanna summoned. The radio flew down right in her hands. She put it the loudest it can go. The radio person spoke saying "This next song is the Sex Pistols- This is not a love song enjoy all my girls and guys out there! Peace man. Peace," Lily and I started dancing crazy throwing our hands up.

I was drunk. I have to admit it. They made me drink the most out of the girls. Silly Sirius, I'll get him back.

Johanna went to go sit at the end on the table with Remus. Sirius, Peter and James were watching me and Lily. They were all laughing!

"This is not a love song!" Lily and I sang along.

"Hey Lily you know what will drive the boys nutter?" I whispered in Lily's ear. She smiled and nodded her head. We started to grind each other. James, Peter and Sirius mouth all dropped open. We kept that up for a couple of more minutes. The look on there faces was priceless.

I jumped off the table. Probably showing my underwear alittle. I grabbed Sirius hand(his other hand holding a bottle of Firewhiskey) and started dancing with him. He spin me around like a princess. Peter went to get more Firewhiskey. And James gave Lily his hand to help her down. Lily was trying to make James dance with her but Lily was holding his hand, so he was kinda freaking out.

Sirius picked me up into a hug and spun me around. I was laughing and telling him to put me down. I sat on the floor trying to make my world stop spinning. He finished his Firewhiskey in one gulp and put it on the table. He grabbed my hands with his and helped me up. He pulled me into the kitchen. The house elfs weren't in here though.

"And where do you think you're taking me, Mr. Black?" I slurred.

"Just to sit on the counter dear," he said smiling. He picked me up and hoisted me on the counter. "Now were eye to eye," he slurred winking at me. "Nice and quiet."

"Sirius Black if I didn't know any better. I would say you're taking advantage of me," I slurred and wrapped my hands around his neck. He stood in front of me, his hands still on my waist.

"Mah? Sirius Black? Take advantage of you?" He asked in a puppy dog face. I slapped him on the arm playfully.

"Sir- Sir you know I can't resist that face!" I shouted grabbing his lips and making it go up. "There much better!"

He grinned a real grin. "You look really lovely," he said making a small blush go on his cheeks. If I weren't that close, I probably wouldn't have seen it.

"Before or after the pool?" I wrapped my hands around his neck again. I put my head on his shoulder. Everything is spinning.

"Always," he whispered in my ear. I smiled but I stayed hidden. What am I doing? Who do I like? And why am I hugging Sirius?

"Sirius... I- I... never gave you my present," I said bring my head up. "I haven't given any of you boys presents yet."

"I have something to give you too," I looked into his grey eyes. He had a small smile on.

"You do?"

"Mhm," he whispered nodding his head. "Do you want now or later?"

"Now," I whispered closing my eyes.

"-Amies I think she went in here!" Lily yelled crashing into the kitchen door. Sirius turned his head and I looked passed him. Lily was holding "Jamies" hand, with her mouth wide open.

"It's not what it looks like," I slurred slipping down from the counter.

She eyed me suspiciously. "Sure." she said going back into the dinning room. Letting go of James' hand.

I quickly grabbed Sirius and James' hands. Sirius grabbed another Firewhiskey from the kitchen counter. "C'mon lets go play outside!" I yelled dragging them both. We all skipped holding hands to the Quidditch Pitch.

"Sorry dreary. But no broom operating while your intoxicated," James said sitting down on the grass. Sirius laughed while joining him on the ground.

I laughed and spun around in a circle. I had no shoes on but it felt very free. I spun in a circle with my hands out, feeling the cool air. I feel so free! So alive! "I'm the king of the world!"

"Come on Lay!" Sirius screeched into the air. "Drink up more!"

"No, no my sir Sirius," I slurred. "I had way to much." I stopped spinning and faced James and Sirius who were laying out on the ground.

"We can see," James said amused. Probably since I just fell next to Sirius.

"Come on! We used to drink twice this much," he raised the Firewhiskey in the air. I smiled and remembered the days where we would bet each other drink after drink.

James stood up pulling Sirius with him, "If princess-" I coughed giving him a look. "If KING, Layla does not wish to drink. We shall not force her, Sir Knight Sirius," he said in a medieval accent and bowing to Sirius. Sirius stood with his hand in the air pretending his wand, was a sword

"Thats enough jester James," he waved him off like he was scum. "You shall be GONE."

James took off with doing cartwheels and fake juggling back into the house.

I was rolling on the floor of how funny they were; or how funny they thought they were.

"M'lady," Sirius said holding out his hand.

I took it and he hoisted me up. "Why thank you knight," I grinned.

He circled me for a few seconds. Making me dizzy. He stepped behind me. I felt his warm breath against my ear as he whispered, "Come on Lay, one more drink," the way this boy can talk sometimes. He whispered daring and lingering urging me on. He dangled the bottle in front of my face. "I dare you."

I grabbed the bottle and drank it whole. I could never turn down a dare, and he knew that. I dropped the bottle and ran from him into the house. He ran after me calling "I should make thee a knight!"

After that everything went blank.

IMPORTANT- I changed Chris to Fifth year. Making him only a year younger. For all the people following me now. Just wanted to let you know.

A/n- Huh? Huh? Like it? Love it? Hate it? I hoped you liked it! Tell me in a review what ya think! Okay so in this chapter I kinda wanted not make Layla seem like a good girl? ahah idk if that what came off but yeah Layla has done the nasty! Okay I'm done. TELL ME WHAT YA THINK! THANKS FOR EVERYONE WHO IS COMMENTING AND READING!

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