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Draco Meets His Match by xxstaindrosesxx
Chapter 10 : Why We Fight
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A/N: Not much to edit with this chapter, probably due to being caught up in all the action! Haha. 

The world had become different within only a few months, more dark and evil. The world belonged to different people now, and those people didn’t worship rainbows and fluffy kittens. They worshipped Voldemort and hoped for a world of true evil. Soon, everything would come crashing down. Lovers would be ripped apart and whole families destroyed, as the world would become scarred by one man’s desire for power.


Gabriella Goyle sat quietly in the Slytherin common room. Her life had been almost stress free, even with her uncompleted task. Voldemort had become too obsessed with finding a way to kill Potter to worry about her and punish her. She never killed Draco and the two stayed together despite everything wrong in the world. However, times were great for Gabriella and today it would become better and then crash down.

A little tawny owl tapped on the window with its beak. The owl held a letter in its talon as it waited patiently. Gabriella stood up from the sofa and walked to the window. She pushed the transparent window open with her hand and snatched the letter from the owl. She stroked the owl’s soft feathery head to show her appreciation.

Gabriella glanced at the letter and noticed the seal of St. Mungo’s. Her heart raced slightly as she feared for the worst. Her mother had remained in the coma for months with no response so she feared her mother had died. Her fingers traced over the seal before she slowly opened it, fear still waging a war inside of her. She read the letter and her heart fluttered, causing her to sprint off towards the boys’ dormitory.

Gabriella ran up the stairs to the boys’ dormitories. She ascended to the highest landing as she reached the door to the seventh year dorms. She pushed the door open to find Draco, Crabbe, Blaise, and her brother still sleeping since she had woken up early. She ran over to Goyle’s bed, grabbed him by the shoulders, and shook him like a salt and pepper shaker. “Goyle! Wake up!” She shouted as she continued to shake him.

Goyle woke up with a start as well as Draco, while Crabbe and Blaise put their pillows over their head. “What? What are you doing up here?” Her brother asked.

Gabriella shoved the letter in Goyle’s hands and he skimmed it quickly. “Mom’s out of the coma!” Gabriella exclaimed with excitement on her face.

Goyle looked up at his sister. “That’s great. Can I go back to sleep now?” He asked, sounding partly sarcastic as he handed the letter back to her.

Gabriella rolled her eyes. “Yes.” She answered before walking to the door.

“It really is great.” Draco smiled softly.

Gabriella turned and smiled at him before she left the room, allowing all the boys to sleep again. She descended down the stairs back to the common room with a smile on her face. She truly missed her mother and now her mother would be fine since Goyle had killed their father. She realized her mother didn’t know of her father’s departure from life and the thought of telling her, scared her and she had no plans of telling her mother Goyle had killed him too.

Gabriella decided to eat some breakfast so she headed to the Great Hall. The smile remained on her face until she arrived in the Great Hall and she witnessed a cloaked figure standing by the Slytherin table. Students who decided to eat breakfast paid no attention to the cloaked figure, but Gabriella’s heart feared for the worst. She feared Voldemort had finally come to punish her.

The cloaked figure raised both hands and lowered the hood of the cloak. The face of a middle-aged woman with light brown hair appeared. She didn’t look old in years, but in fact, she still looked beautiful. Her eyes were bright, but had dark lines underneath, showing stress put upon her throughout the years. She raised her arms as if to signal Gabriella to hug her.

Gabriella ran forward and embraced her mother in a hug. Her mother wrapped her arms around her, holding her tight and stroked Gabriella’s hair with her hand. After a few minutes, they released from the hug. “I’ve missed you so much dear.” Mrs. Goyle said as she moved some of Gabriella’s hair out of her face.

“I missed you too.” Gabriella replied.

“Let’s sit down.” Mrs. Goyle suggested, gesturing with her arm as she had a smile on her face.

Gabriella nodded and the two of them sat down at the Slytherin table. Some of the students acted awkward, but Mrs. Goyle had been a Slytherin so she had sat at the table many years ago. “Not that I’m not happy, but why are you here?” Gabriella asked.

