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Déjà Vu by dream_BIG
Chapter 5 : Awkward Silences, Broom Closets and…Doodie
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hello, my dearies! (haha, wow, i feel incredibly old saying that. anyway)
so, how's THAT for a quick update, huh? i know, i know. i'm incredible.
so, this chapter is probably my favorite :) tell me how what you think in a review! you know i adore them ;)

chapter image by me :)

Well, this is a first.

The silence in this room is actually awkward.

I don’t think we’ve ever had an awkward silence before.

No, we definitely haven’t.

The history of our Best Friendship has had some sad silences, some angry silences, and some peaceful silences, but never an awkward one.

I hope this ends soon. It’s very…well, awkward.

Dom cleared her throat to speak. “So…um…what’s up?”

Wow. What an ice breaker. Great job, Dommie.

“I’m dating Jared Berlant.” Alex said.

I think I just choked on my own spit. “What?!” I got out in between coughs. Ella reached over and pounded my back, still talking to Alex.

“You’re dating Jared Berlant?” Ella asked in disbelief.


“Jared Berlant, the Slytherin.” She elaborated.


“The manwhore.” She continued.

“I’d appreciate if you didn’t call my boyfriend a manwhore, Ella.”

“Well, he is!” Ella said heatedly. “He only dates girls to get in their pants! Alex, he’s not right for you!”

“Don’t worry.” She rolled her eyes. “I can take care of myself. He seemed really sweet to me.”

“Yeah, well, that’s what he wants you to think.” I said, my windpipe finally cleared.

“I like him.” Alex shrugged half-heartedly.

“Alex…” Dom spoke up, looking worried. “I don’t think he’s –”

“I can take care of myself, for heaven’s sake!” Alex said exasperatedly. “And he’s nice to me, so maybe you could act like real best friends and at least pretend to be happy for me.”

“Good for you, Alex.” I said in a monotone.

“Yeah, we’re real pleased. Yay.” Ella continued stonily.

“You know what?!” Alex stood up, looking angry. “I knew you would do this! You guys all suck!”

She stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind her. Dom’s eyes filled with tears.

“Do something.” She turned to me.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked, still gazing at the closed door.

“Something. Anything. Please, Missy, I can’t lose Alex!” She started crying.

“Okay, I’m going.” The things I do for that girl, honestly.

“Alex?” I knocked softly on the door. “Alex, we’re sorry. We didn’t realize how important this is to you, and you’re right, we were being right bitches. Come out, please?”

The door opened, and Alex’s face appeared. To my immense surprise, she was giggling.

“Um.” I started, looking at her. Is she feeling okay? Like, in the brain area? She burst out laughing, and managed to trip her way back to the bed. We all stared blankly at her.

Okay. She’s officially gone over the brink of insanity. Sad, really. She was the only one that I had my hopes on to turn out at least partially sane.

Now we are all freaks. Yay for us.

We should form a club! The Freak Club. And we’ll have tons of members! Everyone can join! We’ll be the coolest club ever.

I need to talk to the girls about this one day. This idea is too epic to let go.

“Oh, guys!” She laughed. “This is too funny!”

“Um.” Ella said.

“I’m not dating Jared Berlant!” She giggled. “Don’t worry, I’m not that stupid.”

Good to know.

She swallowed her giggles, since we were all still staring at her in blank confusion.

“I’m dating Matt Connery.” She said.

“Seriously?” My eyebrows shot up and a delighted smile spread across my face.

“Yes, seriously.” She smiled happily.

“Oh, my god! That’s grrrrrrrrrrrreat!” Ella hugged her, tight. What are you, Ella, Tony the Tiger? Nice.

“Awesome!” Dom hugged her as well. “That’s terrific, he’s so hot.”

“Yeah,” Alex sighed. “And he’s unbelievably sweet. I’m going to Hogsmeade with him next week for our first date.”

“I’m so helping you get ready!” Ella squealed, hugging her again.

There was another short silence.

“I think I like Jason.” Ella suddenly said.

Silence as we let that sink in…


“OH, MY GOD!” Alex shot up, looking delighted.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!” I jumped up and did a mini victory dance.

“I KNEW IT!” Dom yelled, pointing at her in triumph. Ella ducked her head and blushed.

