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A Malfoy and a Weasely Who'd have guessed? by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 7 : Oh dear Merlin...
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Chapter 7

“Rose…” Rose heard a voice whisper into her ear. “Rosie… time to get up…now!” 

“Mmmm…” She mumbled. Rose hated mornings; they would be better if they were in the afternoon. 

“Rosie, I’m going to count to three. If you’re not up by then, then you will be very, very, sorry. One… two… three…” 

“Ahhh!” Rose screamed as she was completely soaked with ice cold water. 

“KIRSTY!!! What the hell?! It’s a Saturday morning?! Is it too much to ask to get to sleep in a little bit?!” 

Kirsty looked up innocently at Rose. 

“Ah but Rosie its 10:30 and if I remember correctly, you wanted me to get you up early enough for us to go into Hogsmade. That way you can get a dress for the Christmas ball and look stunning for a certain young Mr Malfoy.” Kirsty explained “I was only following your orders.“ She raised her eyebrows as though this was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it probably was, but since it was before 12 on a Saturday Rose was incoherent. 

“Oh!” Comprehension finally dawned on Rose. The Christmas Ball. It was exactly two weeks away, as of today, since it was the 10th of December- and the last Hogsmade trip before the ball. 

“Yes! So get up and ready sleepyhead! You’ve already missed breakfast, so straight to Hogsmade with us!” Merlin, Kirsty was far too cheery first thing in the mid-morning! Damn those morning people who get up early even on weekends!


Rose was standing in a changing room in Hogsmeade, surrounded by what felt like a hundred million dresses! They were beautiful. Really they were, but Rose -despite her love of fashion- hated shopping! It was a necessary evil if you wanted to look good, but that didn’t stop Rose from resenting the shop filled with giggling girls and snooty shop assistants. It really was unbearable! 

Still, there was nothing she could do about it- Rose wanted to look beautiful for Scorpius and therefore, she had to shop! 

“Rose, have you got one of those dresses on yet?” Kirsty asked from the other side of the door. 

“Just a sec.” Rose said as she pulled on the dress that was nearest to her. It was a pale blue halter neck dress, it was low cut and floor length- and looking in the mirror, Rose knew it wasn’t for her. Far too revealing, and unsupportive of the chest that she had, and not at all flattering. 

“Rosie! Hurry up!” Kirsty whined from outside. 

“No, Kirst this dress is awful! It doesn’t suit me, I’ll change into another one.” 

“No way! I want to see it! Come on Rose, it can’t be that bad!” 

“That’s what you think.” Rose grumbled, opening the door. 

Kirsty burst out laughing; the look on Rose’s face was hilarious. 

“Wow Kirsty, way to let me know how bad I look.” Rose fumed. 

“Sorry!” Kirsty gasped. “Sorry, no you really do look great. It’s just I was imagining what the guys would say if the saw you in that! They’d never let you leave the common room!” 

Kirsty was right and Rose knew it. 

“Swiftly changing dresses!” Rose said, throwing herself back into the changing stall. 

It took seven more failed dresses to find the perfect one. And believe me, the dress that she found was perfect. It was a strapless floor length number. Classy and elegant, it had a twist across the bust and was a beautiful teal colour. A colour which went perfectly with Rose’s long auburn hair. 

“Kirsty, I think we’ve found the dress!” Rose squealed excitedly opening the stall door. 

“Oh my God! It’s perfect!” She squealed excitedly. “Wait ‘til Scorpius sees you in that- you’ll knock ‘em dead!” 

Looking in the full length mirror admiring the dress, Rose couldn’t help but agree. 


Walking back up to the castle a few hours later, both Rose and Kirsty were exceedingly happy with themselves. They had both found new dresses, (Kirsty’s a spaghetti strap emerald green dress with an empire line.) and great new shoes, bags, and any other accessories they needed! 

Giggling about what was going to happen at the ball, and after the girls were basically just having a girly gossip on their way back to Hogwarts. 

Rose felt an arm slip round her waist and pull her towards them. 

“Hey there beautiful.” Scorpius Malfoy whispered, pulling his girlfriend into a kiss. 

“Hello to you too!” Rose purred, kissing him back enthusiastically. 

“What no hello kisses for me?” Kirsty asked in a mock affronted tone. 

“Sorry Kirsty, ’fraid I’m taken. And I wouldn’t want to mess with your boyfriend either. Not after last time I was in his bad books!” Scorpius laughed. 

“Good call, it’s more than possible he’d kick your ass… Anyways, I shall leave you two love birds to it, and find that boyfriend you were telling me I have. See ya!” Kirsty said. She has about as much subtly as a flying brick, but nevertheless, she was leaving Rose alone with her boyfriend. 