Mrs. Goyle smiled. “I wanted to see my children and see what’s been going on with them,” she replied. “So speaking of children, where is Gregory?” She asked.

“He’s still sleeping as usual.” Gabriella answered.

Her mother gave a slight laugh at that. “Well, we can find him later,” she suggested. “Right now, I want to know what has been going on with you.”

“Nothing really.” Gabriella lied.

Mrs. Goyle gave her a look. “I’ve been in a coma for months. Don’t lie to me.” She demanded.

“A lot of bad things have happened so you don’t want to know.” Gabriella replied, trying to avoid the answers.

“I don’t care. I want to know the truth.” Her mother explained.

Gabriella inhaled deeply. “I became a Death Eater, met a boy, almost got raped, shagged the boy, got attacked by dad, watched Greg kill father, fell in love with the boy, and now I’m sitting here with you.” She explained, exhaling at the end.

Mrs. Goyle remained silent for a bit and looked at her daughter with concern. “Gregory killed your father, my husband?” She asked, trying to let it sink in.

Gabriella nodded. “Yes. He did it to protect me so I wouldn’t have to.” She answered.

Her mother embraced Gabriella’s hand and squeezed it gently. “I don’t plan on understanding everything, but we must be there for Gregory,” she explained. “If it hasn’t hit him yet, then it will in the future.”

Gabriella nodded and looked her mother in the eyes. “Are you mad?” She asked, wanting her mother’s approval.

“No. I only stayed with your father for Gregory and you. I wanted us to be a family, even though it never worked. About the other things you told me, I don’t understand, but it was your choice.”

Gabriella smiled and hugged her mother for a second. “Thank you.” She said.

Mrs. Goyle just smirked as something caught her eye. “So. Is this boy you’ve been so intimately involved with Draco Malfoy?” She asked.

Gabriella looked shocked. “How do you know?” She asked curiously.

Her mother just smirked. “Because he can’t keep his eyes off you.” She answered.

Gabriella turned around to see Draco looking at her as he entered the Great Hall. She waved to him and he waved back. Draco walked over to them and remained standing while the girls sat. “Hello, Mrs. Goyle.” He greeted her.

“Hello Draco. Is it true you love my daughter?” She asked.

Gabriella turned back to her mother. “Mum!” She exclaimed with embarrassment.

Draco’s cheeks turned pink as he nodded. “Would you like me to get Goyle for you?” He asked politely.

Mrs. Goyle smiled. “Yes. That would be nice dear.” She replied.

Draco nodded and excused himself before leaving. Gabriella gave her mother a look. “Why did you do that?” She asked.

All of a sudden the walls and floor shook, causing dust to fall from the ceiling. “What was that?!” Gabriella shouted.

Hogwarts vibrated again as if an earthquake were happening. The two decided to stand up now. At this same moment, Professor McGonagall came bursting into the Great Hall. “All students to their common rooms immediately!” She shouted.

Students started to run around frantically and back to their common rooms. However, this didn’t work because the battle began. The Battle of Hogwarts flowed through the castle as Death Eaters appeared and fought with students. “What do we do?” Gabriella asked.

“I’ll stay and fight. Find your brother.” Mrs. Goyle demanded, sending her daughter into a battle.

Gabriella ran past the frantic students and staff members as she traveled to the Slytherin common room. Cloaked figures were battling it out with students and some spells misfired, causing people to accidentally hit their allies. Species of magical creatures started to mix in like the centaurs, house elves, and giants. It made Hogwarts look like an interracial convention or a wizarding world version of the United Nations.

Gabriella sprinted passed duals, ducking spells as she went. She heard others crying out for lost loved ones while others cried out in pure anger while dueling their enemy. Flashes of light; red, green, purple, blue, orange, scattered the air while the victims of war started to scatter the floor. All there seemed to be had become scattered. Spells. Rubble. Bodies. All exposed to the world from their once perfect form or being.

