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Tea Leaves by Drecklin
Chapter 1 : Innocent Library Adventures
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I can’t comprehend all these places that people go to snog. I hear about it all the bloody time and yet I can never seem to find these places. The fact that I don’t have anyone to snog is a bit of a problem, but I won’t acknowledge that.

I just want to know where all these secret places are.

I’m a bit of this explorer, see? Everyone I know knows it and it’s quite annoying when they wont tell me about these places. I just want to look. I would never tell on anyone who I caught snogging. Even though it is technically my duty as a prefect.

There’s a reason I’m never told anything and it sits on my chest like the prison beacon light you want to avoid.

The breakfast that was in front of me suddenly looked a lot less appetizing. The toast wasn’t buttered enough and Merlin forbid the jam be spread evenly. It was a nightmare. I picked myself up from the table and shrugged my shoulders at my friends. They were too engrossed in their food to even notice. Which was perfectly fine with me- the sixteen year old fifth year who needed to study for the transfiguration O.W.L two weeks away.

My throat closed up just at the thought of it.

Transfiguration was my worst class, with bad marks following me around like the figurative storm clouds during a bad day. Everyday was a bad day in transfiguration. Sadly, I need it though. Desperately need it. If I ever want to be an animagus or an auror I need to have top marks in the class.

I’m hoping the department head of aurors takes my determination into consideration when they stumble upon my transfiguration marks. My mum always tells me it’s the thought that counts. She only tells me this when Hugo gives me a crummy Christmas present, but I guess I should apply it to every point in my life.

I slipped through the Great Hall door, hyper-aware of the blonde body leaving the Slytherin table at the same time.

Never tell my father, but I might have this small thing called a crush on said blonde. Who happens to have the surname Malfoy, which automatically makes him the equivalent of a flesh eating moth in the eyes of my father.

He has grudge issues.

But Scorpius was most likely just using the loo, if that. He could just be doing a lot of other things, and not following me out of the Great Hall.

I stomped up the stairs with my natural grace and tried not to focus on the boy behind me. Being a teenager is the hardest job around, married people just don’t understand. They already have someone to be with forever. I, as a teenager, don’t know who I’m going to be with in the next hour. I want to be married already. Though I have this feeling dad might not be up to the idea as much as I am.

One more year and I can claim independence and do whatever the hell I want. I just need to figure out exactly what that is first.

The first floor went by with ease, the crying sound of a first year coming at my quickly, just urging me on up the stairs. I knew it was my duty to help those in need, but dammit, the first years are so annoying. All they do is cry. I always wonder why we can’t get another Uncle Harry who saves the world from Voldemort twice by the time he was eleven.

I bet no one would find him crying over some spilled ink.

I just need to find another Voldemort first, though I doubt anyone would appreciate my efforts.

The second floor passed by quickly and I still heard the light footsteps of the boy behind me. It was unfair how light on his feet he could be. He probably thought I couldn’t hear him, which I only wish was true. If I couldn’t hear him my hands might not be so sweaty.

Again, I hate being a teenager.

Entirely too focused on my sweaty palms, I failed to notice the fact that the stairs were about to change. The quick jolt made me stagger on my feet and sway before my hand clamped tightly onto the railing.

“Sodding stairs,” I mumbled, holding onto the railing while the stairs moved about.

“Language, Miss Weasley,” he smirked that horribly attractive smirk and made me want to smack it off him.

His own prefect badge flashed at me almost as much as his eyes did. It was like staring into pool of silver. So horribly attractive.

“Oh don’t give me that bollucks, Scorpius!” I said despite how much I just wanted to snog his face off, just to see what it would be like. It didn’t even matter that I had no secret place to snog him.

“Relax, Rose, I wont go around reporting you. It’s not like I don’t say a few misleading words every once in a while either,” he smiled slightly at me and I wanted to melt. Scorpius had this way of making people like him. It was just natural for one to feel comfortable around the tall, sleek blonde who looked like he didn’t have a care in the world. I envied that quality in him more than anything. When people hung out around me, they generally felt antsy and wanted to get away.

