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Deja Vu by drlove
Chapter 19 : Gryffindors Forever
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A/N: I've been waiting a while to publish this chapter! It's my favorite one, I think. 

But no pressure if you don't like it. Just let me know what you thought with a review you guys!

By the way, guys, Deja Vu has now crossed 10,000 reads and 150 reviews!! It's all because of you so give yourselves a pat on the back. Thank you so much because this story wouldn't have gotten anywhere without you guys reading it. I'm actually feeling a little teary. :D

This chapter is dedicated to emmapotter, my amazing beta who loved this chapter and for aidanlynchrox who will love it, too... I hope :D

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Quidditch Cup Finals!

“James, I think you should eat something.” Rose said gently. She placed her hand soothingly on James’ shoulder, but he didn’t respond. She dropped her hand with a sigh and continued to move her porridge around in her bowl.


You would think someone had died, looking at the Gryffindor table on the morning of the Quidditch cup finals. Generally, we, the team, the representatives of our house, would rile up the crowd so they would cheer and support us on the pitch. But on that day there was nothing. The smallest scrape of a knife on a plate made people turn in question towards whoever caused the noise. The silence of the rest of the house was nothing compared to the small section of the house table that we were occupying.


James wasn’t saying much… okay, so he wasn’t saying anything at all. He’d pushed his plate away and his hands were clasped together in front of him. His black hair looked ruffled and there was the slightest hint of stubble on his jaw, so I guessed that he hadn’t slept the night before. I was sure that, if he looked up at me, I could see a tinge of red in the whites of his eyes too.


We had all changed into our Quidditch kits before we’d come (thinking we’d save time, by not having to go to the locker rooms, and use the extra minutes on a few laps), so he was wearing the scarlet turtle neck t-shirt with a band of gold running across the torso, like the rest of us. His captain’s badge was glinting in the sunlight.


Now that we had gotten to speaking more off of the pitch, I knew what this day meant to him. He was just as brilliant as Landon when it came to his courses (Landon had told me about it himself, when James had managed to beat him to something in Transfiguration, sometimes) but, though Landon loved Quidditch, he only loved the sport enough to play it recreationally. For James, Quidditch was a passion. He could get into any profession even if he was stupid (being the Chosen One’s eldest son) and yet he picked one of the few professions that required some semblance of personal skill that was unparalleled by other players. He loved the game enough to want to play it for as long as he could. I respected that, which is why I understood that he was nervous as fuck all.


Prentice wanted victory as well, but I knew for a fact that he would be equally happy working a desk job in the Department of Magical Games and Sports. James could never watch from afar, he was meant to feel the air hit his face as he scored a goal. That much was evident every time he mounted a broom. And he was a born leader, guiding the team to form one single unit that moved effortlessly, predicting each other’s needs before they arose. We had never had a better captain. I hoped that all the scouts that would be watching the finals, would spot his innate talent. Despite our rocky (but steadily improving) friendship, I did care for James and his future.


Prentice was sitting on James’ other side, eating his breakfast in what I would have previously thought an impossibly quiet manner. He kept throwing side long glances at James but said nothing, knowing that his best mate just needed time to collect his thoughts. Mona was sitting next to him in all her scarlet and gold accessorized glory, eating with her left hand since her right was entwined with Prentice’s under the table. Hugo was sitting on Rose’s other side, chewing through an apple. His reddish brown hair was sticking out in odd directions and his face looked oddly bereft without his usual easy grin.


I was sitting across the table, my stomach clenching partly with hunger, and partly with nervousness. I could have used a couple of bites of the scrambled eggs but I had a feeling I might blow chunks and…well, I had to show some solidarity with my captain. Lily was sitting on one side of me, her hair tied up in a high ponytail. Her face was fairly impassive, chocolate brown eyes focused on her plate. Ross was sitting on her other side, stealing small glances at her. He even had a Gryffindor scarf tied around his neck, probably borrowed from Lily herself. He tentatively slipped an arm around her shoulders. Albus threw him a warning look and Ross quickly withdrew the arm, fortunately without drawing Lily’s attention. I gave Al a look of my own and he just shrugged with a small grin. His emerald eyes looked tired but clear and alert. His hair, a darker shade than his brother’s, looked fairly tame considering what day it was. Christine Corner was occupying the spot next to him, her hand patting his knee soothingly.  


