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Draco Meets His Match by xxstaindrosesxx
Chapter 8 : One Goyle Down, Two to Go
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A/N: Again, minor details added, but a couple of spots I added some details that I thought were necessary regarding Narcissa and then Bellatrix. I felt they were a little out of character without these bits of description, so there you have it!

The sky filled with pink and orange as the sun began to rise. It was dawn and dull light started to come through the windows of the Malfoy Manor. A loud popping sound filled the air as Draco and Gabriella arrived at the manor. “We have to go back!” Gabriella shouted as she cried because her brother stayed behind.

Draco put both of his hands on her shoulders. “We can’t. Goyle can handle himself and he wanted to keep you safe.” He explained, trying to comfort her.

Gabriella wanted to argue with him as both of them stood there in their pajamas from their rapid departure. However, she couldn’t argue because Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange burst into the room with their wands raised. Narcissa’s expression softened when she noticed her son. She lowered her wand and walked over to him, embracing him in a hug.

Lucius looked shocked to see his son earlier than the time of the meeting. However, he also lowered his wand and approached his son and wife as if they didn’t notice Gabriella. On the other hand, Bellatrix seemed reluctant as she kept her wand raised, ready to duel. “What are you doing here so early? The meeting isn’t for another few hours.” She stated in her usual evil witch-sounding voice.

Narcissa pulled away from her son to look at him questioningly. Lucius gave him the same look as they waited for an answer. “We had to escape.” Draco replied.

“Escape?” questioned Bellatrix. “How do we know that you aren’t just Potter and one of his friends in disguise?”

“Well for starters, I don’t think Potter and his friends would show up here in their pajamas.” He explained.

The three adults looked at the two of them with wide eyes. “And why are the two of you in your pajamas?” Narcissa asked, looking back and forth from her son to Gabriella.

Draco sighed as he knew what his mother was implying by her looks. “We were sleeping when we had to escape. Just let us get changed and I will explain everything.” He answered.

Narcissa gave Gabriella a sweet look this time. “Well, I’ll show you to a room so you can change,” she offered before turning to her son. “Draco, you can change in your room and then explain to us what happened.”

Draco nodded and everyone started going his or her separate ways when another popping sound echoed in the manor. Bellatrix raised her wand again as she was already prepared. However, there was no need to duel as Gregory Goyle made the popping sound. He stumbled into a chair as if he was going to fall over. He sported a black eye and a couple of cuts on his face.

Gabriella ran over to him and gave him a hug. “Ow!” Goyle shouted, obviously receiving pain from the hug.

“Sorry!” exclaimed Gabriella. “What happened?”

The adults looked at them all confused. “You put us all at risk by apparating here from whoever you’re trying to escape from!” Bellatrix shouted.

“Not when the person is a Death Eater like us.” Draco explained.

The adults looked at him wide-eyed. “You have a lot of explaining to do son, and we want answers now.” Lucius demanded as he became impatient.

Draco sighed. “I promise to explain everything once we’ve gotten out of our pajamas. Plus, Goyle looks like he needs attention.” He said, trying to avoid conflict.

“Fine. You have five minutes to change and you will explain everything to me, as well as your mother and Bellatrix in the library. Gabriella can take care of her brother, and once you are done explaining, we will talk to Goyle. Am I understood?” Lucius questioned, giving orders as if he still ran the household even though it was under Voldemort’s control.

Draco nodded. “Yes father.” He replied, before running off to his room. He quickly opened the door, walked inside, and closed the door. The room had remained the same since the last time he had come home, regardless of the Manor being the meeting place for Death Eaters. The room wasn’t as fancy as those at the Goyle Manor, but it did him justice. The linens on the bed were done in green to represent his Hogwarts house of Slytherin. There were even a few Slytherin banners hanging on the wall from previous Quidditch games. For the better part of it, he enjoyed his room, and he missed the days when he could stay at home and people were not looking over his shoulder.

