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That Which is Taught by ThatRomantic
Chapter 10 : A Little Place Called Home
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Chapter 10: A Little Place Called Home

Rose rolled over in bed the morning after with a dreamy smile on her face. The insomnia she had recently been suffering from was still taking its toll on her mind, body and soul but the dream she experienced when she did get to sleep were worth the wait. She realised that she was hugging one of her pillows under her. She smiled blissfully, relishing the feel and imagining it to be the solid chest of the boy she’d been dreaming about. She fluttered her eyelids open, allowing the soft, warm glow of the winter sun to stream through the curtains surrounding the four poster bed. She made a satisfied purring noise before stretching and allowing herself to lazily dress and heading down to breakfast.

Once she was ready and her books were in her arms she made her way down to the common room where Al, Roxy and Lysander stood waiting for her. She smiled sweetly at them and they all headed down to the Great Hall.

“So are you going to tell us what was up with you yesterday or do we have to guess?” Roxy said as they were descending the last long flight of steps that led to the Great Hall.

“I don’t see how it’s any of your business,” Rose said with an unchanging face, her smile broadening.

“Well, it’s not, but we were worried about our little cousin’s welfare...” Roxy replied unconvincingly, “plus I want to know the gossip and sort the crap from the truth.” Rose chuckled at her cousin.

“Well, Malfoy and I got in a row about something and I took it really hard and I tried to... forget but I couldn’t even with the... help I tried to use. He’s seen me like that before, like I was in class, so he helped me back to dorms for me to... recover and when we were back in the common room we made up.” She chose her words carefully, if Al was half as observant as she thought he was he would have known that her ‘help’ had been a fair bit of Smirnoff and that by ‘recover’ she meant getting over her drunken state and hangover by the next morning. She chanced a glance at her dark haired cousin. He gave her a knowing smile that reassured her that he wouldn’t say a word.

“Hey gorgeous,” a smooth voice said. Her head snapped and she tried not to let the disappointment cross her face as she saw Austin Nott approach Roxy. She smiled, however, when she saw that her cousin’s face seemed to glow with happiness as he wrapped he his arms around her waist and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. They were about to enter the Great Hall when Rose heard her name being gently called. She turned to see a pale boy with sandy hair make his way hesitantly over. Her smile grew so wide when she saw him that she was sure that she looked like her face had been split in two.

“Hi,” Scorpius said hesitantly.

“Hey,” she said beaming, she was positive she looked like an idiot but she didn’t care. She grabbed his hand and intertwined her fingers with his.

“So you do want to do this? I thought that maybe that stuff you said was just because you were, er, um, not in your right mind,” he said hesitantly.

“Yeah I want to do this,” she smiled. With that he untangled their fingers and reached around her shoulder drawing her closer to him. She snaked her arm around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder as they walked through the large oak doors.

As they stepped in all previous chatter ceased and all heads were turned in their direction. Rose smiled mischievously before looking up into Scorpius’s beautiful blue-grey eyes. She saw a question flash across them before she stopped in the middle of the Hall and standing on tip-toes and kissing him square on the lips, dragging him down to her height by pulling his shirt and smiling wickedly.

“What are you doing?” he said once the kiss had finished.

“Giving them a show,” she said with the same evil smile on her face and a cheeky glint in her eyes, “if they’re going to stare may as well give them something to look at.” Rose nearly laughed at the worry that crossed his features. She found it funny that he worried.

“Come and sit with me?” he eventually asked once getting over the shock, “it’s Saturday. There won’t be many people there and Roxy’s there with Aus; so it won’t be too bad.” Rose didn’t say anything; she just took his hand and started walking toward the Slytherin table. The whispers that had started as soon as their lips had touched started to get louder and louder as they got closer to the table. Rose, for one, ignored it and plonked herself next to Roxy and opposite her new boyfriend. She smiled at Roxy before spooning several sausages, hash browns, fried and eggy bread onto her plate as well as putting Coco Pops into her bowl. She was about to start on the hot breakfast, after eating all her cereal when she heard a voice she had avoided for two and a half weeks.

“My, my, Malfoy, so the rumours are true? I have to admit I thought you had set your standards higher than a halfblood Weasel but apparently I was wrong,” Zabini said.

“Shut up Zabini and go bother someone who cares,” Roxy said.

“Oh look, seems the whole family has gone to the dogs. Clearly no one has any standards these days at all. A Nott with a Weasley who clearly doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut and a Malfoy with a Weasley who doesn’t know when to keep her legs shut.” Scorpius stood up at this comment, pushing the bench he was sitting on back.

