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Shy by RoseParsons
Chapter 7 : Chapter seven: Date time
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Chapter Seven: Date time.

Bree’s words rung around my head, echoing in a never ending bell that resounded through my ears. Wincing slightly I flung myself onto my bed depression swarming over me, was I really choosing a boy over her? I suppose I was, but she had done it plenty of times...  

Jemima was staring listlessly at my clothes, her eyebrows arched in confusion. Choosing outfit was neither my forte nor hers. I buried my head in my pillow, letting out a little groan in pure desperation. Why was I even going on this damnable date? Why had he even asked me? Goddamn it...Godammit. Why was I so hopelessly at bloody everything?

Jemima let out a shrill scream as the dormitory door flew open, hitting her in the face, causing her to fall backwards onto the floor. She started rubbing her nose as it turned red and pulpy; it also started pouring a waterfall of blood.  Lily, Nancy, and Gaby waltzed into the room, their hair dancing out behind them.  They seemed startled by Jemima’s wail and after seeing what had befallen her, Lily skipped over mending her nose with a simple wand flick.  Turning her eyes towards me questioningly she whispered in Jemima’s ear obviously concerned with my mental well-being.

“She has a date...”

“Oh, I heard about that, with that Hunky quiditch player, William.” Nancy squealed in delight, only to produce yet another moan from my direction.

“So, what’s the problem?”  I mumbled something into my pillow, “Sorry, Violet didn’t quite catch that.”

Jemima decided to intervene, god I love that girl sometimes. “I think what she’s trying to say is, she doesn’t know what to wear, she doesn’t know what to say to him, and she’s scared out of her wits.” Understanding sighs follow this, and I felt an extra weight cause my bed to sink slightly. Lily patted my arm, signalling that I should get up.  “Violet, have no fear, because you got us girls here” the other girls giggled slightly at the cheesiness of the statement.

“Okay, Gaby you’re on hair, Nancy teach her what to say on a date, I’ll do the clothes, you do the makeup, Jemima.” Surprised they were helping me I sat up, “yes we are going to help you, so hush up whilst I do your hair.”   

By the end of the make-up and hair session I looked almost passable, I was dressed in torn tight jeans, ugg boots, and a white top with a soft gray jumper- I didn’t even know I owned clothes like these, no doubt an addition by my mother. My hair was done up in a messy bun, with a little eyeliner and some blusher. I looked almost as if it was effortless, I smiled to myself happily, before glancing around at the three girls who had just saved my life, well maybe not my life, but certainly my currently happiness. I hugged every one of them which was very out of character; before I was informed that I was running five minutes late to which I simply replied by gasping slightly before running out the room as fast as my legs would carry me.

By the time I reached the entrance hall I was panting, flushing and sighing, but I noted happily enough that my hair was still in place as was my make-up (which was a total miracle.) William was standing by the great hour-classes which held the points for each house, shaking my shoulders slightly and attempting to find my courage I walked over to him a smile hovering on my lips. When I looked up I saw a flash of emotions pass over his face, Relief, happiness, and most embarrassing, could it be desire?

Lily, Gaby and Nancy skidded into the room making a loud commotion as Gaby tripped over Nancy who then fell onto Lily. From the floor I saw them all glance in my direction producing winks, thumb-ups and kissing noises. Smiling I nodded towards the Marauders who were all staring at them with avid interest.

Sirius was entreating Amanda, whilst James had a random giggler attached to his arm that he seemed to be attempting to avoid eye contact with.  He was staring longingly at Lily and if not for the girl holding his arm rather more firmly then she needed to, he would have most likely charged over there to help her up.

“You want to set off?” I turned towards William nodding my head as he linked his arm through mine and we set of into the chilly sunshine.

The walk down the village was incredibly enjoyable; I couldn’t help but close my eyes as the sun beamed down upon my face and the wind kissed it lovingly, my spirit seemed to sore. I tried to ignore the withered country side and the teaches who were walking up and down the road attempting to keep us safe. I ignored all of it because I could feel it in my bones, today was going to be a good day.