Draco rummaged through his dresser as he found a pair of black pants and a black t-shirt to wear. He wasn’t too worried about looking good since he only had five minutes. He quickly put on the newfound clothes before running off to the library to meet the grownups.

In the meantime, Narcissa had showed Gabriella and her brother to a room. The room had linens, which looked like it had been made for royalty. Obviously it was the guest room, but apparently, it had not been used in some time due to the amount of dust. The infestation of Death Eaters probably made it impossible for someone to visit.

Narcissa pointed to the bathroom attached to the room as Gabriella set her brother down in a lounge chair made of green leather. “There are some bandages and things in there if you need them,” she explained. “We will be in the library if you need help.”
Narcissa left the room before Gabriella looked at her brother. “You should have never stayed to fight him.” She almost scolded him, but the concern in her voice said otherwise.

“Well I wasn’t going to let my sister get put into a coma too.” Goyle replied as if he felt guilty about his mother being in a coma.

Gabriella sighed. “I know,” she replied, pulling out her wand. She pointed the wand at the cuts on her brother’s face. Goyle didn’t even flinch so he obviously trusted her as she said, “Episkey,” and each one of his cuts healed. “I can’t do much for the black eye since it’s not really a cut and the bleeding is under the skin.” She explained.

Goyle nodded. “It’s fine. It was worth it.” He said, looking at his sister.

Gabriella smiled. “Well, are you going to tell me what happened?” She asked, curiously.

Goyle shook his head. “There is no point. You’ll find out in a while when they come to ask me what happened.” He reminded her.

“Alright. I just wish I knew what Draco was telling them.” She said, with a curious mind.

Goyle smirked. “Then go change and listen in on them.” He suggested.

Gabriella smirked back, before grabbing her bag of clothes she had managed to pack, and entering the bathroom. She quickly changed into a pair of blue jeans and green t-shirt with a sparkly four-leaf clover on it. She came out of the bathroom and threw her bag on the floor in the room. She looked at her brother one last time before heading to the door.

“Don’t get caught.” Her brother warned.

Gabriella turned around and smirked at him before leaving the room. The location of the library became clear when she witnessed Draco entering a room. She had remained still when she noticed him, but he never even noticed her. She quietly tiptoed over to the doorway of the library and peaked inside, as the door had not been shut all the way.

Gabriella watched and listened as Draco sat down in a chair in front of a desk where his father was seated. Bellatrix and Narcissa were standing on either side of the desk, looking at Draco for answers. The only difference between the two women was Narcissa placed her hand on Lucius’ shoulder like a loyal wife, while Bellatrix kept her distance, a maniacal expression haunting her face. “You have explaining to do,” stated Lucius, irritated. “You claimed you were escaping from a Death Eater. That’s a big accusation to place on one of our own.”

Draco looked his father straight in the eyes. “Well, let me ask you this. Did you know Mr. Goyle abuses his family?” He asked, wondering if his father was cruel enough to hide such knowledge.

“What?” Lucius asked, as his eyes went slightly wide.

“He abuses his family. He beats his own wife, which is why she is in St. Mungo’s in a coma right now. He’s even hurt Gabby before.” Draco explained, with a slight sound of disgust in his voice towards Mr. Goyle.

“Those are pretty strong allegations without any type of proof.” Lucius stated, as if he could not accept the truth behind it.

“I’ve seen the letters from St. Mungo’s with my own two eyes. I’ve seen the scar on Gabby’s shoulder because her own father threw her onto a glass table and Goyle arriving all beat up is his father’s doing as well.” Draco explained, making his father believe.

Narcissa looked as if she could cry while Bellatrix didn’t seem phased at all. “So you were escaping from Mr. Goyle then? Why though?” Lucius asked, wanting answers.

Draco sighed, as he knew this explanation would not sound good. “We were sleeping in the same bed,” he mentioned. Narcissa’s eyes shot to her son and Draco looked at her as he noticed. “But nothing happened,” he explained. “She came in complaining about her Dark Mark burning and itching.”

