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v a n i l l a ♥ t w i l i g h t by dream_BIG
Chapter 5 : Funky Werewolf Sexual Urges are Intense, Man.
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here it is, chapter five!!

V I C T O I R E . W E A S L E Y

“No way. There is no fucking way in hell I am doing that.” I said furiously.

“Told you so,” Lupin stretched his arms above his head. “Well, my work here’s done. See you la – whoa!”

Maddy had grabbed his arm, and with surprising strength, spun him around so that he landed on the sofa with a loud thud. I winced as the sofa scraped back a little, making little vibrations shoot up my spine.

“Sit.” She snarled.

“I’m sitting, I’m sitting.” Lupin put his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

“Hey, Mad –” Nick appeared at the scene.

“SIT.” She commanded, pointing to the sofa. Nick walked over, looking surprised and wary.

“Am I in trouble?” He asked lightly.

“Just sit.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He sat down on my other side, looking bemused and a little afraid. His fear wasn’t irrational, though. When ticked off, Maddy could get a tad frightening. Not like, freakish werewolf powers frightening, but you know…normal human frightening. Which, trust me, is scary enough.

“Okay. You listen. No talking. Just listen to me.”

“Ma –” I started protesting, but she glared at me, eyes huge, and I immediately shut up and sat back.

“You –” She jabbed a finger at Lupin’s direction, and he winced. “Will sit there through this whole thing until she agrees. Understood?”

“Got it.” He said, terror etched on his face. “Will you please stop glaring at me now? It’s really freaky.”

“And you –” I couldn’t entirely hold back a cringe of my own as her dagger-like glower turned to me. “Will also sit there until you agree.”

“Which will never happen.” I scowled.

“Then I guess you’ll be sitting there a long time.”

I glared at her.

“And YOU – Nick, what are you doing there?” Her voice turned back into its sugary sweetness, and Nick shot up hastily, eyes wide.

“N – nothing.” He stuttered out. “You told me to sit, so I sat, and Merlin woman, you’re freaking me out!”

She laughed, the sound of it tinkly and light. “You think I’m scary? Tori – wait, no, I’m not talking to you right now, HEY CLAIRE! THESE PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF ME!”

“GOOD FOR YOU!” Claire bellowed back, and with an affectionate eye-roll, turned back to the cute boy she was flirting with.

“Maddy.” I said. “You’re not honestly going to make me sit here until I agree, right?”

“Yes, I am.” Her tone was clipped. “And, as I recall, you already agreed, so technically, you’re breaking a promise to me right now.”

“But I didn’t even know what the plan was!” I cried. “If I’d known, I would have said no! Maddy, how could you even come up with something like this?!”

“Trust me, it’s the best plan.” Her tone was still businesslike. “Now, are you going to grow up and face up to it, or do I have to permanently glue your arse to that couch?”

“What about me?” Lupin cried, looking thoroughly pissed. “I already agreed to the blasted plan, why do I have to sit here?”

“You agreed to this…this…this BLASPHEMY?!” I shrieked, looking at him in disbelief.

He sighed in annoyance and rubbed his ear. “Yeah. After she threatened to hex…certain body parts off. I’d like to retain my ability to piss, thank you very much.”

“Tori, if you don’t agree, I’m hexing your boobs off and gluing them to my chest.” Maddy threatened loudly and matter-of-factly, pointing her wand ominously at me.

The attention of every person in the room was now fixated on my chest area.

I gulped and crossed my arms, making Lupin snicker from next to me.

“You wouldn’t.” I whispered, arms crossed tight over my precious, newly grown boobs.

“Oh, yes I would. Merlin knows I need them.” She laughed, but then stopped abruptly and continued pointing her wand at my chest when I joined weakly along.

I whimpered loudly, crossing my arms even tighter.


“Okay.” I whimpered, closing my eyes. “I’ll do it, I’ll do it. Just…just stop pointing that thing at my boobs. Please.”

She didn’t lower her wand. “Only after you seal this whole deal with a kiss.”

“What?!” Me and Lupin both asked incredulously, our voices a couple of octaves higher than usual.

“You heard me. Go on.”