“He’s really sweet, you know?” She said, smiling. “And he’s funny, smart—”

“—not to mention hot—” I cut in, grinning.

“Yes, hot, sweet, kind…he’s sort of everything I look for in a guy.” She smiled some more.

“Yeah.” Dom said.

And…another silence. I guess it’s my turn to come out with a secret.

“I don’t have a secret.” I shrugged, grinning sheepishly when they all looked expectantly at me. “It’s sort of depressing.”

“Oh, well.” Ella shrugged. “But…wait. How about you tell us…how you feel about James.”

I shrugged. “Can’t stand him.”

“Why not?” Alex asked. “James is perfect for you.”

“Shut up.” I snapped at her. She shrunk back, looking hurt. “Sorry, Alex.” I sighed. “I just…he’s not perfect for me, okay? I’m not going to fall for him! Nothing can make me!” My voice rose with each word.

“Okay, honey, calm down.” Ella patted my shoulder and I took a couple deep breaths.

“Sorry.” I muttered. “I don’t like him.”

“Okay.” Alex nodded. “It’s okay. But he likes you, just so you know.”

My teeth gritted. “Yes, I was aware of that.”

“He’s really sweet, Missy. And really nice. And smart. And funny. And drop-dead gorgeous. And—”

“Yeah, I got it.” I cut across Ella. “I’m not interested.”

“Oh, just you wait and see.” Alex smiled slyly. “It’s bound to happen one day.”

“Oh, shut up.” I scowled and rested my chin on my pillow.

Another short silence, and then—

“Guys?” Dom asked timidly. “I have something to say.”

She paused, took a deep breath, and then looked to me. I nodded encouragingly. “Go on.”

“I – I’m…I’m…I’m pregnant.” She closed her eyes and bowed her head.

Shocked silence.

I reached over and rubbed soothing circles on Dom’s back, but she remained tense as she waited for their reaction.

“Come again?” Alex finally asked dazedly.

“Pregnant.” I repeated. “She’s…pregnant.”

“No way,” Ella said. “Dom can’t be pregnant! I mean, she hasn’t even…”

“Yes she has.” I cut across. Dom looked like she wasn’t ready to open her mouth for a while. “With…with…with…um…with…” I didn’t want to say it.

“Apollo.” Dom said in a tiny voice. “I had sex with Apollo.”

“Yeah.” I cringed. “Him.”

“You—you slept with your best friend’s twin brother?” Alex asked, looking both horrified and impressed.

“Yes.” She said in that same small voice.

“I’m okay with it, really. Well, not okay, I’m more grossed out than anything, but I don’t hate her or anything.” I said quickly.

“And now you’re…pregnant?” Ella asked.


“Are you going to keep the baby?” Alex asked after a moment of stunned silence.


“Good.” Ella said briskly. “Now, to important matters…how was it?” She asked, her face alight with excitement.

Dom lifted her head. “How was what?”

“How was sex with Apollo?” Ella asked eagerly. “I mean, he is one of the hottest guys in school, sorry Missy, it’s true. How was it?!”

“AND, I’M GONE!” I announced, practically tripping over my own feet as I sprinted headlong out the door. “I’m going to get Rose and Lily, you guys better be done discussing it by the time I get back!”

The door swung shut, but not before I caught a sentence. “It was fabulous.” Dom sighed.

Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I shuddered a couple of times. NASTY.

Ugh. Why am I friends with these people, again?


“You’re WHAT?!?”

Lily and Rose’s voices echoed around the room.

“Pregnant, and I would appreciate if you would keep your voices down.” Ella glared at them.

“But – but – what…how?...who – when…” Rose spluttered.

“What? A baby. How? Well, I think you know how. Who? Apollo. When…I have no idea. When, Dom?” Alex asked her.

“Over the summer.” I muttered, since Dom was now sitting with her eyes tightly closed and her knees curled up.

“Oh, god. You do realize that the males in our family are going to kill Apollo, right?” Lily asked, looking concerned.

“I’d rather not think about it.” Dom whispered.

“Oh, sweetie.” Rose rushed over and put an arm around Dom’s shoulders. “I’m sorry we freaked out.”

“Well, I’m not. We had a right to freak out! She’s bloody pregnant!” Lily cried.

“Lils. Not helping.” I warned her.

