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Draco Meets His Match by xxstaindrosesxx
Chapter 11 : Nineteen Years Later
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A/N: Last chapter edited! Not much to change in this chapter, probably because I love it so much. It's so darn sweet. :D

Draco Malfoy descended down the stairs of his home. At the age of 36, he looked the part by sporting long, blonde hair, similar to his father’s. He kept the hair pulled back neatly unlike his father and time had added to his age by the formation of a slight beard. He still resembled his former self from Hogwarts, but years and events in his life turned him into a man.

Now Draco stepped on the main floor of his house. It felt more like a home then a piece of property. The house never compared close in size to the Malfoy Manor, but it had been enough to make him happy. The contents of the house made it the home he loved and more then a possession in his eyes.

The house remained simple, which included enough bedrooms for everyone. There were five bedrooms in total, each garnished with the individuals’ likings and belongings. Amongst the bedrooms on the second floor, included a library. The library remained small in size, but the books varied from Hogwarts textbooks to new publishing. The library had been used more for an office then anything else since Draco needed a place to work.

On the main floor, there included two bathrooms, a living room, dining room, and a kitchen where Gabriella Malfoy had now been cooking breakfast. The quaint little kitchen filled with the aroma of scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast. The kitchen table had already been set for five people with the same matching plates and silverware.

Draco walked over to his beautiful wife and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He placed his hands on her bulging stomach in which she carried twins, which were five months along. He placed his chin on her shoulder and kissed her neck gently. “You look beautiful, but you shouldn’t be doing all this since you’re pregnant.” He worried, whispering into her ear.

Gabriella smiled because her husband cared so much. “I’m fine, but could you get the orange juice and set it on the table for me?” She asked politely.

Draco kissed her neck again. “Certainly,” he replied before releasing his embrace upon her. He stepped over to the refrigerator, which they had to keep things cold, and pulled out the orange juice. He set the pitcher full of orange liquid down onto the table. “Would you like me to pour it also?” He asked.

“Yes please.” Gabriella said, finishing the breakfast she had been cooking.

Draco poured orange juice into the five glasses while Gabriella placed some scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast onto each plate before sitting the extra in the middle of the table. “Did you wake the children?” Gabriella asked as she sat down, finally resting her feet from the weight of the pregnancy.

“Yes I did.” Draco answered, sitting down next to his wife.

Gabriella sighed. “Typical,” she said, referring to the children. “Breakfast!” She shouted.

Draco smirked at his wife. “You always were the loud one.” He teased.

Gabriella just smiled as their first child; a blonde-haired boy came running down the stairs. Two girls followed closely behind, one older and one younger, but both younger than the boy. The older girl shoved past the younger one who seemed to walk down the stairs slower then the rest.

Eventually the eleven-year-old boy and the eight year-old-girl sat at the table. The youngest walked over to her father, and he picked her up and placed her down in the chair next to his. She had only been four years old so it still made it difficult for her to reach things.

Once they were all seated at the table, Gabriella looked at her oldest daughter. “You know it’s not nice to shove your sister, Scelestus.” She said, informing her daughter of her rude behavior.

Scelestus shoved some scrambled eggs into her mouth, chewed, and swallowed before replying. “I can’t help it that she’s slow.” She teased.

“She’s four years old dear. You were once slow too.” Gabriella reminded her.

“Yeah right.” Scelestus denied.

Draco smirked as he just finished a bite of toast. “I can see why we named her Scelestus.” He joked.

Scelestus looked at both of her parents. “Why? What does my name mean?” She asked.

“It means wicked.” Gabriella answered.

Scelestus smiled as if she had been pleased with her name, and then she continued to eat her breakfast.

“Mommy,” cut in the little four year-old. “What does my name mean?” She asked.

Gabriella smiled as she brushed some of the long brown hair from the girl’s face that had been sitting between Gabriella and Draco so they could help her eat breakfast. “Bellus means beautiful,” answered Gabriella. “Your father gave you the name because he thought you looked so much like me.”

Little Bellus, who they called Bell for short, smiled and tried to eat her scrambled eggs that kept falling off the fork.