The day in my opinion could not have gone any better, he doted on me; he even went to the bookstore with me and BOUGHT me a book. I was no longer shy and silly in his presence as we wittered on about everything and anything, from our home lives to gossip.

When the cold wind seemed to begin to seep into our bones we headed towards the three broomsticks to get a butter bear or something of the sort, at this point we were holding hands as he guided me through the crowds of people milling around us.

As we entered the three broomsticks a tide of warmth hit me along with the scents of lavender. Noise resounded of every wall as the three broomsticks was filled with scores of people who had come for shelter from the cold weather. People sat on the tables, on the floor and even on the bar as there was so little space.  

Looking around I saw the flash of Lily’s read hair which was recognisable even in the dense crowded situation I also saw James dart behind her, possibly on one of his many stalker missions, having managed to detach himself from the stray giggler. Nancy and Gaby were nowhere to be found, probably hooking up with one of their numerous boyfriends. Looking around William sighed slightly before pointing towards a table with some of his friends lounging around it, “you don’t mind if we sit there do you, there’s just no other tables” I shook my head happily as he slung his arm over my shoulders. I only felt a stay brush of unease as he led me over to them.  

“WILLIAM” his friends greeted us happily enough before moving over. William sat down pulling me down on to his lap. “His friends laughed, and clapped him on the back” as a foolish grin spread over my face as my checks burst into flames. My back lent towards him as his hands wrapped around my waist, his fingers rubbed and massaged my hip slightly as he started chatting with his friends. He seemed to have noticed my unease and had taken it upon himself to take up all the talking for me.

“You guys ordered any drinks yet?” William asked his breath tickled my hair as it fluttered slightly.

“Nah mate” One of the boys said, sending him an intense look which screamed, ‘I need to talk to you.’ Taking the hint I piped up my courage.

“I can go get some” William agreeing kissed my head slightly as I asked them all what they wanted to drink.

Seeing as there was no other way out I crawled under the table being careful not to bash my head, before springing up and walking towards the bar, hoping that my jeans had not entirely been covered with dirt. The bar was crowded with so many people I doubted I would manage to place an order for a long while; my thoughts spun and swam happily as I sighed in contentment.

I stood on the outskirts of the crowd attempting to find away in without pummelling anyone, which it seemed was near impossible. People bumped and jostled me carelessly. I had always hated crowds even as a little girl, hot air clung to me as I attempted to avoid a boy who seemed to be tired of waiting and had decided to charge at the bar.

“You know, you might have to push” I turned around only to smack into a broad chest, as I looked up I saw Sirius, his grey eyes sparkling slightly. Muttering indistinctively about not wanting to hurt anyone I turned around, laughing slightly he said “do you ever talk?” at this present moment my shyness seemed to have wrapped itself around my tongue not allowing me to reply.

Shrugging his shoulders slightly he said “this will not do, how many drinks did you say you wanted,” turning back to him I said “I didn’t, six butter beers” at this he looked at me in interest “six?” I gestured towards my table where it seemed even more of Williams friends had joined, “six it is then.” I couldn’t help but notice the smirk spreading over his lips.

With a sort of war cry, he charged through the Hogwarts ranks of students, my wrist held tightly in his hand. People let out wails of protest as he knocked them over; the chaos seemed to take an age to subside but finally, in what was probably mere seconds we were at the front of the bar; the bartender looking at us, amusement coursing through her eyes.

“What can I get you, me dears?”

“Well love, can we have seven butter beers and one...” he wrinkled his nose slightly “Rontiwater” I had to suppress an urge to gag, as did the bar tender. Rontiwater, was a foul drink, supposed to be good for you, girls often drank it on dates as it was mass opinion that butter bear wasn’t ladylike enough, and the forth was very easily caught on your upper lip.

“Well if you sure lovely”

After two minutes I was armed with a heavy tray of drinks. I wobbled slightly, as my aversion to gravity came into play. As I tipped precariously to the side, strong arms wrapped their way around my waste, stopping me falling.