Rose mouthed thanks to her as she retreated; Kirsty just winked. Rose had to love that girl. 

“Well, she left very subtly.” Scorpius chuckled, voicing the thoughts that Rose just had. 

“True,” Rose said. “But I guess she just didn’t want to be around when we started doing this…” Rose pulled Scorpius to a halt, reaching up on her tiptoes to kiss him. First lightly, but then deepening it, drawing him closer to her. He let out a low moan of pleasure, his hands starting to wander. 

Rose’s heart started racing as she reached up her hands, twisting them in his hair. She pushed herself closer to Scorpius; their bodies became entwined. Rose felt as though they had become one being. They had merged together, and it was perfect. They were perfect. This was everything she had ever wanted a relationship to be. 

They drew apart for breath. Both panting, their foreheads leaning against each other. 

Rose glanced around, there were a couple of second years, staring at her and Scorpius open-mouthed. When they saw that Rose had caught them staring they immediately started whispering to one another. 

Scorpius leaned in to start kissing again, but Rose pulled away. He looked confused. 

“As much as I am loving this, and believe me I am loving this,” She winked. “I don’t think this is the place to be getting into hard core make out sessions. That could have been one of my cousins rather than a couple of second years that caught us there.” 

Scorpius looked slightly dejected. He had been having a good time just there. 

“How about we take this somewhere more secluded. The girls are all in Hogsmeade, which means I’m pretty sure I have a free dorm.” Rose said seductively. 

The dejected look that had been on Scorpius’ face disappeared. Instead he began to look more than a little aroused. 

“Why didn’t you mention that sooner!?” He whispered into Roses ear as he knocked her off of her feet, pulling her up into his arms. 

“Scorpius!” Rose squealed. “What are you doing?” 

Scorpius winked at her as he took off running with her in his arms. 

“Getting us back to your dorm faster!” He said into her ear. 

“Well in that case,” Rose said laughing. “Run, Forest run!” 


Getting back to the castle was quick and easy. Rose led Scorpius up to her dorm, taking care to hold his hand- that way the spiral staircase wouldn’t turn into a slide and they would both be able to make it up. 

Upon entering the room, Rose kissed Scorpius passionately. They were so completely caught up in the moment, they didn’t lock the door. Rose pulled at Scorpius’ top, and he tugged it off over his head. 

She took a moment to admire his amazing physique,; it was stunning. He had a set of washboard abs that any guy would kill for, and Rose couldn’t help but notice the snail trail of light blonde hair that led downwards disappearing into his trousers. She wanted him. 

Her hands ran all over his body, learning everything there was to know about him, kissing him, letting her tongue explore his mouth. 

He tugged at her top, as though asking permission to remove it. Rose raised her arms in the air, and he tugged it over her head, then took a moment to admire her. 

Scorpius thought that he was the luckiest guy in the world at that moment. He looked at his girlfriends perfect form, her flat stomach, he perfect D cup breasts, for a skinny girl, Rose Weasley had a great rack! Especially in her boyfriends opinion! She had on a lacy bra, it was pale blue and looked beautiful in comparison to her snow white skin. Scorpius moaned at the sight of her, pushing her backwards onto the bed. 

The started kissing more intensely, both of them wondering where this was going. Rose decided to make the first move. Her hands wandered to the button on his jeans and started to undo it, looking into Scorpius eyes, seeking permission. Scorpius looked as though all his Christmases had come at once. 

He kissed Rose again, moaning as Rose continued to unbutton his jeans. They were getting so close. 

They were going to do it. They were going to have sex. And neither Rose nor Scorpius could think of anyone else they would rather have their first time with. 

“I love you, Rose Weasley.” Scorpius moaned with longing. 

“I love you too, Scorpius Malfoy.” Rose said grinning. 

Scorpius began to unzip Roses skirt when the two of them were rudely interrupted. 


Oh shit.

Authors note- Hehehehe! I know i'm evil! Well people it started and ended in the bedroom in this chapter!! Hehe, so I was more than a little stuck on how to continue with the story (that’s what I get for blindly starting out on a whim.) so for this chapter, I just wrote and waited to see what came out! I’m not sure if it went too fast or anything so let me know what you think!

Thank you to my amazing beta Ronsgirl29 who took the trouble to beta this despite her uber busy social life just now! I love you for it!

I am not Jo so I don’t own any of the Harry Potter stuff, nor do I own the phrase “run Forest run.” Which is from the movie Forest Gump, so yeah not mine! 

Also I know that second years werent meant to go to hogmeade but i thought that thirteen year olds tend to be more interested in looking cool that gawping at other people snogging!

So please let me know who you think it is that has walked in on Rose and Scorpius, and just generally what you’re thinking reviews inspire me! Thanks for reading!! - Kirsty xxx

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