The three adults looked at him with wide eyes. “Her Dark Mark?” Bellatrix questioned with a mixture of hurt and anger flooding her features. The woman followed Voldemort with no questions, and to not know of such information felt like a betrayal.

Draco nodded. “Yes. I’ve seen it. Snape told me to keep an eye on her because the Dark Lord wanted me too. Supposedly he has special plans for her.”

The adults seemed shocked, but Gabriella felt the most shocked of all. She never knew Draco had been told to watch her, but now she knew the truth, and it made her question a lot of things. Then again, she never knew the Dark Lord had special plans for her either.

“Fine. She’s one of us. Why were you at the Goyle Manor though?” Narcissa asked as if she didn’t care Gabriella could claim the title of Death Eater.

“Snape set it up. He explained it would be easier to just go to the Goyle Manor with them instead of a bunch of students leaving at different times and causing a big scene,” Draco explained.

Lucius nodded. “Very well. Now that some things are cleared up, we will talk to Goyle.” He stated, before standing up.

At this point, Gabriella ran back to the room she came from. Goyle was still sitting in the chair. It looked as if he had never moved. “They’re coming.” Gabriella mentioned, before sitting down on the bed to look as if she never left the room.

Within a couple of minutes, Draco, Lucius, Bellatrix, and Narcissa entered the room. “We would like to know what happened, Goyle.” Lucius inquired.

Goyle shrugged. “Not much really. After Draco and Gabby left, my father woke up, punched me, and got his wand back. He flew a few spells at me, but I managed to apparate here.” He explained truthfully without the details.

Lucius wanted to ask for more details, but their Dark Mark’s started tingling. They all slightly glanced at their Dark Marks before looking back up at each other. This meant the meeting would be in a few minutes. “Let’s head to the living room.” Lucius said, mentioning the meeting place.

They all walked to the living room as various Death Eaters started to appear for the meeting. The familiar ones like MacNair, both the Crabbes, and even Mr. Goyle deemed to show his face. Mr. Goyle stood there and glanced at everyone for a moment. His face seemed to be unscathed even after he attacked his own family. Gabriella and Goyle remained calm because they knew their father would never try anything with all these other people around.

Within a few minutes, Voldemort apparated into the room. Everyone bowed his or her heads at the sight of him. He was wearing a dark cloak and he removed the hood to reveal his white skin and bald head. He looked like a monster and his actions throughout the years gave the title justice. “Ah, yes. I’m glad to see my friends have gathered at my request. I have summoned you all here for one purpose. To see the death of a fellow colleague.” He explained, pulling out his wand.

Everyone in the room looked at each other, wondering who would be biting the dust. Voldemort looked at his fellow Death Eaters before turning to Gabriella. “Please step forward Gabriella.” He requested, holding out his arm for her to come forward.

Gabriella slowly stepped towards him. Her heart raced, but so did Draco’s as he watched with wide eyes. He feared for the worst and he could do nothing. He could not shout out because his leash was already tight with the Dark Lord for not killing Dumbledore.

Voldemort placed his hand on Gabriella’s back, and then they faced her father. Voldemort glanced at Gabriella reassuringly before looking at Mr. Goyle. “You have been a very bad man Goyle. You beat your wife and put her into a coma. You even hurt your own children.” He mentioned for all to hear.

Mr. Goyle’s eyes went wide with shock as Voldemort knew his true nature. Voldemort sneered slightly. “Ah, yes. I know your secrets Goyle, and now you will die by one of your own children.” He explained, making it sound more like a fact.

Voldemort looked at Gabriella. “Kill him. Punish him for putting your mother in a coma and for hurting you and your brother.” He demanded.

Gabriella looked confused. She raised her wand and pointed it at her father, her eyes showing how much she feared this situation. She hated her father for everything he ever put them through, but he still helped create her. Plus, she would be taking away a life, and she never thought about being ready to take away one’s life.

“Don’t do it!” shouted Draco. “If you do it, you’ll turn out just like your father!”

Voldemort turned around and pointed his wand at Draco. “Crucio!” He shouted, letting the feeling of knives run through Draco’s body.

