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Problem by dracos_hotter
Chapter 13 : Aftermath
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Another one by Lady Malfoy at The Dark Arts. She's my deity.

Problem 21: Everything is dark. 

I open my eyes in the hospital wing. Livi and Caspar are leaning over me, and I can see the faint outline of my mother’s bushy hair waving about somewhere down near the matrons room. 

“What the fuck happened?” I groan. 

“Shh,” Livi whispers, “If you speak too loud, your mum will come back and I’m crap at keeping secrets.” 

“So it happened, then?” I ask dreamily, “I kissed Scorp?” 

“It was more like he assaulted you, but yeah,” Caspar agrees, “It was quite romantic.” 

“So why did I black out?” This is all really confusing. 

“Well, Al tried to stun Scorpius, to get him to let go, but hit you instead, you went flying and broke the rest of your arm as you went,” Livi rattles off. 

“Jesus Christ,” I swear, “Why? I was quite—“ 

“Shh!” Livi commands, “Scorp’s in here too.” 


“Him and Al started to fight. Al’s disappeared, he was in here, but I think he got scared of your mum telling his mum and he left,” Cas grins, “Coward. I doubt he wanted to be here when you found out, either.” 

“I’m going to kill him,” I lift my arm up to punch the pillow, and notice it’s covered in a thick cast. 

“They were shattered,” Livi explains, “So you have to wear this for a few days.” 

“On the plus side, you were only out a few hours,” Caspar tries, “Your mum’s coming.”
Indeed, with a soft shriek, my mum is powering towards me like some sort of bushy hurricane. 

“Rosie! You’re awake! I was so scared! Your hand looked so mangled, it’s so lucky Al caught you!” 

Oh, so that’s the story he’s putting around. 

“Actually, mum,” I say cheerily, realising Al is never going to hear the end of this, “Scorpius caught me. Al was the one who started a fight with Scorpius afterwards, which is why he’s here.” 

Livi is looking very shocked. She obviously expected me to stick to Al’s story. A nerve twitches in the corner of mum’s eye. 

“He. Did. What?” she says slowly, “Albus Severus Potter!” 

Al, who has obviously been hiding in Madam Cherie’s office, slinks out guiltily, knowing he’s screwed. 

“Yes?” he says quietly. 

“Explain,” mum says in her most terrifying voice. 

“Well... er...” Al starts, “He was hurting her—“ 

“Liar!” I yell, “He caught me when I was going to DIE!” 

“Rose, you wouldn’t have died,” he protests, “You would’ve been fine—“ 

“Ten metre drop!” I continue, “It’s a miracle he got there in time! Fat lot of good you are! Rubbish excuse for a cousin! Idiot! Loser!” 

Albus is visibly shrinking beneath my words. 

“I didn’t mean to,” he mumbles, and I turn my head away from him. 

Mum picks up where I left off, threatening to get Aunt Ginny involved. Scary thought.

Scorpius is lying in the bed next to mine, pretending to sleep. I know he’s pretending, his eyes are fluttering open and shut. 

This gives me perfect opportunity to take another piece of him into my heart. 

He has the palest pink lips. Al has obviously punched them, because a bruise is spreading across the left hand side, puffing them up like a balloon. Charming cousin of mine. 

I can almost feel them on my own lips now, soft and hard, comfortable and unrelenting. 

Caspar in conveniently sneaking out with an apologetic look, and Livi is doing the same. 

“Too loud,” she mimes, pointing at my mum, who is now red faced and roaring at Albus. 

I watch them go sadly, realising I have ages left of hearing mum shout, and then the inevitable ringing ears before Aunt Ginny turns up and starts yelling. 

“Psst,” I whisper to Scorp, “I know you’re awake.” 

“How?” he hisses back, lazily opening one eye. 

“Magic,” I reply. 

“I thought Madam Cherie had your wand so you didn’t escape again,” he says, pulling himself into a sitting position. 

“Well, that last time I didn’t need to be in here,” I huff, “She has no right!” 

He raises an eyebrow. “Surely you don’t think you’re above her?” 

“No. No, I’m very sure she has every right,” I say sadly. 

“Want to get out?” he whispers, and I almost miss it over a renewed bout of accusations and apologies. 

“Yeah,” I grin, and slide my feet onto the floor. 

Quietly, moving on the balls of our feet, we sneak to the door. 

I start moving towards the office, but Scorp grabs my blood stained top and hauls me out of the door. 

“I want my wand!” I hiss, “Go back!” 

“No chance,” he says coolly, shutting the door, “Go back in and you get caught.” 

He’s right, damnit. 

I look at my casted hand in a mix of wonder and disgust. 

“Thanks,” I whisper. 

“Oh no, thank you,” Scorp says, a slow smile creeping onto his face, lighting up his grey eyes, “If you hadn’t have told the truth, I’d have faced the wrath of your mother by now.” 

