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LILLY POTTER and the Heart of the Matter by Hermionniny9
Chapter 13 : Seventeen
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AN i know everything is going a little fast, but that is the way of the story, sorry. And unfortunatly its going to get worse, but that is because there are lost of boring months inbetween stuff. Sorry if you dont like it.

Harry, finally after about a month grew to accept that fact that Lily was pregnant, he did have a large shouting match with Lily over responsibilities, but he calmed down. Being four months pregnant was taking its toll on Lily, she was getting big. Fortunately for Lily her Cousins and Uncles and Aunts had all gone off to France for the holidays, the Potters had declined the offer as Ginny and Harry wanted to spent their wedding anniversary with their children, this was true but it also save Lily from the wrath of her Uncles. Lily had now outgrown her jeans and was wearing her brand new materiality clothes.

Albus was going back to Hogwarts today and was rather annoyed that Lily wasn’t.

“Al I really can’t go to school like this” Lily pointed to her swollen belly.

“Yeah but it is still not fair” he said moodily and at the same time shovelling fried egg into his mouth. James came into the kitchen carrying his broom over his shoulder, James had an apprenticeship with the British National team, but it started in January.

“Looks like it will be just you and me sis, oh and my little Niece or Nephew” he sat down next to Al and grabbed some toast and started to eat. Lily just stood there for a while looking dumbfounded.

“You’ve changed your mind?” she asked incredulously

“Well little sis, I never knew that being an Uncle entailed, until I thought about it” Lily eyed her brother.

“No you cannot corrupt my little baby, look what Uncle George did to you. Speaking of which, what was it that you were up to last year that mum told me to tell you to stop?”

“Ah...well...George needed an inside man...well to sell know”said James who was scratching his head and looking out the window distractedly

“James, tut tut and a prefect” James laughed, knocking the fork out of Albus’s hand causing Al to become even more moody.

“Lighten up bro, at least we can call our fat sister fat for a good reason, cus she is fat” he smiled a Lily.

“Albus where are your Quidditch robes? I can’t find them anywhere” shouted Ginny from the lounge.

“Mum try James’s trunk, I think they were thrown in there at some point” shouted Lily.



Lily stayed at home when her mother and James when to see Al off, she busied herself with reading books about pregnancy and tidying her already tidy room.

“I’m home Lily” shouted her dad from down stairs. Lily walked as fast as she could down stairs.

“Daddy” she hugged him tightly “how was work?”

“Thankfully, dull. More importantly how is my grandchild?” he asked her

“Great, tea?” she asked as she walked into the kitchen

“Yeah, I have something for you” Lily put the kettle on the hob and sat down at the table.

“Number twelve” he place a key on the table “I don’t need it, it holds to many bad memories for me and I have this place. I thought that you might like it” Lily didn’t know what to say.

Harry got up and gave her a knowing look then poured himself as mug of tea.

He sat back down “Lily take it as your birthday present, after all you do turn seventeen tomorrow” Lily had completely forgotten about her birthday, it seemed insignificant compared with the rest of her life.

            “I really can’t, it’s yours” Lily finally said

            “I insist you might find that you need it” he gave her a knowing look again. Lily frowned.

            “What are we gunna do tomorrow?” Lily asked changing the subject

            “Ah we’ll see, I need to talk with your mum” then he quickly walked out of the room.

He’s keeping something from me thought Lily, but put it to the back of her mind, she was thinking of the Hogwarts express and how Rose and Jo would wonder where she was and how Al would break it to them, she was bound to receive a few letters in the next few hours form them demanding information, then many more from the rest of her family

Grandma and Granddad

Uncle George and Angelina

Bill and Fleur

Uncle Charlie

Uncle Percy and Audrey

Uncle Ron and Hermione

Victoire and Teddy



Molly II


Fred II



In total Lily worked out that she would have a minimum of sixteen letters, but she would have more because Aunt Hermione would probably have a different view to that of her husband.

            Lily wanted something to do, so she when up to her room and read her favourite book form her child hood, The tales of Beadle the Bard , she opened to the three brothers story, her family story and a book mark fell out, she remembered that she had made it when she was younger.


Lily meaning Purity and love

Luna meaning Moon

Lily realised how ironic her name was.

            “Pure, me laughable, But the love thing I can do that” she muttered and settled down to read the story she loved so much.


Lily was sat at the kitchen table with a pile of letters in front of her, tears streaming down her face.

            Ginny walked in, “the family haven’t taken it that well have they” she said as she sat down next to Lily to comfort her.

            “no, well Fleur and Hermione were oaky about it, Fleur didn’t know the Malfoys and Hermione, well she is always positive, Teddy is very angry about Bellatrix and everything” Lily stuttered out through sobs “mum what am I going to do?” she let the tears fall again.

