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The Untold Story by DracoIsSexy444
Chapter 10 : The Creation And Destruction Of Life
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Chapter 10: The Creation and Destruction Of Life

“Hermione?” Luna’s voice snapped Hermione out of her day dream and the noise of the Great Hall filled her ears once more. The Ravenclaw took a seat next to Hermione and surveyed her distantly, the boy was having a profound affect on her. The question was which boy? There were two possibilities.

“Oh, hi Luna,” Hermione could basically hear the cogs whirling in the blonde girls head. If Luna knew then she obviously wasn’t distracting herself enough. They’d been back at school for five weeks now, and it was almost time for exams. A time of year Hermione always needed to focus on a hundred percent. And right now she wasn’t even ten percent focused.

“Are you ok?” Luna asked while glancing over at the Slytherin table, someone wasn’t there.

“Of course,” Hermione tried to grin in Luna’s direction, until she saw where Luna was looking. She definitely knew.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone,” Luna turned to see Harry talking to Katie Bell, she was shaking her head with a frown. Jealousy shot to her head and she stood up, only to stop on seeing Harry turn and walk fast out of the hall.

“Where’s he going?” Hermione stood too, watching Harry disappear through the doors. Luna slumped back down and put her face in her hands, Hermione looked down at her with a confused and worried frown. “Luna? What’s wrong?” she’d never seen Luna in such a state before. For once Luna was being a typical teenage girl, and not loopy. Hermione did the only thing she knew might help, she put her arm round the almost crying girl and took her out of the hall to the grounds. The two sat behind one of the large rocks in the rock circle near Hagrid’s, leaning their backs against the hard vertical surface.

“Sorry,” Luna sniffed quietly. This was very unlike her, she never got upset. Boys weren’t important to her, well they hadn’t used to be.

“Don’t be silly Luna, what do you have to be sorry about?” Hermione patted her friends back and flattened her hair a little. Luna had it bad, almost as bad as Hermione had it.

“I shouldn‘t-I shouldn’t be upset. You didn’t have to bring me out here-”

“Luna! I’m your friend and I want to make you feel better. Want to talk about it?” Hermione knew how the poor girl felt, perhaps more than she wished to admit. It was like a constant stomach ache that wouldn’t go away, like a headache that comes back every time you think. And both girls were thinking continuously.

“Well-it’s just…I can’t explain it other than pure jealousy and anger. I’ve never felt like this, apart from after my Mother died…I wish she was still here,” Luna leant her head on Hermione’s shoulder and let a few tears fall down her fair cheeks.

“It’ll be alright, Luna. I promise. And there’s no need to be jealous,” she wasn’t sure if that was true, but she wasn’t about to say in front of the weeping girl.

“I know, I just can’t help it,”

“Everything is going to be fine, don’t worry. I’m always here if you need to talk,” Hermione felt better in herself knowing she was helping, and not wallowing in her own pool of pity.

“Thank you,” Luna gave her a watery smile before replacing her head on Hermione’s shoulder and shutting her eyes. They both soaked in the sounds around them, and breathed in the fresh air washing over their faces. Their peace was broken only a few minuets later by the loud booming voice of Ron.

“Hermione! Hermione?” the two girls shot their eyes open and peered round the rock to see Ron looking rather disgruntled. “Hermione, there you are! And you Luna. It’s Harry, he’s done something stupid. Brilliant, but stupid,” Ron hurried forward and pulled them both up from the grass. Hermione had only just noticed how dark it was getting now, and by the look on Luna’s face so had she.

“What’s happened Ron? What’s he done?” Hermione followed Ron back to the castle hurriedly, Luna by her side. Ron didn’t slow down as he began to explain.

“He’s cursed Malfoy,” Ron couldn’t hide the smirk on his face, even if it was coated with worry. Hermione had to fight with all her strength to stop herself from falling to the hard ground. What curse had he used? Luna glanced at Hermione, knowing what she was thinking and giving her hand a quick squeeze. “They were fighting in Myrtles bathroom and Harry used Sectumsempra,” he still didn’t slow his pace until they finally reached Gryffindor Tower. The password was spoken and the three of them stepped into the deserted room, where one man sat frozen on the couch in front of the fire. Luckily, it was supper in the Great Hall so everyone was downstairs. Although they’d probably heard what happened already.