Gabriella turned her attention to her blonde son who appeared to be poking at his food like he didn’t feel hungry. “Are you alright dear? Is this about your name meaning scorpion?” She asked, worried about her son and half-joking since their conversation seemed to revolve around the meanings of names.

Scorpius Malfoy looked up from his plate of food to meet his mother’s worried gaze. “It’s not about my name. I’m worried about going to Hogwarts today.” He answered, looking worried.

“You will do fine.” His mother reassured him in order to try and boost his mood.

Scorpius sighed. “But what if I end up in Gryffindor?” He asked with worry.

Draco looked at his son, remembering his enemies, which had been in Gryffindor. “Many brave people end up in Gryffindor, including the one who killed Voldemort,” he explained, as if he had told the tale to his children before. “I believe your mother could have been in Gryffindor because she was brave back at Hogwarts.”

Gabriella smiled. “It doesn’t matter which house you end up in.” She stated.

Scorpius nodded. “Alright. Is Uncle Greg and Aunt Reyna going to be there with cousin Lena?” He asked, seeming excited at the idea.

Gabriella nodded. “Yes dear. It is Lena’s first year as well.” She replied.

Scelestus cut in at this point. “I want to go then!” She exclaimed.

“Me too!” Little Bellus shouted.

“Well, it’s up to your father. He’s taking Scorpius and I’m not sure if he is opening the shop afterwards.” Gabriella explained, referring to the Potions shop Draco owned in Diagon Alley.

“I closed it for the day and informed St. Mungo’s and the Ministry I could not supply them today, so technically it’s up to your mother because I want her to come with us.” Draco explained, smirking at his wife.

“Please mum!” Shouted the girls.

Gabriella smirked back at her husband because they knew the children would beg. “Alright,” she said. “Grab your cloaks.”

The two little girls ran over to the individual hangers to grab their cloaks. The oldest, Scelestus, put her black cloak on right away while the little four year-old, Bellus, jumped up trying to reach hers. Gabriella stood up and walked over to the hooks on the wall and grabbed her daughter’s cloak. Bellus smiled at her mother while putting on the tiny pink cloak. “It would be nice if you could help your sister.” Gabriella said, sliding on her oversized cloak so it would cover her belly.

“Good thing I’ll end up in Slytherhin because Slytherins help their friends.” Scelestus replied.

“We’ll see about that,” stated Gabriella, knowing her daughter would probably end up in Slytherin anyways. “And what house do you want to be in someday, dear?” She asked, smiling at Bellus.

“Hufflepuff!” She exclaimed with excitement.

Gabriella gave a half-laugh to this answer. “Well, they are bold.” She said as her daughter Scelestus looked disgusted.

At this same time, Draco went upstairs with his son, Scorpius, to help him with his trunk and other possessions he needed for Hogwarts. “You all packed, son?” He asked, sitting on his son’s bed.

“Yes.” Scorpius replied, sitting next to his father on the bed.

“I have something for you.” Draco said, pulling a picture from his pocket and showing it to his son.

The picture displayed Draco and Gabriella when they were younger. They held a tiny baby in a blue blanket. “What is it?” Scorpius asked, slightly confused.

Draco smiled as he looked at the picture, obviously remembering the event it captured. “It’s a picture of your mother and I holding you shortly after you were born,” he explained. “I want you to keep it close if you get scared and remember how much your mother and I love you.”

Scorpius nodded and took the picture, placing it in his pocket. “Thanks dad.” He said, before giving his father a hug.

Draco hugged him back and released him from the hug after a few seconds. “You can write us anytime,” he offered. “Then again, you better write or your mum might kill you.” He joked.

Scorpius grinned slightly. “Alright.” He said.

Draco stood up from the bed. “Well, we better get going. We don’t want to be late.” He stated, stepping over to his son’s trunk and picking it up.

Scorpius stood up and stepped over to his tawny owl, which seemed restless in its cage. He picked up the cage and the owl hooted slightly. He followed his father down the stairs who had already descended down them, making his way to the main floor where his wife and two daughters waited.