Maddy smiled sweetly at us. Nick snickered. Lupin shot him the finger. I glared.

This sucks.

With a loud, exasperated sigh, I turned to Lupin. “Let’s just get this over with.”

He shrugged. “It’s not like we haven’t already – mmph!”

For the love of Merlin and his whole freaking family, Lupin could not tell Maddy that I snogged him. So I did the only thing possible. I kissed him.

On the mouth. In front of everyone. Without much persuasion.

I’m getting the feeling that someone up there really hates me.

T E D D Y . L U P I N

Will someone please tell me what the fuck is WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?!

Did I get transported to some sort of parallel universe or something? Some weird dimension where Victoire Weasley – YES, VICTOIRE WEASLEY – does crazy things, like, oh, I don’t know, dive at you and then snog you in front of the whole bloody house?!

I think I need a strong, hard slap to the face just so I can wake up from this bizarrely realistic dream. Because this can’t be actually happening.

But it is.

All too soon, she pulled away, then, without looking at me or my surprised expression, turned around to glare defiantly at Maddy. “There.”

“Oh.” Maddy said, eyes wide. Nick’s eyes were all but falling out of their sockets as he gaped openmouthed at us. “Um. Yeah. Sure. We’re done here.”

“Good. I’ll be going, then.” With a toss of her golden-silvery hair, Victoire made to get up and sweep dramatically out of the room, but Maddy snapped to her senses and managed to shove her back down next to me.

I continued gazing at Victoire, the surprised expression frozen on my face.

“I lied.” Maddy said cheerfully when Victoire glowered at her, looking indignant. “We are not done here. We just needed the liplocking to make this little agreement binding.”

“Binding?” I echoed blankly. “What exactly do you mean by ‘binding’?”

“Oh, you know. Neither of you can walk out of this agreement until Peter Henry is completely discouraged.” Maddy said lightly, twirling her wand expertly between her fingers.

“What’ll happen if they do?” Nick asked, looking at her with newfound admiration and respect.

“Let’s just say…it’ll be like full moon all the time.” She smiled sweetly at us, and I literally heard Victoire’s jaw snap open from next to me. Mine had already unhinged itself from my face and was sagging on the floor.

“You’re kidding.” I said incredulously. Full moon…well, that was the time when werewolves mated. And, while we weren’t complete werewolves, the fact that both me and Victoire had werewolf blood made that particular urge even stronger for us. As Ginny so eloquently put it, we got ‘really, really sexual’ around that time.

“And only for the other person.” She continued, and my jaw sagged some more.

“You’re an evil genius.” Nick breathed, staring at her like she was the most amazing person to ever walk the planet.

She grinned. “I do try.”

Victoire made a couple of undistinguishable squeaking sounds, and I continued to my fruitless attempts to get my jaw up off the floor.

Finally, I managed to snap my mouth shut. “I hate you.” I told Maddy matter-of-factly, though the look in her eyes told me she knew exactly what I meant.


“Now.” Maddy said briskly, clapping her hands together. “Now that we’ve got that covered, we need to start the lessons.”

“Excuse me?” Victoire spluttered. “What lessons?”

“You two hate each other, and no offense, but both of you are horrible at acting. And you somehow need to convince the entire school, and most importantly Peter Henry, that you’re dating. So unless you want this plan to fail within the next three seconds and have to live with strong sexual urges for Teddy Lupin for the rest of your life, I would take these acting lessons. Okay, dear?”

Victoire nodded numbly and, with a wary sideways glance at me, scooted a little farther away, like if we got too close she would start getting funky sexual urges for me or something.

I rolled my eyes at her, but my heart still quickened at the thought of ‘Victoire Weasley’ and ‘sexual urges’ in the same sentence.

What? I’m a bloke. Don’t give me that look.

“NO!” Maddy cried, nearly sprinting to the couch. “First lesson: you sit as close as possible to Teddy. Understood?”

Victoire’s teeth clenched against the comeback that was, no doubt, at her lips, she slowly moved next to me, a painful expression etched across her face.

And, let’s give a round of applause to Victoire Weasley for deflating my self-confidence some more!