“Right,” I said a bit awkwardly, jumping onto the landing the moment I got the chance, waving a quick goodbye and rounding the corner into the corridor. “Thank Merlin that’s over,” I muttered, glad I hadn’t mentioned something about Hippogriff’s rear ends like had in our previous conversation.

I glanced around the corridor and my happy grin faded into something of a frown. I was looking for the library, and where the door should be was instead a portrait of a pudgy man by the name of Warren Gringott V.

“They didn’t perchance move the library entrance did they?” It wasn’t all entirely not possible. Things moved around all the sodding time in this place.

When Warren Gringott V finally got his droopy walrus mustache out of his face, he explained to me that no, they hadn’t moved it. And that he had been residing in this corridor since his- blahdy blah blah blah.

I nodded a thanks and dashed back to the stairs before I was ensnared in a lecture about the importance of portrait positioning.

I turned back around the corner and spotted the blonde immediately, he was up one flight of stairs, looking like he was actually waiting for me. If I hadn’t been so caught off guard, I might have had butterflies in my stomach.

“I thought I saw a third year with a dung bomb. The week after Hogsmeade visits are the worst,” I said quickly as I practically skipped up the steps to the fourth floor landing. I stopped a few paces ahead of him and looked back. “Don’t you have some place to be, Scorpius?”

“I’m studying for the Transfiguration exam as well,” he said simply. I looked at him with a bit of surprise questioning how he knew that with a look. “You don’t have the best marks in that class, and it’s the first exam. I figured we could study together since you take the best notes in the class,” he nodded towards the thick packet of notes I had stuffed under my arm.

I should have been a bit embarrassed by his surprisingly accurate account of me and Transfiguration but I was too flustered to say anything. The fact that he wanted to study with me was good enough. I had always known that he liked me.

“Alright. But I get very serious when studying,” I warned before pushing open the library door with my hip and walking past the prick of a librarian with a scowl. That man had held a grudge against me ever since I forgot to turn in one book. It was only a few months, and it wasn’t very interesting to begin with.

“Oh I don’t think you‘ll really have to worry about that,” Scorpius confided and my stomach flipped over in a way I was sure I would need to go to the hospital wing in order for it to be fixed. I don’t know what he meant by that, but I knew what I wanted him to mean by that. Instead, I simply pretended I didn’t hear. He most likely just meant that he was a serious study-hard as well.

“Alright,” I said plucking a book off one of the many shelves and slapping it onto the table closest to us. I sat down and looked up at the blonde-haired male equivalent of a Siren, I probably looked like a lost puppy with my brown eyes. Perhaps this could work to my advantage.

He took a seat across from me and flipped open the book to a random page, twiddling his thumbs in a very un-Scorpius-like manner. I started reading the page- something about transforming a peacock into a plethora of quills- before looking back at him.

“Do you have an unnatural fear of peacocks or something?” I motioned towards the page with my thumb and raised my eyebrows in his direction.

“Rose, I’ve er- I’ve heard some things and I kind of, sort of-” was he ever going to spit it out? “want to know if they’re true?”

He ended that as if I had any idea what he was talking about. But I had to admit that it was fun staring at him cracking under the pressure of something.

“What things?” I asked when he clearly wasn’t going to continue without some prodding. I liked being in control. It’s kind of fun.

“Well, Albus mentioned that you might, y’know- like me?” He cast his eyes down at the book, so that to anyone who looked by would assume he was the studious one.

I was dumbfounded, and ready to spill all sorts of little secrets about my dearest cousin Albus to his best friend.

I could have answered truthfully, which probably would have saved me a world of trouble. I could have told him that I liked him and that I would snog his head off if I got the chance.

Instead I lied.

Through my bloody teeth.

“Scorpius, you are just my friend.”

And that ruined every, sodding thing.

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