“Right…er…sorry, Dom.” She muttered, also sitting next to her. “Just…we’ll be there for you.”

Wow. I’ve never heard such mushy words come out of Lily’s mouth. Write this date down, someone! It’s a miracle!

“Thank you, guys!” Dom threw an arm around them both and hugged them, tight.

And then…she puked.

Smooth, Dominique. Real smooth.

“Oh, EW!” Lily shot up, looking sick. “Dom!”

“Sorry, sorry!” Dom cried, wiping her mouth off. “Ugh, I’ll be right back.”

She ran into the bathroom, leaving a two very disgruntled, puke-splattered girls in her wake.

Scourgify.” I waved my wand over them, and they immediately became squeaky clean.

“Sorry!” She returned, looking miserable. “Just this stupid morning sickness! Why do they call it that anyway?! I get it all day, not just in the morning!”

Alex opened her mouth, probably to spout some facts about pregnancy and morning sickness...and then probably also throw in a couple of statistics, both muggle and wizard…and also mention some ‘did you know…?’ facts about pregnancy that we could all go on living without, even though she believes otherwise.

“Never mind.” Dom said hastily, before Alex could start lecturing. “I don’t need to know.”

Alex closed her mouth, pouting.

“So…do Apollo and James know yet?” Rose asked.

Dom visibly paled.

“No.” I said for her. “But they’re finding out tomorrow, isn’t that right, Dominique?”

She made an undistinguishable squeaking sound. We took that as a ‘yes, of course, Artemis!’

“What about Aunt Fleur and Uncle Bill?” Lily asked.

“Not yet, no.” I answered. “But they’ll also find out soon, right Dominique?”

This time she made a couple of pitiful whimpering sounds.

We took that as a ‘gee, I can hardly wait to tell them, Artemis!’

We know her so well.


“Artemis. Artemis…ARTEMIS…” Someone’s hand shook my shoulder, and I frowned. What? Can’t you tell I’m sleeping?!

“Artemis, love, wake up.” The same hand brushed some curls out of my face and gently shook my shoulder again.

“Mmmf. Go away.” I flapped my hand at the person and turned over.

No such luck. Never had such luck. Why should such luck decide to appear now?

A soft chuckle. “We have potions. Come on love, get up.”

“No.” I mumbled, grabbing the closest piece of cloth and pulled it over my head. “I don’t wanna go.”

“But you have to.”

“Ugh.” I sighed and opened my eyes to see Potter’s smiling face staring down at me. Merlin, that child is everywhere! “What?” I asked irritably.

“Potions, Artemis.” He said, amused. My eyes widened.

“Oh, shit!” I jumped up and madly straightened out my hair. “How late am I?”

He checked his watch and shrugged. “Only about ten minutes. It would have been sooner, but you wouldn’t wake up.”

“You stayed here?” I haphazardly threw my stuff into my bag. Must I always do my homework all over the table? Jeez. Me and my bad habits. I knew this was going to come back and bite me in the butt one day.



“Because I wanted to. Here.” He smiled at me again and handed me the quill I was searching desperately for.

“Thanks.” I said distractedly, chucking that in the bag as well. “Let’s go.”

“Shoes, Artemis.” He grabbed my arm as I attempted to run past and handed me my shoe.

“Oh, thanks!” I took that and slipped it on my foot, holding onto his arm for support as I stumbled around on one foot. 

“Where would you be without me?” He asked as he steadied me.

“Probably still sleeping on that couch. Come on, let’s go!” I scrambled out of the portrait hole and started running.

“This way.” He grabbed my arm and steered me through a hallway pretending to be a wall. It giggled as we went through.

“So, why were you sleeping in the middle of the day? Not getting enough sleep at night?” He asked as we jogged along the quiet hallway.

“Nightmares.” I said elusively, not looking at his curious gaze.

“What kinds of nightmares? Are you okay? Do you want to see McGonagall?” He asked sharply, stopping me and looking into my face.

I laughed. “No, they’re not that bad.” Ha. I can only picture myself trying to explain my Visions to McGonagall. That would be funny.

“Are they like the one you got that one night? At the Burrow?” He asked, still peering closely at me.

“Sort of, yeah.” I said carefully. I started walking again.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked after a while.