Gabriella continued to run as she ignored the factors at play. Her heart pounded with fear of never finding or seeing those she loved again and for exhaustion from the search. She finally reached the Slytherin common room, passing the casualties of battle. She found her way through the portrait hole after what seemed like minutes, but had been merely seconds. Everything felt like it appeared to be happening in slow motion like they were meant to remember every little detail of a flower.

Gabriella looked around the common room to only see younger students being gathered up by Professor Slughorn. He directed them to the Great Hall, but the only older students remaining were a couple of prefects, but they weren’t Draco or her brother. After a few minutes of searching, she concluded they weren’t in the common room so she left.

Gabriella ran through hallways and corridors again. She passed various statues with pieces broken off from misfired spells or people using the statues for protection. She passed portraits where people had left or the image had been torn, leaving the paintings fragmented as if they were an unfinished thought. Eventually she noticed Potter flying out of the Room of Requirement with his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Gabriella’s eyes went wide as she noticed Draco and Goyle caught up in this. The trio placed the two down and Gabriella witnessed words being exchanged before the trio left. Gabriella ran over to them and knelt down beside the two since they were both on the ground. Draco’s eyes were closed as he laid there passed out so Gabriella’s first reaction involved shaking him. Her second thought involved slapping him, but luckily, he woke up because he already looked pretty beaten up. “Draco!” She shouted, still shaking him after he woke up.

Draco looked at her confused. “Gabby?” He questioned.

She nodded and then looked to her brother who appeared to be alright, but he had a look of shock as he stood there in silence. “Are you alright?” She asked her brother.

Goyle didn’t reply so Gabriella turned back to Draco. “What’s wrong with him?” She asked.

Draco remained quiet for a few seconds. “Crabbe is dead.” He answered.

“Oh no.” Gabriella said, almost gasping.

Just then, a flash of red light flew past Gabriella and hit Goyle in the chest, sending him backwards and falling to the floor unconscious. “Greg!” Gabriella shouted as she tried to run over to him.

Draco grabbed her by the shoulders and stopped her. He gazed into her eyes and became extremely serious. “Go to the Great Hall where everyone is gathering. I’ll stay and fight and bring Goyle when I’m done.” He demanded and explained his plan like a general.

“No!” Gabriella explained.

“Listen to me. There is no point in both of us trying not to die. I will get Greg back to you.” He promised.

Gabriella nodded, as she never heard Draco call her brother Greg before. She knew this meant business so she gave him one last passionate kiss before running off. Her heart raced frantically as she ran, fear for her brother and Draco running through her mind. She ran back to the Great Hall, but along the way, she fell backwards from a knock back spell a Death Eater threw at her.

Gabriella had been hit by one of her own. She forced herself to stand up to face her attacker. The individual stood a few feet from her and showed their face.
Gabriella’s face went askew as she witnessed the revealed face of Macnair. “Macnair?” She questioned.

He grinned evilly. “Oh, don’t look so stunned Gabriella.” He mocked her.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked, wondering his intentions.

“Voldemort’s little miss perfect. Too bad you couldn’t even kill your own father.” He taunted.

“It’s not my fault the Dark Lord picks favorites, but you should know he loves none.” She explained.

“Well, it was I who had to make your father’s death look so innocent. I was left with the cleanup.” He explained some more.

Gabriella smirked. “Oh, boo hoo you whiney old fart of a lackey.” She teased, being sort of a hypocrite for using the term lackey.

“Lackey?” he growled, pointing his wand at her. “Rictumsempra!” He shouted.

Gabriella flew backwards and fell on the ground hard. She didn’t let it faze her because she picked herself up rather quickly. “That all you got, stooge?” She mocked him, grinning.

Macnair grinned evilly. “Sectumsempra!” He shouted.

The curse scraped the top of Gabriella’s shoulder. The flesh split open and red, hot, sticky blood burst through her once perfect flesh. It could have been worse if it had been more then a scrape. She didn’t let it faze her even though it felt painful. She winced, but smiled at him. “Come on henchman. Give it to me good this time.” She provoked, trying to make fun of his status as a follower.