The other Gryffindors were following our lead, saying little. The rest of the hall was also fairly subdued, which was rare on a match day. I looked around nonchalantly, scoping the crowd. The Hufflepuffs, having suffered a very humiliating defeat at our hands, were, for the most part, donning green in support for Slytherin. They kept throwing glares our way and occasionally making a comment or two about how we were being quiet because we knew we were going to be thumped. I could see Rose’s hand twitching for her wand out of my peripheral vision every time such words were uttered.


Ravenclaw, being fairly smart and having two members of their own team very deeply involved with us, had decided to support Gryffindor. Landon caught my eye as I scanned the hall and smiled at me warmly; yanking at the collar of the maroon oxford that he hated but had worn to show his support for me. I smiled back and he looked at me with some concern, eyes flicking towards my almost catatonic teammates. I shook my head a little to stem his worry.


I turned back to face forward, giving everyone an onceover. Not much had changed in their demeanour, shockingly. I looked at the silver watch on Al’s wrist and caught a glimpse of the time.


“Teamers?” I said softly and even the fairly low volume of my voice startled a fair few at our table, including Hugo, Prentice and Lily. James kept staring at nothing. “It’s time.”


“Right.” Prentice said, his voice a little higher pitched than usual. “Right, then.”

He put his fork down and stood, climbing over the bench.


“See you after, yeah?” he asked Mona.


Mona stood and wrapped her arms around his neck, standing on her tip toes.


“You bet.” she said quietly, kissing his cheek. “Good luck, love.”


She smiled at him encouragingly.


We all stood up and climbed over our respective benches. Rose tossed her French plait over her shoulder as she stood. Albus said a monosyllabic bye to Christine causing Rose, Lily and I to exchange glances with raised eyebrows; Hugo and Prentice, being boys, didn’t notice as they walked on ahead of us to the entrance of the great hall, Al jogging up to us quickly.


“It’s weird.” Hugo muttered. “Do you realize that we’ve never started a match without leaving this hall amidst applause?”


“Knew there was something missing!” Prentice said in a stage whisper and Rose rolled her eyes.


“Admit it, you feel weird too.” Al said to Rose, and she sighed grudgingly before nodding.


We were about to walk out when we noticed that Scorpius and a few of his teammates were also leaving and we all stopped at the entrance to the hall, facing off with them. Scorpius’ pale blonde hair was parted to the side and combed to perfection, so different from the casual, loose way he wore it when he hung out with us. He was wearing his Quidditch kit without the robes and he was fidgeting with his silver Captain’s badge in his hand. He looked like a right Slytherin. Standing with him were his beaters, Fineas Flint and Corbin McLaggen, as well as his tall keeper, Darius Montague. I could feel Rose stand a little straighter beside me.


“Rose.” Scorpius said in a formal tone. His jaw was set and he looked a bit tense. Prentice and Hugo parted a little so that Rose could see Scorpius with her vision unhindered.


“Scorpius.” she stated simply. Her own face was stoic, set with determination. “Ready for the match?”


“Without a doubt.” Scorpius said curtly. I could feel the rest of the hall eying us during the exchange. “And you?”


“Like you wouldn’t believe.” she said, chin tilting up slightly.


“Oh, really?” Montague said with a bit of a laugh. “Is that why you left your captain behind?” I furrowed my brow and looked around to see that James was still sitting at the house table. Lily immediately took off towards him.


“Kicked him off did you?” McLaggen said. “Probably smart. He knows sod all about Quidditch, just like his father!”


Montague and Flint started cackling though their captain remained silent. “I hear he was rubbish when he was on the school team…along with your dad, Weasley!”


Now, he just shouldn’t have said that.


Hugo let out a low growl and was about to step forward but Al put out his arm across Hugo’s chest, stopping his progress. Hugo looked scandalized and was about to protest when Rose very calmly walked the ten steps between her and McLaggen and smiled at him.


“McLaggen,” she started innocently and I could have sworn that Scorpius was dying to grin but he satisfied himself by taking a very small, imperceptible step back. “If you ever disrespect my uncle or my father again, I will personally make sure that your worthless hide suffers for it. And believe me, you’re getting off easy. I wouldn’t want that lot after me if I were you.” She said, nodding towards the rest of us. “You wouldn’t last a second against the youngest of us. Just remember that before you decide to act smart, eh?”


Rose walked back to us and I was about to turn around and go see what was taking Lily and James so long when I stopped. I took a few steps towards the Slytherins and, having had Rose as their precursor, they all stepped back, Scorpius being the exception since he knew I was harmless and wouldn’t do anything too bad.