Ginny took her daughter by the chin so that she could look directly in her eyes “they will get over it, look your Dad did, time heals the wounds. To be honest they are being stupid all of them, they don’t even know him like you do and I trust your judgement” she kissed her on the head. “I think I will send them a rude reply, a howler what do you recon?”

Lily smiled “howler, but don’t be nasty to Fleur and Hermione”

Ginny summoned the enchanted parchment and began.

            “Dear Family, I think it highly inappropriate for you to sent such letters to my daughter when she is in such a hormonal state and the day before her birthday and the day she should have gone back to school but chose to drop out. I am shocked at how you have treated my daughter. I would also like to point out the fact that we are all related to that ‘Malfoy scum’ as you so politely put it Ronald and that my daughter is not a whore or a charlatan and has not betrayed the side or the family, I am ashamed to be related to you if that is the way treat you Niece, Granddaughter or Cousin. She will have the baby, and keep it with my full consent and help. All my love Ginny, P.S if you wish to apologize we are having a party for Lily tomorrow, and you are invited, oh Hermione and Fleur this letter is not for you” Ginny then duplicated the letter fifteen times and sent each of them on their way with Alphonse, who looked somewhat like a notice-board with all of the red enveloped pinned to him.

            “I wish I could hear the great hall tomorrow morning” said Lily with a smile spread across her face, which did not meet her eyes, she was trying to be positive when the gloom was pressing in.

            “Whoa that feels odd, the babys moving” Lily was now positively glowing

Ginny smiled at her “I can’t wait to be a grandma, come one let’s get organising. JAMES!”

            James thundered down the stairs.

            “Mum I’m eighteen, will you stop it” Ginny just smiled and ruffled his hair.


In the morning Al sent a letter to Lily describing the morning’s events.


Dear Lily,

I have to say that was priceless, Mums voice echoed repeatedly round the hall
Professor Slughorn found it very funny.
Louis, Molly, Lucy, Fred, Roxanne and Hugo were very embarrassed,
The Weasly crimson did not skip a generation.
Sorry for being moody with you, I understand now the whole school is buzzing
Some of the Slytherins still haven’t worked it out yet and
Parkinson was in floods of tears
I guessed that she found out who’s the baby is.
Let me know how my Niece or Nephew is doing.
Love you,

Al x

P.S Rose and Jo say hi and they are sorry for jumping to conclusions

The letter made Lily’s day. The preparations for the party started after lunch, Lily wanted things simple and normal; a simple cake, family, food and music. Harry got back from work early at about half four.

            “Lily, Ron and Percy say that they are sorry. Ginny you are a genius sometimes.

"sometimes?" repeated Ginny who raised one of her eyebrows

"let’s put it this way, Ron will get his mail diverted home first form now onwards. Also you sounded very forceful in the letter, I think is suites you” he smiled at Lily and then when to kiss Ginny.

            “Dad I think I can see George and Angie at the end of the drive and possibly Bill and Fleur” shouted James form the kitchen.

            “Lily go get changed” ordered Ginny who was smoothing down her top. Lily did what she was told and when up stairs to change.

            The dress was a deep shade of purple and hung very nicely over her bump; she grabbed a jumper from her dresser and walked back down stairs.

            “Lily ‘ow re you? ‘appy birthday” Fleur said in her usual French twang and then she rushed at her and gave Lily a big hug.

George and Angie and Bill were all stood looking very sheepish in the door way.

            “Shall I forgive you?” Lily teased “yeah after all you are family” she rushed to then and hugged them all. Each all in turn made their apologies.

            In the next few minutes Molly and Author tuned up with Charlie who all apologised profusely. Then after all the gussets had been directed into the kitchen Percy and Audrey turned up and also apologised, then Hermione came dragging Ron behind her.

            “Ron will you stop being such a child, I have threatened him with the tongue tying curse if he says anything stupid” she winked at Lily who hugged her round the shoulders.

            “How far along?” asked Hermione who was also eyeing her husband at the same time

            “Four months” Lily smiled shyly and directed Hermione to the kitchen, they waited for another ten minutes or so then the saw there figures coming down the drive Dominique, Victoire and a sulky Teddy.

            “Hi dear how are you love, I’m so jealous I want a baby, I just haven’t found the guy yet” said Dominique as she kissed Lily on each cheek “happy birthday”

            “my boyfriend would say hi, but he is being stupid so I have to say it instead, I am also saying sorry for him and that I had nothing to do with the letter he sent” said Victoire in a acid tone, she handed Lily her birthday present and then dragged a glaring Teddy into the kitchen.

            The kitchen had been magically expanded to fit all of the gussets, there was a long table in the middle of the room and green and purple garlands strung across the room, the table was set for nineteen which Lily didn’t understand why, she was sat next to the extra place, her dad and mum were on the end of the table next to her and Dominique opposite her.

            There was a knock at the front door.

            “Lily can you get it please” said Ginny with a large grin spread over her face. Lily walked to the front door and opened it; there was Scorpius, on one knee.

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