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Fallen by curiositykils
Chapter 16 : The one with the wedding
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Julie as promised comes by on Friday after her and Belle finish college. I leave it to them to pick out a dress for me. Dumbledore will be picking us both up tomorrow before we all apparate to someplace in Wiltshire where the wedding will be taking place.

On Saturday morning, after I have managed to fend off Julie and Belle with the masses of make-up they are trying to paint on my face, I find myself waiting nervously for Dumbledore. For the first time I realise how weird it will be seeing him again. We haven't talked or seen each other in over a year and here we are, going to a wedding together. 

Going to Sirius's wedding together.

There's little time to contemplate this as there's a knock on the front door. Knowing that it's Dumbledore I make my way down the stairs as Belle walks out of the living room. She opens the door and Dumbledore is stood there wearing deep blue velvet robes with silver stars. He smiles widely when he sees me and Belle. Giving Belle a quick bow to which she giggles in response he turns to look at me. 

"Professor Dumbledore." I say smiling.

"My dear…looking as beautiful as ever." He says. I smile back at him.

After telling Julie the final instructions on how to look after Marie we leave. Dumbledore holds out both his arms and Belle and I latch on.


We arrive outside a large manor house. Butterflies explode in my stomach as I look at it, my heart starting to beat wildly.

"That was the mot horrible feeling in my life." Belle says as Dumbledore steadies her.

"Shall we?" He says once Belle has composed herself.

"We shall." She replies as she latches onto his hand again and they both start making their way to the gardens where a large group of people can be seen. I follow behind them feeling so out of place. I wish Belle hadn't goaded me into coming here. I hate it.

The garden is decorated lavishly…this is not to say it looks good. Pink drapes and pink flowers meet your gaze wherever you look and overpower you. I shake my head at the sight, before following Dumbledore and Belle who have walked on ahead and are now talking to the Head of the Auror Office. 

Not wanting to join in on their conversation my eyes scan the crowd. I catch glimpses of some familiar faces but no-one I really want to talk to. I scan the crowd again and this time I catch the gaze of Healer Harrison. His smile broadens and he makes his way over to me.

"Dr Corisi. You made it. How lovely. It's a pleasure to have you here."

"The pleasure's all mine Healer Harrison." I lie.

"Come; let me introduce you to some people." And before I can say no he puts an arm on my back and starts leading me to a group of people which thankfully include Dumbledore and Belle.

"Rufus, allow me to introduce you to Dr Corisi." He turns to me. "This is Rufus Swamp; he's the Head of the Auror Office."

I turn my head to Rufus, knowing full well who he is and vice versa. Surprisingly he sticks out his hand. I see he no longer is afraid of my "abnomal" magic then.

"Nice to meet you Dr Corisi." I shake his hand quickly.

"Nice to meet you too." I say managing to hide my surprise. Rufus loathed me when we were in the Order.

"I understand that you know Dumbledore quite well already, and who is this fine lady?" Healer Harrison says looking at Belle.

"Healer Harrison this is my sister Belle, Belle this is Healer Harrison."

"Nice to meet you Healer, I've heard lots about you."

"I look forward to hearing more about you later on." He says shaking her hand.

"I understand that you were at Hogwarts with Sirius. You might remember his friends. I'll introduce you to them." Healer Harrison offers.

I shoot alarmed looks at Belle and Dumbledore. Rufus excuses himself from the conversation. I don't want to have to face James or Remus, especially after what had happened the last time I talked to them.

"Oh no, please, I'm sure I'll see them around later on. You must have better things to be doing than chauffeuring me around."

"Well between you and me. I hate social gatherings like these. Too many fake people wearing fake smiles talking about fake things if you know what I mean. I'm glad that you decided to come. At least I now have some decent conversation. I'm sure between yourself, Albus and your charming sister I'll be able to get through the day."

We talk for a further ten minutes where I find out that Dumbledore was the one who had recommended me to Healer Harrison when he wanted to find out about muggle medicine.


An announcement is made saying the wedding will be taking place in ten minutes. My stomach knots and I see Dumbledore and Belle looking at me worryingly. I force a smile on my face but I know it doesn't fool either of them. The minutes tick down and I feel like I'm in a dream. I know I'm standing there but it feels as if I'm floating around instead of being inside a body. I begin to feel sick and light headed.

I can't do this.

"Excuse me for a moment please Healer Harrison." I say turning away from him and practically running into the large house. I have to be alone. I run up the stairs trying to find a room where I won't be interrupted but after 15 seconds of running I'm lost.

I look around wildly as faces in portraits peer down at me. Not being able to take it anymore I reach for the closest door, wrench it open and shut it behind me. I lean against the door; eyes shut tightly trying to calm my breathing down. Once I've stopped gulping in air I open my eyes to find I'm in some sort of library. There are rows and rows of dusty volumes. I walk along them looking at the massive books covered in dust.

"Excuse me are you lost?" comes a voice form behind me. I jump upwards in surprise and whip around, my breath getting caught in my throat again.

"James? Remus?"

"Yeah….hi…what are you doing here?" asks James.

"I'm Dumbledore's date for Sir…Tiffany's wedding."

"You know Tiffany?"

"Not really. I know Healer Harrison."

"Oh…" There's an awkward silence.

"So…how have you guys been?" I ask trying to break it.