“So you don’t talk, and you have no balance...”

“Would you please stop attempting to catch me?”

“ALAS SHE SPOKE, and What? Would you rather fall?” grumbling inconspicuous words I tugged away from his hands which were still wrapped around my waist, offering him the tray.

“What you want me to carry it?” he quirked his eyebrows in amusement when I sighed slightly, unconsciously rolling my eyes.

“Just take your drinks” laughing he relived me of the tray before making it clear he was going to walk with me. Damn, just the thing to suppress me back into shyness. 

I smiled as I approached William, he sent me a warm smile before his eyes flicked towards Sirius, who was standing a little too close too me for my liking.  I edged away nervously sensing the testosterone pumping through the air.

“Here you go V” Smiling Sirius set down the tray before striding off happily. I crawled back under the table, reaching William, who pulled me back onto his lap, rubbing my arms. An overwhelming amount of joy rushed from my heart, pumping its way around my body.  

“What a fucking, cocky git” I was incredibly surprised about the bitching session that seemed to be taking place; who knew boys could be so insanely jealous of one another?


The day was slowly fading into dusk as I walked back towards the towering castles. The teachers seemed more alert; it seemed the likelihood of an attack was higher in the evening.

William was holding my hand as we strode back towards the castle, meaningless chatter flew between our lips as we passed under the entrance of Hogwarts, he was pulling me closer as my body fit perfectly to his. People whistled as we passed, most of them seemed to be a collection of William’s friends.  

When we finally reached the entrance hall curfew had arrived, therefore, teachers were pushing, demanding and ordering for couples and friends to break up and return to their beds, for a good night’s sleep.

Lily and James were screaming at each other, with Lily’s date attempting to return his eyes from their now newly boiled state back to their original form. Nancy was gazing helplessly at a portrait which seemed to be giving her some depressing news; Gaby was hooking up with her boyfriend called ...Casper...? Jasper..?

“Come on beautiful” reeling from the compliment I allowed William to pull me up towards the Gryffindor tower, leading me through into the common room which crackled with life he stopped at the girl’s staircase, “I had a great day” I said my eyes downcast, did he not have fun?

He lifted my chin with his forefinger, making me gaze into his beautiful eyes. “I had a great day too” his tone turned sensual as he bent his head to the side. My world froze, and then begun to spin. He was going to kiss me.

Are lips met, he groaned hungrily as I wrapped my arms around his neck, his hands danced onto my waist as I pressed my body further into him. We fit together like a jigsaw; he wrapped his fingers in my hair as I smiled slightly into the kiss.

“Jesus, get a room” We jumped apart as Sirius strode into the common room, blushing I looked from Sirius to William; William looked like he was close to pummelling Sirius.

“It’s not like you get a bloody room, you make the whole common room watch you”

“Well you’re not me... therefore you can’t get away with it...”

“Fuck you Black”

Attempting to avoid a scene I tipped on my tip-toes kissing William lightly on the mouth, “does this mean were a couple?”

“Hell yes”

Smiling I whispered into his ear, ‘don’t worry we can finish this up another time...” Winking he bade me goodnight as I happily danced up the staircase. I swirled in happiness, my thoughts clouded as I opened the door.

“WHAT HAPPEND?” Nancy screeched turning two words into one due to her earnestness, I leapt up as I opened the door her eyes wide with expectation.

“He kissed me...” I said in disbelief, as happiness assailed me. Nancy leapt towards me embracing me. All I could feel was swirling, churning happiness.

A/N: HI, sorry I was cbaing to proof read:( but I’m ill... and tired. Hahahha. ANYWAY HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE STORY.  REVIEW/RATE. Tell me what you want to happen- what you think about the characters, what you think about William & Violet ;) OKAY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING AND IF YOU READ THIS- it means you’ve read 7 CHAPTERS, SO THANKYOU FOR BEARING WITH ME, I know that some of the chapters are  a wee bit tedious.

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