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The Real Thing by pirette08
Chapter 7 : In A Second
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A/N: As Usual, just stating that this song is used for emphasis it does not belong to me. To those who have favorited this story, thak you so much it means alot, and i hope you keep enjoying the story as much as i enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 7

In A Second

Is this thing an open door?

Walk right through to something more

You and me,

My life would change in a second

In a second


In A Second”- Aly & AJ

     Hermione woke up the next day, feeling inexplicably sore. She squinted through the bright light the flooded the room. She realized that she wasn’t in her room, but in the living room. She forced her eyes to fully open as she raised herself off of what she was shocked t see was Harry’s lap. Wearily, she stirred Harry, who was sleeping in an uncomfortable position.


“Good morning.” said Hermione in a scratchy voice.


“Hey” Harry replied croakily.


“I’m sorry I fell asleep on your lap.” said Hermione as she watched Harry raise his head off the couch precariously.


“Don’t worry about it.” said Harry tilting his head gently in an effort to soothe the crick in it. “I was going to wake you when the movie ended but--”


“You fell asleep too?” Hermione interrupted.


Harry chuckled.




“Did you see Ron come in at all?” Hermione asked as she stretched.


“No.” Harry answered.


“I’m going to go see if he’s in his room.” said Hermione.


“All right,” said Harry. “I’ll ask Kreacher to prepare breakfast”


Hermione glared at him.


“I mean…I’ll go ask if he wants some help.” he said correcting himself.


     Content with the Harry’s correction, she walked off and turned the corner that led to Ron’s bedroom. She knocked on his mahogany door gently.


“Ron?” Hermione asked quietly.


       She jiggled the door handle and found it to be unlocked. She pushed opened gently and peered inside. His bed was empty and disheveled. Clothes and pictures littered the floor.


“Ron?” Hermione asked as she walked cautiously. “Are you in here?”


There was no response.


Hermione edged toward the bathroom door, where soft sobs were issuing.


“Ron?” Hermione asked tentatively.


        She turned the handle slowly and was startled to find Ron slumped against the bathroom wall. He was clutching his knees tightly to his face; his face was buried in them.


Hermione knelt down by him urgently.


“Ron what happened?” she asked nervously.


          Ron’s faced emerged and it was red and shining with tears. Hermione had never seen Ron cry, except for when his brother Fred died, and it was a truly troubling image.


“I think I took too much Calming Draught.” he said shakily, pointing a finger at spilled potion’s bottle on the floor.


Hermione rushed to examine the bottle.


“Ron, this isn’t Calming Draught. This is Distraught Serum!” she exclaimed.


She  knelt down, took his face in her hands, and forced him to face her.


“How much did you take?”


“I don’t know.” Ron answered.


          Hermione sighed furiously. She looked around for his wand, which she found scattered not too far from him. She locked the cabinet with his wand and stood up.


“You stay here.” Hermione commanded. “I’ll be right back.”


“Where are you going?” Ron asked anxiously.


“To get you an antidote.” said Hermione.


“Don’t be long.” said Ron desperately.


“I won’t.” Hermione replied.


           She walked briskly into the hallway and past the living room, into the grand bathroom by the entryway of the house. She opened up the potions cabinet and skimmed through the antidote section. She was making such a racket that she wasn’t surprised when Harry walked in to see what was happening.


“What are you looking for?” asked Harry, as he watched Hermione frantically moving potion bottles.


“An antidote.” Hermione replied simply.


“Why?” Harry asked urgently.


“Ron took Distraught Serum by mistake.” Hermione explained. “He thought he had taken the Calming Draught…but he still drank too much of it.”


“Did he say why he needed the Calming Draught in the first place?” Harry asked concernedly.


Hermione shook her head.


“No, but I have a hunch.” she said. She continued moving bottles until at last, she came across a brilliant purple bottle. “Got it”


 “He is all right though right?” Harry asked.


“Yes, he’s just really upset.” Hermione assured him. “I have to give this to him.”


“I’ll come with you.”


“No!” said Hermione, immediately regretting that she had said it so harshly. “I’ll take care of it.”


“Okay…” said Harry uncertainly.


Hermione walked back into Ron’s bathroom and found him just as she had left him.


“Drink this, it’ll make you feel better.” said Hermione handing the bottle to him.


“I already feel better with having you here, with me.” said Ron.


Hermione shrugged off his comment.


“Come on; let’s get you to bed.”


It was with a lot of effort that she managed to bring Ron to his bed. The potion seemed to have worked, since Ron was no longer sobbing but seemed entranced.


“Why did you want Calming Draught in the first place?” Hermione asked.


“Because I saw you with Harry.” Ron said absently. “On the couch…together.”


“Ron, nothing was going on!” said Hermione firmly. “We were watching a movie together and we fell asleep.”


“Are you sure it wasn’t more?” Ron asked accusatorily.


“No!” said Hermione irritably. “When are you going to stop being suspicious about us Ron?”


“Us being together should not stop me from being friends with Harry.” Hermione argued.


“All three of us have gone through so much to let relationships ruin our friendship.”


“I know I’m being stupid.” said Ron reasonably. “But I’m afraid, that once again Harry is going to get something else that I want.”


“Well you’re going to have to tackle that issue somehow.” said Hermione. “I’m with you. But if you keep on doing this, you’re going to drive me away. I don’t want that to happen, but I’m not going to deal with these insecurities anymore.”


“I know,” said Ron. “I’m sorry, and I am going to try.”


Hermione forced a smile.


“I’m going to floo George and tell him you can’t come in today.” she said walking towards the door.


“Are you working today?” Ron asked apprehensively.


“Yes.” said Hermione


Ron’s face fell. Hermione spotted his disappointment.


“I was hoping that maybe we could spend some much needed time together.” said Ron sadly.


“I’ll try to get out of work early.” said Hermione simply. “I’ll see you later.”


“Aren’t you going to kiss me goodbye at least?” Ron asked expectantly.


“Sure.” said Hermione.


         Hermione walked back to Ron’s bed and placed a kiss on his cheek. She walked back to the door and walked out. After she closed it, she leaned against it and sighed heavily.


“I…uh…heard everything.” said Harry, startling Hermione. “Not on purpose, I was just…walking by.”


“I didn’t know Ron still felt envious of me.”


“Yeah, I really thought he had shaken it off.” said Hermione remorsefully.


“I understand if… you know, want to call off movie nights.” said Harry. “I know Ron wasn’t pleased when he saw us.”


“No he wasn’t,” Hermione agreed. “But I’m not going to alter my life because of his insecurities.”


“Hermione it’s all right” said Harry honestly. “I don’t mind. The last thing I want is to cause a row between you two.”


“No it’s not all right.” Hermione argued. “We’ve all been friends longer than I have been his girlfriend. And I’m not about to stop doing something because he feels insecure. It’s never been my thing, you know that.”


“But what if he was right?” Harry asked.


“Right about what?” Hermione asked in confusion.


“About...nothing. forget it.” said Harry.


“Just say it!” said Hermione. “It’s obviously not nothing.”


“I have to go to the Ministry or I’m going to be late.” said Harry dismissively. “I’ll see you later.”


Hermione remained bemused as he kissed her on the cheek.

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The Real Thing: In A Second


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