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The Real Thing by pirette08
Chapter 6 : Hanging By A Moment
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A/N: not as much reviews for my last chapter. I hope i didnt scare any of you non H/HR shippers away. I really thought you'd have assumed it was through the banner and the summary...anyway, here is the next chapter. beautiful song by Lifehouse, not me. Also, I apologize if any of my american slang slips in  here and there, believe me i try as hard as i can to sound authentic but there are some words i dont know so if you find any, feel free to point out and subsitution words I can use =)

Chapter 6

Hanging By A Moment


Desperate for changes, starving for truth

I’m closer to where I started

Chasing after you

I’m falling even more in love with you


“Hanging By A Moment”- Lifehouse

           Hermione blew her fringe out of the way, as she finished combing her frizzy hair. She had just concocted an anti-frizz potion that would hopefully and finally tame her curls. She gathered the lavender liquid in her cupped hands and smoothed it into her hair. According to her calculations, she would have shiny frizz-free hair in five minutes. Which was perfect because that was the time Harry was set to arrive from Auror training.


             It was mid-November and both Harry and Hermione had passed their N.E.W.T.s with flying colours. Harry had been accepted into the Auror training academy and Hermione had been accepted into the ministry’s Magical law program. It was because Harry and Hermione were forced to spend their nights alone, that they had developed the routine of watching movies late at night when there was nothing else to do. Ron spent long hours at his brother’s shop and usually got home pretty late and Ginny was still at Hogwarts. Being alone together for long periods of time had proved to be a positive thing for Harry and Hermione. They were finally back to the place where they had been in their fifth year. They could read each other’s minds, Harry could ask Hermione for advice on anything, and Hermione pestered Harry on reading his Auror texts, without worrying that she was annoying him. Everything was indeed back to normal.


        With a final glance at the pomade of potion on her hair through the mirror, she walked into her shower to rinse it off. She emerged out of the shower, dried off, and slipped into her comfortable, lounge trousers and plain t-shirt. She retrieved her wand from the sink, pointed it to her hair, and dried it rapidly. She smiled at the result. Her hair was sleek and frizz-free. She wasn’t ever one to harp on about her looks, but lately and inexplicably, she felt the need to touch up. Particularly on movie nights with Harry.


          Harry had failed to notice, but Hermione still liked fixing her hair every now and then. She liked doing girl stuff every now and then. She walked out of the room and slumped down onto the forest green couch. She reached for the remote and scanned through the channels. There was nothing good on. As she scrolled the channels one more time, she heard a pop, signaling Harry’s arrival.


“Hey” said Harry brightly as he hung his cloak on the hanger by the door. “You got home early”


“Yeah” said Hermione sitting up. “There hasn’t really been a hard case lately so they don’t really need any interns milling about.”


“Anything good on tonight?” Harry asked sitting beside her.

“Not anything I would like,” said Hermione. “but maybe you can find something.”

Hermione handed the remote to Harry.


“So how was training?” Hermione asked curiously.


“Exhausting.” replied Harry, his eyes glued to the television screen. “We had to run for hours, dodging spells.”


“Sounds exhilarating.” said Hermione.


“What about this movie?” Harry asked.


Hermione read the title: Closer.


“Yeah sure.” said Hermione simply.


        Harry rested the remote and leaned back. As the names of the actor’s in the movie appeared on the screen, he glanced at Hermione and only just noticed something different with her hair.


“Did you do something to your hair?” he asked.


“Yeah, I mixed in some hair potions to tame the frizz.” said Hermione twirling her hair in her finger mindlessly.


“It looks nice.” said Harry genuinely.


Hermione felt herself blush yet again to one of Harry’s compliment.


“Thank you.” said Hermione.


“I bet Ron would agree.” said Harry thickly. “Has he seen it yet?”


“Ron never notices these things.” said Hermione indifferently. “Especially now with him working with George, he’s hardly ever here to notice anything.”


“You miss having him around more often don’t you?” Harry asked.


Hermione shrugged.


“I honestly don’t know.” Hermione said earnestly. “The more time he’s away, the less we fight. Which is always an improvement.”


“You’ve got to nip this in the bud Hermione. You guys are perfect together” said Harry difficultly.


“You honestly think so?” Hermione asked flabbergasted.


“Yeah.” Harry nodded.


“All right, obviously you have a warped idea of what a ‘perfect couple’ is.” said Hermione laughing.


“Well maybe so, but Ron obviously cares for you a great deal.” Harry said. “You two just have to find a way to settle your differences…..”


“I don’t know,” said Hermione. “I’m starting to regret accepting to be his girlfriend.”


“Well…uh…” said Harry. “Wow”


Hermione immediately regretted what she said.


“Sorry.” Hermione apologized. “That must’ve sounded a little too intense.”


“No, not at all,” said Harry honestly. “How many times have I not told you everything that was going on with Ginny?”


“How are things with Ginny by the way?” Hermione asked in an attempt to get herself out of the hot seat.


Harry drew a heavy sigh.


“Well it’s not great, but it’s okay.” said Harry simply. “Can’t complain.”


Hermione nodded unconsciously.

“Why is Alice wearing a pink wig?” she asked, only just noticing the TV screen.


“I honestly don’t know,” said Harry. “I haven’t really been paying much attention.”


       Hermione leaned back readjusted her legs, so that they were crossed Indian style. They had missed the developing action of the movie and were having a hard time catching up with it. As time progressed, Hermione felt her eyes getting heavier. She was tired, but mostly due to the time rather than from work. Being and intern had proved to be a mindless and boring task. She wasn’t experiencing the hands on feeling she had hoped she would’ve. Hermione yawned and her head slipped further and further down.


        Harry looked at the TV screen, but wasn’t at all engrossed by the movie. His eyes stayed fixed upon the TV screen, while his mind wandered elsewhere. Thinking about how things were going with Ginny and how he felt like he was just going with the flow, he felt like he was moving slowly but had no idea where he was going. He felt as strange as ever. He had the life any one would envy, he had a very beautiful girlfriend, he was sharing a house with his best friends, he was in training to be an Auror, and his old friendship with Hermione had been successfully mended. Yet there was something he couldn’t wrap his mind around. There was something constantly nagging at him in the back of his head. Without thinking, he ran his hands through Hermione’s hair, who had fallen asleep without him realizing. Seeing that she was craning her neck in an uncomfortable position, he laid her down gently across his lap.


        The movie was nearing its end but Harry felt too weary to hold out sleeping any longer. The movie had lost its appeal when too much stuff was going on and Harry was left in confusion. He felt his eyes close until he eventually drifted off to sleep.

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