Draco fell to the floor and withered slightly. He didn’t cry out in pain, but Gabriella glanced at him for a moment, closing her eyes at the sight. She turned back around and pointed her wand back at her father. Voldemort let Draco free of the Unforgivable Curse and faced Mr. Goyle.

Mr. Goyle stood there in fear for what seemed like the first time in his life. He looked at his daughter with pleading eyes. “I’m sorry father.” Gabby apologized with a blank look on her face.


The flash of green hit Mr. Goyle in the chest and he fell to the ground. His body laid still as his corpse now laid there lifeless. Everyone turned around to see which wand the spell had come from. Gabriella never said those two words, but instead, they came from her brother. Everyone looked at him, but Gabriella looked at him in shock. She noticed anger and hate on his face, as his wand remained raised.

Voldemort smirked. “Well, it’s not what I expected, but it will do,” he said, still pleased with the outcome. “Now, everyone leave the room except for Gabriella. I must give her a special mission and I want that body taken care of right away.” He demanded.

The Death Eaters started to leave the room one by one. Narcissa helped her son off of the floor while Lucius, Bellatrix, and Goyle left the living room to go elsewhere inside the huge manor. MacNair and the Crabbes took Mr. Goyle’s corpse as their responsibility by apparating themselves away with the body. Once the room emptied out and Voldemort and Gabriella only remained, Voldemort faced her. “I have a mission for you.” He stated.

After a couple of minutes, Gabriella knew her mission and Voldemort left the manor. She went back to the room from earlier, where Draco and Goyle had been waiting for her. She avoided eye contact with the both of them and sat down on the bed where Goyle already sat. Draco sat in a leather lounge chair not too far away from the bed. Gabriella looked at the floor while she spoke. “Why did you do that?” She asked, referring the question to her brother.

“I couldn’t let you go through that.” He explained.

Gabriella looked up at her brother now. “It shouldn’t be your burden either.” She said, feeling like she could cry.

“It was my choice. Better me then you,” he stated, before standing up. “Now, I better go. Draco’s mum is going to set me up in a room.”

Gabriella nodded and looked at the floor again. Goyle left the room and Draco stood up and walked over to the bed, sitting down next to her. “You know he did it because he loves you.” Draco said, stating the obvious.

Gabriella looked up at Draco with a couple of tears running down her cheek. “I know, but don’t you see? In a way, I’ve lost him too, and now I have no one.” She explained, a few more tears falling from her eyes.

Draco moved his hand to her back and gently rubbed it, trying to comfort her. “You have me.” He said, giving her a weak smile.

Gabriella sighed. “The only reason I have you is because you were forced to like me by following me around under Voldemort’s orders.” She explained, telling her feelings on the situation and revealing she knew Draco’s task.

Draco seemed taken aback and he removed his hand from her back. “So you listened in on the conversation earlier?” He asked, looking down at the ground and then sighing.

Gabriella nodded. “Yes.” Apparently the Goyle children were experts and eavesdropping on peoples’ conversations, which Draco paid witness to back at Goyle Manor when listening in on Gabriella and Mr. Goyle’s conversation the day before.

Draco looked her in the eyes and brushed aside some of the hair in her face with his hand. Then, he took Gabriella’s hand in his own. “Listen. I was told to keep an eye on you, but I never expected to actually end up liking you, and I do. I’m sure you know I wouldn’t be sitting here in this room with you if I didn’t.” He explained, revealing his true feelings.

Gabriella looked at him with a weak smile on her face. “Alright.”

The rest of the day at the Malfoy Manor seemed quiet. Everyone ate dinner in silence and no one talked about the events of earlier, mainly the death of Mr. Goyle. Gabriella seemed distant from her brother because she felt like she had lost him for giving into evil, regardless of the situation. At bedtime, they all slept in separate rooms, thinking and dreaming of different things, but in the morning, Draco, Gabriella, and Goyle would be returning to Hogwarts once more.

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