“No, I’m fine. Really.” I smiled at him. It’s sort of cute, how worried he is about me.



What happened to ignoring him?!

Urghh. I’ll start, okay?



“You have to tell someone, Artemis.” He said, still looking worried.

“I tell Dom and Pol.” I replied.

“Good.” He let out a breath. “Let me know if something is bothering you, okay?”

I laughed. “And what are you going to do about it, huh?”

“Anything I can.” He said seriously, turning his smoldering golden gaze on me.

I looked away, breathless. “Oh.” I replied lamely.

Anything you can? How about trying to act less adorable so I don’t fall for you? Or maybe just ignoring me?

“Over here.” He led me through a door pretending to be a wall, and I found myself in the dungeons.

“Nice.” I said appreciatively, looking around. “How many passageways like this do you know?”

“A lot.” He grinned.

“How do you know your way around the school so well?” I asked, grinning back. I couldn’t help it. His smile is infectious.

“That’s for me to know and for you to never find out.” He sent a half-smirk at my outraged expression.

I cocked an unimpressed eyebrow, smirking back. “I’ll find out. I always do.”

He laughed. “I’d like to see you try.”

“You’ll see.” I smiled cheekily.

He laughed again, and then suddenly broke into a sprint.

“OI!” I yelled after him, also starting to run. “James, where are you going?!”

“Just run!” He yelled back. “It’ll make it look more believable.”

What?” I screamed.

He stopped, let me catch up to him, and then grabbed my hand and started sprinting again. I struggled to keep up with him.

I focused on moving my feet fast enough to keep up with James, and before I knew it, there was a loud ‘BANG!’ and I found myself in the doorway of the potions room, doubling over and panting heavily as everyone swiveled around to look curiously at us.

“What is the meaning of this?” Slughorn cried, looking askance at our red faces.

“Sorry—professor—planning—Quidditch—plays—lost—track—of—time.” James panted out between breaths.

“Okay, okay. Don’t do it again. Take your seats.” He ushered us to a nearby table and I slumped over it, still breathing heavily. “You two will be partners today.”

“Okay.” He huffed. I just nodded into the desk, still breathing hard.

“Whew.” I said, sitting up after I had regained my breath. “That was fast.”

“Yeah, you know me. Speedy.” He ruffled his hair proudly and sent me an over-exaggerated cocky grin. I laughed, ignoring the eyebrow messages that Ella was sending me from across the room. I also ignored the large, knowing smirk she was wearing.

That girl REALLY needs to get her head out of the gutter.

“So, you want to get started?” He asked me, after I was done rolling my eyes at Ella and shaking my head furiously at her to get her to stop smirking at me.

“Get started on what?” I asked blankly, turning around to look at him.

“Um. The potion.” His tone implied that he was starting to seriously doubt my mental capabilities. Aren’t we all?

“OH! Oh. The potion. Yeah. Sure.”

“So…I’ll set up the cauldron, you get the supplies, yeah?” He asked, after another moment of awkward silence.

I nodded. “Sure.”

Biting my lip, I walked to the store cupboard, looking at the board for reference.

Powdered newts eyes…three dead beetles, crushed…frog intestines…

“OMG! You came in late with James! Where were you guys?! OMG, you were snogging in a broom closet, weren’t you?! I KNEW IT!” I jumped as Ella started squealing excitedly behind me. Alex was rolling her eyes, but still smirking slightly.

I glared at her. “Okay, one: No one actually says ‘oh-em-gee’ in a sentence, Ells. Two: I fell asleep in the common room and he just happened to be walking down from his dorm at the same time, so we came together, and three, EW!”

Why do people always expect us to be snogging in broom cupboards? I personally cannot find anything even remotely romantic about closets that are designed to hold cleaning implements, but, hey! If you want a steamy love scene in a broom closet, go right ahead. Live the dream, Broom Closet Girl. Live the dream. 

“You like Ja-ames, you like Ja-ames!” Ella sang, doing a little dance.

What are you, five? Real mature, Ella.

…though I really shouldn’t be talking. I still snicker at the word ‘duty’, for its striking resemblance to the word ‘doodie’ (giggle).

Oh, yes. I am the epitome of young adulthood. The sheer level of maturity and intellect in my grown-up brain leaves all the rest of your pathetic little brains in the dust. Bow to my brain, people. It is amazing.


