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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten: Lights, Camera, Kiss
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Chapter Ten: Lights, Camera, Kiss
By: Chaos


The day after their baby project was finally over Sekhmet spent the whole day running around the castle like a mad woman. Lily and Isis had given up on trying to keep track of her after she had uncharacteristically woken up at the crack of dawn.

“Do any of you guys know what’s going on with Sek?” Isis asked when the boys joined her, Lily, and Alice at breakfast. “She’s been acting weird and keeps disappearing as is half of our wardrobes.”

“Yeah half of my clothes are missing as well as James’s and Remus's clothing. Whatever she’s planning it can’t be good,” Sirius commented sitting across from Isis.

“I still want to know what would get her out of bed well before breakfast. I…” Lily was cut off mid sentence by a sudden outburst of noise. Everyone turned around to see Sekhmet walking into the Great Hall with a Muggle movie camera.

“Sek what’s with the Muggle camera?”

“I’ve decided I want to be a famous Muggle director. So I have to make a film for my application. Isis, Sirius will you be the stars in my movie please? I’m begging you guys! I need the prettiest people in the school to star in my movie and obviously I can’t be in my movie and hold the camera at the same time so please! We all know Sirius is a great actor and he’s cute.” Then turning to Isis, “I figured you’d kill me if I made Regulus do it so please sis please!” Sekhmet looked at Isis with her best innocent, cute, puppy face.

“I am an amazing specimen of a man.” Sirius smirked and Isis scowled at him.

“Shut up Sirius you’re not helping.” Sekhmet turned back to her sister, “Isis please! I’d help you achieve your life goals and dreams! Oh please sis... for me?”

“And if I agree to this?”

“I’ll forever be in your debt.”

“And if I say no?”

“I’ll tell Regulus you secretly want him and you’re just playing hard to get. Then give him all the details to your life and schedule.”

“Since I don’t feel like killing you at the moment I’ll agree, but it better not get raunchy.”

“I’m not making pornos.”

“Thank god!” Lily exclaimed.

“You mean you guys seriously though-”

“Well,” James shrugged.

“You guys suck!” Sekhmet the rounded on Isis and Sirius, “Isis, Sirius meet me in the Room of Requirements in one hour! Don’t be late, for the show must go on!” Sekhmet ran out of the Great Hall leaving the group shocked.

“I’m going to regret this aren’t I?” Isis sighed burying her face in her hands.

“I’m surprised you agreed at all,” Alice commented.

“What and have both Blacks following me around? I think not.” Alice and Lily laughed.

One hour later Sirius and Isis made their way to the Room of Requirements on the seventh floor. Attached to the wall where the door would appear was a note from Sekhmet that read: Walk past three times thinking ‘I need to find Sekhmet’s movie set’. Following the instructions Isis walked past the spot three times and on the third pass the door appeared.

As they entered the room Isis and Sirius were met with a scene of complete chaos. There was a full set with lights, cameras, backdrops, props, and clothes everywhere. Isis or Sirius could see the end of the maze of stuff or Sekhmet.

“Hey you guys made it!” Sekhmet popped out from behind one of the many clothing racks. “Awesome! Here are your clothes and your scripts.” Sekhmet tossed an outfit a script book at Isis and Sirius, “Let’s have a rough read through shall we?” Sekhmet started walking off then stopped and turned, “Come on you two let’s get going!” She waved them toward the set.

“After you my lady.” Sirius bowed.

“Don’t make this any harder than it already is,” Isis grumbled.

Later that evening Sekhmet, Sirius, and Isis all arrived in the Great Hall looking rather unhappy. Isis positioned herself as far as she could from both her sister and Sirius, while Sekhmet looked on the verge of tears.

“So how’s the movie going?” James asked.

“Horrible!” Sekhmet threw her hands in the air. “These two just won’t cooperate with me!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sirius said innocently.

“I am not kissing Sirius!” Isis glared at her sister.

“Why not? I’m good looking. Hun I’m your dream guy.” Sirius flashed his most charming smile at Isis.

“Maybe in my nightmares,” Isis hissed.

“See!” Sekhmet pointed at them. “They are destroying my great romance story!”

“What because I won’t wear that stupid outfit?” Sirius asked.

“Yes! It’s a good outfit!”

“The collar is all frilly, and the pants bubble! They make my butt look big!”

“Almost as big as your ego,” Isis mocked.

“Sek what kind of outfit are you sticking Sirius in?”Lily asked.

“Its renaissance inspired.” Sekhmet pulled a drawing at of her bag and handed it to Lily.

“Looks like Sirius is your man,” James commented looking at the drawing.

“Yeah he’s one of the few who could actually pull it off!” Sekhmet smiled at James.