"To be honest with you, not that good. We've been trying to stop the wedding from happening." James blurts out.

"Sorry?" I ask confused.

"Tiffany doesn't love Sirius. She loves his money. His status as a pureblood. His looks. She isn't right for him. We have to stop him getting married." He says bitterly.

"In case you haven't noticed, their wedding's is in like ten minutes. Anyway shouldn't Sirius have figured this out before the wedding? Before he proposed?"

"He didn't propose. She bought up the idea of getting married and Sirius is just going along with it! He's not even bothered." James says.

Remus sighs. "He's blind. After…after you, he was hurt. He went back to dating girls he felt safe with. All he sees is her fake smile, blond hair and long legs. Nothing real and last able."

"It's a bit late now isn't it? It's his choice who he marries. She isn't forcing him into it."

"We have to stop him before he ruins his life."

"I don't think there's a way to do that now."

"Yes there is." says Remus. He has a hopeful look of glee on his face.

"You." He says looking at me. I look at James confused, to see him looking at me with a glazed expression on his face.

"Excuse me?" I say glancing at the door. This conversation is growing way too weird for me.

"There's no way Sirius will marry Tiffany if he sees you."

I let out a harsh laugh. "Yeah…sorry to break it to you but Sirius has seen me at least twice since he got engaged to Tiffany and yet here we are…"

"What? You've seen Sirius? When? Where?"

"Yes I've seen him. I went round to dinner at Healer Harrison's house a few months ago. That was the first time I saw him. I saw him again a few days later where we ended up fighting as usual and then again at a fundraiser my hospital was having. I invited Healer Harrison and his friends but Tiffany and Sirius turned up too…He didn't mention it to you?"

They both shake their heads and stare at me as if expecting me to come up with some sort of magical solution.

Sorry boys, but I've got problems of my own. Sort yours out yourself.

I move towards the door and just as I'm about to open it, it opens for me and a voice shouts out for James and Remus but stops as soon as he sees me standing there.


My outstretched hand quickly falls to the ground. I look at him for 5 seconds without saying anything before I realise that I'm openly staring at him.

My God he looks amazing in a tuxedo, even with the shocked look on his face. His once familiar smell fills me and I force myself not to breathe it in greedily.

Without saying anything I manage to squeeze past him and quickly hurry down the floor as quickly as the high heeled shoes I'm wearing can carry me. I manage to find my way back into the garden just as everyone is finding their seats. Belle, Dumbledore and I are sitting near to the back, thankfully, but we're still too close to the front for my liking.

As I sit down I see them both looking at me and I ignore Belle's questions of where I ran off to whilst determinedly looking away from the gazes they are sending me.


The ceremony begins and my breathing once again hitches in my throat. I force myself to swallow the lump forming in my throat and blink to remove the tears threatening to spill from my eyes. As hard as I try I can't stop them and a tear escapes. I swipe at it angrily and covertly but it's quickly replaced by another. Before I completely collapse in front of everyone I manage to stand up and excuse myself. With my back turned to the ceremony I run back into the house choking on my sobs.

The shoes I'm wearing hurt my feet so as soon as I turn the corner I lean against a statue, take them off and run into the house bare foot. I don't know were I'm running to and I don't care. There's no one else in the house right now anyway. They're all outside…watching him get married.

Finally I see a door, wrench it open and practically fall inside. It's a small box bedroom that looks exactly like the one I had when I stayed at the Order's headquarters first time round. I move to the other side of the old bed and sit down on it. My bangs fall into my face and stick to my wet cheeks. I try to stop myself crying and after five minutes of telling myself to get a grip, it works.

I'm only sniffling now.

The door to the room behind me suddenly slams open. I stiffen as it rebounds of the wall and my hands quickly come up to wipe the tears off my face and dry my eyes. I stand up, my back still to the door. Once I've pretty much dried my eyes I turn around.

"Sorry, I didn't realise that this was anyone's room."

All I catch is a glimpse of a black coat before it disappears. My eyebrows knit together but I can't force my legs to go and see who it was. I shake my head slightly to clear it, glance one last time at the garden before walking towards the door. God, even the house smells like Sirius.

There's no point in staying. I send Dumbledore a message using my mind to tell Belle that I have a work emergency and not to worry. I put my walls up before he can reply. I put my shoes back on, glance at my reflection in the mirror before walking out of the house.


I don't go home. I don't want to face Julie's questions on why I'm back early and why Belle isn't with me. Instead I go to the only place I know where I feel in control of my life. My colleagues at the hospital are momentarily shocked that I've suddenly turned up out of the blue but they notice my dress and semi-red eyes before thrusting patient notes at me.

I work for hours straight, only taking a short break that is required by law before ploughing through another block.

It's eight in the evening before I'm forced to leave and go home.

Seven hours.

It's been seven hours since my Sirius got married to that airhead slut. God, how stupid have I been? It's too late now. I'm too late. I'm seven hours and one minute too damn late.

I lost him.

I let him go and now he's gone.

It's all my fault.

I still love him.

Oh God, what did I do?

Author's Note: Please review!! The next and last chapter will be up in a while! I have a feeling it might get rejected and I might need to make some changes so the wait may be a little longer than recently. So until next time, Curiositykils.

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Fallen: The one with the wedding


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