The five of them huddled near the fireplace since they would travel by Floo Powder. A special system had been set up for families to take them to King’s Cross. It only worked on the departure day to Hogwarts, holidays, and the return day from Hogwarts. It also had been enchanted to look like a hallway so muggles wouldn’t see random people popping into a fireplace.

“I’ll go first,” stated Draco, devising his plan. “Then, Scorpius and Scelestus, followed by you with Bell.” He explained, looking at his wife.

Gabriella nodded as Draco grabbed some Floo Powder off of the mantle of the fireplace with one hand, while the other hand held his son’s trunk. He stepped into the fireplace and shouted, “King’s Cross!” and threw down the powder, causing him to be consumed by green flames before disappearing.

Scorpius followed close behind with his owl as he went next. Then went Scelestus, followed by Gabriella and Bellus last. Gabriella held her daughter’s little hand with her own and the Floo Powder in the other hand. “Hold on tight.” She said to her daughter before speaking their destination, throwing down the powder, and disappearing into the green flames.

On the other side, they had all arrived safely to King’s Cross. Draco had summoned a cart and placed his son’s belongings on it before Gabriella and Bellus had made it to the other side. Little Bellus still had a hold of her mother’s hand while Scelestus held her father’s hand as if they were overwhelmed and scared by the surroundings.

Draco handed the cart over to his son so Scorpius could push it. “We better get to Platform nine and three quarters.” Draco suggested.

The five Malfoys walked passed muggles as they reached the space between platforms nine and ten. Scorpius looked up, trying to find a sign for the platform he needed. “I don’t see it.” He said, looking confused.

Draco pointed to the brick wall, which led to the Hogwarts Express. “You have to run at the wall.” He explained.

Scorpius looked at his father with wide eyes. “You want me to run into a wall?!” He exclaimed, questioning his father.

Draco chuckled slightly. “You will go through the wall. The train is on the other side.” He explained.

“Oh.” Scorpius replied as if he were dumbfounded. Then, he ran towards the wall while pushing his cart. He disappeared and the rest of his family followed in pursuit behind him.

On the other side, the Malfoy family reunited again. Wizarding families scurried around trying to say goodbye to their children. Some faces looked familiar while others looked brand new. Two faces caught the eyes of the Malfoys when they looked around. “Uncle Greg! Aunt Reyna!” The three Malfoy children shouted.

Gregory Goyle and his wife, Reyna, walked over to them. They all hugged each other before speaking. “Where’s Lena?” Scorpius asked.

“She’s already on the train. You know her. Always wants to be early to learn new things. She will probably end up in Ravenclaw.” Goyle explained, smirking.

“Well, I was in Ravenclaw and there is nothing wrong with that.” Reyna explained, acting proud and defensive.

Goyle kissed his wife on the cheek. “I know.”

Scelestus and Bellus looked bummed when they heard Lena had already boarded the train because she had been their only cousin. Goyle noticed their expression. “Oh, don’t look so bummed girls. You will see Lena on the holidays and just think, soon you will have some more siblings.” He explained, smiling.

Bellus smiled at the thought, but Scelestus looked disgusted. “Do you know what they are yet?” Reyna asked.

“Twin boys.” Gabriella answered.

“Any ideas for names?” Reyna asked, being curious of her future nephews.

“Leo and Luca.” Gabriella answered, putting her hand on her stomach.

“Well, I don’t know how you do it honestly. I don’t think I would be able to raise five children.” Reyna said, giving her a compliment.

Gabriella looked at her husband and smiled at him. Draco smiled back and he knew why they had so many children. Other then love, he knew it had been because he had been an only child. He hated growing up without siblings, and in fact, he had been slightly jealous of the Weasley family because they had so many family members.

“Well, we have to be going. The Ministry has been working me over time,” explained Goyle before hugging his sister. “Let’s have dinner soon and take care.” He said.

“Take care, Greg.” Gabriella said in return.

They all exchanged their goodbyes before they stepped closer to the train. It almost had become time for Scorpius to leave. Draco pulled his son aside and bent down to his son’s level. “Remember what I said earlier?” He asked.

Scorpius nodded. “Yes father,” he answered. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, son,” Draco said, hugging little Scorpius.