“And, by the way?” I said casually. “Keep wishing that James won’t play today. I doubt it will work but you should try anyway because, if he hears about this little conversation, only God can help you when you’re on that pitch.” With that I turned on my heel and walked swiftly towards the Gryffindor table.


“Wow, Ade. Way to get into the team spirit.” Said Al, jogging after me with Rose at his side.


“Seriously! You kind of stole my thunder.” Rose said with a mock pout.


I rolled my eyes as we stopped where James was sitting with Lily next to him.


“James, you’re going to be great out there!” Lily said fervently, looking to the rest of us for help.


“Mate, you’re the best captain we’ve ever had!” Prentice exclaimed.


“Yeah, you’re a pain in my arse, but you’re a brilliant Chaser.” Rose said with a grin.


“Even I’ll say it, mucker. You might even be better than mum.” Al said, nodding in agreement.


“You’re all saying that because you’re my family. Nana would kill you if you didn’t.” mumbled James.


My mouth nearly dropped open.


James Potter was feeling insecure.


“I’m not your family, mate.” Prentice pointed out. James rolled his eyes at him.


“No, but you’re my best mate. It’s practically the same thing.” he said, shaking his head.


“Well, I’m not either!” I said with some exasperation and everyone turned to look at me, James with his hazel eyes wide at the small outburst. “I’m not your best mate and I’m not your cousin.” I said, lowering my voice. “I‘m just a player on your team and have been for a while now. I’ve seen you as just a teammate and I’ve seen how much you’ve grown as my captain. You’re a finer chaser than anyone in this castle right now, including me. I have complete faith in you, no matter which direction you take us as a team.” Albus winked at me in approval of my words and Prentice clapped a hand on James’ back.


James sighed before he looked around at the Gryffindor table. People averted their eyes immediately as soon as he made eye contact with them, not wanting to be caught eavesdropping or staring. He looked through the entire hall before he turned back to look at me.


“Look at them. Have you ever seen them be so quiet before?” he asked, looking back at us. “They know we’re going to lose…they know that I’m going to fail them.”


he team exchanged glances but I just stared at him with my eyes wide.


“Oh, for fuck’s sake! That’s utter bullshit!” I said to him. I don’t think he could help but raise an eyebrow.


“Yeah? Prove it.” He said, staring back at his hands. I rolled my eyes.


Then, with some of that lion courage that we valued, I parted my way and bounded onto the bench before stepping onto the table. People were staring at me and those who weren’t were nudged to pay attention by those who were.


“Alright, you lot?” I asked, immediately regretting the doing without thinking strategy. My courage wavered but held steady. A few Gryffindors murmured hellos and gave small waves.


“Who hates James Potter?”


The James Potter fan club, along with many other brave souls, started vehemently denying the accusation.


“So you like him then?” I called out.




“’Course we do!”


“Best captain Gryffindor’s ever had!”


I looked down at my teammates, James specifically, with a smug I-told-you-so look. Rose and Prentice were grinning wide while Al and Hugo were staring at me with disbelief, an expression mirrored on James’ face. Lily was practically beaming as she mouthed “Wicked!” I decided to ignore them for a bit more so I turned back to the hall whose attention I still had.


“Who thinks Gryffindor will lose today?” I asked and there were many yells to the affirmative from the Slytherin table. Even the Hufflepuffs had the decency to keep their mouths shut, though I suspect they felt they had no right to speak.


“Shut up, you sods!” yelled Prentice to the Slytherins. He would have chucked something at them but Professor Wanless and Professor Scythe were both watching from the Head table so he kept his hexes to himself.


“D’you think we’re going to lose?” I asked, looking at the Gryffindors.


“Never!” called out Landon from the Ravenclaw table as he stood up and many called out the same. He winked at me and I grinned in thanks.


“Then why do I not hear you cheering for your team?” I yelled out. “Prove to your captain that you love him; Gryffindor, make some noise for Christ’s sake!!”


“Go Gryffindor!!” Lysander Lovegood-Scamander yelled.


There were many cheers and applause as people stood up, some taking out their wands and shooting red and gold stars into the air. The Ravenclaws joined in with the Gryffindors and, being rather better at Charms, produced the sounds of many lions roaring. Lysander got up and started riling up the crowd in our support and I laughed at his blonde head bobbing up and down as he jumped and shouted. I climbed off of the table and jumped to the ground from the bench.


“Are you happy now? I got you all the applause I could.” I said to James with a grin. He still had a look of incredulity on his face.


“Well done, you!” Prentice said loudly.


“Come on, you lot! Let’s head out!” he said, covering his best mate’s duties for a brief moment.