Doodie. Hee hee.

I rolled my eyes at her again, and resumed collecting my ingredients. Still ignoring her little song, I made my way back to the table, where James was waiting with the cauldron.

“What took you so long?” He huffed in mock irritation.

“Sorry.” I replied, tipping the ingredients onto the table. “Ella was bothering me.”

“What was she doing?”

“She thinks we were getting it on in a broom closet.” I rolled my eyes to show how little faith I put in Ella’s hypothesis.

He looked at me, strangely intense. “I wouldn’t mind.” He said in a husky voice, leaning towards me. His eyes burned like fire, and I suddenly found myself unable to breathe.

Gahh. How does he DO THAT?!

“Heh. Heh. Funny.” I said in a high pitched voice, leaning away awkwardly and starting to crush my beetles. Nothing like some beetle crushing to alleviate the tense, awkward moment. Yup.

I could feel his eyes on me, but I kept on looking carefully at the beetle I was currently pounding to a fine, thin powder. It’s actually sort of gross, this beetle. But I really can’t look at him right now, so I’m just going to keep staring at it and pretend that it didn’t used to be a living , moving creature.

Poor beetle. I’m naming it…George.

George, Jared, and…Lauren. Yep. Those are the names for these three beetles.

Rest in peace, buddies. You are now going to become mixed with other magical ingredients and then turned into a Calming Draught. Sorry.

“Artemis? The beetles are crushed now.” James’ voice was amused. I focused on what I was doing and realized, that, indeed, there was a large pile of black powder sitting in front of me.

“Oh.” I blinked. “Whoa. I didn’t realize.”

“Thinking about something else?” His tone was light, but I could tell he was talking about that…Moment.

“Yeah.” I looked up at him casually, brightly, like the Moment never happened. “I named the beetles. See? This little pile right here used to be George, and this is Jared, and this…this is Lauren!”

He looked at the three little black piles for a moment. “Nice. Well, I’m going to need George, Jared…and, er…Laura now.”

“Lauren.” I corrected.

“Yeah. Lauren.”

“Okay!” I stepped aside, and he scooped them into the cauldron. Then, peering carefully at the board, he began to stir the ingredients, counting under his breath. I watched as the Potion turned a dark, jade green.

“One, two, three…clockwise….one, two, three…counter…” He muttered, looking down at it, too.

“One, two, three…counter, crap, I mean, clock, crap, three…” He looked up at me. “Crap.”

I laughed and grabbed the tip of the handle, right above where his hand was. “Three…counter, one two three…clock…” Together, we stirred the potion, and it turned a light, calming blue.

“We make a good team.” He grinned as he poured some into a vial.

I just smiled vaguely and brought it up to Slughorn.

I really wish we didn’t make a good team. Then doing this would be easier.


“Hey Alex, pass the rolls, will you?” Ella asked, without looking up from the Quidditch Plays she was studying.


“Alex. Pass the rolls.” She tried again.

Nothing again.

I think this would be an ideal time to intervene and tell Ella that Alex is a bit…uh…preoccupied at the moment.

“ALEX, PASS THE – oh.” Her eyes grew wide at the scene around her, which she had just noticed since she was so engrossed in those notes.

Alex and Matt were sitting next to her, doing some sort of really disgusting activity where you latch onto someone’s face with your mouth and then make these gross sucking sounds. Apparently, it’s supposed to be romantic.

Oh, wait. They’re snogging. At the dinner table.

If you could call that snogging. I would actually call it ‘sucking-face’, or ‘tonsil tennis’, or ‘hey! Let’s drink Matt’s spit like it’s the only means of hydration on this whole bloody planet!’

I mean, hello Alex? Have you ever heard of dinner manners? Or did you forget them in Matt’s mouth, along with your tongue?

The rest of us were doing our best to ignore said nauseating sucking noises. Jason had actually stuffed his fingers in his ears, closed his eyes tight, and screwed up his face in an expression of disgust and extreme concentration as he sang under his breath.

“…Can’t you see that I’m the one who understands you, been here all along, so why can’t you see-ee-ee, you belong with mee-ee-ee, you belong with me.”

Did I mention he was singing ‘You Belong with Me’? Badly?

