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The Real Thing by pirette08
Chapter 8 : Out Of The Blue
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A/N: Thank those of you that review and to those that dont, i'd really like to hear what you think.  So far, I'm over the moon with the responses i've gotten on my story. this is a story that has been in my head for a few years now, and to see it all infront of me is surreal, especially that it is being so well received. thanks so much =)

Chapter 8

Out Of The Blue

Out of the blue

They said we couldn’t be together

I’ve got to get over you

We’re given no choice

We have no voice

Out of the blue


 -“Out Of The Blue”- Aly & Aj


       Ginny was sitting alone in the Three Broomsticks. She was sipping on her Butterbeer as she was writing her weekly letter to Harry. She had decided to skip out on the family’s trip to Shell Cottage. She knew it would be unpleasant to be in such a small house with her mother and a pregnant Fleur. She instead opted to stay at Grimmauld Place and spend some quality time with Harry. Her Harry. She looked up from her letter as she heard the door from the Three Broomsticks open. It was Cho. She had never hated or been a fan of Cho, but seeing Harry’s ex-girlfriend, who was beautiful, walking in, made her uncomfortable. Ginny watched as Cho ordered a Butterbeer, and surprisingly walked towards her.


“Hello Ginny.” said Cho brightly.


“Hello Cho, what are you doing in Hogsmeade?” Ginny asked.


“Oh I was just doing some early Christmas shopping.” said Cho brightly. “Lovely shop your brother’s running by the way.”


“Thanks” Ginny replied simply.


“So…are you still with Harry?” Cho asked curiously.


“Yes, I’m actually writing him a letter.” said Ginny smugly. “And I’m going to spend my Christmas holiday at his house he inherited from his godfather.”


           Ginny didn’t know why she felt the need to say this all to Cho, but it felt good. Cho obviously still harbored some feelings for Harry, and she couldn’t help but rub it in her face that her opportunity was long gone.


“Wow.” said Cho. “Just you and Harry alone?”


“Well my brother and Hermione live there too.” Ginny replied. “But they’re probably going to do something together.”


“Hermione is still with your brother right?” Cho asked.


“Yes.” Ginny answered irritably. Cho was seriously starting to bug her.


“Well that’s a relief.” said Cho smugly. “Nothing could’ve been worse than Harry and Hermione living together, unattended for hours.”


“Why?” Ginny asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.


“Well it’s no secret how well those two get along right?” Cho said complacently, sensing that Ginny was getting a little apprehensive.


“It’s true, they get along well, but that’s because they’ve been friends for years.” said Ginny. “That’s natural; they’re like brother and sister.”


“Please don’t tell me you’re falling for that lie.” said Cho obnoxiously. “Look, I am an ex, so I kind of know what I’m talking about.”


Ginny looked at her in outrage, but Cho just ignored it.


“Harry and Hermione are not just friends.” said Cho. “I spotted it four years ago and so did Viktor Krum. They’re just too daft  to see it.”


“That’s not true.” Ginny spat.


Cho shrugged.


“I just wanted to let you know to be very aware of them.” she said unkindly. “It’s only a matter of time. And if you want to still be Harry’s girlfriend. Keep a watch out on the two.”

“Well I don’t need your advice. I know how to handle my boyfriend.” said Ginny irritably.

“I’m just giving advice.” said Cho in fake politeness. “I’ll leave you to finish the letter.”


         Ginny lividly watched as Cho walked out of the Three Broomsticks. She had not hated her before, but now she was almost certain she did. After all, she had just planted the seed of doubt in her head, which could only cause more anxiety about being away from Harry.

*          *          *          *          *          *

          Hermione breathed deep and forced herself to knock on Harry’s bedroom door. What Harry had almost said three weeks ago, was still bothering her. She knew it was probably ridiculous to ask now, now that three weeks had passed and he probably didn’t even remember what he was going to say.


        Harry opened the door; he was wearing his scarlet and gold Quidditch sweater and black lounge trousers. His hair was disheveled more than usual and he looked tired.


“I’m sorry, were you sleeping?” Hermione asked.


