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Draco and Hermione: Star Crossed Enemies by benny08jenson
Chapter 5 : The Next Morning
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Disclaimer: All characters from Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling. All scenes from the play Romeo and Juliet belong to William Shakespeare. I only own characters that are not from Harry Potter or Romeo and Juliet!

Recap from last chapter:

Draco and Hermione then followed the Headmaster to their new common room where he told them the password. He also reminded them that as Heads they must cooperate with each other and lessen the fighting amongst themselves, and with that he said goodnight and left them standing in front of their common room.


When Draco woke up the first thing he noticed was the curtains around his bed had been pulled closed and the sun was streaming through them with a green coloring. When he sat up he opened the hangings and looked around the room.

In the middle of the room against the back wall was his four poster bed. Next to the bed was a nightstand with a drawer that would hold the books that he chose to read before going to sleep at night.

Beside the door of his room there was a bookshelf that already had all of his books sitting on it. The third wall held a desk made of dark mahogany, which was big enough for him to have his school book open and have the parchment lying unrolled so that he could do his assignments without any hassle.

Beside the desk was a door that Draco discovered led into a beautiful marble bathroom. On the other side of the bathroom was another door with the letters H.G. printed in gold lettering, which led to Hermione's room.

After looking around his room and the bathroom Draco decided to go ahead and get his morning shower and head down to the Great Hall for breakfast before his first class.


When Hermione woke up the first thing that she did was open the red curtains around her bed, allowing in the bright morning sun. Once her eyes adjusted to the light coming in her window she looked around her room.

The first thing she noticed was the bed she was sitting on. It was sitting right in the middle of the wall at the back of the room, so that she could see every detail of the room. Next to her bed was a little nightstand holding a bedside lamp and a drawer from her to put anything she wanted in it.

Beside the door of her room was a bookshelf which contained all of the books that she had brought with her to school. The third wall held a desk made of natural oak, which was big enough for her to have three books laid open and even enough room for a piece of parchment to sit as she was studying for her classes.

Having just finished inspecting her room she went to the second door she found, looking in it she found it was a walk in closet which already held all of her clothes. Finally she went to the last door left in the room, she opened the door and to her great embarrassment there was Draco Malfoy standing before the sink with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair wet.


"WHY DIDN'T YOU LOCK MY DOOR IF YOU WERE GOING TO BESTANDING IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR PRACTICALLY NAKED!" She yelled right back, her face turning red with the embarrassment that she felt.

"BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU HEARD THE WATER RUNNING IN HERE!" He answered her question. "Why didn't you knock, or did your mother never teach you how?" He asked her with a smirk on his face.

Without answering him she turned around and slammed the door behind her waiting to get into the bathroom to take a shower. A few minutes later she heard Malfoys' door open and closed. When she was sure that he was in his room she walked into the bathroom and locked the door leading to Draco's room and quickly got a shower.


When Hermione got to the Great Hall for breakfast she found Harry, Ron, and Ginny. Once she had taken her seat she put food on her plate and began to tell them what had happened, since they had parted- all except for the embarrassing position she'd placed herself in not an hour before.

A little bit later Professor McGonagall came to the Gryffindor table and began to pass out their schedules for the year.

"Oh great Double Potions with the Slytherins first, I mean, haven't they troubled us enough now we have to go through it all over again?"Ron groaned between mouthfuls.

"Well mate look at the bright side at least Snape's not teaching Potions anymore." Harry told his disappointed friend.

"Yeah, ever since Professor Slughorn took over that class the Slytherins aren't half as bad because Professor Snape can't favor them anymore!" Ginny told her brother as well.

"Have any of you looked at the next class?" Hermione asked them.

"No why?" Harry asked her in return.

"Well if you had been looking at your schedule, you would have noticed that our second class is that new Theater class." She answered him.

"Oh yeah, you're right. Man I can't wait to start that class it should be a laugh, right Ron?"Harry said.

"Yep definitely, I mean I it should be funny acting like other people for once!" Ron answered.

"Oh when will you two grow up?" Ginny asked her brother.

"Never, and you can't make me either!" Ron told her.

When they left the Great Hall Malfoy walked up to the quartet and smirked at Hermione and walked away without saying anything at all.

But Hermione had a feeling she knew what the smirk was all about. Leaving Harry, Ron, and Ginny to wonder what Malfoy had been doing.


Authors Note: Well here we go the 5th chapter is complete. Again I would like to say thank you to all of you who have read and reviewed. I would also like to say I hope that you stick with me as I continue this journey through writing. So Thank You to everyone, I hope you continue to enjoy the story.


P.S. I should have chapter 6 up soon, what with the queue being so short.

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