Maddy sat back and looked at us: at me with my incredulous/confused/exasperated face as I gazed vacantly at her, and at Victoire, who was wearing an expression that strongly implied she was in physical pain.

“We need to work on you guys. Desperately.” Maddy decided.

I groaned and flopped back into the sofa.

Let the training begin!


"VICTOIRE! YOU ARE NOT BEING TORTURED! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SMILE AT HIM – DON’T GIVE ME THAT LOOK!! DO IT!” Maddy shrilled at Victoire, who, after rolling her eyes some more, turned around and shot me a sickly sweet smile. I gulped and moved back a little. That smile looked absolutely terrifying, like she was plotting my death as she flashed her pearly whites at me.

Maddy gave a little scream of frustration. “Victoire. Marie. Weasley.” She snarled slowly. “I have been trying to get you to smile at Teddy for the past two hours. You will smile at him NOW, otherwise, so god help me, I WILL hex off your boobs and glue them to my chest. Capiche?”

Victoire turned around and shot me a dazzling smile.

Will whoever just sucked the air out of the room please put it back in? That would be greatly appreciated.

“Thank you.” Maddy said with a little difficulty. “Merlin, I feel like I’m gaining silver hairs. Nick, am I wrinkling?”

“Nope.” Nick came up and inspected her face. “But…wait, what’s this?” He pointed at her forehead.

“What?” She asked, touching her forehead. “What is it?”

“Right…there.” He pointed again, and her hand came up.

“What?” She felt around her forehead. “Where?”

“That little crease. Right there. What’s that doing there, love?”

“I guess I’m stressing a little.” Maddy laughed, dropping her hand.

“There we go.” He leaned over and kissed her forehead, right where the little crease had been. “I don’t like that crease. It makes you look all hassled. I like the laughing Maddy more, okay?”

She nodded, smiling. “Got it.”

 I glanced at Victoire and saw that there was a tender expression on her face.

“Have I ever told you that I approve – greatly – of Nick as a boyfriend?” She asked.

Maddy laughed. “Not yet, no.”

“Well, I do.” She said, smiling happily at the two of them.

“Thank you, O mighty one.” Nick laughed. “I’m so glad you approve.”

“But I’m still mad at you.” Maddy glared at Victoire.

“Why?” She asked innocently.

“Because you’re being difficult and annoying. I’m aging prematurely because of you! I can feel the years adding onto my age, Victoire! YOU’RE TURNING ME INTO A SENILE PERSON!”

“OKAY!” I cut across loudly before Maddy started going into cardiac arrest. “Maddy, you go sit. I’ll take it from here. Watch the master actor at work, people.” I cracked my knuckles and rotated my head a little.

“Weasley?” I added.


“Just play along, okay?” I winked at her, satisfied when I saw her eyes widening a little, and shot her a wide grin.

Taking a deep breath, I fastened a smile onto my face and walked towards her, using all of my self-control not to smirk at her terrified expression.

As I got close enough, I wrapped my arms around her small waist, which was a little difficult thanks to the fact that she was as stiff as a board, eyes wide and scared.

“Relax.” I breathed in her ear, letting my breath wash across her skin. As I watched, goosebumps erupted along her neck. “Just play along.”

“No way.” She squeaked.

“Victoire.” I murmured exasperatedly, letting my mouth just barely brush the bottom of her earlobe. She loosened a little bit. “You have to learn how to act, love. Just play along. We all know that this isn’t real.”

“I know how to act.” She said indignantly, her voice still two octaves higher than usual. She stiffened again as I started kissing slowly down her neck. Doing that made fire erupt in the pit of my stomach, and all I wanted was more.

I might have to control that particular emotion a bit.

“Prove it.” I whispered in her ear, making sure my voice was low and husky.

I know girls like that. Not sure about Victoire. I’m hoping she does, though. She took a deep breath and, with a little difficulty, let herself relax in my arms. I kissed her neck again, and as I leaned back to look at her face, her eyes fluttered shut. I grinned and nestled my head in her hair again.

“See?” I asked quietly against the side of her neck. “It’s not that hard. You just have to relax. Enjoy it.”

“Lupin –”

“Teddy.” I cut across smoothly. “It’s Teddy.”