“No, I was just reading my Auror’s handbook.” he said yawning. “I have a practical test tomorrow.”


“Oh…well I’ll come back later.” said Hermione backing out of the door frame.


“No, I was just about to take a break.” said Harry. “Come in.”


Hermione walked in, picked up Harry’s book, and sat down on the foot of his bed.


“I’m seriously starting to consider being an Auror.” she said smiling as she skimmed through the book.


“Really?” asked Harry sitting on his bed, watching her intently.


“No, I’m just joking.” said Hermione closing the book. “Being Auror seems exciting, but I really want to make a difference with law. Even if it’s not as active as being an Auror.”


“Well if you ever did decide to be an Auror, We’d be an amazing team.” said Harry brightly.


“Oh definitely.” said Hermione smiling at him broadly.


            Harry observed Hermione closely. She had her hair in a low ponytail, nothing fancy, yet she looked different. She was pretty; Harry was stunned that he had ever overlooked it. Sure, she looked beautiful at the Yule Ball, Slughorn’s party, and at Bill and Fleur’s wedding, but he was only just noticing her natural beauty. He had been too busy with Voldemort, school, and with other girls, that he had completely taken Hermione for granted.


“You should wear ponytails more often,” Harry said. “It looks nice on you.”


“Thank you.” said Hermione. She felt herself blushing yet again to Harry’s comment.


“So…Ginny’s coming for her Christmas holiday tomorrow.” said Hermione amicably. “I bet you can’t wait.”


Harry’s stomach gave a lurch, Ginny was the last thing on his mind.


“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”


Hermione eyed him suspiciously.


“You don’t sound so excited.” she said.


“I am. My mind is just roaming around.” Harry lied.


“You can tell me you know.” said Hermione pryingly. “It’s only fair. I tell you practically all my woes with Ron.”


“There’s nothing to tell.” said Harry.


“All right, if you’re sure.” Hermione said.


“I am.” said Harry.


        Hermione wondered how to word what she had been dying to ask since she came in, but couldn’t find a way to do it. She decided to just do it.


“You know…this may sound dumb but…” said Hermione attentively. “I’ve actually been wondering of what you tried to say me the day Ron took the Distraught Serum.”


“Oh…” said Harry taken aback. “It was nothing. honestly.”


“I don’t think it was nothing.” said Hermione delicately. “Look, I don’t know about you but…things have been changing slightly between us and I just want to know if it’s not just me.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” said Harry avoiding her eyes.


“I think you do.” Hermione replied. “Harry, ever since that kiss--”


“We talked about that. It was nothing remember?” Harry reminded her.


“Maybe, but for the last few weeks, it made it seem like it was something.” Hermione argued. “I blush at every comment you make me, I look forward to our movie night just because I know we’ll be alone.”


“Don’t you see?” Hermione persisted as Harry continued to avoid her gaze. “Something is obviously going on. And I got the impression that you think so too.”


Harry thought carefully before he spoke again.


“You’re right.” he said sincerely. “Something is going on.”


Hermione watched as Harry paced around the room.


“I think I’m starting to see you in a different light.” said Harry.


Hermione smiled broadly. It was music to her ears.


“And I hate it.”


Hermione’s smile vanished.


“I hate it because I can’t do anything about It.” said Harry. “I hate it because it’s happening too late. Because it’s happening when I’m with someone else, and its making me feel guilty and it’s wrong because something so good shouldn’t be wrong.”


Harry turned around to see Hermione. Her face was unreadable.


“We have to handle this before it gets out of hand.” Hermione agreed.


“Are you saying you feel the same way?” Harry asked nervously.


“Of course!” Hermione exclaimed. “Harry when I told you that our kiss meant nothing I was lying. I was hurt when I thought it was a spur of the moment thing.”


Harry furiously ran his hands through his raven hair, disheveling it even more.


“What are we going to do now?” he asked.


Hermione shrugged.


“I don’t know, but we better know by tomorrow because we can’t keep doing this.” said Hermione. “Not to ourselves and especially not to Ron and Ginny.”


“I know.” said Harry. “I know…”

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