Macnair glared at her. He repeated the same curse, which hurt Gabriella’s shoulder. Gabriella ducked and rolled on the ground. She quickly stood back up and pointed her wand at Macnair. “Bored now,” she said. “Avada Kedavra.” She uttered, sending the green light of the Killing Curse at him.

The Killing Curse hit him square in the chest. His last breath escaped his lungs before collapsing onto the ground dead. His body added to the various bodies scattered around, collecting like dust on the mantle of a fireplace.

The little duel with Macnair had delayed her return to the Great Hall. She ran again, passing the screams and cries of victims. Then, as if the calm after a storm, everything went quiet. She thought she had gone deaf or nuts, but the silence followed with cheering, which came from the Great Hall. Black clouds formed and disappeared as Death Eaters departed and ran away for their lives.

The battle had ended, and now Gabriella feared she had been too late to see her brother or her love, Draco, again. She felt like she should have never left them as she finally entered the Great hall. Her eyes went wide as she noticed Voldemort’s lifeless corpse just lying there. She really didn’t care as people kept cheering.

After a few minutes, the cheering subsided as people realized the weight of the battle. Families went back to mourning over their loved ones and friends lined up on the floor. Gabriella ignored them, hoping her brother and Draco wouldn’t be amongst the cold corpses. She frantically searched the room, and then she spotted him. Goyle stood in the middle of a group of people, hugging his mother.

Gabriella ran over to the two of them. “Mum! Greg!” She exclaimed.

Her mother and brother looked up and released from their hug. Instead, they both wrapped their arms around Gabriella. “Oh my dear Gabby.” Mrs. Goyle cried, a few tears falling down her cheeks.

They held Gabriella for a few minutes, but Goyle squeezed her really tight, causing her to suffocate slightly. “Oxygen becoming an issue.” She informed him.

Out of reaction, both of them let her go. “Sorry,” apologized Goyle. “I became worried once I came out of it and Draco told me he sent you away.”

Gabriella smiled as if to tell him not to worry. “Where is Draco?” She asked.

Goyle pointed and Gabriella found Draco by following Goyle’s direction. She watched Draco being hugged by his parents. She could tell Lucius and Narcissa were relieved, but scared at the same time. “Go on dear.” Mrs. Goyle urged.

Gabriella nodded and walked over to the three blonde Malfoys huddled around each other. “Hello.” Gabriella said, not sure of what else to say.

The Malfoys looked at her and Draco instantly hugged her. “You’re alright.” He stated with surprise.

Narcissa smiled while Lucius remained like a statue, but he paid attention closely. “I’m glad you’re alright for Draco’s sake,” said Narcissa truthfully. “I guess he wouldn’t be here without you because of the task Voldemort gave you.”

Gabriella and Draco looked at Narcissa. Draco’s look resembled guilt since he had told his mother how Gabriella had been told to kill him. Gabriella’s look resembled shock and guilt also. “I never-”

Narcissa cut her off. “I know you couldn’t have killed him and I thank you for not killing him.” She said as if praising Gabriella.

Gabriella just smiled as Narcissa nudged Lucius in the side as if signaling him to say something. It actually worked because Lucius looked at Gabriella. “You are welcome into our home and family any time.” He revealed with sympathy, which usually never presented itself.

Narcissa, Draco, and Gabriella smiled at Lucius, all feeling something towards him they had never really felt before. “Thank you.” Gabriella said, expressing her gratitude.

Lucius nodded as Draco hugged Gabriella again. “I really am glad you’re alright.” He said.

“I know. And you made sure my brother made it.” She stated.

“Well, I couldn’t have a pissed off girlfriend, now could I?.” He joked.

She laughed slightly, which caused her shoulder to hurt. She winced and Draco noticed, causing him to pull away from their hug. “You should get that taken care of.” He suggested.

“Let’s worry about it later. Right now, just don’t let me go.” She demanded.

Draco smiled and wrapped his arms back around her. “Never.” He said, holding her tight.

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