She breathed heavily for a moment. “Fine,” She said in a strained voice, “Teddy, if you think I’m enjoying this, then you are very wrong – oh!”

Hearing my name come out her mouth does funny things to me, okay? It’s the only reason I started sucking at her neck. Otherwise I totally wouldn’t have. It’s just…she smells like chocolates. Chocolates and candy apples, which shouldn’t be an appealing combination, but it is. And then the way she said my name…Merlin, I MUST learn to control myself.

But how can I, when she’s so obviously enjoying this?

She gasped again as I let my tongue gently touch her skin, and slid her hands around my neck and into my hair.

“Teddy…”She whispered, letting out a tiny moan when I started sucking again. “Teddy, stop. Stop it. It’s near full moon, you have to stop. We can’t mmmmmmm…”

I silenced her incessant talking with my mouth, and she sighed contentedly into the kiss. I took the opportunity to make the first move this time and slide my tongue into her mouth, where it danced with hers.

It was pure, unadulterated bliss. The most amazing feeling in the world.

And, bloody hell, I wanted more.

Very, very carefully, I let my hand lift up the bottom of her shirt, and I rested it gently against the skin at the small of her back, using that hold to pull her closer to me.

Thank you, Merlin!

She didn’t pull away and slap me! No, instead she just made my life by moaning a little and sliding herself closer to me, pulling her body right up against mine. Her tongue moved faster, lips more urgent, hands pulling a little as they raked through my hair.

Oh, she wants it rough, does she? Well, she’s messing with the wrong werewolf. You want rough, Victoire Weasley? You are so getting it.

With a growl, I backed her up against the wall, pushing her up against it and holding her there with my body. She wrapped her legs around my waist, fingers massaging through my hair. I let my hands wander down, along her torso, and she sighed and arched into me, throwing back her head and tightening her legs. Deliberately, I let myself press harder into her hips, and she let out a low, throaty growl.

And I was done. Nothing else mattered anymore; all I could think about was the girl I was kissing. All I could feel was her, all I could taste was her, and all I wanted was more of her. I want her. Right now. Right here. She’s mine.

My hand slipped up her shirt again, and as she kissed me ferociously, it wandered along her chest, touching every part of her. She seemed to enjoy that immensely; she growled again, pulling me even closer.

We have to stop. Merlin, we have to stop. It’s full moon tonight, and I can’t let this go too far, but I also can’t stop. Stopping right now would be like physical pain. Torturous. But we have to. We’re going too far, too fast.

All of a sudden, the need built up inside of me, and with a loud snarl, I pushed myself away from her, letting myself slam into the opposite wall with a desperate, “STOP!” I heard her catch her breath in surprise.

I stood there, eyes closed, head leaning against the wall, panting. “Stop,” I gasped again. The world was spinning around me, and I felt like I was going to fall off any second. The air in between us seemed to ripple with a thousand invisible strings, pulling me towards her. No – they weren’t strings. They were steel cables, and they were dragging me forward.

The thing was, I wanted to be dragged forward. And that made it even more difficult.

I didn’t just want Victoire anymore. I needed her, just like I needed air, or water. And hearing her ragged breath from across the room seemed to drive that need even more, until I was using all of my will and self-control to stay pressed against the wall. As far away from her as possible.

But even that wasn’t far enough. I was vividly aware of every one of her movements; every breath she took echoed in my ears, and even the slightest movements were picked up by my senses. My mind was clouded with Victoire. She was everywhere.

“I have to get away from here.” I groaned, dropping my head in my hands. Across the room, I heard a longing whimper escape her mouth. She was having a hard time as well.

I gritted my teeth and cowered against the wall, using every ounce of strength in my body to stay away from her.

I can’t do this. This is impossible. I struggled against the bonds as they slowly dragged me forward.

“No.” I snarled. “No.”

Victoire whimpered again. “What’s happening to me?”

I can’t do it this way. It’s not right. It’s the lust, the werewolf lust overpowering her, and she can’t think straight. She’ll regret it in the morning. I know she will.

Pain flooded through me, stamping out the need for Victoire. For once in my life, I was glad for that pain, glad that she hated me. I used that to force myself through the door and out into the hallway. Without another backwards glance, I sprinted. I just ran. As far away from her as I could get. I just ran.