I can feel my mouth curling into one of those stupid half smiles that look ridiculous, but I can’t help it. I can’t stay cool with him grinning like that. 

“Shall we?” I ask politely, offering my good arm to him. He takes it, and we start walking away. 


“Ah, fuck,” I groan. Of course Matthew would have heard about this. 

Scorp drops my arm. “Well, see you around, Weasley,” he says, the smile falling from his face. He turns and walks away, leaving me to deal with my almost boyfriend. 

“Rose!” Matt cries again, taking my casted arm into his hands and staring at it in wonder, “I heard – are you okay?” 

“Peachy,” I reply quietly, watching the spot Scorp disappeared into. 

He takes my good hand and starts to walk me back to the tower, talking quickly about interviews and Quidditch. I nod and add vague words, but really I’m dreaming of Scorpius’ lips on mine. 

I would sell Matt for him. 

I think I should step up this plan: I’ll lead Matt on a little more. Yeah. 

Jamal Hiatus girl, you are such a bitch! 


So? SO? You’re playing with fire. You are gonna— 

“Rose, are you listening?” Matt says impatiently, “I said, would you like to come to Hogsmeade with me, officially?” 

“Yeah, I’d love to,” I reply calmly, feeling guilty. 

I won’t lie – on the inside, I feel sick. Pain is slowly regaining my arm again, I haven’t eaten in hours, and I’m miserable about tricking Matt into loving me. 

“Porcupine,” said boy announces to the fat lady, and he lets me through the door first. 

So he’s polite, too. 

Oh good. Another good thing about him. Why couldn’t I just hate him? No, Rose Weasley has to make everything difficult for herself. 

“ROSE!” shrieks Lily, diving at me, “ROSE ARE YOU OKAY?!” 

“Yeah, wonderful,” I say, rubbing my poor ears. Matt laces his fingers through mine and smiles apologetically. I take it no one told him about the kiss, then. 

He’s still adorable, of course. Lily has started to flap her hands about and yell to everyone else that I’m fine, while he just stands there and looks bemused, smiling at my weird family. 

Even James is in here, talking to Fred. What king of world is it that James is a teacher, anyway? It’s unnatural. He rebelled against teachers most of his life. 

I pull Matt away from my psychotic cousin towards the window seat. 

Why? I hear you asking. Why not an armchair by the fire? 

One reason: James. 

I fully intend to wipe Scorpius from my mind and concentrate on my ‘stable relationship’, and I know one sure-fire way of doing that: snogging. 

In my lifetime, I have spent more time snogging than is natural. Again, you can blame Scorp. 

Because there’s no other way of removing his voice from the back of my little mind. 

So I sit down at the window seat with Matt. 

The window seat is partially hidden from view by a floating notice board, so it’s basically where everyone goes to make out. This is why Matt knows exactly what I wanted. 

We kiss for over an hour. 

No, not without a breath, stupid. We would die then. 

When I finally walk back out of the window seat, James is gone. Matt kisses my hand and then runs up the stairs to the boy’s dorm, presumably to do homework. Or have a cold shower. Merlin knows I need one. 

“Happy?” Livi says from behind me. I spin around to see her in an armchair by the fire, with Sassy on her lap. 


“Better now?” 


It’s an unwritten rule that asking about snogging is for girl’s nights. So in the middle of the common room is unacceptable, even if it’s only a couple of people. I notice Caspar and Harry are missing, again. 

“Caspar went for another ‘walk’,” Livi says, crinkling her nose, “Probably to the Room Of Requirement so they can ‘talk’ all night.” 

I snicker at that. They’ve had increasingly more of these ‘talks’ since we discovered an anti-pregnancy spell. 

“What should I wear to Hogsmeade?” Livi asks, glancing around the room quickly to see if Sweet Luke is in here. He isn’t, as it is. There’s us, a few fourth years I vaguely know, and Evangeline. 

Ah, Evangeline. What used to be a spotty loser trailing in Lucinda’s imposing wake turns into a beauty queen. I reckon it’s the lips that did it. She has these full, pouting lips, and they don’t make her look like a fish because her wide brown eyes balance them out brilliantly. As much as I hate to say it, she’s also got one of those horrifyingly amazing elfin bodies. 

And we all thought she was a dweeb. 

“Rose! Are you listening?” Livi has a problem with my ability to zone out. 

“Yeah,” I answer thoughtfully, “Leggings. Definitely leggings. With something else.” 

“Fat lot of good you are,” Livi whines, “I was going to wear jeans!” 

“Then wear jeans!” 

“But now you’ve got your leggings imprinted in my head!” 

Does no-one think I have my own problems? 

Hello there. I'm back. Again. So... any thoughts?

Are you team Matt or Team Scorpius?

Team Sweet Luke, or Team James?

Does James have a chance? Actually, I could answer all of those myself, but I want to know what you think. =)

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Problem: Aftermath


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