“That was brilliant!” Hugo said as he left with the others and I laughed. I turned back to James and held out my hand.


“You coming, Potter? It would be a shame to start without you.” I said.


James looked at my hand before looking back at me, hazels eyes twinkling as the light filtering through the windows reflected in them. He swung his legs over the bench and put his hand in mine. I could feel the weight of his trust in my hand as he used it to pull himself into a standing position. He looked at me wordlessly for a moment before using my hand to tug me into a hug. I froze initially but once the surprise wore off I put my arms around his waist and hugged him back. When he pulled away, he was grinning from ear to ear.


“I think we have a game to win.” He said.


I rolled my eyes.


“Caught on, have you?” I asked. “Come on, we have to warm up.” I said, striding out of the hall.


“Thanks Briars.” James said, as we headed out of the oak front doors.


“For what, James?” I asked vaguely as I willed my legs to carry me faster.


“For knowing exactly what I needed to hear back there.”


I smiled at him.


“You can thank me at the victory party, Potter. Now, move.” He grinned and we broke into a sprint.


~*~*~*~ 6 and ½ HOURS LATER~*~*~*~


Things were not looking good. Things were not looking good at all.


Not for us, anyway. For the Slytherins things looked pretty damn peachy. After six hours of play, the score stood at 60-200 in favour of the fucking reptiles. The Hufflepuffs and Slytherins were cheering like crazy and our side of the crowd looked miserable as all hell. After all, they didn’t come out to watch us lose…although a loss is what they may witness.


I shook that thought out of my head. No, no effing way was I giving up. Even thinking anything negative in my head meant that I’d quit and accepted defeat. I hadn’t and I refused to. As long as I was strong enough to sit on my broom, I would play. To be more accurate, as long as the Snitch went un-caught I would play. The Snitch had been spotted 9 times and Albus and Scorpius thwarted each other every time. We could have won within an hour if it weren’t for them. I held nothing against either but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t tired. All the players around me looked pretty beat as well but, since the Slytherins had the we’re-in-the-lead buzz going for them, they weren’t as bothered. They were just waiting for the kill.


Henry was sitting in the head’s box, watching the match. The Malfoys had also come to watch and Draco Malfoy looked pretty pleased with his son’s performance so far. Although their presence caused a stir, it was nothing compared to how the crowd was reacting to the other guests. The Potter and Weasley clan had arrived to show their support and were sitting in the stands amongst the current students of their former house. And I mean ALL of them had come; every single cousin and relative. You could make out all the red heads and the dark, messy hair of Harry Potter as well as the well groomed curls of Hermione Granger Weasley, not to mention the bright, artificial red hair of one Teddy Lupin. Every single one of them was here to cheer on their kids and cousins, who had refused to come home for vacation to get in extra practice for this match.


Sweat was dripping down my temple and I wiped it away impatiently as I turned back to focus on what James was saying.


“I know things look pretty shit right now but we’re going to pull through this, alright? Just play your hardest; we’ll see about winning later.” He finished quickly after giving everyone instructions. He put his hand in the centre and we piled ours on top of it. “On the count of three: one, two, three,” he counted off.


“GRYFFINDOR!!” we yelled and applause and cheers broke out as we took our positions.


“And Captain Potter sets his team in position after their last time out. Let’s hope he can bring about some change in the Gryffindor side’s performance.” Lorcan Lovegood Scamander said, in a concerned voice that echoed around the stadium.


“I’m sure he can! Over the years, James Potter has put together a brilliant team that has gone through the entire season undefeated. It is surprising that they are having trouble. But credit where it is due; Scorpius Malfoy has certainly surprised us all with the swift and fluid movement of his team that has come along with countless hours of practice no doubt.” Lysander granted, albeit grudgingly.


I took my position, tuning out all the noise around me as I waited. Rose tossed the Quaffle from one hand to the other quickly before she tucked it under her right arm. A few strands of red hair had escaped her French plait and were hanging in her face. She pushed them away before she narrowed her eyes in focus. I waited for her move, the cue for me to make mine.


“Play is about to begin…and that’s Weasley in possession! She zips past, laces through Slytherin beaters, giving them quite a scare, and she passes to Briars who takes it forward, she dives a little before pulling up and a brilliant pass to captain Potter who cuts back before passing back to Briars!” Lorcan said excitedly, matching the fast pace.


I felt the wind whip around my face as I flew straight, feinted to the left and took aim and sent the Quaffle on its way to the centre hoop.