Then, Scorpius hugged his younger sisters and lastly he hugged his mother. She couldn’t bend down so his arms tried to wrap around her bulging stomach. “I love you, mum.” He said, while Gabriella tried her best to hug him back.

“I love you too,” she replied before letting him go. “Have fun, but don’t forget to write.”

Scorpius turned to his father and smirked, remembering how his father joked about his mother killing him if he didn’t write. He walked back to his father, but something caught Draco’s eye.

Draco noticed Harry Potter, his wife Ginny, along with Ron Weasley and his wife Hermione dropping off their children. Draco knelt down to his son again. “You see those children over there?” He asked, gesturing towards the general direction of the children.

“Yes.” Scorpius said, looking to the children and then back to his father.

Draco looked at his son with seriousness. “Be nice to them. They could end up saving your life one day.” He explained.

“Yes father.” Scorpius said before giving his father one last hug and boarding the train.

After a few minutes, the train whistled and smoke flowed out of the smoke stack before it started to roll away. Scorpius waved out of the window and his family waved back until his son had drifted too far away to see.

At this same moment, something caught Bellus’ eye so she pulled her hand out of her mother’s and ran off.

“Bell!” Gabriella shouted, watching her daughter run right over to Harry Potter.

Draco acted quickly by handing Scelestus over to her mother. Scelestus took her mother’s hand and Draco ran after Bellus with slight caution as he noticed Harry Potter had been the person to catch his daughter’s eye.

“You’re Harry Potter!” Bellus exclaimed.

Harry bent down slightly. “Why yes I am.” He said smiling, even though he noticed this girl belonged to Draco Malfoy.

“I read a story book about you. You killed that evil Vodlemodle guy.” She said, butchering Voldemort’s name.

Just then, Draco reached his daughter, knelt down to her, and turned her around, putting his hands on her shoulders. “What have I told you about running off like that?” He questioned his daughter.

“Sorry daddy.” She replied before being picked up by her father and held onto her with one arm.

“Sorry about that. She has a mind of her own sometimes.” Draco apologized, feeling very awkward.

Gabriella and Scelestus finally reached Draco since Gabriella couldn’t run because of her protruding stomach. Silence overcame everyone as the awkwardness set in more.

Hermione decided to be the polite one as usual by breaking the silence. She noticed Gabriella’s stomach and smiled at her. “Looks like you’ve been busy.” She implied while holding onto Hugo’s hand.

Gabriella smiled. “Yes I have.” She replied.

“How rude of me. This is my wife, Gabriella, and my daughter Scelestus,” he introduced them, pointing to each one. “And you’ve already met Bellus here,” he explained, bouncing his daughter slightly. “We came to drop off our son Scorpius.”

Ron tried to hold back a laugh at the name. Hermione nudged him in the side and Ron rubbed his side because it actually hurt.

Draco ignored Ron’s rudeness since he figured he deserved it anyways.

“Ron and I came to drop off our daughter, Rose, but this is Hugo.” She explained, pointing out her son.

Scelestus smiled at Hugo and at the girl trying to hide behind Ginny.

Harry seemed tense but he kept his cool. “Ginny and I came to drop off our sons, James and Albus, and this little girl here is my daughter, Lily.” He explained, gesturing to his daughter.

“It’s okay.” Ginny said, trying to convince her daughter to stop hiding even though she didn’t like Draco.

Lily stepped out from behind her mother but still held her mother’s hand.

Harry glanced at each of Draco’s children including Gabriella’s stomach before looking at Draco. “Let’s hope our children won’t end up like us.” Harry said.

Hermione, Ron, and Ginny seemed uneasy as Harry said this, as they feared Draco would start something.

The words stung Draco slightly but he understood. “They won’t,” he said, making it sound like a promise. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we must be going. Good day.” He explained, bidding them farewell.

Draco Malfoy and his family walked away from the Potters and Weasleys. He walked away knowing his children wouldn’t end up like how they once were. If he thought his children would, then he would do everything in his power so they wouldn’t. He could live with that, but most of all, Draco walked away knowing his life had been happy and everything he wanted it to be.

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