“Harry?” Luna spoke first, moving cautiously towards him. At her voice he looked up, as she got close enough he grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the seat next to him. He took her whole arm into his own two and help it to his chest for dear life, staring back into the fire transfixed. Ron sat in the armchair next to the couch while Hermione sat on its arm, the light from the setting sun rushing past her to illuminate Harry and Luna.

“Tell us what happened Harry,” Hermione said quietly, sending a sideways look at Ron cautiously.

“Go on, Harry. It’s ok,” Luna almost whispered in his ear, causing him to turn to her suddenly.

“I didn’t know it was going to do it,” he stated, shaking his head frantically. Luna nodded to reassure him.

“We know, it’s ok. What did it do?” she ran her thumb soothingly across the back of his hand and he looked down at their clasped arms.

“It made him bleed, everywhere. It was everywhere, all over the floor. Snape found us,” he seemed to calm down once it was said, the tight grip on Luna’s arm loosening a little as each word left his mouth. Luna did a small breathing exercise with him until he calmed down completely and let out a sigh, running a hand through his hair. “Thanks,” he smiled weakly at her and kissed her cheek.

“Your welcome,” she tried to contain her grin, but Hermione saw her happiness and smiled too.

“So Snape wants to see your potions book?” Ron brought them all back to reality, asking a key question they had to solve.

“Yeah. So I’ll have to borrow yours,” Harry nodded and Ron nodded back, getting up from the chair.

“You have to get rid of it first,” Luna looked at the lone book sitting on the table across the room, scowling at it.

“Where?” Harry asked, standing and taking Luna’s hand to help her up.

“The room of requirement,”

“Right. Ron, you go get your book while me and Luna get rid of this one,” Harry and Luna grabbed the Half Blood Prince’s book, before disappearing out of the portrait hole. Ron nodded and jogged up the stairs to his room. Hermione stood alone in the common room, had they forgotten she was there? She pondered on what to do, she could go and help Ron, or try and catch up with Harry and Luna. She decided against both. She knew exactly what she was going to do. Hermione glanced out of the now black window, deep in thought. She wanted to yell at Harry, she wanted to tell him what an idiot he was. Students began to filter into the common room so she quickly shook her head of such thoughts and stepped out of the portrait hole,

* * *

It felt like agony. Bloody Potter! Draco hadn’t felt such pain since the last time his Father had cast the Cruciatus curse on him, nine months ago. He had more scars now too, the new ones were pinker and still easy to feel under his fingers. Whereas the old ones didn’t protrude so much, and had faded from pink to light brown.

He hadn’t had any visitors over the last week, and he was getting thoroughly bored out of his mind. Pansy had been someone he thought might pop in, maybe Blaise too. No. The odd teacher had left him work to do, but he hadn’t seen them because he’d been asleep at the time. He suspected they’d chose the time for that particular reason.

Willing the time away was easier said than done. His school work helped slightly, but it never took him long to finish. His teachers seemed to be under the elusion that he’d lost several IQ points in result of Potter’s attack. But he was just the same as before, miserable, lonely and scared out of his mind.

His brain wouldn’t listen to what he said either, he’d ordered it to stop thinking entirely at one point. It ignored him. One image ran under his eyelids, when they were closed and open. The image of a pretty brunette witch. Sometimes she was covered in blood, sometimes she was crying into Potter’s shoulder. His favourite was when she looked normal. The rarest image of the three he got to see. Hermione Granger was the image. Something he tried but failed to deny each time, she wasn’t safe because of him.

The sun had become the only way of telling the time in his hell hole. The sun would come up, it was morning. The sun would be its brightest, it was midday. The sun would go down, it was evening. That was about as good as Draco could do. Not that he really cared what the time was, he just wanted to get out.

Madam Pomfrey would come bustling in at six each evening to give him a potion, another thing letting him know the time. Other than that, he found this ritual tedious. He didn’t even know what the potion was, she could have been poisoning him for all he knew. It didn’t seem to help the pain in the slightest so why drink it?