Yeah, just thought I should.

Ha. I bet he was thinking about Ella while singing that. What a cutie.

Apollo was gazing fixedly at the ceiling with a pained expression on his face, James was staring down at his plate and occasionally shuddering or wincing, Ella was reading her Quidditch plays with an expression similar to that of someone going through physical pain (her eyes, strangely enough, didn’t move after she realized what was going on), and Dom was clearing her throat loudly every three seconds and shooting them disapproving looks every now and then. I had decided to just watch my friends and do my best to pretend that Alex wasn’t…doing what she was doing.

Fred wasn’t even here. He had walked into the Great Hall, his arm around Mallory Finnegan, taken one look at Alex and Matt, and then abruptly turned around and strode right back out.

I’m starting to wish that I had done the same thing. This is absolutely repulsive.

“Ahem.” Dom cleared her throat loudly again, and gave them another pointed look, which they both ignored. “AHEM!” Still nothing. “I SAID, AHEM!” She yelled, taking out her wand and prying them apart with a spell.

“Oh, hey guys!” Alex looked around at our stony faces happily. “What’s going on?”

“I’ll tell you what’s going on, Alex! While you were busy exchanging saliva with Connery, the rest of us had to sit and suffer through it in silence!” Dom cried. “This is a DINNER TABLE. Learn some manners, will you? Or at least get a better snogging technique. What you’re doing is absolutely repulsive, and that’s saying a lot, since I once walked in on Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione snogging!”

“That must have been disgusting.” Alex put in mildly.

“Yes, it was! I think I’ve been scarred for the rest of my – hey! Stop changing the topic!” Dom looked affronted.

“Okay, we’ll stop the PDA.” Alex said quickly, before Dom started ranting again.

“Sorry about that.” Matt inserted, giving us a shifty grin. I glared at him. Screw good looks. I’m starting to not like this kid already.

“Thank you.” Dom said in a dignified way. “Please never do that again.”

“Hey, Alex.” Matt turned to her, completely ignoring the rest of us. “Let’s sit with my friends for a little while.”

Notice how that wasn’t a suggestion.

“Oh, I don’t know…” Alex said. “You go on. I always sit with my friends.”

“It’ll be a nice change.”

“No, thanks.” Alex said, a bit more frostily. “I don’t want a change when it comes to my friends, thank you very much.”

“Oh! No, no!” Matt backtracked, looking apologetic. “That’s not what I meant. I just wanted to introduce you. I’ve already met your friends –”

“Technically, you haven’t actually met us,” I inserted, looking up at him. “You just came over here, plopped down, and then started sucking her face off.”

He managed to look sheepish. “Yeah. Sorry. I should have introduced myself. I’m Matt Connery, Slytherin Seventh Year.”

“Artemis Jones.” I reached out to shake his hand.

“Pleasure.” He grinned at me. The rest of the table also introduced themselves, sans Jason, who was now singing ‘Party in the USA’.


 “Now, how about we go over there?” He looked at Alex hopefully. “I’d really like you to meet my friends, Alex.”

“Yeah, let’s go.” She took his hand, and I watched as they walked over to the Slytherin table, sat down, and immediately started resuming their face-sucking. Matt’s friends wore the same repulsed expressions that we did.

“…nodding my head like yeah, moving my hips like yeah.” Jason sang, his voice cracking horribly.

“Do you think we should –” I started, looking at him.

“—tell him to stop?” Apollo finished for me.

We all looked at each other.

“Nah.” We decided in one voice.


“Hey, Dom, you ready?” I bounced in, all smiles.

“Ready?” She asked blankly. “Um. Ready for what, exactly?”

“Ready to tell Apollo about your child, obviously!” I said cheerfully, like this was something that we did on a daily basis and wasn’t really a big deal. Truthfully, I was scared out of my wits.

“What?” Dom squeaked. “Now?”

“Yes, now, silly!” Does my smile seem too forced? I think it does. “Come on, everything will be fine!”

“And do you know that for sure?” Dom asked, still in a high-pitched voice.

My face fell slightly. “Uhm. No.” I scratched sheepishly at the back of my head. “But you really have to tell him.”

“I’d rather not.” She said, chuckling nervously. “Really. I’d rather not. I’d rather no one knows about this.”