“Say anything like that again I swear I’ll blast you to the next millennia.”

“Oh no, whatever shall I do,” Zabini said in a sarcastic manner that Rose felt uncomfortable with him using, “is she good Malfoy? Does she scream your name? Do you care to share your little whore?” As he was saying this he was looking directly at Rose hungrily. She hated it but she was stronger now. She’d healed a little since the ball and she was going to give Zabini all he deserved.

“And why would he share me? Even if he would, do you really think he’d let you have a go? You have some nerve Zabini, first you take a stab at my already wounded self confidence, and then you attempt to rape me. Now you’re telling Malfoy not only am I not up to what you expected his standards are but that you are willing to shag me. So please Zabini make up your mind because if I’m totally honest, you’re a walking talking contradiction.”

“Quite an attitude you have on you there, no matter that can be sorted Weasley.” As he was about to step around the table to ‘sort’ her out not only did Scorpius step in the way but Nott did too, both with their wands out. Rose also noticed Al, Lysander, Lorcan, James, Louis, Fred, Roxy, Austin, Molly, Dominique, Hugo and Lily all around the curly haired Slytherin with their wands out.

“You were saying Zabini?” Rose said with a sickly sweet fake smile plastered on her lips. He looked around, saw that he was outnumbered and muttered something under his breath before pushing through the crowd of Weasley cousins and friends. Rose’s smile quickly turned into one of genuine gratitude. When her eyes met with Scorpius’s he quirked an eyebrow.

“What?” she asked in an innocent voice.

“Nothing, I’m just admiring your fire. You do know you practically admitted to having sex with me, despite the fact that we have barely kissed yet.”

Rose made a noise that demonstrated her despondency on the matter, “I know the truth, you know the truth, everyone that matters knows the truth, I couldn’t give a toss what he thinks is true.” Scorpius smiled warmly.

“I like this side of you Rose.” She smiled back.

“Welcome to the family mate,” Hugo said to Scorpius, holding his hand out for him to shake.

“Yeah, good one Nott. Welcome to the clan,” Fred said warmly with the same gesture as Hugo.

“Gotta love brothers, haven’t you?” Roxy whispered in Rose’s ear. Rose just laughed and nodded in agreement knowing both boys will be having the ‘man to man’ talk with their Slytherin boyfriends later.


I have something to show you on 16th.


From that Saturday onward they all sat at the Gryffindor table. They only had two weeks left of school and they didn’t really feel much like getting into a fight with all of Slytherin house. Both couples were the talk of the school and Rose couldn’t care less. She was happy with Scorpius and her cousins had started to be at least civil toward him.

Soon however the two weeks were over and it was time for the students leaving for the Christmas holidays to board the Hogwarts Express. Rose knew that she would be seeing her boyfriend in a few days time but she had gotten so used to his company she knew it would feel strange without him. They sat in the same compartment, along with Austin, Roxy, Al and Lysander. Rose fell asleep while Scorpius was holding her and it felt like the most peaceful thing she had ever encountered.

Her insomnia was subsiding at school and it was due to the amazing feeling of completeness when he hugged her at intervals in the school day. She’d often wake up clutching her pillow much like she had the night after her ‘episode’ in Charms. No pillow compared to the real thing though. His firm pectoral muscles were a comfort through his white school shirt and his strong firm arms around her kept her warm. What made it even more real, even more amazing, was that she could cling to him around his shoulders and draw herself closer to his chest. The last thing she remembered properly before falling asleep was his masculine smell mixed with his spicy cologne.

Rose woke up around two hours later and looked up to see slate grey eyes looking down at her with love in them. She smiled. This was heaven to her. He shifted and she lifted her head from its position so he could get comfortable again. She looked down at his shirt and saw a wet patch on the chest. She blushed.

“Sorry,” she mumbled.

“It’s ok,” he said smiling. “Good sleep?”


“I was thinking...” he said facing her in his seat.


“Do you want to come to the Manor for a couple of days? I want to show you some things and I don’t think I could show them to you at the party.”

“Sure, sounds great, have to convince my parents. I’ll manage it though, so when do you want me?”

“When do you want to join me? I was thinking the day before the ball and you could stay the night before. If your parents would be worried I’m sure you can stay in another wing of the house to ensure nothing happens between us.”

“Sounds good. I’ll talk to them at the station; I want them to meet you before the ball anyway.”

“Sounds scary.” Rose chuckled at this statement and hugged him.

