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Following the sun by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclaimer; I do not claim to own anything but the OC's and the plot. Everything else is J.K Rowling's.

The sky was a bright blue colour, the perfect shade and the sun was shining brightly. The weather was almost unbearable and so Adelaide Minks and her four best friends found themselves lying on the dock at the local lake. Half the town was there too, trying to escape the heat of this unnaturally hot summers day. Adelaide sighed, pulling her long brown hair into a tight ponytail to keep it off the back of her neck. Beside her, her very best friend Christelle smiled.

"Too hot" Christelle panted, fanning herself with her new Witch Weekly magazine. The other four girls groaned in agreement, far too hot to even bother saying a word. The four girls were extremely different not just in looks but in personalities, They were the biggest bunch of misfits to ever exist. Adelaide was mainly considered as the leader, which was odd because she wasn't the loudest nor did she have great leadership skills. She stood around 5'9 with gorgeous long, wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes that twinkled whenever she was excited about something. Recently though she'd been loosing the sparkle. You see, Adelaide was sick. Very, Very sick. The Healers she had gone to see couldn't do anything and she was left to live the last few months of her life.

Christelle Lucas was the first to find out, She and Adelaide had been friends sine they were three. Christelle was only a few inches taller than Adelaide. She changed her hair colour between blonde and brown constantly but at the moment it was a sandy colour. Her eyes were a pale blue that often captivated people. She was considered to be the quiet one, always preferred to be rugged up with a good book than be out a party unlike Elise.

Elise Verdi was a party girl with her fiery red hair and outrageous fashion sense. She stood shorter than the others at 5'7 but what she lacked in size she definitely made up for in personality. Elise was the type of girl who could talk to anyone and have boys wrapped around her little finger with a bat of her eyes. Everyone knew who she was, Guys loved her, Girls envied her and Adults hated her, She was a troublemaker.

Her partner in crime was Jacalyn Biel. She was a rebel, She loved her leather jacket and her black eyeliner more than anything in the world. She was tiny compared to her friends though, standing at only 5'4. She was loud, outrageous and dangerous. She always had a boy on her arm, usually one much older than her. She had bleached blonde hair that was the envy of a lot of people but only she could pull it off the way she did. She loved to party, to drink and to get in trouble. She was born for it.

The last girl was Sienna Kott. She was the girly girl, The kind of girl who always started the trends and the gossip. She was a really nice girl once you go to know her though, 5'6 in height with long usually curled blonde hair with memorizing amber eyes with flickers of green in them depending on her mood. She loved to dance, She loved listening to music. She was popular but free-spirited and people often wondered why she hung out with the people she did but they were all best friends and that was all that mattered.

Adelaide smiled over at Christelle. "You remember when we were younger, We had that list?" Christelle thought for a minute before nodding. "And on it we had, Go to every Puddlemere United Game for the season?" The other girls has begun to pay attention. "Let's do it"

Authors Note; So I mentioned in the original that I was probably going to re-write and hey, here we are a few months later. For those of you who read the original I have changed it around heaps, For one I've changed a few peoples personalities and looks. And I've also changed the country (They're in England now rather than Australia) and generally the entire plot (No, They're not going to Rome anymore). Much better in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and you continue to read on. Thanks, and please review.

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Following the sun: Prologue


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