“Can we please change the story?” Isis asked Sekhmet.

“Yes and my costume as well,” Sirius added.

“Fine if you’re going to be so bitchy bout it!” Sekhmet crossed her arms, “In fact I’ve got a new idea! I’ll see you guys later!” Sekhmet shot off like a rocket.

“Now if she would just put this much effort into school work and she'd be a better student than the rest of us,” Remus said watching Sekhmet run off.

“If she spent this much time and effort doing school work I’d be horribly worried about her.” Alice laughed.

“Oh goodness, I’d swear she was sick if that ever happened.” Isis laughed.

That evening barely before curfew Sekhmet scrambled through the portrait hole falling to the floor. Remus jumped up and ran over to help her as she got to her feet. Breathing hard Sekhmet waved the copy of her new script in the air.

“I've got it! Tomorrow the Room of Requirement 8:00 A.M.!”

“Can't we make it more like noon since we don't have class?” Sirius whined.

“No! You will be there at 8:00 A.M. or else!”

“Or else what?” James smiled, Lily elbowed him.

“Or else I cut off his manhood.”

“Sirius I would advise that you arrive there at 8am sharp,” James grimaced.

“Thanks for the support buddy,” Sirius groaned.

“So now what are we doing?” Isis asked.

“A 1940s inspired murder mystery. You are the distraught widow whose husband has been killed and Sirius is the detective who is looking into the murder.”

“That actually sounds like a decent idea,” Lily commented.

“Thank you.” Sekhmet beamed.

The next morning at eight Sirius and Isis entered the Room of Requirement and found Sekhmet running around preparing the set which seemed to be an office. Waiting on the table in front of them were two copies of Sekhmet’s new script, coffee, tea, and assorted pastries. Isis sat down grabbed a pastry, poured herself a cup of coffee, and began reading the script. Sirius followed suit.

“Ok,” Sekhmet joined them at the table a few minutes later, “here is the scene we’re doing today and your costumes. You have an hour and then you need to be in costume. I'm going to go and finish setting up the scene.” Sekhmet walked off leaving Sirius and Isis to eat breakfast and study the script.

“Great, a dress, heels, and a trench coat,” Isis grumbled looking at her outfit.

“I'm dressed in slacks and a button down shirt. Way better than those stupid puffy pants.” Isis glared at him.

“I really hate Sek for this,” Isis sighed. “Well I guess we should run lines.”

“Well at least she's staying out of trouble,” Sirius suggested.

“At the cost of our humiliation.” Sirius frowned at Isis remark.

“This is kind of a crazy dream to have,” Sirius said, holding the script.

“Could be worse. She could be trying to over through You-Know-Who and trying to replace him.”

“Why could I actually see her doing that?” Sirius shuddered.

“Scary thought huh?” Isis laughed.

That night Isis, Sirius, and Sekhmet crawled through the portrait whole looking both tried and irritated.

“Look who the cat drug in, if it isn't our favorite actors and director.” Lily smiled.

“I'm exhausted!” Isis flopped down on the couch next to Alice.

“She is a slave driver!” Sirius complained throwing himself on the floor in front of the fire.

“You guys are just whinny babies; besides there’s a deadline to turn in my video application to the art school.”

“I'm proud that you are working on your dreams Sek. Though I have to say it can be a risky career move.” Lily said and everyone nodded in agreement.

Sekhmet shrugged, “Well I've got to get to sleep we have classes. And I've got to figure out some more of the sets for the movie.” Sekhmet waved and headed for the girl’s dorm room.

Over the next two weeks Isis, Sirius, and Sekhmet were barely seen outside of class. Sekhmet kept them so busy that Isis would be up till the early hours in the morning finishing her homework. No one knew exactly how Sekhmet was getting her homework done, but they suspected she had called in a few “favors”.

“You two are so freaking difficult! We've changed the themes we've changed the story, we've changed the costumes. Yet neither of you will cooperate with me all I want to do is be a director. We’ve done renaissance romance, tried murder mysteries, sci-fi stories, and super hero stories, but none of them are good enough for the two of you!” Sekhmet erupted one day after Sirius once again complained about his costume. “I thought you were my friend Sirius! Isis my own sister and you won’t even stand by and support my dream? Here is the last script and costume and set change I do! Love it or deal with it!” Sekhmet stormed out leaving Sirius and Isis alone in the Room of Requirement.

“Well it doesn't sound too bad,” Sirius said after a few moments of reading the script.

“That's because this one is actually really good.” Isis smiled.

“Listen I'm sorry I've been a pushy jerk about getting you to date me. I normally don't say this but I really do care about you. Just don't tell anyone that I apologized.” Sirius smirked.