“Don’t worry I’ll keep Dad from jinxing you.”

“Mum, Dad!” Rose called. Both of her parents turned to her and beamed, she smiled back, dragging her trunk with her.

“Hello my darling girl, how have you been?” her Mum said while her Dad lugged the trunk onto a trolley.

“Yeah, I’ve been good thanks Mum. Really good,” Rose said. She didn’t really know how to break it to her parents that she had been seeing their childhood enemy’s son.

“Anything interesting happen? How many boyfriends has Roxy had this term?” her Dad jested.

“Just the one, my boyfriend’s cousin actually,” she said. There she was half way there, true it was the easy half but half way none-the-less.

“I hope you aren’t being too stupid or letting your studies slip.”

“No Mum, actually I generally meet him in the library to study.”

“Oh, a Ravenclaw is he?” her Dad said. He already looked tense. ‘Shit, he’s really not going to like this.’

“No, he’s not, he’s a Slytherin. So is Roxy’s boyfriend.”

“Slytherin?” her Dad said, “that’s nice,” despite his words he sounded quite hostile.

“Yeah, he’s on the Quidditch team, a really good Chaser, and he’s really intelligent, Al likes him and so does Roxy. His Dad’s pretty influential too.”

“Who is he, dear?” her Mum asked; a flicker of worry on her face.

“He... um... remember I really like this guy... His name... He’s called... Scorpius Malfoy.” As soon as she said his name she saw her Dad’s face turn an unnatural shade of red, before he could explode she added, “I want you to meet him.” With that she dashed off to find Scorpius. He was quickly spotted and she noticed that he was talking to his own parents.

“Hey,” she smiled when she got to where he was, intertwining their fingers.

“Hi,” he smiled back. “Mum, Dad, this is Rose Weasley.”

“Hello Mr Malfoy, Mrs Malfoy. It’s so good to meet you,” Rose said shaking their hands.

“Likewise Rose,” Mr Malfoy said.

“Scorpius,” Rose said looking up, “I wanted you to meet my Mum and Dad. Mr and Mrs Malfoy do you want to come too?”

“That sounds lovely,” Mrs Malfoy with not much enthusiasm. Rose did notice Mr Malfoy’s face seem to brighten but dismissed it as being due to rubbing it in her Dad’s face.

She led the Malfoys over to where her parents stood, who were now conversing with the Potters and some of her other Aunts and Uncles. She coughed loudly when she approached. Her Dad looked at her and his eyes hardened when he saw her holding hands with Scorpius. She squeezed his hand and he returned the gesture.

“Mum, Dad, this is Scorpius. His parents wanted to come over too.”
Her Dad put on a forced smile and extended his hand to Scorpius who took it and said “Nice to meet you Mr Weasley. I’ve heard so much about you,” it wasn’t a lie, but Scorpius thought it best not to mention that it was generally embarrassing stories from his father, or stories of the infamous Weasley temper from Rose.

“Yes. Well,” Ron replied stiffly. He didn’t think it best to threaten the boy in front of his parents and he didn’t think he could muster the lie of being pleased to meet him.

“It’s lovely to meet you Scorpius,” Hermione greeted, giving him a slightly hesitant hug, “welcome to the clan! I hear Roxy, Albus, Rose and you are getting on well. Tell me more about you. What does your father do?”

“Erm,” Scorpius started, looking hesitantly at Rose who shrugged in indifference, “my Dad doesn’t have a job per se. He helps with odd jobs for Hogwarts and helps to manage the family business.”

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” she asked with a smile.

“To be an Unspeakable. Even if it’s a rubbish job, I like the mystery.”

“Interesting, and how do you do at school?”

“I, erm, I’m second to Rose in every class, not far behind though.”


“Mum! I didn’t bring him over here for him to be interrogated!”

“Sorry darling, you know me.”

“Mu-ummy?” Rose said in her best oh-so-innocent voice.

“No,” Hermione said immediately. Rose looked disgruntled for a second before saying,

“So you don’t want a first edition ‘Hogwarts: A History’ then?”

“I’m not stupid Rose. Whatever you wanted to ask the answer’s no. No, you can’t have money to spend on that riff-raff you buy; no, you can’t play Quidditch with real Bludgers in the orchard; no, you can’t have some wine and no, you can’t do whatever you were about to ask.”

“Don’t you want to know what you’re saying no to?” Rose said.

“Fine, but the answer’s still no!”

“Scorpius invited me to stay at his the night before the Ball, is all.”