“And she sc – No, she misses! Keeper Montague blocks the pass with the tips of his fingers! You were close, Aidan; he looks more surprised by that save than you do!” crowed Lysander, causing much laughter. I gritted my teeth as I flew to the centre of the pitch, James and Rose nearby. “And it’s Slytherin in possession with Chaser Pucey in the lead!”


I tried to manoeuvre myself so I was blocking his path in a way that wouldn’t get me in trouble but he managed to swerve out of my way and no harm was caused. Pucey passed it to Grant who took it past James and was about to pass back to Pucey when a bludger from Hugo slammed right into him. I thanked Merlin for Hugo’s beater skills but unfortunately he was a second too late because the Quaffle had already left Grant’s hand and flew in a clean pass to Pucey who caught it. Pucey zipped towards the Keeper’s zone. He took aim and was about to make the shot. Lily flew towards the centre hoop just as Pucey swooped down and made an upward throw into the left hoop.


“And the score is 210-60 in favour of Slytherin.” Announced Lorcan unenthusiastically.


I swore up a storm under my breath and wished that Pucey would drop dead. Damn Scorpius and his stupid team! Maybe it was just me but I didn’t remember his team being this good in our first match with them. I didn’t think it was just me though because the rest of the team had the same look of surprise that I reckoned was on my face each time Slytherin scored.


“James Potter takes possession of the Quaffle… and he’s off! Look at him fly, ladies and gentleman! Tell me that doesn’t remind you of his cousin Fred, chaser for the Tutshill Tornadoes, sitting in the audience!” called out Lysander. I only vaguely registered Fred Weasley standing up and waving to serious applause as I flew behind James. “Gryffindor’s captain comes from good Quidditch stock if his cousins are anything to go by! Not to mention his father! Hey, Mr. Potter!”


Oh, I bet Harry loved the shout out. I rolled my eyes as I stayed close to Rose’s right. James passed the Quaffle to Rose.


“Gryffindor seeker, Albus Potter takes off! I think he’s seen the snitch!” cried out Lorcan.


“And we’re on to the tenth spotting of the little golden ball, ladies and gents!” yelled Lysander. “Scorpius Malfoy not far behind there as he chases after Potter and the Snitch. Must say, rather impressed with Captain Malfoy’s sportsmanship throughout the match. Hasn’t committed one foul, he has!”    


“That might have something to do with his girlfriend and his friends being on the Gryffindor team, Lysander.” commented Lorcan, dryly.


Rose was about to pass overhand to me.


 My eyes widened as I saw Grant coming out of the corner of my eye.


“Rose, don’t –” I yelled, but Rose made the pass., It was quickly intercepted by Grant who started flying off towards the hoops. I didn’t miss a beat and took off after him the second he started flying.


“Slytherin chaser Grant intercepts the Gryffindor possession and he’s heading off to the posts! Chaser Briars of Gryffindor not far behind! She’s right on his tail, she is, look at her go! She’s also of good Quidditch stock, being the sister of Landon Briars, Ravenclaw Keeper and captain.” Lysander commented matter-of-factly.


“The snitch flies straight up towards the sky and the two seekers are after it without a thought with Potter still in the lead! If he catches the snitch now then the match will end in a tie and the winner of the Quidditch cup will be determined by points. This means, Slytherin would win since they showed no mercy to their opponents and always won by huge margins!” Lorcan said, doing actual commentating.


“In short, Gryffindor needs to score a goal if they are to stand even a chance at this cup!” roared Lysander.


The words had the desired effect on me, and I willed my broom to take me faster as Grant took aim. He shot and I caught the Quaffle under my right arm as I flew a semi circle around him, turning back towards the end of the pitch.


“Aidan Briars off like a bullet! She’s zigzagging through the other Slytherin players so fast I can barely see her!” cried Lorcan. “She passes to Chaser Potter!”


“Albus Potter swerves to the right, Malfoy following him smoothly and they’re flying circles around the pitch after that snitch! Come on, boys! Let’s go!” encouraged Lysander.


“James Potter weaves through the pitch, Briars right behind him. Which way is he going to go?”


“Albus Potter slipping a little! Malfoy’s catching him up! That snitch won’t stick around for long!”


I watched as James flew, toes pointed to the right hoop so I knew that’s where he was headed. I was about to stop and wait for him to take the shot but his barely visible hand gesture kept me from it. I flew under him as he was about to take the shot.


“James Potter shoo – No! He drops the Quaffle into the arms of Briars, who flies up and shoots through the right, no, the LEFT hoop and Montague MISSES! She scores!!” I pumped my fist as I turned my broom around.