After she had put it on his bedside table and disappeared once more he picked it up and surveyed it closely. Twirling the vial in his hand he sniffed it, a cringe crumpling his face at the fowl smell. Vomit mixed with elderberry was what it smelt like. Would it help him tonight? Tonight was the night after all. Tonight was his time to shine and show the Dark Lord what he was capable of. Following close consideration Draco poured the substance out of the vial and onto the floor by his bed. Splashing sounds could be heard as it hit the floor and spread under his bed. Once the final droplets had ceased to echo through the Hospital Wing he placed the vial back on the table and leant his head back with his eyes closed.

“Shouldn’t you have drank that, Mr Malfoy?” he jumped violently and sat up to see Hermione standing by the large doors. She looked nervous and very shy, her hands behind her back and her shoulders showing tension.

“Probably,” he chuckled quietly. “What are you doing here?” he watched as she came slowly closer, stopping at the end of his bed.

“I wanted to see how you are,” she stated with a shrug, trying to look calm. In the candle light she could see he wasn’t wearing a shirt but a white bandage around his abdomen. His hair was messy and his face not as pale as normal.

“Not great,” he let a small smile creep across his features, he was glad she was concerned. He wanted her to be.

“I’m really sorry,” she held onto the bars at the bottom his bed. An overwhelming feeling of guilt in her stomach, she guessed this must have been how Harry felt most of the time.

“What for? It wasn’t you, it was Potter,” he could feel his anger rising again, but it soon fell when he saw her distraught face.

“He-he didn’t know it was going to do what it did. I told him not to use it,” she tried to explain but found it hard not to get even more upset, so she stopped herself entirely. The silence rang through her ears deafeningly and she closed her eyes firmly until it went away.

“It’s fine, Hermione. I probably deserved it anyway,” he pat the side of his bed, and after a few seconds she moved forward and sat down. He shifted sideways so she had more room before returning to stare at her. Her eyes were even more beautiful in the golden glow of the candles.

“I’ve been trying to pluck up the courage to visit you since you were admitted…” she stared back into his silver eyes, they had a twinkle in them, something she assumed very rare.

“You took your time then,” he watched her look down into her lap. Draco had to wonder what made her decide to see him, she knew he was a death eater now. She had no reason to want to, but somehow she still seemed to.

“I haven’t told Harry, if that’s why your thinking I’m here,” she raised her head to glance out of the window, anywhere but at him. He was slightly taken aback by this comment, why did she think that of him?

“I didn’t think for a minute that you had,” This caused her to look back at him. She wasn’t sure if she’d really meant what she said, but knew what he was saying was true. She could see it in those sparkling eyes.

“I’m trying not to loose my head,” she stated while wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. Draco understood how she felt completely, he placed a hand on her cheek gently and stroked his thumb across it. Her skin was supple and he could feel a heat growing up his arm.

“Me too,” he kissed her lips delicately, worried he might break her precious form. Hermione didn’t have to think, she kissed him back with her eyes firmly closed. Her hands rested on his chest, as she ran them across she felt something strange above the wound dressing. Their lips parted and Hermione looked down at the visible part of his chest to see several scars running along it, some old but most new. He watched her study them closely, fingers hovering over them mere millimetres away.

“Can I?” she gazed up at him and he nodded cautiously. Hermione waited a second before running her forefinger down the longest brownish scar. She could feel Draco’s whole body stiffen a little at her touch. “Was this Harry?”

“No…” he shook his head and gazed in front of him, determined not to show anymore weakness. The Gryffindor covered her a mouth with her hands for a second, she knew exactly who they were from.

“I’m so sorry,” she made herself level with him once more. Draco didn’t warrant any of this, he was a good man really. His Father had led him in the wrong direction in life, Draco must have tried to rebel or he wouldn’t of been harbouring the bruises now.

“Don’t be. Everything is better when I’m…” he paused to capture her gaze with his own. “…when I’m with you,” the meaning behind his words was apparent. So much so Hermione was speechless, absolutely speechless.

“I don’t-I don’t know what to say,” she searched for words but couldn’t find any that would communicate what she wanted.