“Y-,” Hermione was cut off by a loud

“NO!” This time it was Ron who said it. The group all looked at him in astonishment, “I’m not letting you stay at a boy’s house until you are at least 30 Rose Ginerva Weasley!”

“But Da-ad...”

“Oh Ron, it’s not the worst thing she’s asked, and besides, this day was sure to come at some point and if we don’t let her she’ll just do it anyway,” Hermione reasoned.

“Do we get a say in this?” Draco asked.

“Oh yeah,” Scorpius said and turned to his Dad, “can Rose come over the day before the Ball?”

“That’s fine with me, as long as her parents don’t mind,” Draco smiled.

“Please Daddy, it’s only one night. If you don’t let me then I’ll think you don’t trust me to be responsible,” Rose said, with the last sentence sounding like an accusation. Then she looked at him and smiled like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“Oh,” Ron was torn “it’s up to your mother,” he said eventually.


“One night,” Hermione said sternly, “but don’t make me regret it. I trust you not to do anything rash!”

“Thank you Mum, Dad!” Rose said hugging her parents, she turned back to Scorpius. “See you soon,” she said before kissing him on the cheek.

“Yeah, I’ll owl you about details,” he said. They released each other from the embrace and Rose went back to her family. She waved goodbye and watched he and his family go back through the barrier before her Uncle Harry say, “Ready?” and they all went back through followed the Malfoys.

“See you at the Burrow,” Ron said to Harry. Harry nodded and they each went their separate ways.

Home. She smiled as she walked through the threshold. To Rose this was the best part of the school holidays; everything else was just a bonus. Coming home was one of the best sensations that Rose got and she relished it.

They lived in a small fishing village in North Yorkshire, near Whitby, that was residence to both muggle and wizard families. It consisted if one cobbled high street sloping down a steep hill toward the staithe. It had a few small independently owned shops and there were two small pubs. She always loved coming back and listening to the locals talk in their warm accents. It was bitterly cold at this time in the year and every house had smoke billowing from its chimney. In the summer she’d often play on the small beach, surrounded by imposing cliffs, and get ice cream from the small cafe. The streets were winding and none of the houses stood up completely straight.

She loved their house. It wasn’t quite as higgledy-piggledy as the Burrow but it had the same charm to it. The entrance hall was cool but she didn’t mind, she could smell the faint odour of a coal fire and she loved it. She walked through the small entrance hall and straight into the living room revelling in the feel of the soft cold leather sofas. She looked around the room to see that her Dad had already got a tree, which they would decorate later. She saw that the case of a Christmas CD of muggle songs sat atop the CD player. The fire was not burning but there was ash in the hearth.

She bounced twice, excitedly, on the sofa before running up to her room. She almost flew in and jumped on her bed, inhaling the fabric softener on her pillows and turned her body to gaze at her room.

It was full of colour. The wall facing her bed had a horizontal split of ruby red and gold. A huge poster of a lion was in the middle, roaring out at the room. There were pictures of her Quidditch team, flags and other Gryffindor memorabilia, including some photos from her parent’s day, stuck to the wall; the other walls were painted in a deep midnight blue. Her pine chest of draws was to the left of her double bed, the surface adorned with jewellery, old letters and CDs with a CD player/radio sticking up out of the clutter. A huge window with a deep sill was on the wall to her left too while her wardrobe, which matched her chest of draws, was in the far corner on the Gryffindor wall. To her right was her make-up table with a mirror behind it.

She was home and she was happy.

With that thought in her mind she fell asleep, still in her school uniform.

Hey Rose,

Dad says you can Floo through at around eleven tomorrow. He said it will only be open for twenty minutes so could you please ‘be hasty’.

I can’t wait to see you again. I’ve got so much I want to show you!

See you soon.



The next morning at 11:15 Rose waved goodbye to her parents and brother and flooed to the Malfoy Manor. When she landed, coughing, in the fireplace she looked up. Her breath hitched as she looked round the room. Then she saw him standing there in all his god-like glory.

“Hey stranger,” she said, walking over to Scorpius and kissing him on the lips.

“Hey,” he said. He led her out of the room, which she deducted was a study, into the main entrance hall. “This,” he said, opening his arms indicating he meant the whole house, “is a little place I call home.”

A/N: So that’s the chapter. The ending was a bit rubbish, but I loved writing the Zabini thing and the Hermione interrogation. I had to cut a load out from the station scene.

Next chapter is Part 1 of the ball, although it will include Rose’s stay at the Malfoy Manor. I will be doing the same character switching thing as I did for the Halloween ball.

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