{*props for the intense make-out scene go to Jenn, who writes really intense make-out scene. I might have copied a little bit of her work. Heh. Heh heh. But everything else is me! I added my own stuff to it.}

V I C T O I R E . W E A S L E Y

I want him. Right here, right now. I want him.

I closed my eyes and breathed raggedly through my nose, fighting the power that Teddy Lupin had over me right now; fighting the need, the want. His body seemed to pull me closer, and it was all I could do to stay away.

Suddenly, the tugging intensified then diminished severely. It was just a weak pulling now. I opened my eyes, and saw, to my relief, that Teddy was gone. I could hear his footsteps pounding against the floor as he sprinted away from me.

Come back. Please. I need you.

I had never felt so alive with the way he touched me. He made me feel wanted, and I loved that.

Of course, none of this was real. It was my werewolf, my monster that wanted him. No, not him. My monster wanted his monster. That was all there was to it.

I hate Teddy Lupin. I hate him.

Right? I hate him, right?

Gah. I can’t think right now. All I know is that I want him. That’s it. My monster wants him, and I’m powerless against my monster.

Almost powerless. He’s gone now, isn’t he? He somehow managed to move away from me, fight against the need that I was succumbing to.

He’s stronger than I am. Or does he hate me so much, that his hate can overpower his need? That seems like a good explanation.

Does this mean that I don’t hate him enough? I need to think about this again when I have my head on right.

“What. The. Fuck. Was. That.” Maddy asked in a shocked voice. I looked over, my mind still hazy, and saw that her expression was absolutely blown away. Nick was standing next to her, his jaw dangerously close to the floor.

“Full moon.” I said, closing my eyes and sliding to the floor. “Great planning, Maddy. Really.”

“Fuck, sorry, Tori.” Her voice was remorseful as it moved closer to me. Nick moved with her, and his presence flared in my mind.


“Nick, stay back.” I warned, turning away from him. “Please.”

“Why?” He asked, his voice surprised. But he still stopped.

“You’re a male. So unless you want to be sexually assaulted by your girlfriend’s freaky werewolf best friend, I suggest you don’t come near me tonight.”

He moved back hastily, eyes wide. “No problem.” He promised fervently.

“You should probably go find Teddy,” Maddy said to him softly.

Nick sighed. “I bet the poor guy’s going through hell right now.”

“Or he’s accidentally snogging another girl.” I suggested, head against the wall as I continued to fight against the cords that were pulling me towards the door.

“No, he’s not.” Nick’s voice was colder. “He’s not who you think he is, Victoire. When will you understand that?”

“What?” I opened my eyes to face him, but he was gone.

“Come on; let’s get you to the dorms.” Maddy said gently, helping me up. As soon as I stood up, the pull to the door got stronger. My feet slid on the floor as I fought against it.

“Maddy, help!”

“Whoa!” She grabbed my arm and pulled me back. “What’s going on?!”

“Lupin’s pulling me towards him. Not on purpose.” I added hastily at the look on Maddy’s face. “It’s just the way it is.”

“Fuck,” She swore, planting her feet firmly on the ground. “It’s like I’m playing tug-of-war or something. How come this never happened before?”

She was leading me carefully down the hallway, her hold restraining me from flying away.

“I’ve never kissed a guy on full moon before. I made sure of that. And now that I’ve already got a taste of Lupin, my body’s just going to keep wanting more, every full moon. Same goes for him. We’re goners, Maddy! If you don’t physically tie me to my bed at night, I won’t be able to stay away from him.” My voice had reached a level of hysteria at this point.

“Calm down,” Maddy soothed, her voice calming me. “I’ll tie you to your bed, promise. Me and Claire won’t let you out of our sights, okay? I promise.”

I breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the empty common room. “Thanks.”

“I – crap, run!” Maddy shoved me from behind.


“Just run, Tori!”

“Why? I don’t –” I froze mid-sentence as I heard Nick swearing from behind me. The cables pulled me back, and I grabbed onto the banister for support, not letting myself turn around. If I looked at him, I’d be gone.