“Then don’t say anything,” With this last sentence Draco kiss her again. She pushed him backwards slowly, until they were both as horizontal as the bed allowed. A need began to fill their bodies, a need to be as close as their bodies could be. Passion ran through their veins as Hermione tried to pull her top over head between kisses. Draco ran his hands across every inch of her skin he could reach. There was so much they had to share that words couldn’t possibly express.

“I want to feel something, anything other than this pain,” she kissed his neck softly before returning to look deep into his eyes.

“I just need you…”

“You and me,”

Their words merged with each others, neither knew who was talking. All they knew was that they needed each other desperately. Time had been building up to this ever since their first encounter in the Owlery. Fate had changed its course on that night, and at that very moment they felt it was for the better. Draco already owned every inch of her body, he had since the very beginning. They just hadn’t been aware of it, no one had. Hermione had never felt like it before, she hadn’t know this feeling was even possible. She wanted the two of them to become one, she needed him to want her. He did want her.

“Wait, wait. We shouldn’t do this, just say and we stop,” Draco pushed himself onto his elbows. Hermione shook her head feverishly.

“No. I want this. I want you, Draco. You‘re everything I want.” she kissed the corner of his mouth. Hermione Jean Granger had said the very words Draco Lucius Malfoy had been longing to hear. She wanted him.

“So this is it. No going back.” he watched her nod firmly in the darkness. He still wasn’t completely sure this was a good idea. But the feel of her skin on his made those thoughts disappear in seconds.

“No going back.” she took his hand and squeezed it. Shutting her eyes tightly and waiting for their inevitable ending.

* * *

Hermione woke to the sounds of screaming somewhere below her. She looked around hurriedly, to see that she was in fact in the Hospital Wing and not her bed. Memories of the night before came flooding back so quickly she fell back onto the bed, her arms spread across the pillows. The space next to her was empty. Where was Draco?

“Draco?” she whispered into the surrounding blackness. No answer. She sat back up, fear engulfing her senses. Was he ok? A loud bang from outside brought her back to the present as a flash of orange light lit up the night sky. Fire. Hermione shot out of bed and ran to the doors, she pulled them open and left as quickly as she could. More screams could be heard as she ran down the stairs towards the noise. Students came into her view out the window, all standing outside in the courtyard. Surrounding a body on the ground. Who was it? Not Harry, anyone but Harry.

“It’s Dumbledore,” Hermione heard some bustling and crying third years yell as they ran past her. Her heart began to sink rapidly, its beat becoming so slow she was sure it would stop entirely.

She arrived to the back of the crowd within minutes and pushed past crying girl after sorrowful boy. A deadly silence hung over the Hogwarts grounds like a blanket trying to suffocate them. Hermione managed to reach the front of the crowd to find Ron and Luna, Luna hugged her with a sob while Ron continued to stare at the body lying limp on the ground. Hermione waited until Luna let go before stepping forward slightly to get a better look at the headmaster. He looked so peaceful, she let a few tears surface as hopelessness filled her lungs. What were they all going to do now?

“Where’s Harry?” Hermione looked from Ron to Luna, neither answering. Suddenly her question was answered as Harry emerged from the crowd and ran forward to kneel by Dumbledore’s body. He began to sob even louder than Luna, placing a hand on the old mans chest. The blonde girl stepped forward, sniffed her last tears away and sat next to Harry. He turned to her and she put her arms around him, embracing him tightly as he continued to cry helplessly. Hermione let several more tears roll down her cheeks, she shed them for Harry. For Dumbledore. For Draco. For herself.

A/N: Tadaa! What do you think now it's over? I do have a question to ask though: DO YOU WANT A SEQUEL? I have actually written Epilogue: Aftermath so if you want me to put it up let me know. That just means a sequel will be needed, which I would love to do because I have many ideas and answers to questions in the Epilogue. Thank you soo much for sticking with me till the end on this. I really appreciate and love you all dearly for it :D So leave a review and let me know. Don't forget my Meet The Author page is waiting for you, so if you want some insight into the story just ask, I'll answer anything at all. xoxo

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