“Dom, let’s go.”

“Heh, heh. No, really. It’s fine. Let’s not.”

“Come on.”

“Meh. Maybe later.”

“We’re going now.”

“I don’t really want to go.”

“I don’t care. We’re going. Now.”

“But –”


“But, I –”

“NO. Let’s go, Dominique.”

She whimpered a little, but finally gave in at my stern expression and shuffled towards the boys’ staircase at a rate so slow, I’m pretty sure a sleeping snail could have done better.

Sighing in exasperation, I Locomotor Mortis’d her and ignored her exclamations of protest as I levitated her up the stairs.

“APOLLO!” I yelled, banging on the door. “Hey, APOLLO! OPEN THE DOOR!”

The door didn’t open.

“Oh, look, they’re not there. Maybe we should come back later. Yeah, that sounds good. Let’s come back later. Or maybe never. Never sounds even better, don’t you think? We should just not come back at all.” Dom rambled in a nervous/relieved voice. “I don’t think he has to know, does he? I don’t want him to know. You know what they say: ignorance is bliss. Ignorance –”

“Dom.” I cut across.

“Yes?” She looked up at me.

“Shut up.” I suggested.

“Shutting.” She said in a meek voice.

“OI! APOLLOOOOO!! JAMES! FRED! JAS – oh! Hey, Freddie! Apollo there?” I smiled widely up at Fred, who was looking extremely disgruntled.

“I was trying to take a nap.” He said grouchily, glaring at me.

“Whoops . Heh heh. My bad. I just wanted to see Pol.” I looked hopefully at his scowling face. He heaved a heavy sigh.

“OI! POL! GET YOUR ARSE OUT HERE!” He bellowed over his shoulder.

“And James.” I added.

“JIMMY! YOU TOO! Happy?” He asked me.

“Very.” I grinned at him, but he just scowled back. “I’m going to sleep down in the common room, where it’s actually quiet.” He shot me another glare, then stomped down the stairs.

Well, s o m e b o d y needs his nappie. What a grouch.

“Hey, girls.” Pol appeared at the door, smiling down at us.

“Hey, little brother. We come in peace. We’ve got to talk.” I ruffled his hair, ignoring his protests of ‘Hey! Just by two minutes! And don’t do that!’, and walked in, closely followed by Dom, who was now clutching her stomach and looking quite sick.

“Jimmy. Up.” Pol added, closing the door behind him.

“You called?” James asked groggily. I looked over at what I assumed was his bed and saw his face emerging from a mass of blankets. “Hey, Artemis, Dom. What’s up?” He added, yawning.

I looked at her pale face, which wasn’t going to talk anytime soon, then did the first thing that came to mind: Word Diarrhea. It helps alleviate any tense situation, I’m telling you. Just try it.

“Dominique has something to, um, tell you guys. Well, see, she’s got something to tell everyone, but she’s taking it one at a time, you know? And it’s not bad, really, just a bit scary at first and actually I’m sort of excited for her! I think you should be, too. It’s a good thing, really…if you…look at it…a certain…way…I mean, I think it’s a good thing, I don’t know what you would think since she hasn’t really even told you yet, because I’m the only one that knows, and all the girls, too, actually, but –”

“I’m pregnant.” Dom announced bluntly, cutting me off.

Alright. That works, too.

“Come again?” Pol asked blankly, just as James’ mouth dropped open in shock.

“Pregnant.” Dom spoke clearly, looking brave for the first time since we walked up this staircase. “I’m pregnant, Apollo. And it’s yours.”

James swore and shoved both of his hands into his hair as he started pacing around.

“What?” Apollo croaked, absolutely shocked. His face was completely pale, and he looked totally blown away.

I gulped nervously, looking from Dom to Apollo… 

i feel so evil. tee hee :D
alright, you know the drill. favorite quotes, reviews, proclamations of my wierdness...i want to know it all, my lovelies. 
also, i'm going to ask this now (this is really random and wierd, but i think imma give you guys review questions from now on..i love to hear what you think)
if you could be one of the people in this story, who would you be?
who would you date?
what do you think is going to happen with dom and apollo?

i also need wierd baby names. dont ask. 

the next chapter is called: Tension, Confessions, and Intense Hair Stroking

peace out, homies!!

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