“Take deep breaths, Tori. Deep breaths.” Maddy’s whisper broke through the haze in my mind, distracting me from the sound of Teddy Lupin’s ragged breathing, which had clouded my mind.

“Keep. Moving.” I gasped, forcing my foot forward. I felt like I was walking through quicksand. Behind me, I heard Nick firmly say,

“Teddy, let’s go. Move, come on.”

“I’m trying,” His strained voice said; I very nearly lost it.


Using all of my strength to break away from my bonds, I ran up the last three steps and into my dormitory, letting Maddy slam it behind me. I lay on my bed, panting from the effort, still struggling against the need to be with him.

“What the hell happened?!” Claire cried, looking askance at my state. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing as Maddy quickly explained the situation to her.


“I know, it sounds crazy, but –”

Tori is getting strong werewolf sexual urges for TEDDY LUPIN?!” Claire screeched, and I groaned at the use of the words ‘sexual urges’ and ‘Teddy Lupin’ in the same sentence. Fu-uckk.

“Scream that louder, Claire, I’m sure the Slytherins didn’t hear you.” Maddy snapped.

“Sorry,” Claire said, breathing heavily, “It’s just, I mean…I can’t believe you came up with something like that, Maddy! It’s bloody brilliant, but really, did you have to use Teddy?”

“Of course I did!” Maddy said. “I couldn’t ask Nick to do it, and I didn’t want to hurt some other boy…Teddy was really the only option, since they’ve known each other for such a long time.”

“But…” Claire’s voice dropped down to a whisper. “What if he falls for her?”

Maddy giggled. “Honestly, I’d be more worried about Tori falling for him.”

I snorted, then let my face fall into a scowl. Fall in love with Teddy Lupin? Yeah, right. That’ll be the day. Hah.

I couldn’t see because my eyes were closed, but I was sure Claire was gaping in disbelief at Maddy.

“You don’t know what he’s like.” Maddy said seriously, her voice still sounding a bit amused. “Claire, this guy is perfect, he really is. I used to be in love with him back in fourth year, until I went and fell for his best friend.” She laughed at this.

“Hey, guys?” I asked. “I’m sure you guys are having tons of fun discussing Teddy Lupin and the fact that Maddy used to be desperately in love with him, but could you, maybe, help me?!”

“Oops,” Maddy laughed. “Sorry, Tori.”

“Um…what do we have to do?” Claire asked uncertainly.

“We’re tying her to the bed.” Maddy stated matter-of-factly.


“Tying. Her. To. The. Bed.”


“So she doesn’t go running to Teddy Lupin in the middle of the night.” She explained as she gazed thoughtfully at me. “Now, we need to figure out how to make sure she’s still comfortable.”

“This is insane.” Claire shook her head and came to stand next to her. I stared up at them fearfully, still curled up in a shaking, whimpering and sweating fetal position.

I’m pitiful.

Moving on…

I sighed and got under the covers. “Just do it.”

Maddy raised her wand, but there was a tentative knock at the door and seconds later, Nick’s head popped in. I groaned.

“Sorry,” He said to me. “But Teddy’s sort of…going crazy. Marc’s sitting on him right now; we really don’t know what to do.”

“Tie him to the bed, can you please get out now?” I said in a rushed, desperate voice.

“Kay, thanks, bye,” He disappeared. Two seconds later his head stuck in again, and I let out a scream of frustration.

“One more thing.” He said apologetically. “Maddy?”


“Could you come over here a second?”

“Why?” She asked warily, moving towards the door. When she came close enough, he quickly leaned forward and planted a kiss on her lips.

“That’s why.” He grinned at her. “Night, love.”

“Good night,” She smiled, then pushed him out the door. “Now go.”

Then, still smiling and blushing slightly, she turned towards me. The last thing I remember was thick ropes arcing out of the end of her wand and coming straight at me, enclosing me in a restraining, comfortable cocoon. I closed my eyes and let myself fall into the blackness, Lupin’s face swirling in my dreams.

The next thing I knew, I was kissing him and it was perfect.

The full moon glowed brightly outside, and I smiled in my sleep, letting my dreams take over for a while.

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