“I won't tell a soul.” Isis blushed.

Filming had gone much smoother since Sirius apologized to Isis. In fact it was going so well that Sekhmet’s mood had increased believing that her plan was working. Two days later Isis and Sirius sat in the Gryffindor common room taking a rare and much appreciated break. Sekhmet had to fix a few things with their set so she had sent the pair back to the common room to run lines instructing them to return right after dinner. Isis was currently stretched out on the couch while Sirius lay in front of the fire.

“I’m glad were almost done with this movie!” Sirius exclaimed while stretching. “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone but Sek and you since we started, well other than Peter when he helps out holding the camera for Sek.”

“Tell me about it!” Isis propped herself up on one arm. “I miss my friends and not to mention I kind of miss my normal sister. I’m not digging director Sekhmet.” Isis shook her head.

“Tell me about it.” Sirius gave barking laugh as he sat up.

“Thanks for helping out my sister.” Isis said blushing.

“Well I didn’t exactly want to hear her complain or threaten me until I agreed.” Sirius tried not to laugh as he locked eyes with Isis began to blush a deep shade of red.

Without warning or knowing exactly why other than she wanted to, Isis leaned forward kissing Sirius quickly on the lips before sitting up in shock. “I-um-”

Sirius’s shock quickly wore. He leaned forward gently pressing his lips to Isis’s. When Isis did not protest or pull away Sirius cradled her head in one hand while pulling himself up off the floor sitting next to Isis all while never breaking the kiss. Neither of them heard the portrait swing open.

“I’ll be just a moment. I have to get my books-” Lily stopped dead seeing Isis and Sirius on the couch, “Oh my god!” Lily’s hands covered her mouth her books toppling to the floor.

“What is it Lily?” James climbed through the portrait whole to see his best friend kissing the girl he had fought with for year. A big smile broke across his face and he let out a load whistle. “Way to go Padfoot!” Isis and Sirius pulled apart both turning bright red.

“Does this mean?” Lily asked with a big smile on her face.

“I- I guess it does. Wow I’m Sirius Black’s girlfriend,” Isis said dazed.

“I never thought I would hear you say those words,” Sirius said beaming.

“Neither did I!” Everyone laughed.

“I would advise you wait till the final ‘kiss’ scene in Sek’s movie before you announce that you two are couple.” Isis and Sirius looked confused. “It's pretty much the main reason Sekhmet decided to have you guys as the main actor’s in her movie. Her plan was to make a movie to submit to the Art School and to get you two together,” Lily explained.

“I figured she had an ulterior motive.” Isis shook her head, “My sister is never this motivated about anything. Well if it hadn’t been Sirius and I it would have been you and James.”

“Thank you for sparing us!” James exclaimed.

“Poor Sek and her grand plans to get people together they just don't work quite as planned,” Sirius commented causing everyone to laugh.

At the end of the week Sekhmet announced that they were finally on the ending scene of her great western movie. Sekhmet was practically beaming as she watched her leading lady and man. They had been working together perfectly ever since she yelled at them. They had not argued once and their acting had greatly improved.

Sirius and Isis stood on the front porch of an old western manor house. Isis was leaning over the porch railing and she was dressed as a rich lady of the west in an outfit of a long light blue skit, matching jacket buttoned over a white blouse, a matching hat off-set on with her hair pulled back into a bun, and white gloves covered her hands. Sirius sat astride a beautiful black stallion dressed as a cowboy complete with the hat and spurs.

“I'm sorry Rosie but I got’s to go. I'm an outlaw on the run. If they find me here I’ll end up draggin’ you down with me.” Sirius recited his last lines as the ruggedly handsome cowboy outlaw Duke.

“I'm going to miss you Duke.” Isis leaned further over the rail as Sirius leaned down embracing in a passionate kiss.

“Cut! That's a wrap!” Skehmet jumped off her director’s chair began and began to turn off all the equipment. “Let's get this to the editing-” As she turned around she saw Isis and Sirius still locked in their passionate kiss. “I said cut - Ok ignore me.” Sekhmet threw her hands in the air realization spreading across her face in the form of a smile. “Wait they’re willingly kissing! I'm a miracle maker. I did it! I did it!” Sekhmet ran out of the Room of Requirement singing at the top of her lungs as Isis and Sirius, who had finally stopped kissing, laughed as she did so.

“Should we tell her?” Sirius asked.

“And ruin her good mood? I think not.” With a wave of her wand Isis closed the door.

Thank you to our amazing beta Cedriclover
Amazing image by Jazzi @ TDA

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Double Trouble: Chapter Ten: Lights, Camera, Kiss


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