“Thanks for the trick there, Pucey!” I called out to him and his expression turned sour as James flew over to me and gave me a one armed hug.


“Albus Potter slowing down there, folks. Scorpius Malfoy’s almost at the Snitch, as well. The Snitch flies up and there they go again!”


“Come on, Al, come on!” I yelled loudly.


“You can do it, son!”


I heard a voice from the stands and I knew Harry Potter was praying for his younger son.


“Come on, mucker!” James hollered.


No one was moving as we watched Scorpius and Albus shooting into the sky after the Snitch. The snitch moved into the clouds above and the boys went through.


Then, we could see nothing.


“They’re into cloud cover, and there’s nothing to do but wait!” Lorcan exclaimed as he scanned the open but cloudy sky too.


“Chances are it’s probably lost in all that cloud, folks! I wouldn’t be shocked if they flew back down, drenched with not much else to show for that fantastic chase!” Lysander said bleakly.


I was looking up at the sky, not worrying that the Slytherins would resume play, since their Seeker was up there too and they were busy looking as well.


Seconds ticked by, which turned into a minute…then two.


“I’m beginning to wonder if the Seekers are lost along with the snitch, Lysander.” Lorcan remarked.


“Nonsense, mucker. Weather’s been worse with no losses. I don’t think – and there they are! Albus Potter dives down with Scorpius Malfoy right behind and…what’s that in his hand?” Lysander yelled, sounding excited.


“THEY WIN!!! THEY WIN!! GRYFFINDOR WIN!!!” Lorcan roared, his bias clearly showing in his voice.


My heart practically burst, and I pointed my broom down towards the pitch, as did the rest of the team. Al arrived last, and the first thing he did when he touched down, was throw his arms around his elder brother who was standing beside me.


“We won. We won.” sobbed Al.


James laughed as he sobbed too.


I didn’t realize until then, that tears were streaming down my face as well.


Rose ran over and threw her arms around me, pulling Lily into the hug. Lily pulled Hugo in as well, who patted our backs somewhat awkwardly. Prentice walked over and made James and Al join into the group hug as we all stood with each other, crying and laughing and jumping up and down.


We pulled away and started individually hugging each other. The stands had exploded into wild applause and the people started streaming out of the bleachers and onto the pitch.


The Potter and Weasley clan caught up with us first, enveloping everyone with embraces, and I got too many hugs and kisses to count.

I could barely see through my tears, everything was a blur of red hair and grass. Landon got to me as he picked me up and spun me around, making me laugh through my tears. He kissed me on my cheek, promising to catch up with me at the victory party, before he headed off to congratulate the others. I only made out Henry, through my blurred vision, when he was right in front of me, and wrapped me up in a huge hug, giving me a long and lingering kiss.


“Congratulations, love. You were brilliant!” he said in my ear as held me close. But I was so choked up, I couldn’t even thank him. I think he understood because he didn’t seem to expect a reply.


“Ladies and Gentleman, may I have your attention please?” Headmaster Shacklebolt’s calm and deep voice echoed through the pitch and people quieted down a bit.


“I would like to thank you all for coming and watching the Quidditch finals, truly a match to remember. And now, I call upon the victors of the Quidditch Cup: Gryffindor!”


The crowd swelled and roared.. I found myself being pushed by Henry, toward the centre of the pitch where Shacklebolt was waiting with a smile, the bright silver cup in his hand.


The rest of the team was there, waiting for me to arrive. It was only after I did, that James accepted the cup from the Headmaster, the resultant shrieks of excitement from his fans deafening. The cup was passed around from person to person and we all kissed the face of it, realizing it had all been worth it after all.


James took the cup back, and we all posed for a picture in the regular formation but before Collette Creevey could snap the shot, James grabbed me and pulled me next to him so Al and I were standing on his either sides, insisting that everyone stood however they wanted regardless of classic placement.


So it ended up with James in the middle, with Al and me on his either sides, Lily next to Al, Rose next to me and Hugo and Prentice standing behind us, heads showing between James and me and James and Al, respectively.


I tried to talk James out of it but he wouldn’t have it.


“We wouldn’t have won without either of you. There’s no one I’d rather have standing with me. This is one for the history books and I want people to remember who was responsible.” James insisted firmly as he pulled us close to him, each of us holding a handle of the cup as he held onto the base.


Everyone threw their arms around each other. “Gryffindors forever on the count of three: one, two, three,”




And we were.


We really were.


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